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									14    LEASIDE-ROSEDALE TOwn CRIER April 2007


the dress
 without the stress
Helpful advice for prom moms and                                                                   Shops that specialize in prom or wedding
                                                                                                dresses may have a registry, which means
                                                                                                that they can keep track of who buys what to
daughters in preparing for that big day                                                         avoid the double-dress mishap. Regardless
                                                                                                of what shops you visit, clarify the return or
                                                                                                exchange policy before you buy a dress or
KELLy GADzALA                                   involved in the process if you aren’t           place a deposit on one. Before you visit a
Town Crier                                      already. Ask your daughter what is              store to try on dresses, ask if an appoint-
                                                important to her, what elements she             ment is required.
   She’s tried on 20 dresses. This is           can live without and, if applicable,
only store number one, and already              what she is able to contribute finan-           what to wear
your nerves are wound tighter than a            cially. Plan a prom budget and feel                 While it may be trendy to bash celebs
corset.                                         the calm wash over you.                         for having a negative influence on the
   Yes, this is a prom dress shopping                                                           young generation’s fashion sense, vintage
expedition, and that young woman in             where to look                                   red carpet glam is all the rage this season.
the mirror is your daughter.                        Sandra Baksh, of Ooh La La Cou-                 Girls come into her store wanting to
   Look at the bright side: it isn’t            ture on Dufferin St., says girls tend           be either fairy tale princesses or prom
a wedding gown you’re shopping for.             to come in the first time with their            queens, says Baksh. The latter, she says,
And although the expenses don’t                 friends or boyfriends. Once they find           is most popular. Comprised of long,
stop at the prom dress, the dress is            something, then they bring back mom.            slinky dresses with low backs and halter
really the hardest and most time-con-               There are closets full of young             necks, the look is Marilyn Munroe with
suming part of the entire prom prep             women who are also looking for                  a new millennium twist.
experience.                                     prom dresses this time of year, which               Local designer Diane Kroe makes
   Here are some tips to help you,              means the scenario of two girls from            Munroe-inspired halter dresses in Kroe’s
and your daughter, find the dress               the same school wearing the same                signature poly-jersey fabric. Available
with less stress:                               dress is a statistical possibility. For         in various colours in both short and long
   First, take the pressure off by              that reason, you may want to stay               styles, the dresses range from $275 for a
acknowledging the prom-phenom for               clear of the mass-market retailers              short style to $450 for a long style.
what it is. The dress is the most vital         that tend to carry multiple sizes in                Other popular red carpet looks
part of the package, but there are              the same style.                                 include the Grecian dress that Jennifer
other crucial elements — like acces-                To avoid the prom dress blues               Lopez has popularized. Speaking of
sories, hair and makeup, waxing and             times two, check out local shops.               JLo, prom shoppers are going wild this
photos — that follow.                           Many tend to carry local designers              season for dresses with rouching on the
   Rather than accept this prom-                over big labels and, as a result, their         behind — regardless of the size of their
bomb as a fait accompli, get                    runs will be smaller (ie: fewer sizes).         derrieres. (Perhaps young women are
                                                                                                at last finding a healthy body image in                                                            PUT RUFFLES
                                                                                                some red carpet divas.)                                                                            BEHIND YOU:
                                                                                                    That said, prom-going gals want to                                                             Dresses with ruching
                                                                                                accentuate the positive. If your daughter
           00 r

                                                                                                                                                                                                    on the back are all
    em w tly
        r 2 fo

                                                                                                is thin and straight, she may want to look                                                          the rage this year at
  pt vie en
      be ing
Se ter urr

                                                                                                more curvaceous. Patterned dresses with                                                              Ooh La La Couture.
  In C

                                                                                                rouching along the side seams add vol-
                                                                                                ume, as do full ball gowns.
                                                                                                    If your daughter is petite, she would do
                                                                                                well to avoid long gowns with lots of vol-
                                                                                                ume. Slim, slightly A-line cocktail dresses
                                                                                                would work best for these body types.
                                                                                                    Girls who want to draw attention
                                                                                                away from larger hips or thicker mid-
                                                                                                riff could look at the popular empire
                                                                                                waist style. Hourglass figures look
                                                                                                great in Marilyn Munroe styles in
                                                                                                solid colours. Larger busted girls
                                                                                                can do a halter neckline or a gown
                                                                                                with a corset bodice — but should
                 Middle School                                      High School                 avoid strapless gowns.
                 Grades 6 through 8                                 Grades 9 through 12
                                                                                                where to buy
                 A structured high                                  Approximately 90               Full-figured girls could consider
                 school preparation                                 students graduate from      stores like Laura Plus. Vintage dresses
                 program with a                                     Metropolitan                are another option — particularly if from the
                 “back to basics”                                   Preparatory Academy         1950s, as the sizing is fuller — as are custom
                 approach in a                                      each year, with 98%
                                                                                                                             OPTIONS Page 15
                 nurturing & supportive                             gaining admittance to
                 environment.                                       the university of their                                                         ADVERTISING FEATURE
                                                                    choice across Canada

