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					                                                  Business trip request
                                                                        Not to be used - for information only

Last Name, First Name:_______________________________________________                    Department:______________________

              MPIfR employee                              Stipend holder
              Doctorate student                           Student
              Guest                                       Free worker

Trip destination: City/Country:_______________________________          Dates of the trip:______________________________

Purpose of the trip:         Work stay         Training/education       Observation        Other


The following persons are also taking part in the trip:__________________________________________________________

Substitute while away:___________________________________________________________________________________

Intented method of travel (mark all that apply and state a reason for those marked with a *)

              Train                                       Private vehicle
              Company vehicle*                               The substantial business interest for the use of the private vehicle
              Airplane*                                      is to be recognized for the official travel.*
              Rental car*
                                                             The private vehicle is being used for personal reasons.
                                                             The employer is not responsible for any property damage.


Allowance/Grant from a third party:___________________________          Financed 100% through:_______________________

The trip will be combined with a private trip/vacation (§ 13) BRKG): from__________________until_____________________

I request an advancement                   Method of payment:           Direct deposit                Cash

Date:_________________                                                  ____________________________________________

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