WRT 305 Placement Exam FAQs

Only Juniors and Seniors should register for the test at this time.
Is there anything I can do to prepare for the test?
        There is no study guide for this exam. The purpose of the exam is to assess
          your current writing skills and determine if your writing ability meets the
          junior-level status.

Is there a fee for the exam?
        There is no fee for this placement exam. Additionally, no credit will be
           granted for passing the exam. It simply satisfies the junior-level writing
           requirement (WRT 305).

What if I don’t pass the exam?
      If you do not pass the WRT 305 test with your first attempt, you may retake
          the WRT 305 placement exam once. If you do not pass the exam in two
          attempts, you will be required to take the WRT 305 course.

How long do I have for the exam?
      You are given two hours to take the exam from the time the exam starts (after

When will I know my results?
      You will receive an email when your essay has been graded telling you where
         to look your result up online. An approximate date of when results will be
         available will be given on the day of the exam.

What do I need to bring to the test?
      You will need to bring a photo ID (college photo ID, driver’s license, passport,
         military ID). Any identification card in poor condition may be refused.
      The exam is done on a word processor in Microsoft Word. You may use any
         tools available in MS Word, but no use of the Internet, nor use of any other
         tools, dictionaries, or other resources are permitted.

How do I register?
      To register to take the exam, please visit the Testing Services Web page at
         www.gvsu.edu/testserv and click on “Testing Dates”, then on “WRT 305

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