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					CHECK LIST 2011 OCT_IBP                                            Application for the School of Engineering

                       Application ID number:

                       Name :

                       Program you are applying for :              International Bioengineering Program (Master's Global 30 Special English Course)


Please enclose this check list whenever you send materials to the Global 30 Office via post.
     (□ :Essential materials for application. ( ):Please submit these materials "if applicable to you". )


A. General Requirements

                       Application Form for International
1    PART1
                       Graduate Program Academic Year 2011

                       Statement of Study Plans/Research
2    PART2-1

3    PART2-2           Summary of your graduation thesis/project

7    PART2-3           Detailed Educatinal Background

     PART2-3           Educational Reasoning Letter on the
     (if applicable)   shorter academic records

     PART2-4           List of scholarships, prizes, honors,
                       awards and other recognitions, if any.

10   PART2-5           Language Proficieny (other than English)

6    PART2-6           Employment Record

     PART2-7           List of professional activities duirng
                       unemployment period

     PART2-8          List of membership in honor societies and
                      professional organizations

4                     List of titles and details of journals

     PART2-9          List of titles and details of conference
                                                                  Must be enclosed in a sealed envelope. At least one of two letters should be
13                    Letter of Recommendation #1                 completed by a university faculty member who has taught you or knows your work.

14                    Letter of Recommendation #2

                                                                  1) Certified academic transcript of all universities attended (issued by the University
                                                                  2) Must show the grades given to the applicant by the department (including
15   Academic Transcript                                          general education).
                                                                  3) Transferring students must also submit their transcripts from their previous
                                                                  colleges, etc.

                                                                  Certified photocopy of diploma or Certificate of all degrees conferred, or other proof
     Certificate of Degree/Diploma                                of graduation

                                                                  If you are currently a student, please include an official letter or a certificate of
                                                                  expected graduation. On this document, the date of your expected graduation
17   Letter or Certificate of Expected Graduation                 should be clearly mentioned.

                                                                  TOEFL (PBT, CBT or iBT), TOEIC or other certification documents of the formal
18   English Language Proficiency                                 organization of the applicant's country.

                                                                  Photocopy of your census register, passport, or other proof of citizenship.Please
19   Personal Idenitification                                     do not send the original.

B. Requirements from the Department you are applying for

                                                                  There is no speciific format.
     Reference from the employer (only for those who are


                                                                  1.Describe your research subject, plan and resulting conclusions in your bachelor
                                                                  course in about 400 words (if it is not completed at the time of application, write the
                                                                  research subject, plan and expected conclusions).
                                                                  2. Purpose for pursuing the Master’s degree (motivation) for your carrier in about
22   Statement of Purpose_IBP                                     400 words.
                                                                  3. Describe your research subject, plan, expected outcome and its influence on
                                                                  industry or academia, if you are admitted to the Master’s program in about 600


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