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									                                                                 Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
    Unit Title
 Time Frame              Program of Studies              Core Content 4.0              "I Can"        Critical Vocabulary
Decimals, and       *MA-7-NPO-S-NO3 Students                 *MA-07-1.3.1          *I can add and         metric system
Metric System         will add, subtract, multiply,       Students will add,    subtract decimals. I
(Prerequisites/       divide, and apply order of               subtract,       can multiply decimals.
   Chapter 1)       operations (including positive      multiply,divide, and I can divide decimals.
     2 weeks            whole exponents) with                apply order of   I can solve real-world
  If the United        fractions, decimals and          operations (including     problems with
States adopted       integers to solve real-world     positive whole number          decimals.
    the Metric                 problems.               exponents) with whole                                                   KCCT7 Ch1L5
 System, how                                          numbers, fractions, and                                      
 would it affect                                      decimals to solve real-                                        
     your life?                                       world problems. DOK                                           
                                                         - 2 MA-07-1.1.1                                              
                                                        Students will provide                                        
                                                          examples of and
                                                           identify integers,
                                                        fractions, decimals,
                                                          percents, and pi.
                                                                DOK - 1

                     MA-7-NPO-S-E1 Students       MA-07-1.2.1 Students    I can apply decimal
                     will estimate and mentally   will estimate to solve estimation to check
                    compute to solve real-world       real-world and         for reasonable
                   and or mathematical problems mathematical problems           answers.
                    with fractions, decimals, and      with fractions,
                       percents and integers          decimals, and                                               
                    checking for reasonable and percents, checking for                                                      ts/helpyourkids.html
                     appropriate computational      reasonable and
                                results.               appropriate
                                                     results. DOK-2

                     MA-7-M-S-SM1 Students will       MA-07-2.2.1 Students         I can convert units
                   describe and provide examples      will convert units within of measure within the
                     of US Customary and Metric               the same          Metric System. I can
                     Units of measurements: Use       measurement system distinguish between
                    these units to solve real-world   and use these units to      the Metric units of
                   and or mathematical problems.           solve real-world            measure.

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                                                              Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
    Prime      MA-7-NPO-S-PNO2 Students MA-07-1.5.1 Students                I can construct a factor LCM, GCF, prime,
Factorization,  will identify and apply prime will identify and apply       tree to show the prime composite, prime
 LCM, GCF      numbers, composite numbers,         prime numbers,             factors of a number. factorization, factor
 (Chapter 5)    prime factorization, factors,   composite numbers,              I can use prime        tree, factors,
   2 weeks       multiples, and divisibility to  prime factorization,           factorization to       multiples, and
How does LCM solve real-world problems (e.g. factors, multiples,             determine GCF.        I     divisibility
and GCF help     use prime factorization to       and divisibility to            can use prime
 you choose       determine LCM or GCF)            solve real-world             factorization to                               KCCT7 Ch1L10
    among                                       problems (e.g., prime         determine LCM. I                     
  packaging                                        factorization to         can use divisibility to                 
  options at                                      determine a least             solve real world
  WalMart?                                        common multiple                  problems.
                                                  [LCM] or greatest
                                                common factor [GCF]
                                                       DOK - 2

 Fractions and          MA-7-NPO-S-NO3             MA-07-1.1.1 Students I can add and subtract            multiplicative
US Customary       Students will add, subtract,     will provide examples        fractions. I can    inverse, reciprocals,
     system         multiply, divide, and apply    of and identify integers,    multiply fractions.        compatible
   (Chapter 6)    order of operations (including     fractions, decimals,    I can divide fractions.        numbers,
    4 weeks      positive whole exponents) with    percents, and pi. DOK - I can solve real-world          numerator,
     How are         fractions, decimals and             1 MA-07-1.3.1          problems using            denominator,
  fractions and    integers to solve real-world       Students will add,            fractions.         simplify, improper
cooking related?            problems.              subtract, multiply and                               fractions, mixed        KCCT7 Ch1L6
                                                   divide whole numbers,                             numbers, LCD, U.S.
                                                   fractions and decimals                               Customary units
                                                     to solve real-world
                                                    problems and apply
                                                     order of operations
                                                     (including positive
                                                        whole number
                                                        exponents) to

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                                                               Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
                                                      MA-07-1.2.1 Students I can apply estimation
                                                       will estimate to solve     to check for
                                                         real-world and/or    reasonable answers.
                                                     mathematical problems
                                                           with fractions,
                                                     decimals, and percents,
                                                            checking for
                                                          reasonable and
                                                      computational results.

