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                  From the President                             Please visit our website, from time to time, from 15th July
                                                                 2010 onwards. Please support.
Dear Members,
                                                                 Members and potential members often asked this singular
I wish to thank all those at the AGM, on 29th May 2010,          question. What are the benefits for us? The Institute found
who supported me to be the President for 2010-2012.              it difficult to answer. The first answer is this newsletter.
Although a member for over 20 years, I have not held any         Newsletters have been absent for about 15 years. As a
position in the Institute.                                       result, members were alienated from the Institute. This
                                                                 particular issue carries the pictures of the members of the
The thrill of being elected unopposed almost died
                                                                 Council. The idea is to introduce ourselves to you. In future,
immediately when I recalled the Honorary Treasurer’s
                                                                 there will be news and articles. In view of our financial
announcement that the Institute had a liability of RM1.6
                                                                 position, and in line with modernity, it is cheaper and more
million. It started with an overdraft of RM1.1 million against
                                                                 efficient to send the newsletter online. PLEASE UPDATE US
the office building. Over the years, the amount of liability
                                                                 WITH YOUR email ADDRESSES.
increased due to declining revenue. From a revenue of
over RM2 million a year not long ago, as a benchmark, it         However, the most important benefit is to provide
has, as of 31st Dec 2009, dropped to about 30% of what it        members with the opportunity for career growth towards
was. Among the new creditors are our lecturers. As of 31st       the top by developing personal credibility. I often heard
December 2009, the Institute owes them RM272,878.76 in           employers suggesting the need to improve the level of
teaching fees. For about 8 years, the institute’s revenue        professionalism among HR practitioners. They added that
was bled of RM4522.00 in monthly installments over an            the level was low due to a lack of depth of knowledge
unoccupied and dilapidated building in Johore Bharu. It          and confidence in initiating action.
took an EGM on 2nd February 2010 to have the building
sold.                                                            At the second meeting of the Council on 11th June 2010,
                                                                 there was a suggestion to introduce a new category of
Apart from declining revenue, the number of members              membership to be called FELLOW MEMBER. This category
declined over the years in spite of this issue being taken up    of membership is common among the other professions to
regularly at AGMs. We have less than half of what it used        indicate the level of professional maturity. This is different
to be.                                                           from the current FELLOWS, who constitute the Court of
                                                                 Fellows, in which the fellowship is awarded to one “who
The 2010-2012 Council are the successors to the financial
                                                                 has achieved eminence in the practice of Human
liability and the shrunken number of membership. Our
                                                                 Resource Management or has distinguished himself by
collective attitude is that we are accountable to resolve
                                                                 contributing to the body of knowledge relating to Human
them. We may not be able to turn-around the financial
                                                                 Resource Management.”
liability during our tenure of office of 2 years, but we want
to increase the revenue to overcome the cash flow                As a pre-condition, one has to be an Ordinary Member
problem, as a short-term measure. The long-term measure          before qualifying to be elevated as a Fellow Member.
is, of course, to generate surplus. If we do not achieve the
surplus, we intend to at least lay the foundation framework      There is, however, a catch for those who aspire to
for our successors to pursue. Our next priority is to get more   become Fellow Members. The Institute has to ensure high
members.                                                         standards of knowledge and practice through continuous
                                                                 professional learning and development. The aspirants
Upon assuming office, the Council and I were surprised to        must collect the required number of credit hours or points,
discover a local initiative, started in 2009, to require local   at their own pace, and must pass all evaluations set. To
HR Practitioners to be certified by a foreign body from          collect credit hours or points, aspirants are required to
outside Malaysia. The Institute already has a certification      attend classes on advanced core programmes such as:
process for Certified Human Resource Professional and
Certified Advanced Human Resource Professional since             • Total reward management
early 2008. Why the new initiative, I don’t know. I can only     • Talent sourcing and growing talents
speculate. Perhaps to sabotage MIHRM, or to start “easy          • Industrial Relations Laws
money” business by collecting certification fee. We need         • Learning and Development
to remember that the Malaysian Institute of HRM is the           • Transforming organization and managing/measuring
National Institute.                                                performance growth
                                                                 • Business and business finance for HR Professionals
Our immediate effort to generate more revenue is by
introducing some new and contemporary programmes
                                                                 There will be optionals such as Mentoring, Supervisory
beneficial to all levels of HR Management, including a
                                                                 Management and HR wellness.
programme specially designed for board members.
            MIHRM Council for 2010-2012
 President - Ramley Razalli FInstAM(UK)

 Education & Professional Training: ACS Teluk Intan, University of Malaya, London Business School, IR
 Australia, HR Policies Italy, Decision Making in Leadership USA. Experience: Started work with Min.
 of Labour. Resigned and held senior positions in large multinationals, a large training consultancy,
 and a large public listed company. A Principal Consultant with Hay Management (a worldwide US
 management consultancy). 1998/99 External Verifier for National Examining Board for Supervision
 & Management (UK). Presented papers at numerous conferences such as OIC Human Capital
 Conference. Now a consultant. Current interest: Contemporary and next generation HR in value
 creation, and organizational and business growth.

