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									?With a variety of business intelligence software providers in the marketplace, you
need to know how to pick the right business intelligence (BI) company for your
organization, whether you have a large, mid-size, or small company. The overall
benefit of a BI company and its software will be determined by your needs as much as
your budget. Even if your company can afford all the bell and whistles associated
with a BI software package, you may find that you don't need everything offered and
can save money for your organization by going with a simpler software package.
Researching the market and knowing your business before you make a decision will
be the key to finding the right software provider for your company.

Data Collection

Most businesses need BI software that will help them collect information that is
stored in several different databases. But what you might not know is that you don't
necessarily need expensive technology to do this. You can find software that
integrates, publishes, and analyses data across databases without too many features.
And while those features may be very necessary for some businesses, you'll want to
double check the logistics of your BI needs to ensure that you're not just wasting your
money on extras that you don't need.


The rules for assessing a BI software program's integration capabilities are the same.
Look for companies that offer what you need, not just companies with high-profile
names. For example, you might be able to leverage your existing metadata ins tead of
paying a company to create metadata manually for you. By shopping around to
compare prices and features, you might find a company that offers you the integration
you need at the right price. The company you choose for software will need to align
with your company's needs and goals and if a company doesn't, then keep shopping.

Data Analysis

The ultimate goal for any BI project is data analysis. Effective business intelligence
software will give you the information you need to make important decis ions about
your business using all of the available information. At the end of the day, you need
software that can provide you that information in a timely manner. Some companies
offer consulting services that cost as much as your software and are required before
the launch of their product for your company. If these services will be of use to you,
by all means, invest in them, but if it makes as much sense for your company to
choose a software program that can be launched in a few hours and run without
expensive consultations, then choose that software in good conscience.

When your company decides to launch a BI project, first assess exactly what your
company needs and what is within your budget. Once you know those two factors, it
will be easier for you to choose the software that will most benefit your company. If
your BI needs are ambiguous and you have an unlimited budget, investing in a
consultation and software extras is probably a good idea. If your purse strings are tied
and you know what your company needs, shop around to find a BI company that will
give you what you need and only what you need for the right price.

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