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									   FEBRUARY 16, 2009                                    VOLUME 35   ISSUE 19

      Teacher Contract Renewal/Non-Renewal                                          Mark Your Calendar:
Teachers, counselors, school psychologists and others who are licensed by          February 18, 2009 – WCEA
                                                                                   ESP Caucus:      5:30 p.m. at
the DPI will receive notice of renewal or non-renewal, as specified in Wis.        WCEA Office; WCEA Board of
Stats 118.22. Teachers should be receiving renewal notices in the coming           Directors: 6:30 p.m. at WCEA
month. If you do not receive a letter of intent to renew your contract by          Office.
March 15th, you can self-renew by providing a written statement saying, “I
                                                                                   February 27-March 1, 2009 –
hereby accept renewal of my teaching contract for the 2009-2010 school             WEAC Winter Conference at
year.” Date the statement, sign it, and deliver it to the Superintendent           Wyndham Milwaukee Airport
before April 15th. Keep a copy.                                                    Hotel & Convention Center in
According to state statutes, a preliminary notice of non-renewal must be           March 11, 2009 – WCEA
given by February 28. The preliminary notice must inform the teacher of the        Negotiations Committee: 7:00
right to a private conference with the school board, if requested in writing       p.m. at WCEA Office.
within five calendar days. The board must grant the conference if it is            March 14, 2009 – Local
requested. The board must make a final decision after the meeting but no           Presidents Meeting: 9:30 a.m.
later than March 15.                                                               to 4:00 p.m. at Kalahari Resort
                                                                                   in Wisconsin Dells.
If you receive a preliminary notice of non-renewal, it is important that you act   March 18, 2009 – WCEA ESP
quickly. Save any and all letters and documentation related to the non-            Caucus: 5:30 p.m. at WCEA
renewal. Inform your local unit director on the same day you receive the           Office; WCEA     Board  of
                                                                                   Directors: 6:30 p.m. at WCEA
notice or begin to suspect that you will receive a notice. If you cannot reach     Office.
your unit director, call the WCEA Office directly the same day. Do not
discuss the non-renewal with administrators or school board members
unless you have an association representative with you, and do not agree to        WCEA
anything without speaking to your association representative or the WCEA           105 21 St. N.
                                                                                   Menomonie, WI 54751
Office.                                                                            (715) 235-6808
You have the legal right to be represented at all meetings and hearings with       Fax: (715) 235-7475
administrators or school boards relevant to a non-renewal or any other             OFFICE HOURS:
disciplinary matter                                                                7:45 am - 5:00 pm
            WEAC Recommends Tony Evers                                             OFFICE STAFF:
                                                                                   Steve Holzhausen
                in Tuesday’s Primary                                               Executive Director
                                                                                   Brett Pickerign
WEAC recommends Tony Evers for State Superintendent in the                         Executive Director
Tuesday, February 17 primary election to decide which two candidates               Paul Hambleton
will advance to the general election on April 7.                                   Executive Director
                                                                                   Jo Palmer

      Vote Tuesday, February 17!                                                   Staff Assistant
                                                                                   Ruth Evenson
  Check out MyWCEA at http://mywcea.blogspot.com for regular updates, news,        On the web at:
              and opinions on issues affecting WCEA members.                       www.weac.org/wcea
                                                                                                       Page 2

                                      Shared Sacrifice
Ellsworth School District has seen budgetary problems associated with the adverse effects of the current
school funding formula under declining enrollments. Ellsworth is a huge geographic District with large
transportation costs. A referendum to close the funding gap failed last year, and now the District faces
significant budget challenges with no place left to cut. One group in Ellsworth has apparently decided
that the people who work in the schools should pay.

WCEA-Ellsworth President Pete Dulak spoke about the situation at the WCEA Negotiators meeting on
February 11. Pete talked about the “Concerned Citizens” group in Ellsworth with whom he has met to
discuss their concerns. The group has made it known through a series of editorials in the local paper that
they think school employees in Ellsworth should agree to a “wage freeze” in order to help with the
District’s budget woes.

An Ellsworth citizen responded to the Concerned Citizens with the editorial below. Dulak shared Mr.
Menk’s editorial with the Negotiators, and we print it here for you.

All must share sacrifices necessary to educate children, he says
I want to commend the Concerned Citizens Group for their sincere concern for our children and the
Ellsworth Schools.

However, their suggestion the school board withhold increases in wages and salaries is a flawed

Withholding pay increases is not an option for the board. Wisconsin state law (QEO-Qualified Economic
Offer) already dictates the total pay package of teachers can be limited, so long as the combined increase
is 3.8 percent. That may sound like a big increase in times of economic crisis. Even so, as rising health
insurance costs have eaten up most of the 3.8 percent total compensation target, teacher salaries in
Wisconsin have already stagnated and even declined. As a result, Wisconsin teacher salaries fell 5.5
percent from 1995 to 2006, when adjusted for inflation. In 2005-06, Wisconsin’s average teacher salary
was about 5.4 percent below the national average teacher salary of $49,026.

When citizens voted “no” on the referenda, they refused to pay the price for maintaining our schools at
present levels. The result is the school board must continue to do as they have already done for several
years. They must lay off teachers, cut course offerings, increase class sizes and delay needed repairs to
facilities. Sadly, under the current state funding formula, there is no end in sight to this carnage. We can
expect more of the same for years to come.

Asking teachers and school staff to pick up the tab for the failure of two referenda is to suggest they, not
us, make the sacrifices necessary to educate our children. While that may be convenient for the rest of
us, it is neither a just nor a legal solution. All of us must share the sacrifices necessary to educate our
children. If we don’t want to pay the price, then neither should school staff.

                                                                                              Harlen Menk, Ellsworth

                                  Pierce County Herald, February 11, 2009

                 This is an 11.29 communication with WEAC members, Federal Statute CFR 100.8 (b) (4)

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