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					     Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                           Hypnotherapy Certification
                     Enhanced Level-I and Level-II Hypnotherapy
              Certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
                Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification
        Spirit Releasement Therapy, Remote Clearing, Cell Damage Repair
         Past Life Regression Therapy, Gestalt, EFT, NLP & Parts Therapy

             Master Instructor & Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
                     Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI
                    email:     phone: 770-449-7976
                           4012 Spalding Hollow, Norcross, GA 30092

Dr. Dakota Tucker-Rollins, DD, BA, CH, CI                  Dr. Venus Abbey, DD, BA, CH, CI
     Principal NGH Certified Instructor                    Principal NGH Certified Instructor                    
             Ph: 404-394-4544                                      Ph: 678-478-9644

                               Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                       NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                    1
                        How It All Works…….. In a Nutshell
                     By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI
Many people have asked me to succinctly tell them how hypnotherapy with spirit releasement
works to heal them. I get this request from both clients who are contemplating seeing me and
from those who have already benefited from the therapy. Here it is…:

Most of us do not realize that our mental, emotional and physical health depends on the flow
of life force energy (Chi) through our bodies and if it is blocked, we have problems. The more
severe and long-lived the blocks, the worse the problems become. The blocks are caused by
“bad things” that happened to us in this life, past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, genetic
carryovers from our ancestors and from foreign energy attachments. These “bad things” produce
negative energy generators in our subconscious mind called Negative Forcing Functions.

These Negative Forcing Functions do two things: they block the flow of Chi through your body
and they install negative programs onto your subconscious computer’s “hard drive” and then
constantly reinforce them. The programs on your “hard drive” determine how you behave and
feel. To change how you behave and feel requires that the programs be changed. This can
only be done effectively if you first eliminate the negative energy generators that are reinforcing
your bad programs and then positively reprogram your subconscious hard drive. Then change
happens and it is permanent.

The only way to find and release the negative energies and reprogram your subconscious hard
drive is with hypnosis because it is the only way to directly access your subconscious mind. If
there is any foreign energy on you (entity attachments), they must first be removed before any
other work is done because entity attachments block access to the internal subconscious.
Sometimes, just releasing the entities brings remarkable change, because if the entities are the
sole cause of your problems, when they leave, they take their problems with them. Often,
however, the entities are attracted by your problems and just make them worse. Your own
problems also are what cause your protective psychic defense system to go down allowing
entities to get onto you.

So, if you feel bad, mentally emotionally or physically, try to get to the source of your
problems and get rid of them rather than just continually “band aid”, and struggle with life.
Most western medicine is allopathic in that symptoms are treated with medicines so that we
don’t feel the symptoms anymore. This is of great help, but eliminating the source of the
symptoms is better I think. Remember that your symptoms … pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression,
addiction, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, etc. are just symptoms, not the cause. The
causes are the Negative Forcing Functions in your subconscious mind. Get rid of them,
reprogram and you solve your problems!

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                         2
               Become a Hypnotherapist, But… Do It Right!!
                     By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, CI, FNGH
People are hailing the newly rediscovered, yet ancient, healing modality of Hypnotherapy as the
wonder of Alternative Medicine. So - why are so many people, who seek it’s healing, often
disappointed in their results? Is it because it really isn't the mighty technique people are
hoping for? Or is it … maybe, because it's not always done right.
Hypnotherapy's capability to heal stems from its ability to reach the subconscious mind, where
according to medical authority about 85% of disease originates psychosomatically. Some
authorities say that all disease is of the mind. Because of the great cost involved in modern
medicine and lack of insurance by so many, there is a great clamor for less costly healing
approaches. In addition, hypnosis enhances people’s lives by helping them to be more successful
personally and professionally.
Hypnosis is a very old technique that permits the Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind to be
by-passed. This produces a highly receptive subconscious state of mind into which beneficial
suggestions can be offered. Hypnosis itself is no big deal. One can easily learn to hypnotize in
a 3-day weekend course. What the hypnotist does with the client after he is in hypnosis is
what makes the difference in whether the client is helped. It is here, that therapy is done and
makes the hypnotist a Hypnotherapist.
Many hypnotists are trained to hypnotize, but are not trained to be Hypnotherapists. These
hypnotists hypnotize a person and while in this receptive state, the hypnotist reads him a
prescription to reprogram his subconscious mind. For instance, for smoking the hypnotist reads
suggestions to stop smoking. The same technique is used for weight loss, addictions, etc.
Usually, these are not very effective, achieving little more success than the placebo effect. This
is why many such programs are so ineffective in the long haul.
Why is this so? For every difficulty a person is experiencing, there is always a cause. THIS
ENERGIES. The cause must be uncovered and removed and only then, can the subconscious be
reprogrammed so that the difficulty will not reestablish. These causes are called Negative
Forcing Functions and they not only distort the body’s energy field causing energy blocks, but
they also install and continuously support negative programs into the subconscious mind. The
programs in our subconscious determine our behavior and response to life.
Techniques for uncovering the cause of the distress are many and the skilled Hypnotherapist
has available an impressive array of uncovering methods with which to find the distress causes.
After finding the causes, the Hypnotherapist must then choose from an equally impressive array
of techniques to release the distress source energy. The well-trained Hypnotherapist will choose
the most appropriate and effective uncovering and energy removal techniques depending on the
particular needs of the client. Once the distress cause is found and the energy released, the
Hypnotherapist can then reprogram the subconscious and permanent change can happen.
The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious
certification organization in the world, trains competent Hypnotherapists. NGH has chapters
throughout the USA and is represented in 64 countries around the world. NGH certification
requires a minimum of 100 hours of core curriculum instruction. This is very important because
the States are moving towards registration or licensing governing the practice of Hypnotherapy

