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					    February, 2006                                                             Hominy High School
------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Edition--------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                               Ms. Scoles: Biology
                                                               because the freshman
                                                             are so easily entertained!
                                                               Bryson: Why do you
                                                                   like teaching?
                                                              Ms. Scoles: Because I
                                                             am always learning new
                                                             stuff while I am teaching                        Happy Birthday to
                 Teacher of the Month                          and the kids keep me                               You…
                                                                       young!                                  By: Tiffany Edwards
                      By: Bryson Brixie
                This Month I chose Ms.                                                                      The Purple and White
                  Beverly Scoles to be                                                                     Press would like to wish
               Teacher of the Month. I                                                                      the following students
                   picked Ms. Scoles                                                                       the best on their special
               because not only is she a                                                                             day:
                                                                                                           Dustin Clements (March 1),
               fun teacher, but she also                                                                    Jessica Uehling (March 1),
                 helps you learn while                                                                     Chelsea Simmons (March 2),
                 you are having a good                                                                      Vanessa Moore (March 4),
               time. Ms. Scoles teaches                                                                        Mrs. Tilley (March 5),
                                                                                                                Coach Ed (March 6),
                 Bio I, Bio II, Physics,                      Student of the Month                              Mrs. Fry (March 7),
                   and Chemistry. I                                By: Nathan Phelps                          Jerrad Jones (March 9),
                interviewed Ms. Scoles                       The Student’s of the                            Jordan Jones (March 9),
                and asked her a couple                       Month for March are                           Adam Pinkerton (March 16),
                    of questions…..                          Ben Ragsdale, Timothy                          James Cotton (March 18),
                                                             Goodfox, and Megan                             Jason DeRoin (March 22),
                                                                                                             Jakob Enos (March 25),
                 Bryson: Why did you                         Smith. Ben Ragsdale is                          Cody Baker (March 26),
                  choose to become a                         active in football and                           Paul Gray (March 27),
                         teacher?                            off-season weights.                           Tommy Modlin (March 27),
                  Ms. Scoles: Simply                         Timothy Goodfox is                            Jessie Simmons (March 29),
                                                             active in football and                        and Mark Davis (March 31).
                because teaching shows
                            me.                              off-season weights.
                  Bryson: How many                           Megan Smith is active in                      A woman has 7 children,
                  years have you been                        cheerleading, basketball,                      half of them are boys.
                        teaching?                            Student Council, and                              How can this be
                 Ms. Scoles: 30 years                        plans to go to OSU this                               possible?
                Bryson: Which science                        coming fall.
                                                                                                           (Answer can be found on the
                class is your favorite to                                                                  last page of the newspaper!)
                                                          will revive its famous
                                                          “love Parade” this
                                                          summer after a co-
                                                          sponsor rescued the
                                                          techno street party from
    Girls Basketball               Tennis Clinic          bankruptcy, the
    By: Ashley Morrow            By: Hunter Womack        festival’s founder and
The Lady Bucks played         There will be a Tennis      founder and main
the Foyil Lady Panthers       Clinic March 4th from       organizer Tuesday.
for the District              10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Championships Friday,         and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00
February 17th at Foyil.       p.m. The clinic fee is
In the first quarter, Foyil   $30 and is due to Coach
made 7 three’s and that       Dyer by March 1st.
put them ahead by a lot.      Entry forms are in the
After half-time the Lady      office.                             Vo-Tech
Bucks came back but                                           By: Kristina Koehn
ended up losing and                                       What is going on at Vo-
Foyil became the                                          Tech? We are getting
District Champions.                                       ready for contest on the
The Lady Bucks play                                       16th of this month. We
Thursday against the                                      are also doing a birthday
Yale Bulldogs at 1:30 in                                  cake on Wednesday for
Pawnee. If they lose                                      one of the teacher’s at
this game they will be                                    Central Tech. This has
done for the season. I            World News              been one of the hardest
asked Taylor Crawford           By: Ronnie Gilley         weeks ever, because we
and Maggie Bolt what                                      are practicing for
their feelings are on all     An explosive attack on      Regional Contest and
of this and this is what      the Golden Mosque, a        we must stay focused.