                    MA-7-M-S-SM1 Students will     MA-07-2.2.1 Students I can convert units of
                  describe and provide examples    will convert units within measure within the
                   of US Customary and Metric               the same            U.S. Customary
                    Units of measurements: Use     measurement system               System.
                   these units to solve real-world and use these units to       I can choose an
                  and or mathematical problems.         solve real-world      appropriate unit of
                                                           problems.         measure within the
                                                                                U.S. Customary
  Percents and *MA-7-NPO-S-NO2 Students                   *MA-07-1.1.1       *I can solve routine
        F/D/P         will extend concepts and      Students will provide       problems using
   Conversions      application of operations with     examples of and       fractions, decimals,
(Chapter 5/7) 3       fractions and decimals to         identify integers,        and percents
weeks          Why         include percents.         fractions, decimals,
 is it important to                                    percents, and pi.
     be able to                                              DOK - 1
  convert among
   decimals and

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                                        Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
 MA-7-NPO-S-NS6 Students MA-07-1.1.2 Students I can compare whole
 will provide examples of and       will describe and  numbers, fractions,
  use models, diagrams and      provide examples of       decimals, and
 symbols (e.g. number lines,       representations of   percents through
   10x10 grids, rectangular         numbers ( whole      models: number
arrays, number sentences.) to numbers, fractions,       lines/10x10 grids/
describe and write equivalent decimals, percents,      rectangular arrays/
 forms of integers, fractions, integers, square roots  number sentences.
 decimals, percents, square    and pi) and operations
          roots, and pi.             in a variety of
                               equivalent forms using
                               models, diagrams and
                               symbols (e.g., number
                                lines, 10 by 10 grids,
                                  rectangular arrays,
                                 number sentences)
                                 based on real-world
                                   and mathematical

 *Ma-7-NPO-S-NS5 Students *MA-07-1.1.3 Students *I can convert and
    will compare, order and      will convert among      order whole
     determine equivalent         whole numbers,      numbers, fractions,
relationships among fractions, fractions, decimals,     decimals, and
   decimals, and percents.      percents and pi and       percents.             KCCT7 Ch1L3
                               will compare and order
                               these numbers DOK 2

MA-7-NPO-S-E2 Students will MA-07-1.2.1 Students     I can estimate and
  estimate large and small   will estimate to solve   mentally compute
    quantities of objects.     real-world and/or    percents to check for
                            mathematical problems reasonable answers.
                                  with fractions,
                                 decimals, and
                            percents, checking for
                                reasonable and
                            computational results.

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                                                           Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
   Ratios and    *MA-7-NPO-S-RP3 Students            *MA-07-1.4.1      *I can solve percent    ratio, proportion,
  proportions       will develop proportional    Students will apply proportions involving percent, sales tax,
 (Chapter 7/8)    reasoning and apply to real-         ratios and           sales tax and       discounts, rate,
    6 weeks         world and mathematical           proportional             discount.      percent proportion,
 How do ratios  problems. (e.g. rates, scaling,  reasoning to solve       I can construct    cross products, unit
and proportions similarity) MA-7-NPO-S-RP1 real-world problems percent proportions                 rate, scale
help determine       Students will compute      (e.g., percents, sales involving sales tax                              Ladders to Success
  the best buy       percentages and use        tax, discounts, rate).     and discount.                                 Level G Lesson 2
when shopping? percentages in proportional              DOK - 3        I can apply ratios to                             KCCT7 Ch1L8, 9
                reasoning. MA-7-NPO-S-RP2                                  find unit rate.
                  Students will determine and
                solve proportions in real-world
                 and mathematical situations.

    Integers        MA-7-NPO-S-NO3 Students MA-07-1.1.1 Students I can use integers to integers, absolute
 (Chapter 3)          will add, subtract, multiply, will provide examples describe real-world value, ordered pairs
    3 weeks           divide, and apply order of         of and identify      situations.         (coordinates),
 If "opposites          operations (including        integers, fractions,                      coordinate system
 attract," how      positive whole exponents) decimals, percents, and                         (grid, plane), origin,
does that apply      with fractions, decimals and        pi.   DOK - 1                            axes, additive
 to integers?        integers to solve real-world                                              inverses, positive
                   prolblems.MA-7-NPO-S-NS1                                                     integer, opposite
                    Students will extend number                                                                
                        sense for percents and                                                               
                    integers. MA-7-NPO-S-NS2
                          Students will extend
                    applications of operations to
                  include integers. MA-7-NPO-S-
                   NS4 Students will use whole
                          number exponent to
                    represent/express numbers.