 Deputy President – Dr. Balan Dass

 Balan Dass has attained a PhD in Adult and Continuing Education, from University Putra Malaysia,
 a Master in Education majoring in Training and Development from the University of Sheffield, UK, a
 Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the University of Humberside, UK.
 He is also a graduate and a professional member of IPD, UK

 Vice President I - Dr Henry Yeoh, PhD, DBA, MBA, BBA, CAHRP, MMHIRM, AMIM
 Dr. Henry Yeoh has about 25 successful cumulative years as a seasoned and experienced HR
 practitioner and a Human Capital consultant in multi-level marketing, retail, property &
 construction, aviation and marine, gaming, printing, hotel & general investment organizations.
 Dr Henry Yeoh is a multi-graduate with a PhD in Knowledge Management as well as a doctorate
 in Business Management.Obtained his certification as a Certified Advanced HR Practitioner from
 MIHRM, a Certified Interstrength Type Practitioner from Interstrength Associates USA on Personality
 Profiling & awarded a Global Excellence HR Award in the Pride of the HR Profession category by
 the World HRD Congress in Mumbai in February 2010.

 Vice President II- Dr Marzuki Ujud
 Dr Marzuki Ujud is the President of OHRM Consult Sdn Bhd. He is also the Deputy President Skill
 Development Advisory Committee, Department of Skill Development,              Ministry of Human
 Resource. Dr Marzuki is a Management Consultant who renders consultancy services locally and
 internationally. Obtained his education from various local and international institutions including
 the Universidade Aberta Internacional Da Asia, University of East Asia, Judge Institute of
 Management and Asia e University. He has headed the HR and Operations Management in
 various industries including multinational organization for more than 25 years. He has direct
 involvement in the formulation and basic shaping of HRM in the privatization exercise of
 government agencies.

 Hon General Secretary - Mr. Aresandran J
 Aresandiran. J has extensive experience in Human Resource Management having spent a span of
 over 30 years in various functions of Human Resource in both National and Multinational
 His academic qualifications include LLB (Hons), Diploma in Industrial Relations, Certificate in
 Human Resource Management, and Certificate in Administrative Management. He has also
 attended numerous courses and training in all areas of Human Resource, both local and foreign,
 including Human Resource Management Programme conducted by Cornell University, USA and
 University of Singapore.

Hon General Treasurer - Mr Koay Boon Hooi, Tony
Tony Koay holds a MBA and currently works as Financial Consultant and Chief Operating Officer.
He was the Consulting Manager of Grant Thornton Consulting Sdn Bhd (1993-2000). He also served
as Group Financial Controller of two Public Listed Companies. He strongly believes that "Human
Resources Management and Financial Management are equally important in any organization to
generate positive output"
                           MIHRM Council for 2010-2012
                 Council Member- En Muhammad Sadas Abdullah
                 Sadas graduated with a Second Class Honors Degree in History (International Relations) from the
                 University of Malaya in 1977. He spent about 10 years in the Production Department of Dunlop
                 Malaysian Industries Berhad before venturing into the Human Resource Department. Prior to his
                 appointment as Industrial Relations Manager, he was seconded to the Sime Darby Group Industrial
                 Relations & Training Department for a period of one year in 1991 for extensive exposure in Industrial
                 Relations with the Sime Darby Group of Companies. He left the Group in 1994. He is currently a
                 freelance consultant and trainer in Industrial Relations.

                 Council Member - Dr TM Carlton, PMC, PJK, PKL
                 PhD, CAHRP

                 Dr. TM. Carlton obtained a PhD in Security and Safety Management from Camden University,
                 Delaware USA, MBA in Human Resource Management, CMBA – Certified Master of Business
                 Administration from Business Management Association and is a Fellow of the Business
                 Management Association, UK. He has a Police background.

                 Dr. Carlton was a Human Resource practitioner with a number of organizations for almost 30 years
                 and served as a representative of the Employers Panel in the Industrial Court for 24 years.

