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Major Grants Round Application Form
This form is to be completed for each application for a Legal Services Board Major Grant (requests over

What is the key purpose of the project? (tick as appropriate):
        law reform
        legal education
        legal research
        any purpose relating to the legal profession or the law that the Board considers appropriate

What key outcomes are expected? (check as appropriate):
        improved laws and their administration
        improved access and equity
        improved legal services
        better informed and educated consumers of legal services

Please note that the following will generally not be funded:
 activities that are not relevant to Victoria        study to obtain a degree or diploma
 delivery of practical legal training courses        litigation costs
 Government organisations / statutory                school and TAFE-based educational programs
    authorities unless for exceptional work that is     that are normally part of the curriculum
    not part of their primary responsibility
 recurrent costs (this policy may be reviewed in     capital works
    future years)
 commercial activities                               fundraising activities
 core operational costs                              international travel costs
 prizes, awards, competitions                        conferences

   Only one (1) application per applicant will be accepted. It is preferred that applications from
    each University faculty are limited to 2.
   All applicants should contact the Grants Manager / Grants Officer by phone on (03) 9679 8000 or via
    email to to discuss your application by 18 February 2011.
   All applicants must fill out all sections of this form in full in order to be eligible for assessment. This
    form and your annual reports should make the case for your application – supporting documentation
    aside from letters of support is unnecessary.
   All instances of the word ‗project‘ in this form should be read as ‗research project‘, ‗project‘ or
    ‗program‘ as appropriate to your application.
   Applicants for research projects must attach a list of all refereed publications in the past five years
    (2002 onwards) for each senior researcher involved in the application.
   All applications from universities must be submitted through their Research Office.

Closing Date
Applications for 2010/2011 Major Grants (over $50,000) must be submitted in soft and hard copies.
The soft copy (sent to must be received by 5pm on 4 March 2011. Hard
copies (three (3) unbound printed copies) must be received postmarked, couriered or hand
delivered by 5pm on 4 March 2011. If the soft and hard copies are not submitted by the deadline,
the application is not able to be accepted.

1. Applicant Details
Organisation that Will Manage the Funds
 Name of Organisation

 CEO of Organisation/or Office Bearer

 Address of Organisation

 Phone                                                                    Fax

 Email                                                                    Website

 ABN                                                          Are you registered for GST?

 Type of Organisation
            Academic Organisation                    Community Legal Centre                       Community Organisation
            Individual                               Legal Organisation                           Local Govt Body
            Peak Legal Body                          State Govt Body                              Statutory Body

         Incorporated?                           Y / N

Key Project Contact
 Contact Name
                         First Name                                            Last Name

 Salutation                 Miss          Ms          Mrs          Mr         Dr         Other


 Email Address of Contact

 Direct Phone Number                                                            Fax

2. Project Details
 Project title

 What is the overall goal of the project?
 ―A goal is a statement about the broad, long-term change your project is working toward. It refers to what you ultimately want to
 achieve, or your destination eg. to reduce social isolation of elderly carers in the region.‖ (South Australian Community Health
 Research Unit, Flinders University,

 Brief description of project (150 words max)

 Project Start Date                                                  Project End Date

 Amount sought $

  NB: Funding is unavailable for activities that start before the Commencement of Funding Date
                                     noted in the Guidelines.

Please note that your responses to Questions 1-8 should not exceed eight pages in total, and a response
to any one question should not exceed 1 page. Your response to Question 9 (budget details) should be
provided on a separate page.

1a What? What will the project seek to do? Provide a clear, detailed description of your project. How will
it contribute to positive change in the Victorian legal environment?

1b What? What aspect of social disadvantage or environmental concern does the project address? How
is it an integrated / preventative response and what partnerships have you put in place to ensure this?
(You are required to detail the partnerships appropriate to the project in Question 5. At this point,
however, please indicate how this project is an integrated / preventative response considering the
partnerships you have in place.)

2 Why? Why is this project needed? What is the scale of the need? Why is it the best solution to fill the
identified need, and what evidence is there that the need is not currently being addressed? Please
include any background evidence/research which supports the need for the issue to be addressed.

