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        June 9, 2010

      Sheila Everest
        DRMS J-361

•   Firefighter Data FY10 lines and Acquisition Value
•   Documentation needed when screening or picking up
•   Screening Cycles how they work
•   B & Q DEMIL Policy current policy and what to expect in the near future
•   Aircraft Parts understanding restrictions applied to F-14 parts
•   Batch Lots all or selected items
•   Create a DD Form 1348-1A what information goes where
•   Mis-described Property what action are required
•   Common Problems shared by all RTD customers

            FY10 Firefighter Data
              October 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010
• Overall:
   – 3,108 line items
   – $ 41,547,897.68
   – Number of Screeners: 46
   – Number of States: 23
• Top States:
  1. Florida $8.2M            4. Nebraska $5.8M
  2. Missouri $7.1M           5. Oklahoma $4.5M
  3. Montana $6.8M            6. Arkansas $3.2M
  Others between $1M & $3M: IA, MI, MN, MS, NC, OH, PA

• Orders submitted electronically; therefore,
  Letter of Authorization in the DRMS
  Centralized File is not needed
• Letter/Notice of Removal is required for
  pickup – it must be faxed or emailed to the
  DRMO prior to pickup
  – List DTIDs and identify person or transporter
    picking up on your behalf
            Screening Cycles

• Only true DOD (US Army, AF, Marine
  Corps, and Navy) screen & order during
  the Accumulation.
  – Accumulation can be 1 to 7 days long
• DOD Special Programs such as the
  firefighters/LESO/FMS screen and order
  during the DOD Formal Period (14 days)
  and the RTD 2 day
                      Formal Screening Timeline

                EXCESS                                                  SURPLUS
 DRMS         DRMS                 Screening for                FEDS       RTD2
Accumu-   Screening for           DOD, Transfer &             Donation
 lation   DOD & Special               Donees                  Allocation            SALES
            Programs                                           Period
             14 Days                                                       2 Days
7 Days                               21 Days                   5 Days
            START                                                                   FINISH

 DRMS          DRMS Screening                  Screening for               Blue
Accumu-        for DOD, Special                   Donees                   Light
 lation           Program &                                                         SALES
 14-28              21 Days
  Days                                              21 Days                3 Days
            START                                                                   FINISH
          DEMIL B and Q Policy
– DEMIL Coded B and Q property will be processed as individual

– REUTILIZATION: B and Q property is authorized for reutilization
  within DOD (including reserve components), FMS, Firefighters
  and the LESO program.

– DRMS requires a signed (LESO and FFP) MOA for DEMIL B and
  Q (unsafe)
   • B and Q (unsafe) will be treated like DEMIL required
   • Title does not pass and items will be returned to the DRMO
     when no longer needed
       – Customer responsible for the transportation
       – Customer does not pay a fee for service to DRMS
                       Aircraft Parts
• Restrictions apply to F-14 parts Memo from Deputy Under
  Secretary of Defense (L&MR), Nov 7, 2008, subject: Materiel Disposition
  Policy Change Concerning F-14 Parts, Demilitarization (DEMIL) Code B
  Munitions List Items (MLI), and Demil Code Q Commerce Control List Items
   – F-14 Unique (SALD CODE „X‟) - NO RTD NO SALE – mark DEMIL
      required property
   – All F-14 Common item (SALD CODE “U” or “W”) DOD REUT ONLY
      After DoD reutilization screening, mark DEMIL required property

• Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Parts (FSCAP)
   – Documented FSCAP will be processed through the standard RTD cycle.
   – Undocumented FSCAP property will not be processed for RTD.
   – Unused FSCAP may be RTD if received in its original packaging and
     the NSN, contract number, CAGE code(s) and part number are
                         Batch Lots
• DRMOs can, in fact, issue items from batch lots to non-DOD
  customers by following the procedures below:
• When a request is received for an item in a batch lot, the item can
  be issued individually very quickly if the item is a NSN item.
• If the item is a LSN, CPC verification is required, so they are a little
  more time consuming, but not impossible to release.
• After receiving the non-DOD request for the batch lot, the DRMO
  should receive the item(s) on record using the DTID attached to the
   – Issue the item(s) on the original requisition using a suffix
   – Release the items just as we do other items to non-DOD
   – The batch lot quantity would need to be adjusted down based on
      the items released
                 DD Form 1348-1A

                                             DTID = Disposal Turn-In document #
                                           Identifies unit turning items in to DRMO