they said:                    Shiite Muslim Shrine in     Also, our Central Tech
Taylor: We went out           Samarra, triggers other     open house is this
there and played our          attacks and protests        Sunday, February 19th
hardest but some of our       across Ira of sectarian     and it is a very big
shots just weren’t            violence between            event. It takes a lot of
falling.                      Muslims. President          preparation. We are
Maggie: Taylor and I          Bush is defending a deal    hoping to have a huge
went and watched them         that would let a united     turnout Sunday. There
play twice before we          Arab Emirates-based         was five of us that went
played them and they          company run some key        to contest and we all
weren’t that good—they        U.S. seaports, telling      made first place. We are
have never made that          would veto any bill to      all going to state! We
many three’s in one           hold up the agreement.      are the first to make it to
quarter. We should            Lawmakers from both         State out of our class
have beaten them.             parties say the fill do     Service Careers.
                              what they can to sink the
                              deal. Berlin, Germany
                                                         assassinated on April 4,
                                                         1968 in Memphis,
                                                         Tennessee by James
                                                         Earl Ray. If it were not
                                                         for Dr. King and the
                                                         many others who fought
   Academic Team
    By: Corbin Dewitt                                    for civil rights, America
                                                         would not be the same
The Hominy Academic                                      as it is today.
Team has been very            Dr. Martin Luther
active this year. The              King Jr.
                               By: Taylor Crawford
team has won two meets
and one tournament.
                            It’s hard to believe that
We found one of
                            just less than forty years
Hominy’s own team                                           St. Patrick’s Day
                            ago, America had
members Cobey                                                By: Bryson Brixie
                            separate water fountains
Cleminshire. So we                                        What is the real reason
                            for blacks and whites.
decided to ask him a few                                    for St. Patrick’s Day,
                            Martin Luther King Jr.
questions.                                                why do we celebrate it?
                            was an influential
Q: “Who’s the sponsor                                     Those are just a few of
                            person in the struggle to
for the team, and how                                         the questions many
                            change conditions in
have they helped this                                    people have been asking
                            America. He also tried
year?”                                                       for quite some time.
                            to help win equal
A: Mrs. Upshaw, she                                         Saint Patrick's Day is
                            protection under the law
reviews us over                                             celebrated on March
                            for citizens of all races.
questions and teaches on                                    17th, the feast day of
                            King led many civil-
subjects we need to                                      Saint Patrick, the patron
                            right marches and gave
know. She doesn’t let                                         saint of Ireland. St.
                            many speeches. The
us listen to our IPods on                                       Patrick was the
                            famous “I have a dream”
the rides to the meets.                                  missionary credited with
                            speech was given on
Q: “When and how do                                        converting the Irish to
                            August 28, 1963. King
you practice?”                                                Christianity. It is a
                            suffered many hardships
A: We practice on                                             national holiday in
                            during his life. On
Tuesday’s and Friday’s                                         Ireland. It also is
                            January 26, 1956 King
at lunch. Someone asks                                      celebrated outside of
                            was arrested for going
us random questions and                                    Ireland in cities with a
                            30 mph in a 25 mph
some from previous                                        large number of people
                            zone. When his first
matches.                                                   of Irish descent. Here
                            book was published in
Q: “Can you give us a                                           are some things
                            1958 he was stabbed.
brief description of what                                     associated with St.
                            Even though many
happens at a meet?”                                          Patrick’s Day…The
                            calamities happened,
A: “We play three                                        Shamrock: It symbolizes
                            King prevailed. On
rounds of twenty                                            the rebirth of spring.