                                                                                                        Metropolitan Preparatory Academy’s individual
                                                                    and abroad.

       Metropolitan Preparatory Academy
                         The academic and personal growth of our students is paramount to              approach helps students reach their true potential
                         the faculty and administration at Metropolitan Preparatory Academy.
                         By emphasizing fundamental study skills, a challenging curriculum,        Metropolitan Preparatory Acad-          Timetables are individualized and         taught and consistent study habits are
                         critical thinking, through outstanding instruction and guidance from   emy is a semestered, coeducational,        students may take up to five courses      stressed.
                         a dynamic and highly dedicated staff Metro Prep students are           day school located in Don Mills. The       per semester.                                Approximately 90 students gradu-
                         moulded into independent learners poised for the rigors of academic
                         life beyond high school.
                                                                                                school provides a structured environ-         The school environment is cor-         ate from Metro Prep each year, with
                         To learn more about how Metro Prep Academy might meet
                                                                                                ment with small classes for 400 stu-       dial and emphasis is placed on the        over 98% gaining admittance to
                         the needs of your child please visit our website or contact            dents from grades 6 to 12.                 individual. Students are challenged       top-level universities of their choice
                         Steven Redding, Director of Admissions & Student Affairs.                 The school follows the expecta-         to refine their individual strengths      across Canada and abroad.
                                                                                                tions based curriculum in accordance       and overcome their weaknesses in an          Please contact Steven Redding for
                 49 Mobile Drive, Toronto • M4A 1H5 416.285.0870
                                                                                                with the standards established by the      effort to realize their true potential.   a school prospectus or an admission
                                                                                                Ministry of Education and Training.        Additionally, organizational skills are   interview.
                                                                                                                                                                      April 2007 LEASIDE-ROSEDALE TOwn CRIER                   15


Options to keep prom from breaking you
                                                                                      Cont. from Page 14                                  lamé purse you’ve squirreled away                     Sarah Tuite, a Corsage Project
                                                                                      dresses.                                            from your prom days. Remember:                     representative, says the mood during
                                                                                          Peach Berserk on Queen St. West                 metallics are back.                                the dress selection party is fun and
                                                                                      offers a selection of funky handmade                   The Corsage Project is a local                  heart-warming.
                                                                                      silk-screened prom dresses that can                 group that provides students who                      “It is remarkable to see the impact
                                                                                      be customized.                                      lack the means to buy a prom dress                 that donning a beautiful dress can
                                                                                          If budget is a concern, there are               with a gown and accessories for                    have on a young woman’s self
                                                                                      reasonable dress options out there                  the big day. In April, the organiza-               esteem,” she says. “(The girls) hold
                                                                                      that won’t leave your gal running                   tion holds a pre-prom shopping                     their heads higher and walk a little
                                                                                      for cover. Baksh offers a selection of              event called the Boutique Ball,                    prouder … it is an afternoon they
                                                                                      dresses for $99 or less.                            during which as many as 200 girls                  will never forget.”
                                                                                          Other value-conscious prom                      are paired with personal shoppers                     As the whole prom dress experi-
                                                                                      options that address the vintage vibe               and volunteers to select the perfect               ence should be. So go get out there
                                                                                      are second hand or vintage shops.                   gown and accompanying acces-                       and get that dress.
                                                                                          Cabaret Clothing on Queen St.                   sories. Girls are chosen through a                    You’re prom dress mom. And
                                                                                      West carries 1950s dresses in excel-                referral program.                                  now, you’re a prom dress pro.
                                                                                      lent condition in pastel yellows,
                                                                                      pinks and blues. Courage my Love
                                                                                      in Kensington Market has a rack of
                                                                                      glamorous, impossibly inexpensive
                                                                                      dresses from the 1940s onwards.
                                                                                          Other prom-worthy shops to take
                                                                                      note of are F/X and Lowan Pope on
                                                                                      Queen St. West, vintage shop Gad-
                                                                                      about on Queen St. East, The Little
                                                                                      Black Dress Shop on Tecumseth St.,
                                                                                      Skirt boutique on Dundas St. West,
                                                                                      Spa_ce Vintage Clothing Gallery
                                                                                      608A Markham St., and Want Bou-
                                                                                      tique on Yonge St. and Avenue Rd.
                                                                                          Thrift shops like Value Village are
CLASSIC BAGS: Vintage beaded, faux patent, and gold-lamé purses are                   havens for accessories like vintage
inexpensive and easy to find in vintage, secondhand, and thrift shops.                purses. Or perhaps you have a gold