3 Project Plan How? How will you undertake the project? Provide a clear, detailed project plan that details what your objectives are, what you will do to achieve them and
the timelines for your specified activities. Please note that details provided in the Activities and Timeline sections should comprise your implementation plan.
                                        Objective                                                                                     Activities                                                      Timeline
Objectives are the changes or differences the project will make.                               What activity / activities you will complete to achieve each objective                       When each activity is likely to
Objectives normally begin with words such as increase, improve, decrease, reduce,              There would usually be multiple activities for each objective                                occur
expand, develop, strengthen, sustain, etc. (Evaluation Support Scotland, n.d.)                 Activities should be detailed and specify information such as location, number and type of
To determine appropriate objectives, ask "If we are truly successful with this project, what   people involved, etc.
would those results look like for the people we have served?" (National Endowment for the      For research projects, please specify the research design, sample selection, methods
Arts (NEA),                                   (qualitative, quantitative, mixed) and the analysis approach
Objectives should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited
Limit the number of objectives so the project is more manageable (e.g. 3-6)
e.g. increase capacity of target audience to engage with federal and state                     e.g. run 12 training sessions for 40 people in Dandenong, 60 people in                       e.g. May 2010
anti-discrimination services                                                                   Fitzroy and 100 people in Box Hill on anti-discrimination tools
                                                                                               e.g. distribute example complaint forms to attendees on how to lodge                         e.g. May 2010
                                                                                               complaints with anti-discrimination offices

    Helpful hint: Asking ―How?‖ should logically lead a person from an objective to its activity, and asking ―Why?‖ should lead a person from an activity to its objective.

4 How? How does the project improve existing models or create new methodologies or knowledge?

5 Who? Who will do the project and who are your key partners?
Please only list those people / agencies who will be actively involved in the rollout of the project.
                                                                                               In brief, what abilities, experience
What people and agencies will be               What are their roles and
                                                                                               and capacity do they have to carry
involved in the project?                       responsibilities?
                                                                                               the project out?

6a Who? Who will the project benefit and where are those people located?
The Legal Services Board and the grantee both have a responsibility to understand the impact of the funding granted. The purpose
of this question (both parts) is to gather key statistics that provide a demographic and geographic understanding of who will be
impacted by the project.

Geographic Coverage                     Area Name                                                       Proportion of Beneficiaries
National                                                                                                                              %
Statewide                                                                                                                             %
Local Government Area(s)*                                                                                                             %
Suburb(s)                                                                                                                             %
Total (must = 100%)                                                                                                               100%
* for a list of all local government areas (i.e. local councils), please visit the Department of Planning and Community Development at

Gender                                                                                                       Proportion of Beneficiaries
Both Equally                                                                                                                          %
Female                                                                                                                                %
Male                                                                                                                                  %
Total (must = 100%)                                                                                                               100%

Population Group                                                       Primary Target Group                Secondary Target Group
General community
People with low socioeconomic status (SES)
Children / Young people
People with a disability
Indigenous people
People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)
Refugees / New Arrivals
Other (specify) ____________________________

    Helpful hint: Select the boxes that most accurately depict the key descriptor(s) of the target group. If you
     ticked more than 2 population groups as the project‘s Primary Target Group, it may be more appropriate to
     tick the General Community box instead. If you feel the population group descriptors provided are too
     constrictive, please feel free to specify another group using the ‗Other‘ option.

6b Estimate the scale of the project (e.g. number of people that will be affected).

7 Evaluation Plan How will you evaluate your project?
The Board views evaluation as an essential activity for grantees, therefore successful projects will be required to submit a
comprehensive Evaluation Plan before funding will be released.
The Evaluation Plan template is available at and the LSB’s general expectations with respect to
evaluation are detailed in the Guidelines for the funding round.
You will need to also consider the staffing implications of planned evaluation work when completing your budget
           Objectives                           Indicators of Success                                    Method
Please restate each objective listed   How will you show progress toward the             How will you measure the achievement of
in response to Q3                      objective?                                        this objective?
                                       How will you know if you have achieved the        How will you collect information about the
                                       objective?                                        indicator?
                                                                                         When and where will information be
e.g. increase capacity of              e.g. target audience attend training;             e.g. survey of target audience
target audience to engage                                                                prior to training
with federal and state anti-
discrimination services                e.g. target audience show significant             e.g. survey of target audience six-
                                       retention of material covered at six-             months after training
                                       month mark following training
                                       e.g. target audience engage with anti-            e.g. interviews with target
                                       discrimination services not fully                 audience about personal
                                       utilised prior to training                        experiences in (better) utilising
                                                                                         anti-discrimination services nine
                                                                                         months after training