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                        3
and unapproved hypnotherapy training not meeting practice requirements will be useless in the
future. The NGH and its affiliate The National Federation of Hypnotists (104 - OPEIU AFL-CIO)
are in the forefront of this legislation.
In Atlanta, Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy (SMAH) offers classes leading to full NGH
Certification and advanced courses leading to certification as an Advanced Clinical
Hypnotherapist (ACH). The NGH will only certify hypnotherapists taught by NGH Certified
Instructors. Dr. Charles Skillas, an NGH Certified Instructor, developed the Enhanced NGH
Certification Course and the Advanced Clinical Course from the unique perspective of energy
flow through the body. These courses teach, not only how to hypnotize, but how to find and
release all Negative Forcing Functions and reprogram the subconscious for positive change.

                                  Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                          NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                 4
             Practicing and Teaching The Ultimate Remedy
                     By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI
Between 1981 and 1998, I spent 17 years developing and practicing a system of hypnotherapy
that would work for my needs and those of my clients. I studied and researched hypnotherapy
as it was practiced by leading members of this profession and also indigenous people’s healing
techniques all over the country and all over the world and finally came to an understanding
and a technology that worked for my clients and for myself. I call this technology the Ultimate
Remedy because it seems to resolve most of the problems that plague many human beings.
After I developed the technology and used it in my practice for a number of years, I was asked
to teach it to others who wished to employ it in their practices. Many of my students were
practicing psychotherapists and many others were new to hypnotherapy. In order to satisfy the
needs of new hypnotherapists, I became a certified instructor for the National Guild of
Hypnotists (NGH). The Guild's program is a curriculum in cognitive behavioral modification
therapy and it contains all of the fundamentals of standard hypnotherapy. The Enhanced NGH
classes add the unique perspective of energy flow through the body. These fundamentals are
necessary because hypnosis and hypnotherapy is key to the practice of the ultimate remedy.
I teach the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (ACH) classes on the heels of the Enhanced NGH
(ENGH) classes to provide the more sophisticated tools that the hypnotherapist needs to achieve
all the benefits of the ultimate remedy which are not part of the Standard NGH Certification
curriculum. I now participate in teaching the ENGH classes twice/year, and I teach the
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (ACH) classes over four weekends after the NGH classes are
complete. I teach these advanced classes once per year.
The ultimate remedy consists of clearing negative energy buried in the subconscious self, then
repairing cellular damage caused by the negative energy in the subconscious self and
reprogramming the subconscious self after the negative energy is cleared. The negative energy
is caused by distortions in the body’s energy field resulting from negative forcing functions.
Negative forcing functions are bad things that have happened to you in this or a past lifetime,
unresolved internal conflicts, biological carryovers from your ancestors and the attachment of
foreign energies. This negative energy blocks the flow of life force energy (Chi) to the cells
causing the them to degenerate and produce physical disease and it also installs negative
programs on the subconscious hard drive which affects our mental, emotional and spiritual
The oldest extant model of disease on the planet is the Eastern Model, which is between 4000,
and 6000 years old. This model says that all diseases, that is, all the problems we have in life;
mental emotional, physical, and spiritual are caused by improper functioning of the cells of the
body. To be healthy and function properly, cells of the body require the Life Force Energy
which the Chinese call Chi, the Japanese call Ki, the Egyptians call the Ka and the Ayurvedics
call Prana. Other cultures call this life force energy by other names.
Distortions in the body’s energy field caused by negative forcing functions block or inhibit the
flow of Chi and may be distributed over several layers of consciousness. I can clear only one
layer in a single session, so depending on how many blocked layers a client has, more than
one session may be required. When you boil it down, the cells begin to degenerate when the
life force energy Chi is reduced or cut off to the cell communities of the body.