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                                              Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
 MA-7-NPO-S-NO1 Students             MA-07-1.3.3       I can model addition
     will develop addition,      Students will add and and subtraction of
subtraction, multiplication, and   subtract integers.          integers.
   division of integers both                           I can add integers. I
 concretely and symbolically                                can subtract
    (mental, pencil paper,                               integers.          I
           calculators)                                                                KCCT7 Ch1L2
                                                          can multiply and
                                                           divide integers.
                                                            I can use the
                                                         calculator to solve
                                                         integer problems.

 *MA-7-G-S-CG1 Students will        *MA-07-3.3.1 Students    *I can identify the
   identify and graph ordered       will identify and graph parts of a coordinate
  pairs on a coordinate system        ordered pairs on a     plane. I can graph
identifying the origin, axes, and     coordinate system,     ordered pairs on a
   ordered pairs. MA-7-G-S-          correctly identifying   coordinate plane.
     CG2 Students will apply         the origin, axes, and                            Ladders to Success
     graphing in a coordinate         ordered pairs; and                               Level G Lesson 5
    system to solve real-world      will apply graphing in                              KCCT7 Ch3L20
and/or mathematical problems.            the coordinate
                                    system to solve real-
                                    world problems. DOK

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                                                             Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
 Equations/    *MA-7-NPO-S-PNO1 Students           *MA-07-1.5.2 Students       *I can apply the        solution, evaluate,
  Functions     will identify, explain and apply   will identify the use of properties for solving     exponent, cubed,
(Chapter 1/4)   properties (eg: commutative,               properties              problems:            square, powers,
   4 weeks         associative, inverse, and             (commutative            commutative             base, order of
   How are          identity for addition and      properties of addition associative identity             operations,
equations and    multiplication: distributive.)      and multiplication,          distributive.             properties:
balance scales                                          the associative                                   commutative,
   related?                                        properties of addition                             associative, identity,
                                                     and multiplication,                              distributive, domain,
                                                                                                        function, range,
                                                       and the identity                                                         KCCT7 Ch1L11
                                                                                                     inequalities, two-step
                                                         properties for                                               
                                                                                                       equations, inverse
                                                          addition and
                                                      multiplication) to
                                                   justify a given step in
                                                     solving problems.
                                                                                                      geometric) additive
                                                                                                       inverse, constant,
                                                                                                         variable, term,
Why do we need         MA-7-NPO-S-NO3                 MA-07-1.3.1       I can apply the order
 to agree on an   Students will add, subtract,     Students will add,        of operations
     order of      multiply, divide, and apply          subtract,          including whole
   operations?   order of operations (including multiply,divide, and number exponents. I
                positive whole exponents) with       apply order of          can evaluate
                    fractions, decimals and      operations(including         exponents.
                  integers to solve real-world                                                                                 Ladders to Success
                                                    positive whole
                           prolblems.                                                                                           Level G Lesson 1
                                                  number exponents)
                                                 with whole numbers,
                                                fractions, and decimals
                                                  to solve real-world
                                                  problems. DOK - 2

                 *MA-7-AT-S-VEO1 Students *MA-07-5.2.1 Students                 *I can use
                    will simplify numeric and    will substitute values       substitution to
                 algebraic expressions MA-7-      for variables (up to      evaluate algebraic
                   AT-S-VEO2 Students will            three different          expressions.
                 substitute values for variables      variables) and
                     to evaluate algebraic         evaluate algebraic
                           expressions.          expressions. DOK - 2

