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Food Stall Holders Terms & Conditions

  1. Food stall allocations are totally at the discretion of the City of Gosnells. Preference is given
     to food stall applications in the following order:
     a)   Not for Profit organisations based within the City of Gosnells
     b)   Not for Profit organisations based outside the City of Gosnells
     c)   Private enterprise based within the City of Gosnells
     d)   Private enterprise based outside the City of Gosnells
  2. The City of Gosnells is aiming to present a unique flavour and culture for each individual
      stall. We therefore aim to limit the number of each food type.
  3. The City of Gosnells requests food stall holders supply food samples during the event at a
      reduced cost eg tasting size, to enable patrons to sample a variety of multicultural cuisines.
  4. Demonstrated previous experience in food handling/selling is preferable.
  5. A Stall Holders Permit must be obtained by all stall holders and made available for viewing
      by City of Gosnells staff for the duration of the event. The issuing of this permit is subject to
      the City of Gosnells Health Service Guidelines, information of which is contained in the stall
      holders information pack.
  6. No commission will be charged by the City of Gosnells on food sales, therefore all money
      from food sales remains with the stall holder
  7. Customers at the City of Gosnells Multicultural Food Fair are entitled to expect fair trading
      practices consistent with Consumer Law.
  8. Stall holders will be courteous in their interaction with other stall holders, customers and
  9. All not for profit organisation applications will be exempt from a stall holder fee.
  10. All private enterprise applications will be charged a $61 fee in order to obtain a Health
  11. The City of Gosnells Risk Management plan and any directions given by City of Gosnells
      staff must be adhered to by all stall holders.
  12. Stall holders agree to complete a post event survey to enable City of Gosnells staff to plan
      future events.

Stall Set Up

  1. The City of Gosnells encourages stall holders to decorate their stall expressing the
     traditional colours and themes of their culture.
  2. Approved stall holders are required to operate their stall and must be present for the
     duration of the event.
  3. All stall holders are to supply their own food warming and cooling equipment.
  4. Any electrical equipment to be used must have been inspected by a qualified electrician
     within the past 12 months and have a current test tag attached.
  5. Public access ways must be kept clear at all times from all equipment, signs etc. Site Plans
     will be supplied by the City of Gosnells.
  6. All stall holder equipment shall be firmly secured to protect personal & public safety.
  7. Stall holders are required to remove all rubbish and materials from the site to the
     designated location at the close of trading.
  8. Stall holders to provide their own buckets for fresh water and hand washing purposes.
  9. A menu outlining the items for sale by the stall holder and associated costs must be clearly

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Access & Unloading

  1. Stall holders must report to the City of Gosnells information desk upon arrival in order to
     gain access to the unloading bays. This will also enable staff to allocate a stall and provide
     you with the required fire safety equipment.
  2. Stall holders are not permitted to set up their stalls before 2:30pm on the day of the
     Multicultural Food Fair. Pack up is permitted after 9pm.

                          Access is not permitted outside of these hours.

  3. Trading is restricted to the advertised hours of 5pm – 9pm.
  4. Food must be available for sale for the duration of the event.
  5. Stall holders shall observe all parking, traffic regulations and directions as given by City of
     Gosnells staff.


  1. All stall holders will be asked to sign an insurance indemnity clause, prior to the
     commencement of the Multicultural Food Fair.


  1. If, prior to the event you find you are unable to attend, please contact the City of Gosnells
     immediately. If cancelling less than two weeks prior to the event and a stall holders fee
     was paid, the fee is non-refundable.

City of Gosnells

  1. The City of Gosnells will supply a 3 metre x 3 metre marquee with 3 sides,
     2x trestle tables and all electricity access requirements.
  2. The City of Gosnells can supply, if required, use of a commercial kitchen for the preparation
     of potentially hazardous foods as outlined in the ‘Guide to the construction and conditions
     of approval for temporary food premises at one day functions’.
  3. Extra equipment can be requested from the City of Gosnells but supply will depend on
  4. The selection process will be finalised by the close of business on 26 September 2011 and
     all stall holders will be notified of the outcome.

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