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Depeche Mode and Michael Jackson Tours 2009 - Two of the Main Music Events of the Year
By European Events Tickets Dated: May 27, 2009

Depeche Mode and Michael Jackson are perhaps two of the biggest names in the musical fraternity. While Depeche Mode is coming up with an extensive tour spanning over 22 cities, Michale Jackson makes a comeback after his last concert in 1996. While one rocked the electro music scene, the other became the undisputed king of pop. Now, this year the two are all set to take music lovers by the storm. With these two events hitting in this year, 2009 is sure to be a year of musical blockbusters. Depeche Mode – the name itself extrudes power. The musical group is one of the most influential bands of the post punk era. From the 1980s till now, the band has witnessed unprecedented popularity on the music scene. Dave Gahan’s voice continues to have the same amount of captivation to date. Even Martin Gore has his writing skills still in place. Now the musical maestros are all set to witness a new high with the ‘Tour of the universe’. The band’s ‘Tour of the universe’ is all set to be one of the biggest musical events of the year 2009. The event will kick start on 24th July in Toronto. The musical tour covers numerous North American cities and is said to be one of the most extensive tours in the region by the electro legends. The musical tour covers 22 cities across North America. Even US and Canada music lovers will get to groove to the sound of the musical magnets. The tour is being conducted in conjunction with the release of the group’s 12th studio album i.e. titled ‘Sound of the universe’. The album was released on April 20th in Europe, and April 21st in North America. Other than the conventional CD, the album is also being released as a Special Edition CD+DVD and a Deluxe Box Set that includes a host of exclusive material. Another highly anticipated event in the yea 2009 is the Michael Jackson tour. The pop star is coming up with an extensive 30 year tour around the world. It must be noted that the last Jackson tour dates back to 1996. Even his most recent album ‘Invincible’ was released way back in the year 2009. Coming after more than a decade, Michael Jackson’s comeback tour is one of the most anticipated events in the year ahead. Starting at the beginning of July, the tour will take to different areas of the world. An approximate of 20 shows is expected in the London’s O2 arena. Apart from the extensive tour, a new musical album is also in the pipeline. It is being reported that Michel Jackson has been working on this yet to be released album for quite some time now. Several sources say that the album is sure to have some mind boggling chartbusters. With Michael Jackson on one hand, and Depeche Mode on the other, there is a lot that musical lovers can look forward to. It is time that you gear up your ears for some great music. More Information about the concerts as well as online tickets can be found at ### European-Events-Tickets is a website designed to provide with tickets for various recent and upcoming sporting events, concerts, operas and theatre, available for all major events across Europe. http://

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