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                       5
The negative forcing functions also install and support with energy, negative programs on the
subconscious hard drive. The integrated summation of the subconscious hard drive programs
determines what our behavior is, how we feel and how we respond to life. So, if you want to
change any of these, you must change the programs. Because the ultimate remedy finds and
releases the buried distortion energy supporting negative subconscious programs before we
positively reprogram the subconscious hard drive, and also releases blocks to the flow of Chi to
the cell communities, it heals permanently. Repairing the cells damaged by the negative energy
with cellular regeneration therapy completes the healing.
Because I am not a licensed healthcare provider I cannot treat any medical, mental or
emotional condition and I relate this limitation to all my clients. Usually, they still want me to
help them because they have run out of options.
To cite the efficacy of this ultimate remedy, I direct your attention to the following three
stories. The three stories are from my practice and obviously the names and other personal
details have been changed. The three stories illustrate three different problems of clients that
were resolved by using the ultimate remedy. Story One deals with a serious malignancy, the
second story deals with painful hemorrhoids, and the third story deals with athletic performance.
Story number one: Several years ago a young woman came to see me suffering from severe
breast cancer. She spent the previous five years in unsuccessful allopathic treatment for the
condition. She had 14 sessions with me over a period of 18 months resulting in a clean bill of
bill of health from her allopathic physicians. The breast cancer was entirely gone and has been
gone now for six years. She feels wonderful that she has her life back.
Story number two: a middle-aged man came to see me a number of years ago for very severe
bleeding hemorrhoid problems. He struggled with this problem for the past 17 years. He had
many kinds of allopathic treatment and yet the condition worsened instead of getting better.
Over a period of two years I saw him about 20 times and at the end of this time, the bleeding
hemorrhoids had disappeared and have not returned for seven years.
Story number three: a young man in good health asked me if I could help him regain his
facility in sports. He had been an excellent athlete and had achieved the pinnacle of his
promise. All of a sudden he went into a terrible slump and the quality of his game diminished
rapidly and greatly. Using the ultimate remedy, I was able to remove the blocks to the flow of
Chi through his body, reprogram his subconscious mind positively and repair the damage to the
cells of his body caused by the negative energy that had caused his Chi blocks. Once he was
clear and his subconscious was reprogrammed for positive effect, his performance improved
dramatically. The last time I saw him, about three years ago, he was still performing at the
height of his capability.
In all of these stories, the methodology is the same: The negative forcing function energies are
found and released; the subconscious hard drive is reprogrammed and the damaged cell
communities are repaired. The technology used for finding and clearing the negative blocking
energy depends on which negative forcing function is responsible for the blockages. The
reprogramming depends upon what form the negative program on the hard drive had and the
cell community damage repair depends upon the extent of the damage.

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                        6
                    Enhanced NGH Certification Course
                                  as Developed by
                      Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI
                         The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
Dr. Skillas is an NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist, a Fellow of the NGH and a NGH
Certified Instructor (CI). The NGH, which is the largest, oldest and most prestigious
hypnotherapy certification body in the world, certifies CI graduates. NGH Certification is
recognized by every state in the USA and in 64 other countries around the world. The NGH
writes all legislation in the USA affecting hypnotherapy and provides legislative direction; liaison
and lobbying to ensure graduates practice rights.

