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					         Honours in Psychology Application Instructions
                       Deakin University
(1) To apply go to the online applicant portal at and follow the prompts.

You should submit one application only into Psychology Honours, for the course which reflects
your undergraduate degree, i.e.,
    with a Bachelor of Arts (or Commerce, Law, Business, etc), you should apply to do course
     H451, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours);
    with a Bachelor of Science (or Medical Science, Forensic Science, etc), you should apply
     to do course H450, the Bachelor of Science (Honours);
    with a Bachelor of Applied Science (or Psychology, Health Science, etc), you should apply
     to do course H452, the Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours).

(2) You should also consider applying for the equivalent fourth year qualification, the Graduate
Diploma of Psychology (course H650). A successful application to this fee-paying course will not
affect your chances of gaining entry into Honours (even if you accept a place in the Graduate
Diploma you will still be in the running for a place in Honours).

(3) To facilitate the selection process please also complete the following information in the box
on the following page and email it to us as per the following instructions: Answer all questions in
the box, copy your answers, and paste them into an email message. Email this message to To ensure that your application is processed please include the
following phrase in the Subject line of the email: HONOURS APPLICATION 2010.

(4) After applications close, the following will happen:
           1) All applications will be assessed for eligibility. They will be graded, sorted, and
               given an initial assessment on the basis of marks from current academic transcript
               provided. The selection process will be finalised when we receive the final marks
               from the Deakin database.
           2) First-round offers will be made in the second week of December. Preference is
               given to eligible Deakin students, however a small number of places may be
               awarded to non-Deakin students. Successful students will receive a letter of offer
               of a place in the course from the School of Psychology, which will require a timely
               acceptance of the offer by the student before a specific date. If the student will be
               away from the address provided on the application form, the onus is on the
               student to arrange for an authorised person to accept or decline the invitation.
               Please give this person a letter (signed by you) authorizing them to act on your
           3) Second-round offers may be made, based on places made available by first-round
               offers being declined.
           4) Offers will be made into February 2010 until places are filled.
           5) ALL students will receive formal notification of the result of their application,
               including those who are unsuccessful. These letters will not be received by you
               until 2010.
                                       HELP US HELP YOU!
Email the following information to , with this exact phrase:
HONOURS APPLICATION 2010 included in the subject line of the email. By submitting this
email you confirm that your undergraduate degree includes an APS-accredited Psychological
major which consists of at least ten credit points of study in psychology (out of a total of 24
credit points required for my undergraduate degree): two at Level 1, four at Level 2, and four at
Level 3. (Note, this issue is not relevant to applicants who have or will complete the Graduate
Diploma of Psychological Studies).

         This email is not an alternative to applying via the online applicant portal

My name:

My contact number(s) during Dec 2009 and Jan 2010:

Undergraduate qualification:
(this may include the Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies)

University at which I undertook my undergraduate studies:

My undergraduate degree [was completed at the time of this application] [will be completed by
December 2009] [will be completed in summer by the end of February 2010] (delete all but the
correct answer)

My level-3 Research Methods in Psychology mark% (or its equivalent) if known:

List ALL completed level-3 Psychology units and marks (in descending order of mark):
unit name:                                     mark%:
unit name:                                     mark%:
unit name:                                     mark%:
unit name:                                     mark%:
unit name:                                     mark%:
unit name:                                     mark%:
(do not include your Research Methods unit in this list)

List ALL enrolled level-3 Psychology units and marks (include units to be taken in summer):
unit name:                                  when complete? (sem2, summer, etc):
unit name:                                  when complete? (sem2, summer, etc):
unit name:                                  when complete? (sem2, summer, etc):
unit name:                                  when complete? (sem2, summer, etc):
unit name:                                  when complete? (sem2, summer, etc):

Selection and preference list (List the course(s) to which you wish to apply, in order of
preference, from most desirable (1) to least desirable (4)):
(1)                                             full-time or part-time?: …………………..
(2)                                             full-time or part-time?: …………………..
(3)                                             full-time or part-time?: …………………..
(4)                                             full-time or part-time?: …………………..
In the above spaces insert at least one of the following courses in order of preference:
Honours at Melbourne; Honours at Geelong Waterfront; Graduate Diploma at Melbourne;
and Graduate Diploma at Geelong Waterfront.
                  We DO NOT require personal statements or references

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