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                                             Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
  MA-7-AT-S-VEO3 Students MA-07-5.2.2 Students
    will describe, define, and   will describe, define
provide examples of algebraic and provide examples
  expressions based on real-        of variables and
   world and/or mathematical      expressions with a
            situations.          missing value based
                                  on real-world and
 *MA-7-AT-S-EI3 Students will        *MA-07-5.3.1        *I can solve one-step
  model and solve real-world    Students will model         equations. I can
problems with one or two step and solve real-world           solve two-step
equations or inequalities. MA-   and mathematical           equations. I can
  7-NPO-S-SC4 Students will problems with one- or           model real-world
    explain inversely related       two-step single       problems with one-
    operations (addition and    variable, first degree       step equations/
subtraction; multiplication and      equations or          inequalities. I can
   division) MA-7-AT-S-EI1        inequalities (e.g.,       model real-world
   Students will use multiple    2x+1 = 9, 3x+3<9).       problems with two-         Ladders to Success
 representations to model and      (Statements and           step equations/         Level G Lesson 7,9
solve single variable equations
                                 solutions use only        inequalities. I can       KCCT7 Ch5L37-40
and inequalities. MA-7-NPO-S-
                                     non-negative           use properties of
  PNO1 Students will identify,
                                 numbers.) DOK - 2       equality and inverse
  explain and apply properties
                                                          operations to solve
(eg: commutative, associative,
                                                             equations and
    inverse, and identity for
   addition and multiplication:                                inequalities.

MA-7-At-S-PRF3 Students will        MA-07-5.1.1 Students I can find the missing
     organize input-output          will extend, describe term in a sequence.
  coordinate pairs into tables     rules for patterns and I can determine the
   and plot points in all four     find a missing term in      pattern for
   quadrants of a coordinate        a pattern from a real-    sequences.
system/grid; interpret resulting          world and                                  KCCT7 Ch5L34-36
 patterns/trends. MA-7-AT-S-             mathematical
PRF1 Students will recognize          problems. DOK-3
 create, and extend, patterns
 and generalize the pattern by
  determining the rule for any

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                                          Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
   MA-7-AT-S-PRF2 Students MA-07-5.1.2 Students               I can analyze
  will represent, analyze, and         will represent,      relationships to
      generalize functional             analyze, and      determine a function
 relationships through tables,         generalize first   rule by using tables
    graphs, and verbal rules.     degree relationships         and graphs.
 MA-7-AT-S-PRF4 Students             (functions) using
    will relate tables, graphs,    tables, graphs, and
  verbal rules and equations.     words and will apply
 MA-7-AT-S-PRF5 Students          the relationships to
will explain how the change in solve real-world and
the input effects the change in         mathematical
  the output. (e.g. in tables or
                                 problems.DOK - 2 MA-
                                  07-5.1.3 Students will
                                    explain how tables,
                                 graphs, patterns, verbal                         Ladders to Success
                                    rules and equations                            Level G Lesson 8
                                   relate to each other.
                                 MA-07-5.1.5 Students
                                  will explain how the
                                       change in one
                                   quantity affects the
                                    change in another
                                      quantity (e.g., in
                                    tables or graphs).
                                           DOK - 2

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                                                             Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
     Statistics     *MA-7-DAP-S-CD2 Students *MA-07-4.2.1 Students                *I can calculate the    measures of central
  (Chapter 2)          will determine, apply and         will determine the      mean. I can find the     tendency, interval,
    2 weeks         compare measures of mean, mean, median, mode, median. I can find the                    statistics, scale,
How do statistics   median, mode and/or range as and range of a set of mode. I can calculate                 mean, median,
 help you make       appropriate to the situation.     data, and will identify      the range. I can       mode, and range,
    informed         MA-7-DAP-S-CD3 Students            clusters, gaps, and        choose the best         cluster, gaps, and
  decisions as      will identify clusters, gaps, and outliers within the data. measure of central        outliers, frequency
  consumers?             outliers within the data.             DOK - 2             tendency for the      table, histogram, bar
                                                                                given situation. I can        graphs, circle
                                                                                                                               KCCT7 Ch4L22-29
                                                                                identify clusters/ gaps/ graphs, line plots,
                                                                                 outliers. I can make Venn diagrams, line
                                                                                   inferences from        graphs, stem-and-
                                                                                diagrams, plots, and       leaf plots, scatter
                                                                                     graphs. I can           plots, box-and-
                                                                                   choose the best             whisker plot
                                                                                 measure of central
                                                                                   tendency for the
                                                                                    given situation.

