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					                           Horst R. Marschall – Publications


H.R. Marschall, A.V. Korsakov, G.L. Luvizotto, L. Nasdala and T. Ludwig, 2009, On the
occurrence and boron isotopic composition of tourmaline in (ultra)high-pressure metamorphic
rocks, Journal of the Geological Society, London, in press.

D.E. Harlov and H.R. Marschall, 2009, Mechanisms of metasomatic reactions, Mineralogy and
Petrology, in press.

H.R. Marschall, R. Altherr, K. Gméling and Zs. Kasztovszky, 2009, Lithium, boron and chlorine
as tracers for metasomatism in high-pressure metamorphic rocks: a case study from Syros
(Greece), Mineralogy and Petrology, in press.

D.P. Miller, H.R. Marschall and J.C. Schumacher, 2009, Metasomatic formation and petrology
of blueschist-facies hybrid rocks from Syros (Greece): implications for reactions at the slab-
mantle interface, Lithos, 107, 53-67.

A.V. Korsakov, A.V. Travin, D.S. Yudin and H.R. Marschall, 2009, 40Ar/39Ar dating of
tourmaline from metamorphic rocks of the Kokchetav massif (Kazakhstan). Doklady Akademii
Nauk (in Russian), 424, 531-533. Doklady Earth Sciences (in English), 424, 168-170.


M.A.W. Marks, R.L. Rudnick, T. Ludwig, H.R. Marschall, T. Zack, R. Halama, W.F.
McDonough, D. Rost, T. Wenzel, E.P. Vicenzi, I.P. Savov, R. Altherr and G. Markl, 2008, Sodic
pyroxene and sodic amphibole as potential reference materials for in-situ Li isotope analyses by
SIMS, Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 32, 295-310.

H.R. Marschall, R. Altherr, A. Kalt and T. Ludwig, 2008, Detrital, metamorphic and
metasomatic tourmaline in high-pressure metasediments from Syros (Greece): intra-grain boron
isotope patterns determined by secondary-ion mass spectrometry, Contributions to Mineralogy
and Petrology, 155, 703-717.


H.R. Marschall, P.A.E. Pogge von Strandmann, H.-M. Seitz, T. Elliott and Y. Niu, 2007, The
lithium isotopic composition of orogenic eclogites and deep subducted slabs, Earth and
Planetary Science Letters, 262, 563-580.

D.E. Harlov, H.R. Marschall and M. Hanel, 2007, Fluorapatite-monazite relationships in
granulite-facies metapelites, Schwarzwald, southwest Germany, Mineralogical Magazine, 71,
H.R. Marschall, R. Altherr and L. Rüpke, 2007, Squeezing out the slab – modelling the release
of Li, Be and B during progressive high-pressure metamorphism, Chemical Geology, 239, 323-

V.J. van Hinsberg and H.R. Marschall, 2007, Boron isotope and light element sector zoning in
tourmaline; Implications for the formation of B-isotopic signatures, Chemical Geology, 238,


H.R. Marschall, R. Altherr, T. Ludwig, A. Kalt and S. Tonarini, 2006, Syros metasomatic
tourmaline: evidence for very high-d11B fluids in subduction zones, Journal of Petrology 47,

A. Ertl, J.M. Hughes, S. Prowatke, T. Ludwig, P.S.R. Prasad, F. Brandstätter, W. Körner, R.
Schuster, F. Pertlik and H. Marschall, 2006, Tetrahedrally-coordinated boron in tourmalines
from the liddicoatite-elbaite series from Madagascar: Structure, chemistry, and infrared
spectroscopic studies, American Mineralogist 91, 1847-1856.

H.R. Marschall, R. Altherr, T. Ludwig, A. Kalt, K. Gméling and Zs. Kasztovszky, 2006,
Partitioning and budget of Li, Be and B in high-pressure metamorphic rocks, Geochimica et
Cosmochimica Acta 70, 4750-4769.

H.R. Marschall and T. Ludwig, 2006, Re-examination of the boron isotopic composition of
tourmaline from the Lavicky granite, Czech Republic, by secondary ion mass spectrometry: back
to normal. Critical comment on “Chemical and boron isotopic compositions of tourmaline from
the Lavicky leucogranite, Czech Republic” by S.-Y. Jiang et al., Geochemical Journal, 37, 545–
556, 2003, Geochemical Journal 40, 631-638.


H.R. Marschall, Zs. Kasztovszky, K. Gméling and R. Altherr, 2005, Chemical analysis of high-
pressure metamorphic rocks by PGNAA – comparison with results from XRF and solution-ICP-
MS, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 265, 339-348.


H.R. Marschall and T. Ludwig, 2004, The Low-Boron Contest: minimising surface
contamination and analysing boron concentrations at the ng/g-level by secondary ion mass
spectrometry, Mineralogy and Petrology 81, 265-278.

H.R. Marschall, A. Ertl, J.M. Hughes and C. McCammon, 2004, Metamorphic Na- and OH-rich
disordered dravite with tetrahedral boron, associated with omphacite, from Syros, Greece:
chemistry and structure, European Journal of Mineralogy 16, 817-823.

R. Altherr, G. Topuz, H.R. Marschall, T. Zack and T. Ludwig, 2004, Evolution of a tourmaline-
bearing lawsonite eclogite from Elekdag area (Central Pontides, N Turkey): evidence for
infiltration of slab-derived B-rich fluids during exhumation, Contributions to Mineralogy and
Petrology 148, 409-425.


H.R. Marschall, A. Kalt and M. Hanel, 2003, P-T evolution of a Variscan Lower Crustal
Segment: a study of granulites from the Schwarzwald, Germany, Journal of Petrology 44, 227-


A.B. Woodland, M. Seitz, R. Altherr, B. Olker, H.R. Marschall and T. Ludwig, 2002, Li
abundances in eclogite minerals: a clue to a crustal or mantle origin? Contributions to
Mineralogy and Petrology 143, 587-601, Erratum: 144, 128-129.