                                         The Technology
Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy teaches the NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Course from
the unique perspective of Internal Negative Forcing Functions and Energy Flow Disruption at
the Cellular Level. Furthermore, the concept of Spirit Attachment and it’s effects on energy flow
through the body and ability to block effective therapy unless released is a cornerstone of Dr.
Skillas’s teaching. Dr. Skillas combines Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), Past Life Regression
therapy (PLT), Parts Therapy, Gestalt Work, Cellular Damage Repair and Remote Clearing to
resolve Negative Forcing Functions plaguing humanity.
This perspective was developed by Dr. Skillas to satisfy the logic of scientifically trained people
who want to know and understand the physical and mental dynamics of the mind-body
relationship. The NGH Standard Hypnotherapy Course is taught so that the NGH will certify
graduates, but additional material is added to lead into the Advanced Course. This is the
Enhanced NGH Certification Course. Dr. Skillas came to his understanding of these physio-
psychodynamics from his 40 years background in state of the art technology in the Defense
Industry and his educational background with a PhD in Engineering, an MBA in Business
Administration and over 2500 hours of training in Hypnotherapy.
His unique concept and approach to teaching hypnotherapy elucidates the relationship between
cellular level energy blocks caused by Negative Forcing Functions in the Subconscious Mind
and Resultant Behavior and Response to Life. He teaches how to clear the Negative Forcing
Functions in the subconscious using hypnotherapy and how to effectively reprogram the
Subconscious Mind for permanent positive change. He recognizes the Negative Forcing Function
of Spirit Attachment, which interferes with most psychotherapy, and teaches his students how to
release them. Dr. Dakota Tucker-Rollins, DD, BA, CH, CI and Dr. Venus Abbey, DD, BA, CH,
CI are schooled in the Skillas Advanced Technology and are also Certified Instructors (CI) for
the NGH and they are the principle instructors of the Enhanced NGH Hypnotherapy
Certification Course. They also assist Dr. Skillas in teaching the Advanced Clinical
Hypnotherapy course. Both of these instructors have long standing individual practices and have
assisted Dr. Skillas for several years in teaching both the NGH course and the Advanced
Clinical Hypnotherapy Course.

                                 Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                         NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                         7
                                      Course Advantages
  1. There are two NGH Certification classes per year
  2. For the Advanced Course, Students set the schedule so that no one has to miss a class
  3. For the Advanced Course, Students may pay for the class in two increments
  4. The technology taught in the classes is unique in the world. You will not find another
     hypnotherapy course that includes everything that is in this course.
  5. Students receive the NGH hypnotherapy certification that is recognized and accepted all
     over the world and a Clinical Hypnotherapist Certificate for completing the advanced
  6. Students are able to begin practicing as soon as they complete the classes and make a
     good living doing so.
                                This course is designed for:
   Those who seek career advancement and who want to work with people in a private
    professional practice of their own (full or part time)
   All health care professionals including Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists,
    Regression Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Pastoral Counselors.
    Hypnotherapists, Physical & Massage Therapists, Nurses, Researchers and Students desiring
    to enhance their skills and add Hypnosis as a short-term treatment modality
   People who want to understand how the mind works to enhance their work and their own
                                      Mentoring Program
Dr. Skillas may mentor trained and experienced hypnotherapists during his actual practice.
Hypnotherapists desiring to learn Dr. Skillas’ work and advance their skills to develop increased
confidence and competence can apply for this very advanced instruction. The mentored
Hypnotherapists will, in fact, work with Dr. Skillas on his actual cases as the healing process
unfolds from start to finish.
 Mentoring Program Cost: – Participation in this very advanced training is $100.00 per session.

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                       8
                             Your Master Instructor
                      Dr. Charles Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH CI is an NGH Certified Instructor
                      (CI) and Internationally Recognized NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist.
                      He is also a Fellow of the NGH (FNGH). He has practiced energy healing
                      and Hypnotherapy since 1981and is a member of the Business and
                      Metaphysical teaching faculty of St. Johns University and a Faculty
                      Member of The National Board of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic
                      Anesthesiology. He is also President of the GA. Chapter of the National
                      Guild of Hypnotists. Dr. Skillas has taught the NGH Hypnotherapy
Certification Course and the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course since 1992.
He is certified in: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Anesthesiology, Hypnotherapy
Instruction, Transformational Counseling, Cell Command Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy,
Master Level Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotic Pain Control, Emergency Hypnosis, Cellular
Regeneration Therapy, Parts Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Remote Clearing, Chinese
Energetic Medicine and Native American Healing. He is a member of: The National Guild of
Hypnotists, The National Board of Hypnotherapists and Hypnotic Anesthesiologists, The National
Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology, The International Hypnosis Research Institute and The
National Federation of Hypnotists
Dr. Skillas earned a Ph.D. in Engineering, an MBA in Business Administration, and has many
years of experience in the Aerospace/Defense Industry as: Chief Engineer, General Manager, VP
of Marketing, and Consultant to the Department of Defense and Major Defense Companies of
the Western World in the areas of: Anti Submarine Warfare, Submarine Torpedo Defense,
Electronic Warfare and Mine Countermeasures. He was honored by the US Congress for serving
as expert witness and helping write legislation, which created the National Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and received the US Navy Meritorious Public Service
Medal. He was also NH Co-Chairman of The NH/ME Bi-State Commission on Oceanography.
He is a Licensed Professional Engineer and is listed in Who's Who in America.