This is the form the DRMO pulls electronically as a result of the approved
    customer‟s request. Processes over night through a Batch Run.
                     DD Form 1348-1A Lesson                                D4 = Item
                                           Your Supplementary               Code
           A5D = Document                        Address
            Identifier Code

                                                          Priority of
                                                      request. Set at 15

      Routing          Unit of Issue =
   Identifier Code          Each
                       Quantity = 10

                                                                Requisition Number:
                                                                DoDAAC = H9FD01
The Fund Citation is an ERROR. DRMS                              Julian Date = 7059
must remove this Code for FFP customers                            Serial # = 9067
PICKUP items unless located at RCP sites
                                                                Computer Generated
                 Standard Form 97s
• The United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a
• The completed SF 97 is finished to the recipient of the vehicle as
  maybe required or upon request.
• Under normal circumstances, the SF97 is made out to the agency
  listed on the DD Form 1348-1A
    – If you are allocated a vehicle and wish to have the SF97 made
       out to another agency, you must notify the DRMO POC
• Sadly to say, there are delays in many cases in getting the SF97s
  from some DRMOs.
    – Send requests to the DRMOs via emails and keep them
    – After 30 days send a problem report to:
         Mis-described Property
• Complete the RTD Survey at:
  for the following codes:
  – Condition
  – Quantity
  – Unit of Issue
  – National Stock Number

• For incorrect information on the SF97 or other
  problems, email:
            Common Problems
• Customers arrive at the DRMO only to learn their
  items have been given to another customer
   – Contact DRMS RTD (Battle Creek Office)
     immediately (while transporter is at the DRMO)
   – Screen for other items in DOD 14 day period
     and submit a Walk-In request
   – Submit problem report to:

• Unfair pickup windows
  – Submit problem report to:
      Common Problems Continued
• DRMS historical records indicated the customer
  received the item, but in fact the customer turn
  the item down at the time of pickup.
  – Do not sign the DD Form 1348-1A unless the item
    has been loaded for to truck or trailer
  –   If you have signed the DD Form 1348-1A and decide not to take the item, make sure a
      correction is made on the form. Ask the DRMO person to destroy the form - witness

  – Submit a cancellation for the line item immediately
  –   This also means reporting the cancellation to your PMO.

• Overages and shortages
  – Report them immediately to the DRMO staff so
    documents can be corrected
  – Do not wait until the end of the fiscal year
            FYI: Walk-in Request

         Is the result of screening at the DRMO
1. DRMO approves Form 103
2. Screener logs on DRMS Firefighter web site
  1. Select Walk-in option
  2. Enter DTID & Quantity
3. FEPP Manager approves
4. PMO approves
5. DRMO immediately receives the DD Form 1348-1A on
   the DRMS Intranet
6. Customer departs with the items
          Host Security Requirements

• For anyone not possessing a DOD ID Card
  – Background Check required for some military
    locations such as Eglin AFB, FL
     • In the form of an affidavit
     • Updated annually
  – Visitor Memorandum for Official Business required
     • 24 hours in advance of needed access

  – Commercial Carriers must submit affidavit

         This is a US Military Host Site requirement

• RBI - Reutilization Business Integration
  – Will integrate the Defense Reutilization and
    Marketing Service (DRMS) with EBS, replacing the
    DRMS Automated Information System (DAISY) suite
    of applications.
  – Use of the Defense Logistics Agency systems
     • Distribution Standard System (DSS) used at the depots
       (receiving, warehousing, and shipping functions)
     • Enterprise Business System (EBS) used at the Inventory
       Control Points to managed stock, order completion, supply
       status, etc
• Estimated completion: 2013
                             RBI Continued
     What does this mean for RTD customers?
– Single entry point on the DRMS web application
     • Eliminate the need for the separate FFP, LESO, CAP, CFL web applications

– Standardization of Local Stock Numbers
     • Apply logic to LSNs and how they are described – this should benefit RTD customers

– Better identification of items placed in Batch lots
– One digit Condition Codes
     •   In other words customer will see an „A‟ for A1 – A4, an „H‟ for H7 – H9

– Improved Pickup Scheduling
     • DRMS will track customers timeliness of removal and
       customers failure to pickup
– Before a walk-in request is honored the system will
  be checked to determine if a higher priority request is
– Add – Containerization – will allow customers to take an entire location of items
  of various DTIDs – customer submits 1 RQN – system produces additional DD
  form 1348-1As

Contact DRMS Battle Creek when
       assistance is needed.
Call: Carol Fix at 269-961-5902 or
    Email at

         Any Questions?

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