The Early Learning Goals
Children are given the opportunities to develop personal and social skills in a variety of ways.
Mealtimes are a time when children sit with their key carer in 'family groups' they assist
setting the table and we support independence by encouraging them to serve themselves
from bowls or tureens in the centre of the table. They are also encouraged to take the
needs of others into account by passing things to each other and helping others to serve

Children are encouraged to develop independence and learn personal hygiene in the
bathroom and when dressing and undressing either to go into the garden, to prepare for a
physical activity or when playing with the dressing up clothes. At key times during the day
we hold discussion period when staff and children share 'life experiences'. This promotes
the child's confidence in developing talking and listening skills and staff encourage children
to put forward their own views and to respect those of others.

Drama, role-play and small world activities are provided on a daily basis in order to promote
imaginative skills and to help children recognise and deal with emotions such as love,
excitement, frustration, fear and anger. Board games etc. are provided throughout the
week in order to encourage turn taking and a respect for the needs of others. Books that
explore emotions are used to help children understand & express their own feelings and
those of others.

As well as discussion times throughout the day, children are encouraged to talk about their
experiences within the nursery. When appropriate, staff sit with the children at certain
activities, asking open questions and introducing language related to the activity.

The constant use of songs stories and rhymes within our daily curriculum promotes
confidence and fluency in language. Children's work is labelled with their names and relevant
language and children are encouraged to use equipment that involves letters and words to
extend their experience in this area. We find the free expression area a successful way of
encouraging children's early literacy skills as do children's writing patterns and phonics

Story times are well planned and sometimes linked to theme work or to an individual child's
experiences. Children are encouraged to discuss the words, pictures and events that they
observed during the story and join in with familiar lines to favourite stories. In order to
support children with delayed language we provide regular language groups and activities
The Nursery is well equipped with a variety of mathematical equipment, staff arrange
activities that extend children's mathematical language, problem-solving skills and help
them to experience and gradually achieve mathematical concepts. Staff also use
messy/aesthetic play to extend children's mathematical experiences e.g. sand and water
with volume/ weighing equipment or dough to discuss size and shape.

Staff are also very aware of the mathematical opportunities available with many other
activities offered throughout the nursery day e.g. spatial awareness during music and
movement activities. Everyday discussion e.g. comparing numbers of children attending to
number of drinks or looking at different heights of children support children's knowledge
and understanding of math’s in everyday life.

Staff use a variety of resources to extend children's knowledge and understanding of the
world e.g. outings to local places of interest (parks and library) or outings linked to theme
work e.g. local markets, farms or airports.

Books and activities that extend children's knowledge of other countries and cultures are
used as part of the nurseries regular programme of activities. Children are encouraged to
discuss their own life experiences and themes such as "Homes" help children gain an
awareness of the area in which they live. Projects such as "Growing" are used to encourage
children to explore and recognise features of living things and help them to learn to
observe, compare and exchange ideas about why things happen and how things work.

Construction toys, cause and effect equipment and junk modelling are offered regularly to
give children experience and confidence in design and technology. Computer programmes
encourage children to work by themselves or with adults and other children to gain
experience in the various learning areas.

Themes such as "All about me" encourage children to make observations about physical and
human features and our daily exchange of 'News' helps children to recount events that are
happening within their own lives and those of others. Many of our themes allow the
opportunity to explore aspects of the past, present and future.

Our plans allow daily opportunities for children to use resources that encourage them to
learn to move confidently and imaginatively. Dance sessions help children to gain increasing
control and co-ordination. Music and movement promotes and awareness of space and others
and small and large equipment is offered throughout the week to encourage children to gain
increasing skill in the use of balancing and climbing apparatus.

Fine motor equipment such as puzzles, construction toys threading etc. and malleable
equipment such as dough, clay, pasta etc. used in conjunction with various tools and
equipment is provided daily to encourage hand-eye co-ordination and the ability to handle
tools (e.g.scissors) with safety and increasing skill. Carefully planned garden activities
support and encourage children's physical, social and emotional development.

Staff are extremely skilled at providing a variety of resources to promote the exploration
of colour, shape and space. As well as our free expression area, staff offer a variety of
activities to extend children's creative skills including various types of painting, collage
work and model making opportunities, which give children the experience, and opportunity to
explore space in two and three dimensions.

Aesthetic/ messy activities are used to create an awareness of the sense of touch, smell
and sight. Cooking and taste experiments are used to encourage discussion and sensory
experiences. Musical tapes, singing, dance and musical instruments are used to extend
children's creativity with sound and movement.

Our curriculum and routines for all ages are regularly reviewed and developed to ensure
that we are providing high quality early years care and education and that we are meeting
individual needs. Within the company we have an under threes team who meet regularly to
review provision for this age group and to plan future provision this team is also responsible
for highlighting any equipment and training needs. We also have a curriculum team who meet
regularly to share and exchange ideas and to review and plan provision for the three to five
year olds this team also has responsibility for highlighting training and equipment needs for
the three to five year olds and the staff who care for them.