                               Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                       NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                      9
                       Dr. Dakota Tucker-Rollins, DD, BA, CH, CI
                            Principal NGH Certified Instructor

                     Private Hypnotherapy Practice for 10 years and Assistant Instructor to Dr.
                     Skillas in teaching NGH Certification and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
                     Courses for 5 years. Guest speaker/nursing college lecturer in alternative
                     medicine. Corporate Stress Reduction facilitator. Expertise in advanced
                     hypnotherapy techniques & modalities with concentration in
                     adolescent/child hypnotherapy.
                      Dr. Tucker-Rollins is also the Owner of Life Advancement Hypnosis Center
(Professional Training & Coaching Industry) May 2010 - Present (7 months) Specializing in Stress
Reduction Workshops, and advanced hypnotherapy private practice. She is also Recording
Secretary of the NGHGA. Her credentials include guest lecturer on alternative medicine at
nursing colleges around the state of Georgia, talk-radio show guest appearances, corporate stress
reduction clinics and a national clientele base for her work on intuitive matters.
She maintains an active private practice, conveniently located in Mid-town Atlanta with
validated parking at Colony Square. Her practice includes: Advanced Hypnotherapy
(Releasement of energy blocks causing problems), Parts Therapy (Inner Child Work/unresolved
internal conflicts), Adolescent Therapy, Spiritual Healing and Past Life Regression Therapy.

                       Dr. Venus Melissa Abbey, DD, BA, CH, CI
                           Principal NGH Certified Instructor
                     Private Practice Hypnotherapist, NGHGA Director of Professional
                     Development and assisting instructor to Dr. Charles Skillas for NGH
                     Certification and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses. She is an NGH
                     Cert. Instructor (CI) and NGH Cert. Hypnotherapist (CH) with a background
                     in the healing arts for more than 15 years. The insight gained from her
                     studies has provided her with a deep intuitive understanding of the human
                     spirit and its inherent desire to improve one’s quality of life.. As a
                     Hypnotherapist she incorporates various modalities: Spirit Releasement
Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Soul Retrieval, etc. to achieve more effective results.
Venus’s professional background, prior to hypnotherapy, has been in the arts. She was a graphic
designer and product photographer, who developed company identities and promotional
materials such as: packaging, logos, website designs, advertising. She also has an extensive
background in the performing arts as an Oriental Dance Performer for more than 10 years,
having studied with some of the most talented master instructors on the scene. She continues to
share her passion for the dance through performance and instruction as well as designing and
creating costuming for herself and others.
Dr. Venus Specialties:
Hypnotherapy: SRT, Soul Retrieval, behavioral modification, positive reinforcement programming,
Past Life Regression, Gestalt, Internal Conflicts Resolution, Soul Coaching ®.

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                       10
                          Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
                                Spirit Releasement Therapy
The ancient concept of spirit attachment may be quite valid, even though largely ignored in our
modern, scientifically oriented society. Clinicians in many countries find the condition widely
prevalent among people now. Spirit Releasement Therapy can bring profound and often
immediate results, both mental and physical, ranging from minor improvements to total
remission of otherwise untreatable symptoms and conditions. The methods used are
straightforward and grounded in sound psychotherapeutic principles and clinical practice.
The course covers the following:
1. Modeling the energy – mind – body connection
2. Resolution of sub-conscious forcing functions causing illness and addictions
3. Characteristics and treatment of the different kinds of entities
4. Release of: Thought forms - Fragments of a living person’s personality - Curses, Earthbound
   Spirits – Extraterrestrials - Demon Energies
5. Protection – Your Client –Yourself - Others
6. Remote Depossession of individuals and places
7. Dealing with possessed children

                             Past Life Regression Therapy (PLT)
Heal the Present through The Past. Reincarnation is beginning to come out of the dark corners
of mysticism and into the light of 21st Century healing. Much authoritative work is being done
on Reincarnation. Many illnesses, both physical and psychological, result from past life events.
Our past lives leave an indelible impression on our lives, and at times, manifest in present day
illness. Reviewing our past lives under hypnosis often releases the stressors from the past and
permits our minds and bodies to create their own healing. Even if you do not believe in
Reincarnation, the therapy works just as effectively to produce healing. Past Life Regression
Therapy, in addition to helping learn and release the origins of current life problems, also
allows maximizing skills, talents and gifts inherited from the past. The Therapy also provides
greater insight into the meaning and purpose of life. The techniques of doing PLT are taught
both theoretically and as a practicum. Students do PLT in the classroom under supervision. PLT
is an excellent uncovering technique to find Negative Forcing Functions in the sub-conscious
leading to release.