                     *MA-7-DAP-S-DR1 Students       *MA-07-4.1.1 Students      *I can construct
                                                     will analyze and make circle graphs. I can
                    will collect, organize, construct,
                    analyze, and interpret data and   inferences from data construct a multiple
                      data displays in a variety of    displays (drawings,    line graph. I can
                      graphical methods including          tables/charts,    construct a double
                       circle graphs, multiple line      pictographs, bar      bar graph. I can
                      graphs, double-bar graphs,     graphs, circle graphs,  construct a double
                       and double stem-and-leaf          line plots, Venn    stem and leaf plot.
                                   plots.            diagrams, line graphs,
                                                       stem-and-leaf plots,
                                                    scatter plots). DOK - 3
                      MA-7-Dap-S-DR3 Students MA-07-4.1.2 Students           I can determine the
                    will compare data from various       will explain how        interval. I can
                    types of graphs. MA-7-DAP-S-              different        determine scale.
                         ES1 Students will pose     representations of data
                      questions, collect, organize,   (e.g., tables, graphs,
                           and display data.          diagrams, plots) are

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                                                           Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
                 MA-7-DAP-S-DR4 Students MA-07-4.1.3 Students                 I can draw
                        will relate different      will read/interpret,  conclusions from a
                  representations of data (eg:     analyze and make     box and whisker plot.
                   tables, graphs, diagrams,      inferences from box
                    plots) MA-7-DAP-S-DR5        and whisker plots of
                   Students will read/interpret      data and make
                 analyze and make inferences predictions and draw
                from a box-and-whisker plot of conclusions from the
                data and make predictions and              data.
                   draw conclusions from the
                                data.           MA-07-4.1.4 Students I can choose the best
                                                  will determine and      graph for the data
                                                construct appropriate       and explain its
                                                   data displays (bar      appropriateness
                                                   graphs, line plots,
                                                    Venn diagrams,
                                                 tables, line graphs,
                                                 stem-and-leaf plots)
                                                 and explain why the
                                                   type of display is
                                                  appropriate for the
                                                     data. DOK - 2

                  Ma-7-DAP-S-DR6 Students       MA-07-4.1.5 Students      I can determine why
                  will make decisions about       will make decisions           a graph is
                  misleading representations     about how misleading          misleading.
                   affect interpretations and    representations affect
                 conclusions about data (e.g.      interpretations and
                  changing the scale on the     conclusions about data
                             graph)                (e.g., changing the
                                                    scale on a graph).
   Probability    MA-7-DAP-S-CD1 Students MA-07-4.4.1 Students         I can find sample  probability, simple
(Chapter 9)    2 will make predictions, draw      will apply counting  space using tree   events,theoretical
     weeks       conclusions, and verify results     techniques to       diagrams. I can  and experimental
 How do games       from statistical data and    determine the size of     calculate to  probability, sample
demonstrate the probability experiments. MA-7- a sample space for a determine outcomes space, Fundamental       KCCT7 Ch4L30
     use of        DAP-S-ES2 Students will            real-world or        using FCP.    Counting Principle,
  probability?  explore how sample effects the       mathematical                          tree diagrams,
                   reliablity of the outcome.     situation. DOK - 2                     independent event,

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                                           Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
*MA-7-DAP-S-P7 Students will *MA-07-4.4.2 Students         *I can calculate
  apply counting techniques to         will determine         theoretical
    determine the size of the           theoretical     probability of simple
  sample space. MA-7-DAP-S-           probabilities of     events. I can
   P2 Students will determine         simple events;           calculate
 appropriate techniques to use          determine            experimental
   when investigating possible     probabilities based probability of simple
     outcomes of probability       on the results of an     events. I can          Ladders to Success
    problems (using counting      experiment; and make       recognize an          Level G Lesson 10
   techniques, tree diagrams,        inferences from    independent event. I       KCCT7 Ch4L31-33
  area models, and exhaustive        probability data.     can choose an
lists, charts, and tables.) MA-7-          DOK - 3            appropriate
     DAP-S-P6 Students will
                                                          technique to find
       explore concepts of
                                                            sample space.
 randomness and independent

 MA-7-DAP-S-P3 Students will MA-07-4.4.3 Students          I can differentiate
investigate and explain the role       will tabulate            between
    of probability in decision    experimental results     experimental and
   making. MA-7-DAP-S-P4          from simulations and         theoretical
    Students will design and     explain how theoretical      probabilities.
       conduct probability          and experimental
experiments. MA-7-DAP-S-P5           probabilities are
     Students will determine             related.
     theoretical probabilities
 (expressed as a ratio, decimal
    or percent), compare to
    experimental results and
   explain reasons why there
      might be differences.