                 Council Member - En Muhammad Rafi Jalaluddin
                 Mohd Rafi Jalaluddin holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management & Industrial
                 Relations from New Castle University (Australia) and a Diploma in HRM from MIHRM.
                 He has more than 16 years hands on experience in the area of operations and human resource
                 management with a well-known large foreign company where he was attached to various
                 departments such as Production, Quality Control, Training and Human Resource.

                  Council Member - Mr Balakrishnan
                  Manager, Planning & Market Research
                  LNG Business

Assistant Hon General Secretary - Mr. J. Palaniappan
Head of Human Resource, Panasonic HA Air Cond (M) Sdn Bhd

Council Member - En. Wan Eizrulnizan Khalil
Corporate Consultant – Ramli & Co.
These courses will be conducted by outstanding                      Right Profiling = High Performance
members of MIHRM, outstanding people from the                                        By Dr Henry Yeoh
industries and universities.There will be external verifiers,
and we hope to get distinguished talents from within            Human resource or human capital is without a doubt the
the local HR community such as Wahab of Nestle,                 most essential resource at organizations. Along with skills,
Farouk of ICC, Nora of Maybank, Hamidah of CIMB, Dr             abilities and intellect, they bring forth a diverse group of
Palan of SMR, Victor Foo a Fellow of MIHRM, Peter               personalities, experiences, backgrounds and expertise who
Shephard another Fellow of MIHRM, and of course Ishak           shape the well-being of the firm.
Hashim Chairman of the Court of Fellows. We hope to
get some CEOs, as well, to participate in this standard         One of the main reasons your top people are working out
setting effort.                                                 so well is because of their personality, character and talent
                                                                traits. They have what it takes to do the job and to work for
Apart from providing aspirants with the opportunity to          you under your management style.
acquire the essential advanced corpus of knowledge,
the Institute will also assist them in acquiring a body of      This phenomenon is by no chance an accident or due to
differentiating competencies such as self-assurance,            luck. Your people became what they are because of their
concern for impact, using complex influence strategies,         personalities. When the personality "fits" the position, the
path finding, and being “missionary”.                           outcome is that the people will find the position rewarding
                                                                and worthwhile to give their best.
Exception from accumulating credit hours or points will
be given to senior members who are experts or
                                                                By knowing what personality your best employees are, you
specialists in any field of HR and are still active in their
                                                                can now hire other employees that "fit" right in and will do a
careers as lecturers etc, and to those who would have
                                                                good job. Hiring the wrong personality will cause the
accumulated such body of knowledge by virtue of
                                                                department to lose morale and you may end up with a
occupying top HR positions at their places of work.
                                                                major problem all because of one employee.
This category of membership is very prestigious. It is a
testimonial of a high level of accreditation of                 It is therefore a worthwhile investment for any organization,
professionalism.                                                big or small, to consider personality profiling as a useful tool
                                                                for both their hiring and talent management initiatives.
Once finalised, we will advise you, and we will also
make the necessary amendments to the constitution.              Numerous studies and surveys conducted over the years
                                                                have almost always consistently attributed poor employee
When this is done, we have placed MIHRM alongside               performance, organizational misalignment, poor leadership,
HRM institutes in the First World countries.                    ineffective management and high employee turnover to
                                                                wrong job fit or talent match.

                                                                By subscribing to a profiling initiative and used effectively,
Ramley Razalli                                                  the profiling tool can enable an organization to:-
The President                                             • Build robust screening and selection processes
                                                                • Implement more powerful and insightful candidate
                                                                • Ensure superior hiring and retention through better
                  HR AWARDS 2010                                  job matching.
                                                                • Elevate coaching effectiveness.
                                                                • Improve customer experiences.
   Nominations for the 10th Malaysia HR Awards
                                                                • Reduce employee conflict.
   was closed on 30th March 2010. There was                     • Ensure better succession planning.
   good response from the corporate sector. The
   evaluation of the nominations for the Awards                 Here at MIHRM, we now have the resources and expertise
                                                                to help organizations who would like to strategically match
   has been finalized and the winners will be                   the right person to the right job and strengthen its
   announced at a Presentation Dinner.                          competitive advantage by having a more superior,
                                                                talented and motivated workforce working for them.
   The Presentation Dinner will be held on
   Tuesday 20th July 2010 at Sunway Resort                      Call us now for more information on how we
   Hotel. The guest of honor will be the                        can help you to be ever more successful in
   Honorable Minister of Human Resources.                       your business endeavors.

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                    Tel: 03-79556536 / Fax:03-79554076 /

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