                                      Cell Damage Repair
The negative energy buried deep in the subconscious self and put there by the negative forcing
functions cause cellular damage. Ultimately, if the cell damage is left uncorrected, the cell
damage will proceed to eventual degeneration and destruction of the cell communities deprived
of the life force energy. This results in physical illness and, in the end, death if the
degeneration process is not corrected. So, after we find and release the negative energy in the
subconscious, we have to repair the damage to the cells on each layer of consciousness caused
by the negative energy on that layer. How to do this is taught and practiced in the class.

                                 Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                         NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                     11
                                         Parts Therapy
An excellent technique developed by Dr. Charles Tebbetts to resolve negative internal conflict
forcing functions in the sub-conscious self. Under deep trance hypnosis, the trained therapist
can speak to the parts of the client engaged in conflict and by using adroit methods of
compromise can affect an agreement which resolves the conflict, thereby eliminating the
negative internal conflict forcing function. The techniques for the entire process are taught and

                                       Remote Clearing
Remote Clearing is clearing work done on a person or place when the person cannot or will
not come to see me for work. In the case of a place, the place can be anywhere in the world
or the person to be cleared can be anywhere in the world. This work is usually done using a
surrogate and protector(s). The advanced Course covers the entire process for remote clearing
and in some cases remote reprogramming. The process is explained, demonstrated and

                                          Gestalt Work
Gestalt work uses mental and emotional unloading of problems with another person or persons
and the mind transfer technique to accomplish a venting of emotions and resolution of old
conflicts leading to forgiveness on both sides, but always on the part of the client for their own
benefit. The offending ones may be living or dead. The process is explained, demonstrated and

                            Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
This is an energetic process for releasing the emotional component of distress. Various
acupuncture points on the chi meridians are tapped with the fingers and subjective units of
distress can be decreased. This is a simplified version of EFT and can be used for many
problems. The process is explained, demonstrated and practiced using descriptive notes, which
are provided to the students.

                            Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
It is used it to anchor ego states. NLP is a great trigger mechanism to enhance relaxation by
recalling previously obtained ego states of relaxation using the trigger. In the course, we also
use NLP to elicit modalities of stress and replace them with elicited modalities of relaxation.

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                        12
                  Hypnotherapy Classes Facts & Figures
                              NGH Hypnotherapy Certification
Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy offers the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Enhanced
Hypnotherapy Certification Course twice per year. Class details can be obtained from the
principal instructors, Dr. Tucker-Rollins (404-394-4544 and Dr. Venus Abbey (678-478-9644).
After completion of the NGH Certification Course, Dr. Skillas’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Course
including: Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), Past Life Regression Therapy (PLT), Parts Therapy,
Remote Clearing, Gestalt Work, Cell Damage Repair and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT are
offered to graduates.
Level-I - Class #1 course covers the initial weekend and teaches How Hypnotherapy Heals,
Suggestibility Testing, How to Hypnotize, The Energy Concept of Hypnotherapy and an
Overview of Hypnotherapy Technology leading to Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. The price
for this class is $500.00 and it is a stand-alone class. If the student wants to continue, he must
then commit for the following four NGH classes, which are a package and cost $2600
including all class materials and manuals. The first class is completely applicable towards the
full NGH certification requirement and is a pre-requisite for the next four classes, covering
NGH Level-I and Level-II Certification Training.
                              Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
An Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course is taught to students meeting the course
requirements. Course Requirements are: Successful completion of the Level-I-II NGH
Hypnotherapy Certification or demonstrated competence by experience (5 years practice) or
certification by organizations other than the NGH if approved by the instructor. Because SRT,
PLT, Parts Therapy, Gestalt Work and Remote Clearing are all interrelated, they are taught as a
package over the advanced course’s four weekends.
                                    Courses Cost Summary
                 Energy Hypnotherapy Overview                             $ 500.00
                 NGH Level I & II Hypnotherapy Certification…           $ 2,600.00
                 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course                  $ 4,800.00
                 Total for All Courses                                  $ 7,900.00

