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					The Four Square Writing
         What is Four Square?
 Four  Square is a unique approach to
  teaching basic writing skills.
 Students are given a basic framework to
  produce writing consisting of one to many
 Four Square can be used for any grade
  level and in any subject area!
      What are the Benefits of Four
   the many benefits, here are some that I
 Of
     Teaching of prewriting and organizational
     Cross curricular
     Preparing students for PSSA writing prompts
     Getting students excited about writing
     Boosting students’ confidence when writing
     Improving test scores
        The Four Square Model
     This is the basic Four Square model that I use to help students to
                  produce a five paragraph piece of writing.

     Event/Reason 1                           Event/Reason 2
Supporting Detail                     Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail                     Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail                     Supporting Detail

                   Topic Name
    Event/Reason 3
Supporting Detail        Conclusion Paragraph
Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail
    Let’s Do an Example Writing
 Expository   Essay:

 Everyone  has a place that they call
 special. People enjoy and select these
 places for many different reasons, but
 mainly because it is where they are most
 happy and comfortable. Think of your
 special place and explain why you enjoy it
 so much.
One Reason                          Also
          Big Bedroom                            Fireplace
Room to relax (big bed)            Warm (like a mitten)
Room for friends (talking,         Crackling (like my cereal)
hanging out)                        Smoky smell (reminds me of
Closet space (clothes, sports      campfire)
games)                My home is a special place.
             My Porch             In summary
Screened (no bugs!)              My home is a special place
Relaxing (listen to birds)       because it has a big bedroom, a
Cool (evening breezes)
                                  fireplace and a porch.
                                  Couldn’t imagine living anywhere
                                  Could stay here forever!
         Let’s Put it all Together
        Many people have special places and mine happens to be my home. It is
special because it has a fireplace, a big bedroom and a porch. It is a wonderful place
to live.
        One reason that my home is special is because I love my big bedroom. I have
a comfortable bed that I can relax on. There is a lot of room for friends so that we
can talk privately and hang out. Another reason to love my bedroom is because of
my huge amount of closet space. I need a lot of space for my clothes, sports
equipment and board games.
        Also, I love my fireplace that keeps me warm as a mitten on cold winter nights.
Listening to the crackling reminds me of Rice Krispies, my favorite breakfast cereal.
My fireplace smells smoky just like at the fire pit where my family goes camping twice
a year.
        Third, my home has a terrific porch. The porch is screened, which is lucky for
me because I hate bugs! My porch is also a great place for relaxing. Listening to the
birds sing is a good way to unwind after a long day of school. Even on the warmest
nights, the porch is cool because you can enjoy the evening breezes.
        In summary, my home is a special place because it has a big relaxing
bedroom, a crackling fireplace and a breezy porch. My home is somewhere that I
could live forever, because I could not imagine living anywhere else.
       Changing the Framework
 As   an example for fifth grade, Four Square
  is a great way to achieve a five
  paragraphed piece of writing.
 However, Four Square can be adjusted to
  fit any grade level writing.
 Here are some examples that I have
  researched. You have copies of them
  within your packets.
           Writing Four Paragraphs

                              Reason/Event 1
Introduction Paragraph -

     Reason/Event 2
-                       Conclusion Paragraph
            Writing Three Paragraphs

 What I know about my
         topic          Introduction Paragraph
-                  Topic
     Supporting details
-                        Conclusion Paragraph
One Paragraph: Could be used as a resource to
        strengthen paragraph writing

   Topic Sentence            Detail Sentence

  Detail Sentence           Summary Sentence
    Last, How is Four Square Cross
 Four Square has many different uses:
 Writing a book review
 Note taking
 Gathering and brainstorming important
 Organizing math word problems
 Comparing and contrasting
 Basic templates for the Four Square uses are
  supplied within your packets. I hope that you
  find it as useful as I did!!
                        Book Review
What happened in the beginning?   What happened in the middle?
-                                -
-                                -
-                                -
-                                -

What happened at the end?         Did you like it?
         Note Taking Example
What are they?         Where are they located?
-                     -
-                     -
-                     -

How do they operate?   Summary:
-                     Volcanoes are a
-                     powerful natural force.
     Gathering Information and Brainstorming
          Causes                         Battles
-                           -
-                           -
-                           -

                     Revolutionary War
          Treaties                       Summary
-                           -
-                           -
-                           -
Organizing Math Word Problems
 Process            Information


Compute              Solution
   Iroquois and Algonquian-Compare and Contrast
    Houses         Foods Eaten and         Houses         Foods Eaten and
                   Method of Getting                      Method of Getting
                        Food                                   Food

              Iroquois                           Algonquian
Geography- where      Customs/         Geography- where      Customs/
  did they live?     Government          did they live?     Government

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