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                                                             Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
    Geometry      MA-7-NPO-S-NS3 Students MA-07-1.1.1 Students               I can differentiate       area, formula,
    (Chapter      will develop number sense for will provide examples between a rational and             perimeter,
6/10/11)        4    pi as one example of an    of and identify integers,    irrational number.    circumference, Pi,
weeks        How         irrational number.       fractions, decimals,     I can compare and        radius, diameter,
 does geometry                                      percents, and pi.      order rational and        vertex, degrees,
 help in design                                  DOK -1 MA-07-1.1.2       irrational numbers.          perpendicular,
      and                                        Students will convert                             parallel, polygons,
  construction?                                 among whole numbers,                                   congruent and
                                                  fractions, decimals,                                 similar figures,
                                                 percents, and pi, and                               congurent parts,
                                                   will compare these                               regular polygons,
                                                  numbers. DOK - 3                                 irregular polygons,
                                                MA-07-1.1.3 Students                                    equiangular,
                                                   will convert among                            quadrilaterals, side,
                                                    whole numbers,                               vertices, centimeter,
                                                  fractions, decimals,                               inch, 2-D figures
                                                percents and pi and will                              (circle, square,
                                                 order these numbers.                            rectangle, rhombus,
                                                         DOK - 2                                       parallelogram,
                                                                                                 trapezoid) (triangles:
                                                                                                  acute, right, obtuse,
                                                                                                  scalene, isosceles,
                                                                                                  equilateral) vertical
                                                                                                    angles, adjacent,
                                                                                                       angles, faces,
                                                                                                 edges, vertices, 3-D
                                                                                                     shapes (sphere,
                                                                                                       cone, cylinder,
                                                                                                      prism, pyramid)
                                                                                                     translate, reflect,

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                                           Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
  *MA-7-M-S-MPA5 Students                *MA-07-2.1.1          *I can measure
   will determine the length of Students will measure           lengths to the
 sides (to the nearest eighth of       lengths (to the      nearest eighth of an
an inch or nearest centimeter) nearest eighth of an                    inch.
      area and perimeter of         inch or the nearest    I can measure length
    triangles, quadrilaterails,    centimeter) and will         to the nearest
       (rectangles, sqaures,      determine and use in             centimeter.
      trapezoids) and other            real-world and            I can find the
       polygons. (Using the             mathematical              perimeter of
Pythagorean Theorem will not problems: *area and           polygons.             I
be required as a strategy.) MA- perimeter of triangles;
                                                            can find the area of
7-AT-S-EI2 Students will solve
                                 *area and perimeter of             triangles.
 problems involving formulas.
                                        quadrilaterals     I can find the area of
                                  (rectangles, squares,       a rectangles and
                                 trapezoids) (using the              squares.
                                 Pythagorean Theorem       I can find the area of    KCCT7 Ch2L12-16
                                 will not be required as           trapezoids.
                                 a strategy); *area and    I can find the area of
                                     circumference of                 circles.
                                     circles and; *area          I can find the
                                      and perimeter of        circumference of
                                    compound figures                  circles.
                                        composed of        I can find the area of
                                          triangles,             a compound/
                                     quadrilaterals and        complex figure.
                                      circles DOK - 2

 *MA-7-M-S-MPA2 Students *MA-07-2.1.2 Students             *I can estimate the
  will estimate and find angle       will estimate         angle measures of
    measure and segment            measurements of           polygons. I can
 measures. *MA-7-M-S-MPA3        regular and irregular      estimate segment
Students will estimate and find polygons and circles in measures of polygons.
    circle measurements in          standard units.       I can estimate circle
     standard units (radius,                                 measurements:
diameter, circumference, area)                               radius/diameter
and relationships among them.                            /circumference/ area

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                                            Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
 *MA-7-M-S-MPA6 Students *MA-07-2.1.3 Students *I can relate area and
will explain how measurements        will explain how      perimeter of a
 and measurement formulas          measurements and          polygon.
  are related or different (e.g. measurement formula
      perimeter and area of      are related or different.

MA-7-M-S-MPA1 Students will MA-07-2.1.4 Students I can use a protractor
  read and use measurement      will find the measures   or angle ruler to
  tools. (e.g. Rulers, scales, of angles by estimation     determine the
 protractors, and angle rulers)      and determine     measure of an angle.
                                measurement with a      I can estimate the
                                  protractor or angle  measure of an angle.