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       for students with learning disabilities
   Arrowsmith School is an inde-              This program has been success-             For an introduction to our meth-
pendent school situated in mid-town        ful with students in elementary and        odology, please visit our website at
Toronto that is dedicated to helping       secondary school through to post-sec- and view
students with learning disabilities.       ondary school. Research has shown          our video which is available as a link
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and challenging activities taught by       offers intensive daily instruction by
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a low camper/staff ratio which creates         There are four heated pools on the
a nurturing environment.                   property providing campers with the
   The Junior Camp (6 - 7 years)           best facilities in instructional swim-
introduces campers to more spe-            ming. The farm animals become great
cialized programming: A full sports        friends with the campers.                                                                                In the fabulous valley at Bayview and Lawrence
instruction (including archery, soccer,        Above all, Crestwood Valley is         Crestwood Valley fosters close fam-                   • Special camp experience                          • Red Cross swim instruction
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ics, drama, dance, crafts, puppetry,       unbeatable spirit amongst campers                                                                • Ages 2/12- 10                                    • Door-to-door transportation
nature and pottery are led by highly       and staff.                                 For more information visit www.                       • 1/2, 3/4 or full day
talented staff. The Senior Camp (8             Crestwood Valley Day Camp is  or call 416-444-
- 10 years) provides greater opportu-      located at 411 Lawrence Ave., East.                                                              • 4 heated pools                                Leadership
                                                                                                                                            • Land sports • Climbing Wall
                                                                                                                                                                                        Training P
   A learning paradigm to improve attention span                                                                                            • Introductory Golf instruction
                                                                                                                                            • Soccer leagues
                                                                                                                                                                                            Grade 7-9
                                                                                                                                            • Baseball/Basketball
    By Dr. Lynda Thompson                  dike’s Law of Effect, which states that    time) but we do observe EEG changes                   • Computers • Fine arts
    The practice of neurofeedback has      behaviours which are rewarded have         in people who learn the task.

                                                                                                                                                 accredited member

its roots in research labs. It draws on    a higher likelihood of recurrence, is at      For more information call 416-                                    
both learning theory and empirical         the core of what we do. Operant con-       488-2233.                                                   ontario camping

observations concerning outcomes.          ditioning, carefully developed by B.
With my experience as an education-
al psychologist and owner of three
                                           F. Skinner, grew out of Thorndike’s
                                           experiments in trial-and-error learn-                                        Crestwood known for its spirit
                                                                                                              Three A+ students.
learning centres at the time we began      ing experiments. When we reward the                                              Achieving below potential?
the ADD Centre almost a decade             production of certain EEG patterns                                               •    Attention Span is Short
ago, it felt natural to add the teaching   with information about success, using                                            •    Distractibility
of metacognitive strategies to neuro-      visual displays and auditory feed-                                               •    Difficulty Organizing and
feedback training. Combining neuro-        back from the computer, we increase                                                   Completing Work
feedback with the teaching strategies      the probability that the client will                                             •    Impulsivity
and academic tasks is also supported       produce that pattern again. We do           You can't change the wind...         •    Learning Difficulties
                                                                                       but you can adjust the sails.        •    Asperger’s syndrome
by learning theory principles and out-     not know the precise mechanisms
come studies.                              (perhaps a change in neurotransmit-                                   Neurofeedback plus coaching in Learning Strategies can provide a
                                                                                                                 lasting improvement in learning. Research results are available.
    Neurofeedback is a type of learning    ter release, or in receptor sites at the                              Director: Dr. Lynda M. Thompson
since it involves the operant condi-       synapse, or structural changes involv-                                (416) 488-2233
                                                                                                                 Co-author with pediatrician Wm. Sears of                              Which one has ADD?
tioning of brain wave activity. Thorn-     ing greater dendritic arborisation over                               The A.D.D. Book

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