                            December 10, 1964,
questions each in which                                    Music: After the Irish
                            King won the Nobel
we have team questions                                   were forced not to speak
                            Peace Prize. Dr. Martin
after. We usually play                                   their own language, they
                            Luther King Jr. was
two matches at a meet.”                                   turned to music to help
      remind them of                                     Joshell Wilson:
important events and to                                  “Freshman initiation
hold on to their heritage                                because they were little
 and history. The color                                  maggots and for the first
 green: It is the color of          Senior Stuff         time we were in
 spring, Ireland, and the       By: Jessie Simmons       charge!”
shamrock. Leprechaun:        Although sad to think
  Irish fairy. The name      about, our senior year is   Me: “What was your
  leprechaun is derived      almost over. Through        most embarrassing
 from the old Irish word     all the drama, break-ups,   moment from high
luchorpan which means        and rumors, we’ve           school?”
       "little body."        managed to survive. On      Brandi Wilcox: “When
                             the good side, we’ve got    I passed out at Vo-Tec.
                             a lot more great things     I saw needles in the
                             to look forward to: our     nursing class. Megan
                             last prom, our senior       had to catch me.
                             trip, and of course the     Everyone made fun of
                             senior play. I recently     me, and I had to go
                             talked with a few           home.”
                             seniors, interviewing
     Sports: Track           them on various             Me: “Do you think any
  By: Courtney DeLong        questions:                  guys will cry at
Last year we had a very                                  graduation? If so,
successful season. Joel      Me: “How do you feel        who?”
 Parks won state in the      about our senior year       Candace Tyler: “I
   high jump and got         ending soon?”               don’t think any of our
  runner-up in the 110       Stephen Spurgeon: “I        guys will cry because I
   hurdles. Courtney         feel really happy           think they’re all ready to
Dailey received 5th place    because I’m ready to get    go. Actually, I think
  in pole vault. Cody        out of this school, but     Mark will.”
 Baker got 6th place in      I’ll miss all my friends
  pole vault also. This      that aren’t going to the    Me: “Who has been
 year we are hoping to       University of               your favorite teacher?”
have another successful      Oklahoma.”                  Taylor Crawford:
  year. The girl’s new                                   “Mrs. Scoles because
 coach is Coach Culler.      Me: “What’s one thing       she makes class fun.”
   The boy’s coach is        you wish you could have
 Coach Miller. We are        changed about your high     I also talked with Oney
 expecting to have a lot     school career?”             Perrin about
 of talent for both girl’s   Melinda Carter:             “Senioritis”. I asked her
        and boy’s.           “Spent more time            why she thinks she has
                             having fun.”                Senioritis, and she said,
                                                         “I think I have it
                             Me: “What has been          because I’m ready to
                             your fondest memory of      graduate and during
                             high school?”               class I don’t pay
                                                         attention. I just try to
get by.” The internet           get asked either. It’s    ladies cross the streets.
defines “Senioritis” as a      just as much fun to go        They do all of this
syndrome attributed to           with friends. Start       selflessly and ask for
students nearing the end      thinking who you want          nothing in return.
of high school. Its            to vote for to be prom    Despite all of these great
symptoms can include:        King and Queen! I hope      acts, Stephen has never
laziness, procrastination,   you have fun, and dance     been recognized by our
and apathy regarding               the night away!       school as student of the
schoolwork. Senioritis                                   month. I’d like to thank
does not affect all                                       these three young men
people in the same way,                                    for making Hominy a
and the only known cure                                     better place to live.