    Helpful hint: Check out these useful resources about evaluation:
         o Evaluation Resource for Projects Funded by the Legal Services Board, Effective Change,
          o    Planning and Evaluation Wizard, South Australian Community Health Research Unit, Flinders
          o    Evaluation Toolkit, W.K. Kellogg Foundation,
          o    Evaluation Pathway, Evaluation Support Scotland,

8 Describe the anticipated long term impact of your project.

9 Project Budget Provide details relating to costs for salaries, administration, equipment, etc. and
income from other sources in a budget plan. If the project is for more than one year, then a budget plan for
each year must be provided as well as a summary budget for the entire project period. The following may
be used as a general guideline for budget construction, please note that for each general heading specific
line items should be detailed. You may attach an Excel spreadsheet of the budget when submitting the
soft copy of your application if desired.

 Funding Items                 Details                  Your              LSB          Other        Total (ex
                                                        Organisation                   Funding*     GST)
 People (specify for each
 person required)
 e.g. project manager

 e.g. stationery

 eg. printing, translations,

 e.g. postage,



* confirmed (C) or unconfirmed funding (U/C)
** The LSB will not accept any fees calculated as a percentage of the total grant sought. All such
fees should be calculated based on the number of staff to be employed by the project. If you have any
questions about this position, please contact the Grants Manager / Grants Officer.
NB: In relation to the GST obligations of the Legal Services Board ("LSB") and future grant recipients, the
LSB has recently obtained a GST private binding ruling from the ATO which confirms that the payment of
Major Grants will not be subject to GST. As a result, the payment of any Major Grants by the LSB to future
grant recipients will not give rise to any GST obligations for either party.
On this basis, please note the following:
        The LSB will not "gross up" the grant payments for GST purposes as no GST will be payable by
         future grant recipients.
        Future grant recipients will not be required to remit any amounts in respect of GST to the ATO on
         the grant payments. That is, the full amount of the funding from the LSB can be directed by future
         grant recipients towards their specified purpose.
        There will be no need for future grant recipients to issue tax invoices to the LSB.

   Helpful hints:
        o Provide as much detail as you can in your budget, and make sure your totals are accurate and that
             the total funding requested matches the figure provided in the ‗Amount Sought‘ box on the page 2
        o Evaluation is normally budgeted for at:
                   up to 5% of the total project budget for an applicant internal evaluation / co-operation with
                       a Board initiated evaluation; or
                   6-10% of the total project budget for an applicant-initiated independent evaluation /
                       cooperation with a Board-initiated independent evaluation
        o Examples of suitable details for ‗People‘ funding items in a budget:
                   0.8 EFT @ Salary Level XX for XX months
                   $400 per day, 1 day per wk x 48wks
        o Example of suitable details for ‗Services‘ funding item in a budget:
                   Translations—($$) x (number of sessions) x (number of languages)

3. Letters of Support
Please attach three (3) letters of support from key partners/stakeholders. Each letter should include
contact details for the supporter, including contact name, direct phone number, email address and the
name of the organisation.

4. Declaration and Privacy Statement
I state that the information in this proposal and attachments is to the best of my knowledge true and
correct, and the individual/organisation detailed below is committed to the delivery of the project described
in this application form. I consent to the Legal Services Board referring this application to third parties to
assist the Board in assessing this application.
    Signature of Authorised Person

    Printed Name

    Position Title

    Organisation Name


Please note that successful applicants will be announced publicly and recipients will generally be required
to agree that any reports can be used publicly.
If you have any queries, you can contact the Grants Manager / Grants Officer on 03 9679 8000 or at

To Submit Applications
     Please ensure you have answered all questions and provided all information requested.
     Please email your completed application form to in Word format by 5pm
      on 4 March 2011. DO NOT email any documents aside from the application form and budget.
     Please also provide three (3) unbound printed copies of your application. One (1) copy of each
      of your previous 2 Annual Reports should also be provided.
     Sign and submit the three (3) hard copies of your application postmarked, couriered or hand
      delivered by 5pm on 4 March 2011.
     Late supporting letters will only be accepted if received within one week of the application closing
     DO NOT bind or staple applications – use only paper clips or foldback clips.
     Applications by fax will not be accepted
     Send the printed copies of your application by post or courier to:
         Grants Manager
         2010/2011 Grants Program Major Grants Round
         Legal Services Board
         10th Floor, 330 Collins St
         Melbourne 3000
Where did you hear about the 2010/2011 Grants Program Major Grants Round?
  Weekly Times               Lawyers‘ Weekly          LSB website                         The Age
                             Email List               Other

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