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									                                                                                                          4/20/2011 16:16
Date        Topic-1                          Speaker-1              Topic-2                      Speaker-2
                                  SECTION 1- BEAUTY & BRAINS
3-25-T      Intro - Beauty & Brains          Rosen / Grigg          <<<<<                        Eric Harper
3-27-R      Human-Machine Interface         Mandayam Srinivasan     <<<<<                        <<<<<
4-01-T      The Biointelligence Age         Rick Satava, MD FACS    <<<<<                        <<<<<
4-03-R      Biotechnology                   Jim Chang               <<<<<                        <<<<<
                                SECTION 2 - BIOTECHNOLOGY
4-08-T      Cochlear Implants               Glenn Johnson, MD       Artificial Joints            Michael Mayor, MD
4-09-W      PAPER-1 Abstract Due
4-10-R      Organ Transplants               Horace Henriques        GI CD                        Pete Anderson (DHMC)
4-15-T      Tissue Engineering              Eric Sabelman           <<<<<                        <<<<<
4-16-W      PAPER-1 Final Due
4-17-R      Craniofacial Surgery            Mitchell Stotland, MD   Cosmetic Surgery             Chris Demas, MD
                                  SECTION 3 - ROBOTS
4-22-T      Patient Perspective               Rosen                 Robotics                     Robert Cohen
4-24-R      Robots                          Daniela Rus             Robots                       Grinnel Moore
4-29-T      Clinical Robotics               Thadeus Trus, MD        Clinical Robotics            Bill Laycock, MD
4-30-W      EXAM-1
5-01-R      DNA Genetic Engineering         Robert Clusk            2 HOUR TALK
5-06-T      Simulation and Nanotechnology   Chris Wiley             2 HOUR TALK                  <<<<<
                              SECTION 4 - TELEMED. & CYBERSPACE
5-08-R      Cybercare / Telemedicine      Grigg                     Virtual Reality              Peter Robbie
5-13-T      Space Medecine                  Jay Buckley             Future Reality               Joe Rosen
5-14-W      Paper-2 Abstract Due
5-15-R      Virtual Clinics                 Joe Henderson           Cyberspace                   George Cybenko
5-20-T      Salamander Regeneration         Ron Merrell, MD         2 HOUR TALK                  (telemed future)
5-21-W      Paper-2 Final Due
5-22-R      Our Genetic Future              John Quackenbush        Human Genome Project Panel   Suber, Koop, Bernat, Rosen, Quakenbush
5-27-T      Human-Machine Interfaces        Alik Widge              Conclusion                   Rosen
5-30/6-03   EXAM-2

            Jones Lectures
                                            Jim Peoples
            Future                          Dennis Bushnell
            Robots                          Steve Jacobson
         Additional Comments

         Dinner with Thedeus, Bill Laycock
         and Sue Mcgrath

         No lunch, Joe out of town

         No lunch, Joe out of town
         Sableman staying with Joe


         (Eric harper?)

         Robots? Dinner? 2hrs?

         Lunch and Dinner?Invite Alessi

         (ask Cybenko to use old talk)

at, Rosen, Quakenbush
         (Alik is travelling here)

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