is graduation. All
throughout my years of
high school, I heard
seniors talking about
this epidemic, but I           Purple and White
never thought it would              Pride
happen to me.                    By: Nathan Phelps
However, I have been           The Purple and White
hit with Senioritis. I am        Press would like to
afflicted with the same         nominate these three
symptoms as Oney.               young men as Purple      National Honor Society
During most classes (I              and White Pride          By: Jessica Phelps
can’t believe I’m             students of the month.      Hominy’s National Honor
admitting this), I tend to   Stephen Spurgeon, Buck          Society has added five
become extremely bored            Holt, and Brandon       new members! They are:
                              Bedient are chosen for     Amanda Fenton, Courtney
and tired, and I have
                                                          Moles, Chelsea Simmons,
trouble concentrating.       this honor. All three of
                                                              Rachel Metzger, and
However, good news: I              these students are      Jessica Phelps. National
now have an excuse for           receiving this honor       Honor Society is a very
my laziness!                      because they have         prestigious program for
                               displayed outstanding      high school students from
         Prom                   character for the past   the tenth grade through the
     By: Juli Dunlap           four years. Anytime I      twelfth grade. It has a lot
  It’s about that time to           need advice on a     of requirements such as: a
   start thinking about       situation, I go to those    3.5-4.0 GPA, have done a
prom dresses, your hair,      three outstanding men.      lot of community service,
getting your nails done,     They have helped me in          are involved in a lot of
and most importantly—                                      organizations, and show
                                 many decisions and
                                                           leadership and character
 your date! Guys don’t           situations. Not only      qualities. If you meet up
   be afraid to ask that        have they helped me,     to all those requirements—
     special someone,        but they have also made       and more—then some of
truthfully their probably     our community a better        the faculty at HHS will
    dying to be asked!       place. They can be seen      decide if you should be in
       Don’t get too         all over town picking up       the society. NHS looks
discouraged if you don’t        trash and helping old    good on college transcripts
   because it shows the
 school that you’re a good
person and student without
having to get to know you
        really well.
Congratulations to the five         Senior Play
new members, and also to          By: Oney Perrin
 four old members of this         This year’s senior play
Betty Marshall Chapter of      entitled The Invisible Man
           NHS.                 is going very well. This           Whose Legs Are
                                month we have practiced                 These?
                                 almost everyday during          By: Brandi Wilcox
                                lunch and we have had a        Guess whose legs these
                                   few practices at the                  are…
                                   Community Center.
                                                              You can find the answer
                               During those practices we
                                  have a lot of fun. It is
                                                               to these questions at the
                                really hard for the cast to   end of this month’s issue
Letter from the Editor
   By: Jessie Simmons            be serious, but when we      of The Purple and White
The “Suggestion Box”              are, the play turns out                Press
has been somewhat of a                  really good.
success. A few of the
suggestions we’ve
received have been
helpful. For example,
someone suggested that                                                   Choir
we put people’s                                                  By: Jennifer Johnson
birthdays in the                                              March 3rd, 2006 is
newspaper. That has                                           District Solo-Ensemble
been added to our                                             Contest. This year’s
                                Whose Mess is this?
newspaper this month.              By: Brandi Wilcox
                                                              soloists include:
Also, someone                  This mess was found in         Cassandra Clements,
suggested that we talk          the locker room. Can          Sami Wilson, Tabitha
about graduation since         you guess whose it is?         Horton, Ashley Mayo,
seniors will soon be                                          Rachel Metzger, Jessica
gone. We have added                                           Phelps, Jennifer
this as well. A special                                       Johnson, Danielle
thanks goes out to those                                      Sterling, Kyla Wilson,
who suggested those.                                          Ryan Wooten, Amanda
One suggestion that I                                         Fenton, Nathan Phelps,
find humorous said: “I         Who’s Eyes are these?          Jessie Simmons,
think the newspaper                By: Brandi Wilcox          Stephen Spurgeon, and
should have scratch-and-       These eyes were found          Ashley Wynn. This
sniff stickers all over it.”   playing pool on the            year’s ensembles
                               internet in the library.       include a girl’s treble
                                                              quartet, a mixed quartet,
                                                              a men’s trio, a girl’s
                                                              sextet, a girl’s triple trio,
                                                              a girl’s large ensemble,
and a mixed ensemble.         because their new album        while healthy people can
Good luck to all the          won’t come out until           buy cigarettes at the
participants!                 possibly mid-summer or         front.
                              fall. The band says that       …do people order
                              they’re focusing on their      double cheeseburgers,
                              tour at the present
                                                             large fries, and a Diet
                              moment. Stump tells
                    , “We're          Coke.