The entire Overview and NGH Certification Course must be paid for before each class starts.
You may discuss payment arrangements with the Principle Instructors. The NGH Certification
Course is taught in the Colony Square Complex in Midtown Atlanta. The schedule combines an
initial weekend and twice a week classes over three months.
For the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course, students are allowed to set the weekend dates
so as to meet the students’ schedule. The Advanced Course is 4 weekends and it is taught in
my healing room at 4012 Spalding Hollow, Norcross, GA 30092. Classes begin at 10:30 AM
and conclude at 5:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

                                Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                        NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                        13
                         NGH Certification Course Level-1
                                     Class #1
                          Energy Hypnotherapy Overview
     Energy and Hypnotherapy – How Hypnotherapy Heals
         o The Eastern Disease Model
         o Relationship Between Energy and Hypnotherapy
         o Influence of Attached Entities
         o Need For Body Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration
         o Cognizant Behavioral Therapy Methods
         o Forcing Function Source Energy Release
         o Reprogramming The Subconscious Hard Drive
         o Behavior and Response To Life
     Preliminary Suggestibility Tests
          o Chevreul’s Pendulum
          o Arms rising and Falling Test
          o Authoritarian Hand Clasp Test
          o Permissive Hand Clasp Tests
          o Postural Sway Test
          o Progressive Relaxation Test
     Recognition and Classification of Subjects
         o Common Fallacies
         o Occupational Susceptibility
         o Age Effects
         o Susceptibility of Highly Impressionable and Emotional People
     Favorable and Unfavorable Influences and Dangers of Hypnosis
         o Importance for Beginners
         o Office environment
         o Physical Condition of Client
         o Emotional condition of Client
         o Dangers of Hypnosis
                 To the Hypnotist
                 To the Subjects
     How to Hypnotize
         o The Six Main Induction Types
         o Three Step Induction Procedure
         o Instantaneous Methods
         o Indirect Methods
         o The Blackboard Induction (Confusion Technique)
         o Waking Hypnosis
         o Introducing Hypnosis to your Client
         o What is Going On With the Client?
         o Dr. Flowers Induction
         o Progressive Relaxation Induction
         o Awakening Procedures

This is a stand-alone class and is valid towards the complete National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
Hypnotherapy Certification course. After this first weekend class, the student must decide if he is willing to
commit to the entire NGH Certification course.

                                    Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                            NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                                14
                   NGH Certification Course Level-1
                               Class #2
                   Depth, Suggestions & Applications
 Trance Depth
     o Degrees or Stages of Hypnosis
     o Judging trance Depth
     o Uses of Depth Testing
 Development of Suggestions and Suggestion Management
     o Suggestions
             What They Are and How They Work
     o Reinforcement and Encouragement – Motivational Tools
             How the Mind Works
     o Positive Suggestion Management
             The Six Criteria of Positive Suggestions Acceptable to the Subconscious Mind
             The Three Factors That Influence Positive Suggestion Management
             Writing the Therapeutic Script
     o Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
             How They Work and How To Make Them
 Self Hypnosis
       o The 3 Step Self Hypnosis Technique
       o Reprogramming Your Own Subconscious Mind
       o Applying Suggestions to Yourself
 Sensory Hyperaesthesia
      o Accentuation of the Senses Under Hypnosis
 Mechanical Aids
     o Spirals & Revolving Mirrors
     o Sound Stimuli
     o Conditioning Tapes
     o Biofeedback Devices
 Deepening Techniques
     o Basic deepening Techniques
     o Pyramiding With     Repeated Inductions
     o Feedback Method
 Hypnotic Miscellany
     o Negative Words To Avoid
     o Importance of Record Keeping & Ethics
     o Highway Hypnosis
 Subliminal Advertising & Subliminal Tapes
      o Sleep Learning

