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									                                                                                            Job Description

    TITLE:             Manager, Mine Operations                            JOB CODE:           213
    DEPARTMENT:        Community Development                               FLSA:               Exempt
    PREPARED:          October 2004                                        UPDATED:

Summary: Under general direction, plans, organizes and schedules the operations and staff of the
Queen Mine tours; trains staff to conduct safe and interesting tours; supervises maintenance of the mine
facilities and equipment; ensures the safety of the tour operations and patrons.

Essential Job Functions: The list that follows is not intended as a comprehensive list; it is intended to
provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities. Incumbent(s) may not be
required to perform all duties listed, and may be required to perform additional, position-specific tasks.
     Plans, organizes and supervises employees conducting tours and maintaining the facilities;
      schedules staff to meet established priorities and staffing needs; performs employee evaluations;
      conducts interviews; recommends promotions, disciplinary actions and terminations; provides
      employee training and maintains various personnel records.
     Checks the mine and tour area for safety on a daily basis; reviews inspection reports prepared by
      staff; makes visual check of track; inspects motor, batteries and mancars for safe operation; inspects
      and repairs mine lamps; corrects any unsafe conditions immediately.
     Provides monthly safety training to staff; ensures full understanding of safety procedures and
      appropriate safety precautions; observes and assists with the safety instructions to visitors, including
      lamps, jackets and belts.
     Provides training and direction to tour guides to ensure that the tour is interesting to patrons;
      observes tour guides and provides additional information as required; conducts tours as needed.
     Plans, prioritizes and inspects preventive maintenance on the Queen Mine Tour facilities and
      associated equipment; evaluates the status of equipment and facilities, and schedules major repairs
      on and replacements of key equipment.
     Prepares annual budget for the mine tours; monitors expenses to meet budget targets.
     Orders merchandise, supplies and equipment for the tour gift shop; determines price and oversees
      operation of the shop; prepares daily reports of revenue from the gift shop and the tour; prepares
      payroll timesheets.
     Oversees Department of Corrections inmates assigned to building and mine maintenance work;
      schedules tour guides to appropriate maintenance tasks.
     Ensures that equipment and facilities are properly maintained and kept in proper and safe working
      condition; ensures that all assigned personnel understand and observe all safety rules and
     Plans, oversees and conducts the maintenance of the interior mine structure; identifies the need for
      and schedules major repairs to timbers and track; supervises removal of loose rock in the tunnels.
     Opens and closes mine tour facilities as needed; ensures that facilities are clean.
     Performs other related duties as assigned.

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Job Description
Manager, Mine Operations

Required Knowledge and Skills:
   Knowledge of mining operations and processes.
   Knowledge of City policies and procedures.
   Knowledge of equipment, materials and methods used in mine maintenance and repair.
   Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety procedures.
   Knowledge of MSHA First Aid requirements and techniques.
   Knowledge of retail and customer service methods and techniques.
   Skill in effectively supervising, leading and delegating tasks and authority.
   Skill in planning, scheduling and evaluating the work of staff.
   Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with vendors, contractors and the
    general public.
   Skill in organizing and implementing safety and training programs for staff.
   Skill in maintaining accurate records and in preparing reports.
   Skill in following and effectively communicating verbal and written instructions.
   Skill in developing and maintaining comprehensive written records and reports.
   Skill in operating a personal computer and standard software applications.
   Skill in communicating orally and in writing.
   Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with co-workers and the public.
   Skill in working independently and as a part of a team.

Education, Experience, and Certifications:
   High school diploma or GED and five (5) years of mine operations and maintenance experience;
    customer service and retail operations experience preferred.
   State of Arizona class D driver’s license.

Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements:
   Work is performed outside with exposure to the weather.
   Work is performed near moving mechanical parts.
   May lift or move up to 50 pounds in the course of performing the job.

Equipment and Tools Utilized:

   Equipment utilized includes computerized and standard office equipment.


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