       SARA’S GROUP           AMANDA’S GROUP              MICHELLE’S GROUP
MON    News Books             I can do Books             Letter of the Week

TUES Number work              Letter of the week           I can do Books

WED     Dancing with          Dancing with                Dancing with
        Polly                  Polly                        Polly

THU     Fun with              Tumble Tots                  Musical
        French                                             Instruments

FRI    Letter of the week      Nursery Rhyme
Crystal Childcare Individual Learning &
            Assessment Plan
Name: Robert Brown               Date of Birth: 13.04.99                 Key worker: Lorraine

Nursery Name: Crystal            Days of Attendance: FT                  Current Theme: Water

Date of Plan: April 03           Key workers signature:                  Parents signature:

Reflections      Aims &          Foundation           Opportunities      Parents              Ongoing
of previous      objectives      stage stepping       offered to         comment and          comments and
term /           for             stones               support needs      feed back            observation
initial          forthcoming     (Learning            and learning
observations     term.           intentions)          intentions

Robert           To encourage    Show confidence      Lots of            Mrs Brown            12.06.03 R has
settled well     Robert to       in linking up with   imaginative play   would like R to      been looking
into nursery &   have the        others for           initially with     have confidence      after a new
has built good   confidence      support and          adult joining in   to join in-group     child in the
relationships    to develop      guidance. Have       and gradually      play and are         nursery he has
with his key     relationships   emerging self-       backing off as     going to try         enjoyed helping
carer he         with his        confidence to        appropriate.       inviting some of     & having a new
enjoys           peers and       speak to others      Drama activities   the children         friend.
watching         join in their   about wants and      and ring games.    from the
children play    play.           interests.                              nursery to come
and                                                                      & play at home.
play alongside
He spends        To build on     Show an interest     Introduce water    Mrs B was
long periods     his             in how things        wheels, siphons    unaware that R
of time          enjoyment of    work and why.        funnels whisks     was so
playing at the   water play to                        etc give Robert    interested in
water tray.      encourage                            the opportunity    water play. Will
                 him to                               to try them out    encourage this
                 experiment                           and discuss        at home.
                 with                                 them
                 equipment to
                 new language.
Robert is able   Encourage       Investigate          Offer a variety    Rs will be           19.05.03 R made
to join          him to build    construction         of construction    getting a new        a huge model
together Lego    on this         materials.           equipment          bike which will      out of junk the
bricks to        ability and     Manage body to       introduce o        help him to learn    glue spreader
form detailed    introduce       create intended      model making       to use the           skill.
models.          new             movement.            using wood and     peddles however
                 materials.                           junk. Make sure    space at home is
Robert is able   Encourage                            he has the         small so it will
to sit on a      him to use                           opportunity on a   help if the
bike and push    the peddles                          regular basis to   nursery also
it along with    on the bike.                         play on            give him this
his feet.                                             tricycles.         opportunity.
                     PLANNING SHEET

              NATURAL &            CREATIVE        LANGUAGE. KNOWLEDGE A                 PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT         MATHEMATICS
                                                                                      CONST/TECH       GROSS MOTOR

                Animals in         Aeroplane                                          Stickle Bricks    Garden Play
                  straw           Helicopter &     News Books         Dressing Up                                      Counting
                                                     Alphabet          Clothes          Large Lego      Garden Play
                                 Hot Air Balloon                                                                       Wheels
                Corn flour
                                    Mobiles          Teacher                                                             On vehicles

                                  Paint Easel                         Farmyard &
                                                     Magnetic                           Magnetic        Garden Play
TUESDAY     Sea life animals                                            Animals
                                                     Letters                             Bricks
            in blue water         Paint Easel                         Fisher Price                      Garden Play    Number
                                                   Make a Word                         Construction                    Puzzles
                                                                        House &
                                                                       furniture           Set

                                                      French         Hats & Bags       Small Lego                       Tessellation
            Noodles & Forks         Collage                                                              Dance &
                                                    Word Pool         Play mobile      Big Builder                      Bingo Bears

                                                   Story Board        Spaceship        Star shapes     Garden Play        Shape
                 Slime           Jumping Jim       Picture lotto   Office equipment                                      vehicles
                                                                                      Wooden bricks    Garden Play
                                   pictures                                                                               Shape

            Aqua play &        Drawing pictures     Letter j         Pots, pans &                      Garden Play       Magnetic
FRIDAY      Boats Water &        of forms of       Handwriting         Cooker           Polydron                         Numbers
            Volume              transport from                                                         Garden Play
                                around the         Spell & learn     Train track         Poly M                          Multi-links

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