 *MA-7-AT-S-VEO1 Students *MA-07-3.1.1 Students *I can identify basic
    will simplify numeric and      will describe, provide   geometric elements
algebraic expressions MA-7-G-         examples of and         such as points,
S-SR1 Students will describe, identify (using correct         segments, rays,
    provide examples of and          notation, label and   lines, angles, planes.
identify (using correct notation,     name) the basic          I can identify
   label and name) the basic        geometric elements       adjacent, vertical,
    geometric elements (e.g.      (e.g., points, segments,    corresponding,
 points, segments, rays, lines, rays, lines, angles and interior, and exterior
 angles, and planes) including      planes) in real-world                 
       both real-world and           and mathematical
mathematica situations. MA-7-             problems.
G-S-SR2 Students will identify
 characteristics of angles (e.g.
        adjacent, vertical,

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                                               Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
*MA-7-G-S-SR3 Students will                *MA-07-3.1.2       *I can identify special
        identify properties for           Students will          triangles by sides
  classifying, describe provide     describe, and provide        and angles. I can
     examples of and identlfy            examples and              identify the two
elements (e.g. sides, vertices,         properties (e.g.,      dimensional figures.
angles, congruent parts) of 2-D         sides, vertices,          I can identify all
     figures (circles, trianges,       angles, congruent       quadrilaterals based
 [acute, right, obtuse, scalene,         parts) of two-        on their properties.
       isosceles, equilateral]        dimensional figures
       quadrilaterais [square,         (circles, triangles
         rectangel, rhombus,
                                     [acute, right, obtuse,
    parallelogram, trapezoid]
                                      scalene, isosceles,
regular and irregular polygon);
     apply properties of these
   figures to solve real-world
                                      [square, rectangle,
  problems. MA-7-M-S-MPA4
 Students will develop and use              rhombus,
formulas for area of a triangle,         parallelogram,
       a parallelogram, and a          tapezoid], regular
    trapezoid and relate each         polygons}, and will
     formula for the area of a             apply these
 rectangle. MA-7-M-S-MPA7           properties and figures
  Students will investigate and       to solve real-world
  demonstrate fixed area with          problems. DOK -2
 changing perimeter and fixed
 perimeter with changing area.

 Ma-7-G-S-SR5 Students will         MA-07-3.1.3 Students I can identify the parts
   represent 3-dimensional           will describe, provide      of common three
objects with special attention to      examples of and       dimensional figures. I
 developing spatial sense (e.g.     identify elements (e.g.,   can draw common
    top view, side view, 3-D        vertices, angles, faces,    three dimensional
objects drawn on isometric dot         edges, congruent       figures on isometric
    paper) MA-7-G-S-SR4             parts) of common three-          dot paper.
Students will describe, provide       dimensional figures
   examples of and identify            (spheres, cones,
elements (e.g. vertices, angles,     cylinders, prisms and
faces, edges, congruent parts)             pyramids).
    of common 3-D figures
  (spheres, cones, cylinders,
     prisms, and pyramids.)

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                                               Warren County 7th Math Curriculum Map
 MA-7-G-S-SR6 Students will          MA-07-3.1.4 Students I can apply congruent
describe and provide examples          will describe and    and similar figures to
    of congruent and similar         provide examples of      solve real world
 figures and apply congruent        congruent and similar        problems.
and similar figure to solve real-   figures, and will apply                            Ladders to Success
        world problems.             congruent and similar                               Level G Lesson 6
                                     figures to solve real-                            KCCT7 Ch3L17,19
                                    world problems. DOK

                                    MA-07-3.2.2 Students I can translate figures
                                       will translate (slide)    in a coordinate
                                    and reflect (flip) figures plane.          I can
                                     in a coordinate plane.                             KCCT7 Ch3L21
                                                                reflect figures in a
                                                                coordinate plane.

Ma-7-G-S-TS1 Students will MA-07-3.2.3 Students                I can identify
 move shapes within a plane        will identify rotations rotations of figures
and/or in the coordinate plane          (clockwise or      about the origin in
  (translate, rotate about the     counterclockwise) of the plane. I can rotate
origin or vertex, reflect over a figures about the origin   figures in a plane.
   horizontal or vertical line.     in the plane (90 o ,
                                       180 o , 270 o ).
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