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									                           Code of Conduct for Collection Agency

A) Conduct and Behaviour

   The Collection Agency shall properly train its employees to enable an effective interaction with the
   Customer, handle with care and sensitivity, their responsibilities like calling the Customer, hours
   of calling, privacy of the Customer information and proper representation of the Company. In
   addition to the above the Collection Agency shall ensure that their employees shall adhere to the
   following while interacting with the Customer:

   1. The employees shall properly introduce and identify themselves as representatives of
      Reliance; exceptions can be made in cases where whereabouts of Customer are being traced.
   2. The employees shall not share the Customer’s billing and outstanding with any third party
      under any circumstances and observe strict Customer confidentiality.
   3. The employees shall always formally address the the Customer and not engages in any
      informal or personal interactions or relations. Reliance shall not be liable in any manner for
      any acts done by the employee in his personal capacity or acts that are not authorised herein
      or are outside his professional duty.
   4. The employees shall not enter the residence of any Customer against the wishes of residents
      when informed by the relevant authority that the Customer is not available.
   5. The employee shall refrain from using any mental, physical or verbal abuse and shall not take
      the law in his own hands in any circumstances and give any written or verbal threats, abuse to
      the Customer, make use of slang or of any form of informal address/ language. Even if the
      Customers behaviour or language is not acceptable or legitimate.
   6. The employees shall not restrict the Customer’s movement or try to capture or restrain him
      from entering or leaving any premises.
   7. The employee shall not stay or remain in Customer’s premises or residence in the absence of
      the Customer.
   8. The employee shall not do any act that results in insulting, harassing or embarrassing the
      Customer in a public place.
   9. The employee shall not visit the Customer’s residence in case he has suffered bereavement
      or a family member is gravely ill or if there is a social engagement in progress.
   10.In case of non availability of Customer at his residence and in case of presence of only minors
      or elderly at the Customers premises at the time of visit, the employee shall end the visit
      leaving his contact details for call back by the Customer. The employee shall in no event enter
      the Customers premises or wait for the Customer in his residence, unless specifically asked to
      do so by family members of the Customer.
   11.The employee shall be formal, sincere and polite yet firm in all their interactions with the
   12.While interacting with the Customer the employee should be brief and to the point
   13.The employee shall not engage in any conduct or practice, which harasses, oppresses or
      abuses any person (including but not limited to the Customer) in connection with collection of
      outstanding amount or their business activity.
   14.The employee shall be especially sensitive in their interactions with the elderly, the physically/
      mentally handicapped & children.
   15.The employees must strictly comply with the work timings and any visits to the customer’s
      premises are to be only made between 8.00 am and 9.00 pm unless prior permission of
      Customer has been sought.
   16.The employees shall not in any manner misbehave, harass or abuse any of the family
      members of the Subscriber are not to be harassed under any circumstances.
   17.The employee shall not accept any refreshments, at Customer’s residence except drinking
   18.The employee shall not offer or accept any gift, bride from the Customer during his visit to the
      Customers premises and shall not engage in any corrupt, extortion or embezzlement activity in
      any manner.
   19.The employee shall refrain from any act or omission that can damage the integrity and
      reputation of the Company in any manner whatsoever.
   20.The Collection Agency shall ensure that their employees shall comply with the following as a
      code of personal hygiene and professional appearance:
      a)   Shave daily
      b)   Short & well-combed hair
      c)   Wear formal shoes & proper socks
      d)   Wear neat formal clothes with the shirt tucked in the trousers
      e)   Wear identity card as a badge and on display while on professional duty
   21.The Collection Agency shall ensure that their employees shall not engage in any
      unprofessional activity or informal conduct or dressing including the following:
      a)   Chew tobacco, chewing gum, cigarettes, etc
      b)   Shall not wear informal clothes like t-shirts
      c)   Shall not wear informal footwear like sandals
      d)   Shall not be under the influence of any intoxicant like liquor while on duty
      e)   Wear the badge or ID of any other company that Reliance

B) Prohibited Acts

   The Collection Agency shall ensure that their employees shall not indulge in any prohibited or
   objectionable activity including the following while interacting with the Customer:
   1. All Customers and/or subscribers of the services of Reliance irrespective of their payment
      pattern, religion, caste, profession or social standing shall be treated with respect, dignity,
      courtesy and fairness by the Collection Agency and their employees during collection efforts.
   2. The Collection Agency and their employees shall refrain from the use or threat of violence or
      other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation or property of any person
      (including but not limited to the Customer or the Company).
   3. The employee shall not carry any arms, ammunition or any combustible or inflammable
      substance during his office hours and visits to the Customers premises.
   4. Neither the Collection Agency nor its employees shall use of any objectionable, obscene,
      profane or abusive language while interacting with the Customer or the Company.
   5. The employee shall not make any telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the callers
      identity (except when calling to obtain location information)
C) Misrepresentations and Fraudulent Practices

   Any fraudulent practices of the Collection Agency or their employee may lead to immediate
   termination of such a Collection Agency. The company reserves the right to take any further
   action against such Collection Agency and/or their employees that shall include inclusion of the
   defaulting employees name to the black list, prosecution and police complaints on the defaulting
   employee or Collection Agency. The Collection Agency shall ensure that their employees shall
   not indulge in any fraudulent or misrepresenting activity including the following while interacting
   with the Customer:
   1. The Collection Agency or their employee undertake that they shall not tampering, falsification
      or unauthorized overwriting of cheques, demand drafts and other negotiable instruments.
   2. The Collection Agency or their employee shall not engage in Tampering, falsification and false
      commitments on receipts and settlement letters either from the company or from the
   3. The Collection Agency or their employees shall not in any circumstances use the cash
      payment made by the Customer towards the payment of the bills raised by the Company, for
      personal purpose even for a temporary period.
   4. The Collection Agency or their employees shall not under any circumstances file any false
      complaints on the Customers for the purpose of intimidation
   5. The Collection Agency or their employees shall not under any circumstances make any false
      commitment or misrepresentation to the Customer on behalf of the Company, in any manner
      to induce the Customer to make any payments.
   6. In no circumstance shall the employee misrepresent himself as the legal representative or a
      lawyer, or a police official or any one belonging to any government agency to the Customer.
   7. In no circumstance shall the employee issue or facilitate to issuing any legal notice through a
      lawyer on behalf of the company to any Customer. All legal actions for recovery of dues will be
      initiated by the Company only.

D) This Code is subject to modifications and changes made by Reliance from time to time.

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