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					Cryptologic Technician
(Networks) (CTN)
    Cryptologic Technician Networks
                                                 Career Path After Recruit Training
 perfom a variety of duties associated
 with computer network operations                 CTN is an Advanced Technical Field (ATF) and requires an active duty obligation of six years.
 across global networks. A                        Applicants will enlist for four years and concurrently execute an agreement to extend their
 combination of technical and analitical          enlistment 24 months. All “A” school graduates will receive a follow-on “C” school for
 computer network skills provides the             advance training. Upon completion of “C” school, the sailor will be rated as a CTN.
 situational awareness required to plan
                                                School         Present            Approximate         Subjects                        Training
 and execute information operations
                                                               Location           Training Time                                       Methods
 (IO) actions/ counter-actions. Initial
 training is located in Pensacola,              Class “A”      Pensacola, FL.     4 Weeks             Basic communication and         Group, computer
 Florida.                                       Technical                                             computer/network theory;        assisted, and
                                                School                                                Communication techniques        individual
 What they do                                                                                         and platforms, basic            instruction with
                                                                                                      network configuration;          live application
 The duties performed by CTNs include:                                                                Communication                   and technical lab
                                                                                                      troubleshooting theory and      scenarios
                                                                                                      techniques; Cryptographic
  Providing technical expertise in                                                                   equipment operations;
 network-centric operations.                                                                          Communication security.
  Detecting, protecting, reacting and
 responding to threats against Navy             Class “C”      Pensacola, FL      7 Weeks           Personnel will detect, react,     Group, computer
 networks.                                      Technical                                           and recover from disruption,      assisted, and
                                                School                                              denial, degradation or            individual
  Defend against external and
                                                                                                    destructive attack against        instruction with
 internal threats through in-depth                                                                  computers and computer            live application
 technical and non-technical methods.                                                               networks. Identify and            and technical lab
  Computer Network Risk Mitigation                                                                 extract digital intelligence      scenarios
  Network Vulnerability Assessments                                                                from multiple layers of
 and Incident                                                                                       computer protocols
 Response/Reconstruction.                                                                           containing various types of
                                                                                                    digital information conveyed
  Active computer network defense,                                                                 over multiple transmission
 access tool development and                                                                        technologies.
 computer/network forensics.                    After “C” school graduates may expect assignments worldwide, with duty stations throughout the
                                                continental United States, Hawaii. CTNs have opportunities to be assigned to afloat staffs, direct
                                                support and shore based commands. There are limited opportunities for assignment to special warfare
 Credit Recommendations                         commands. All assignments are equally available to men and women. Normal tour of duty is three
                                                  Working Environment                                 15-1081.00 Network Systems and Data
    The American Council on Education
                                                                                                      Communications Analysts
 recommends specific semester hour
                                                  CTNs work in secure office environments,
 credits in the associate, bachelor degree
 programs, and vocational certificate             operating, managing computerized
 categories for basic and advanced                Information processing systems and                  Since Navy programs and courses are
                                                  communications circuit control equipment.           revised at times, the information
 courses completed, and expierences
                                                  Normally, they are part of a watch teams.           contained on this card is subject to
 aquired in the CTN rating.
                                                  CTNs may be assigned special warfare                change.
                                                  units. Assignments, including shipboard
 Qualifications and Interests                     duty, are available to females.                     (Revised 01/08)

    Due to the nature of duties performed,
 applicants for CTN must be of exceptional
                                                  About 600 men and women serve
 character. Applicants must be U.S.
                                                  worldwide in the CTN rating. Advanced
 citizens and meet eligibility requirements
 for continuous access to classified              training in computer network operations,
 information. Eligibility for access to           using state-of-the-art technology is readily
                                                  available. Within a short period, today’s
 Top Secret/SCI material is determined by
                                                  CTN quickly develops highly marketable
 the results of a Single Scope Background
 Investigation.                                   computer network skills.
     Other important qualifications include
 good technical aptitude, resourcefulness,
 curiosity, writing and typing skills, manual     Related Civilian Jobs
 dexterity, mathematical aptitude and             O-Net SOC Code
 ability to do detailed work and perform
 repetitive tasks. Equally important is the       11-3021.00 Computer and Information
 ability to work well with others in a team-      Systems Managers
 oriented environment. Normal hearing is          15-1071.00 Network and Computer
 required.                                        Systems Administrators