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Writing an effective resume. Tips and ideas. This presentation will give instructions on the topic of writing a good resume.

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									The Resume Blueprint
Business Core 315 Professional Development II

Types of Resumes
• Chronological
– – – – Most commonly used Stable work history Professional growth College Graduates
• Education (1st) • Experience (2nd)

• Functional
– Career Change – Change jobs frequently – Focus on skills and experience – De-emphasize dates, employer names

What HR Professionals Look for in a Resume
• An intelligent, concise summary of your best skills and attributes • An impressive list of accomplishments relevant to the position you seek • Splendid educational and professional credentials • A solid, exemplary career history with few employers • A track record of loyalty and longevity, without inconsistencies or time gaps

Goal of the resume
• To get you interviews

General Considerations
• • • • • • • No cut and dried formula Yes, there are guidelines It should be easy to read at first glance You should write the resume Say it on one page, if you can Lead with your assets Plan to write several drafts

• Limit your liabilities • Structure should be brief, clear, and informative • Make every sentence and bullet count (will strengthen your image) • Use “Action” or “Active” verbs • Eliminate first-person singular, i.e., I, me, mine • Make it visually inviting...appearance is everything

6 Universally Essential Skills
• • • • • • Higher Productivity Strong Interpersonal Skills Effective Problem-Solving Skills Quality Results Clear Vision Customer Driven Focus

The Content
Three kinds of information to convey:  Information about education  Information about work experience  Information about school-related and community-related activities
– Use the categories which best capture the spirit of what you’ve done

Identifying Information
• Name • Address
– Local – Permanent

• Phone number
– General rule: Avoid use of cell phone number

• E-mail address
– Avoid clever addresses: “”

• Personal data
– Avoid disclosing data regarding age, marital status, race, gender, weight, etc.

• What is an objective statement?
– Employee focused - vague/common
• An entry level position in accounting….

– Employer focused - what you can do for ER
• A position in financial reporting that offers challenge and the opportunity to analyze data and prepare comprehensive, technical reports.

– Do not include on the resume submitted to the College for on-line purposes.

• Statement of Purpose or Qualification
– “Five years relevant experience in personal financial planning. Demonstrated ability to develop individual investment strategies and articulate proposals to clientele .”

Education: The First Sales Pitch
• • • • • • • Name of school City/town and state Degree (abbreviate - BA, BS, MBA, etc.) Year degree granted Program major/minor GPA (if to your advantage) Financing of education

Work Experience Make this the central focus
Description of each job should include:
Name and address of employer Title of job All-inclusive dates Focus on skills and abilities that were most important Describe briefly and clearly

Don’t embellish achievements Focus on interesting and challenging assignments Consider sub-heading of : part-time/temp., career related, summer/resort work List in reverse-chronological order

What sounds better?
• Implemented new accounting system that reduced costs. or • Implemented new accounting system that reduced indirect overhead by $35,000 and improved financial reporting accuracy by 33%.

 Developed a new production technique that increased productivity 7% (an operations manager).  Significantly improved communications with the bank's service bureau and implemented modifications in the general-ledger system that streamlined operations and saved more than $20,000 per year (a bank manager).  Developed new collection procedures which kept collection costs 34% below budget and reduced overdue accounts 27% (an accounting manager).

 Since 1993, have reduced inventory from $5.4 million to $2.9 million, with documented savings of $1.1 million (a facilities purchasing manager).
 Negotiated freight rates with a major carrier, cutting the rate by 18% and saving $85,000 per year (a traffic manager).  Established a Total Quality program that reduced rejects 65% (production manager).

• List most impressive first
– (Limit to four or five most important)

• Describe leadership and committee duties • Exclude secondary school activities

Honors (Always impressive)
• Include
 Scholarships  Dean’s list  President’s list  Order of Augusta  Honor societies  Departmental awards  Community awards – Describe each

Professional Organizations/Memberships
• Other Headings – Language skills – Computer skills – Study/travel abroad – Self-employment • Don’ts – Omit salary--bide your time – Personal data--none of their business – References--understand protocol and etiquette

The Design Make It Work Visually
• Typeface • Paper – Stay between 10 point and 12 – 20 lb. stock w / 25% point (no smaller than rag/cotton fiber on a textbook) conservative off– CG Times or Times Roman white, beige, or light • Spacing gray color – Use balance and the whole • Margins page – 1” on each side right – Double-space between and left justified headings – Single-space descriptions

• Date format
– 09/00 – September 2000

• Alignment
– Left/right margin

• Tabulations
– Absolutely no using the space bar! – Left/right/center set tabulations

• • • • • Increase visibility Further defines space Creates visual depth Attention getting Not to be used for electronic resumes

• • • • • Slowly Carefully Repeatedly End to beginning Look for - spelling errors, punctuation, spacing, missing words

Reproducing the Resume
• 20 pound stock • 25 % rag/cotton fiber • Reproduction
– Laser Printing – Copy Centers

Resume Blunders
• Too much focus on job duties – What did you accomplish? • Objective statement too embellishing or general – A challenging position that will enable… • Too short or too long – One page or two pages

• Use of personal pronouns
– I developed a new process whereby…

Resume Blunders
• Listing personal or unimportant information
– Age, gender, religion; hobbies if unrelated to profession

• Not using the correct type of resume
– Chronological, Functional, Combinational

• Not using a summary or profile section
– Relative to the position you seek

Resume Blunders
• Lack of keywords
– Resume scanning - buzz words from a job description

• Poor use of action verbs
– Responsible for…Helped manage…

• Typographical errors


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