                              Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                      NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus                  15
           NGH Certification Course Level-1
                        Class #3
    Hypnotic Anesthesia & Hypnotherapy Applications
 Anesthesia Management
     o How to Produce It
     o Maintenance of Anesthesia
               Surrogate Devices
     o Combining Hypnosis With Local Or General Chemical Anesthesia
     o Hypnotic Pain Control
     o Emergency Hypnosis
     o Hypnotic Bleeding control
     o Hypnotic Child Birth
     o Controversial Aspects
 Hypnotherapy Applications
     o Smoking Cessation
             Smoking Withdrawal Program
     o Weight Control
             Imagination Training
             Stress Management For Weight control
             Self-Hypnosis For Weight Reduction and Weight Control
     o Stress Management
             What is Stress?
             How Stress Works
             Recognizing Stress
             Stress Management Techniques
                     Proper Breathing
                     Self-Relaxation
                     Pre-Sleep Technique
             The Reinforcement Script
             Progressive Neuromuscular Relaxation
             Hypnosis & Relaxation training
             The Zeigarnick Effect
             Stress Reduction Action Plan
 Communicating With the Subconscious Mind
     o Ideomotor Response
     o Finger Response
     o Rossi Technique
     o Pendulum
     o Kinesiology & Muscle Testing
     o Interpreting Responses

                             Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                     NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus   16
                      NGH Certification Course Level-II
                                   Class #4
                     Behavior, Image Psychology & Scripts
 Behavioral Assessment
     o Purpose & Assumptions
     o What is Behavioral Assessment & Types of Behavioral Assessment
     o Goals of Behavioral Assessment
 The BASIC Assessment Technique
      o Behavior
      o Affect
      o Sensations
      o Imagery
      o Cognition
 Setting Goals
      o Benefits
      o How To Do It
 Objectives
     o Content
     o Statements of Intention
     o Form
              Thinking – Feeling - Action
 Writing the Hypnotic Script
     o Reinforcement Using Self-Suggestion
 Image Psychology & Hypnosis
     o Imagery Techniques
              Hypno & Cognitive Behavioral
              Psychodynamic
              Humanistic-Trans-Personal
     o Imagination Training
              Thought stopping
     o Systematic Desensitization
              Phobias & Anxiety Reduction
     o Color Imagery
              Color Calming
              Agoraphobia
     o Advanced Inductions
              Hyperemperia & Mystical Inductions
 Ego Strengthening Technique
      o History - Case Studies
      o Script
 Goal Image Focusing Technique (GIFT)
     o Behavioral Modification For Weight, Smoking, Stage Fright & Phobias

                              Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                      NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus   17
           NGH Certification Course Level-II
                        Class #5
     Uncovering Techniques, Goal Getting & Marketing
 Regression Therapy
  o True regression
  o Pseudo Regression
  o Age Regression - Calendar Method
  o Hypnotic Interviewing
  o Defining Limits of Recall
  o Past Life Regression (PLT) –Introduction
  o Timeline Therapy
  o Handling Abreactions
 Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT)
  o Introduction to Techniques– Covers Protection and Remote Clearing Front End Work
 Parts Therapy
  o Introduction – Covers integration with PLT and (SRT)
 Gestalt Work
  o Introduction to Mind Transfer, Chair Therapy, Death Bed Therapy
 The Affect Bridge Technique
 The Six Hour Self Hypnosis Course
 Automatic Writing
  o Dissociation & Uses of Automatic Writing
 Setting Up Your Practice -- Considerations, Legal, Location
 Types of Practice
     o Private or Group Practice
     o Private or Group Teaching Practice
 Your Business Plan
     How To Do It
 Marketing Your Expertise – Building Your Practice
 Your Practice - How To Do It
     o Pricing Your Services
     o Other Considerations
     o The First Client Session
     o Intake Information
     o The Pre-Talk
              • Elements and Importance
     o Sessions Two, Three and Four With the Client
     o Subsequent Sessions

                               Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                       NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus           18
       Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
                    Weekend #1
Spirit Releasement Therapy & Cell Damage Repair
   Clinical Hypnotherapy Technology
   Demonstration - Independent Volunteer
   Demonstration - Class Member
   Discussion of Process and Application of Stems

Remote Clearing & EFT
  Demonstration - Independent Volunteer
  Demonstration – Class Member
  Discussion of Process

       Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
                    Weekend #2
  Past Life Regression Therapy
  Demonstration - Independent Volunteer
  Demonstration – Class Member
  Discussion of Process

  Gestalt Therapy
  Demonstration – Class Member
  Discussion of Process

  Parts Therapy & Use of NLP
  Demonstration - Class Member
  Discussion of Process

       Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
                    Weekend #3
  Class Practice – All Modalities

       Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
                    Weekend #4
  Class Practice – All Modalities

                         Skillas Metro Atlanta Hypnotherapy
                 NGH & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses Syllabus   19