                              trying some new stuff but      …do banks leave both
                              if you notice it, you notice   doors to the vault open
                              it. And if you don't, we're    and then chain the pens
                              still Fall Out Boy. As         to the counters.
                              always, we're kind of a        …do we leave cars
                              rock band but we're            worth thousands of
     Entertainment            influenced by hip-hop and      dollars in the driveway
  By: Courtney DeLong         soul and metal at the same     and put our useless junk
This past week a lot of       time and '80s pop music        in the garage.
thrilling movies came         and stuff. So, we'll see
                                                             …do we buy hotdogs in
out. When a Stranger          what's noticed."
                              “From Under the Cork           packages of ten and
Calls is said to keep you                                    buns in packages of
on the edge of your seat,     Tree" has certainly been
                              noticed, having sold more      eight.
asking what’s going to                                       …do they have drive-up
                              than 1.8 million copies in
happen next?                  the United States. The         ATM machines with
Saw 2 came out                band is bringing their tour    Braille lettering.
February 14th on DVD          to OKC on March 23rd.
and VHS. It’s gory, but       Hawthorne Heights and
it also has a good story      the All American Rejects
behind it. It’s very          will be there as well.
suspenseful. Ashley           Several Hominian’s are
Morrow and Maggie             going to the concert.
Bolt both gave it three
stars.                                                          Teens For Christ
                                                                 By: Jessica Phelps
                                                             The first Thursday of
                                                             February was February
                                                             2nd. The speaker was
                                                             Coach Ballard. He spoke
                                Only in America…             about a book called “The
                                By: Cobey Cleminshire        Purpose Driven Life” by
                              Only in America…               Rick Warren that teaches
                              …can pizza get to your         us about how to live a life
                              house faster than an           of purpose. On February
      Fall Out Boy            ambulance.                     9th, Mrs. Tyler’s dad, Mr.
                                                             Collins, brought pizza and
    By: Jessie Simmons        …are there handicap
I absolutely adore Fall Out                                  talked about how God’s
                              parking spaces in front        love is the greatest, and
Boy. So when I                of a skating rink.
discovered that they’re                                      God is love. Mr. Collins is
                              …do drugstores make            the pastor at the Antioch
planning a new CD, I was
elated! But, hold your
                              the sick walk all the way      Christian Fellowship
horses Fall Out Boy fans,     to the back of the store       Church in Wynona. Teens
                              to get their prescriptions     For Christ meets every
Thursday at lunch in Mrs.   *Answer’s to Who’s
Tyler’s room. We would      Mess is this and
love for you to come!
                            Who’s Legs are

                            Mess- Dillon Owens
                            Eyes- Harrison
                            Legs- Joel Parks

  Blood Drive Coming
                            Answer to Riddlez:
    By: Megan Smith         ALL the children are
Student Council will be     boys, so 1/2 half are
putting on another blood    boys and so is the
drive March 22nd. You       other half.
have to be 110 pounds
and 17 years old to give    In addition to the reporters
                            listed above, The Purple and
blood. Our goal is to get   White Press is made possible
40 donors; we are up to     by the following people:
35 singed up. You           Illustrators: Corbin Dewitt, Taylor
could even win a laptop         Crawford, Joel Parks, and
                                       Joseph Jones
computer! One student
donor from the entire         Publishers: Bryson Brixie,
                              Harrison Hudgins, Ashley
state will win the           Morrow, and Jessie Simmons
computer. Our school
                            Editor-in-Chief: Jessie Simmons
might even win a
scholarship—we are two      Sponsor: Debbie Enos
people away from
winning that
scholarship! So make
sure you sign up! All
StuCo members will be
working to keep you
comfortable. They will
be getting you snacks,
drinks, and handing out
t-shirts. If you are
planning to give blood,
drink lots of water that
day, and don’t forget to
eat! Sign up today in
Mrs. Will’s room if you
think you qualify!

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