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									                                                            Welcome To The 58th Annual

             SHOOTERS!                             Camas Prairie Handicap
                                                      Walla Walla Gun Club
        WELCOME TO THE                                          Walla Walla, Wash.
        “CAMAS PRAIRIE”                                           March 18-20, 2011
This is the “on line” version of the Camas
Prairie program. It contains all the shoot
info, but you may find that some pages seem
out of order. That’s because the program                                                                       800
printing company likes it that way.                                                                       Registered
If you would like an actual program mailed
to you, please call 509-529-7288 and leave
a message if no one answers. Or, email to with your full name and
address, and one will be sent forthwith.
Thanks! Hope to see you March 18, 19, and
20th in Walla Walla.                                                                                      $6,94500
              Bob Bloch
                                              ~Proudly Hosted By Camas Prairie Trapshooting Assoc.~
                                               Members Of The Camas Prairie Association
                                               Colton • Cottonwood • Culdesac • Endicott • Garfield • Grangeville
                                               Indian Valley • Kamiah • Lewiston • Nezperce • Orofino • White Bird
                                               Pomeroy • St. Maries • Troy-Deary • Wallace-Kellogg • Winchester
                & FUNSHOOTS FOR 2011                                                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                          (F) = FUNSHOOT, (T) = TURKEY SHOOT                                                    MAP - Directions to WWGC            3    EVENT NO. 4                     28
Feb 5: Spokane                          Apr 30-May 1: Culdesac                     27: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)
   19: Colton                           May 1: Ft. Colville                        27-28: Grangeville           CPTA Membership                     6    EVENT NO. 5                     29
   19: Grangeville (F)                       7-8: Wenatchee                        27-28: Othello               RV Parking                          6    EVENT NO. 6                     30
   26: Hermiston                             11-15: Spokane                   Sept 11:Walla Walla (Sausage)
Mar 5: Garfield Money Shoot (F)              21: Almira                            24: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)   Vendor Information                  6    EVENT NO. 7                     31
    5: Orofino-Pierce                        27-30: Idaho State, Boise             24-25: Indian Valley         Bill Whitman Welcome                8    EVENT NO. 8                     32
    5-6: Othello                             28: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)            25: Colton
    19-21: Camas Prairie (ATA)               28-29: Republic                  Oct 23: Walla Walla (T)           CPTA Officers & Directors           9    CPTA TROPHY LIST              36-39
    26: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)          June 4-5: Colton                           22-23: Spokane               Walla Walla Gun Club Welcome        10 CPTA Perpetual Purses             40
    27: Spokane                              11-12: Endicott                  Nov 6: Spokane
    TBA: Whitebird (F)                       18-19: Coulee City                    13: Troy-Deary (T)           CPTA History                        11 CPTA All-Star Teams             44-45
            (rifle Sat./shotgun Sun.)        18-19: Nezperce                       19-20: Whitebird (T)         CPTA Member Clubs Forum             13 CPTA Women’s All Star Teams       46
Apr 2: St. Maries                       June 23-27: Washington St, Spokane         20: Endicott (T)
    2-3: Walla Walla (Marathon ATA)          25: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)            20: Walla Walla (T)          Shoot Cmtes. & Classifications      19 CPTA Present & Past Officers 49-50
    9-10: Spokane                       July 2-3: Troy-Deary                       26: Colton (T)               Team Trophies                       20 Advance Squadding Form            56
    16: Hermiston (Blanket)                  10: Newport                           26: Walla Walla (T)
    16-17: Moses Lake                        14-17: Spokane                   Dec 4: Cottonwood (T)             Shoot Notes & General Information   22 INDEX                             64
    16-17: Grangeville                       23: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)            10: Walla Walla Buckle (F)   EVENT NO. 1                         25 WW Area Motels                    66
    23: Walla Walla (Cont/Fun)          Aug 14: Ft. Colville                       11: Culdesac (T)
    30: Odessa                               20-21: Spokane                        11: Pomeroy (T)              EVENT NO. 2                         26 CPTA Area Shoots & Funshoots.     66
                                                                                                                EVENT NO. 3                         27

               Walla Walla area Motels                                                                               How To Get To Walla Walla Gun Club
                                                                                                                          Follow State Route 12 through Walla
   Comfort Inn *                        1419 W Pine                          509-522-3500                                 Walla. Take the Clinton Street Exit
                                                                                                                          north. Make an immediate right hand
   Capri Motel *                        2003 Melrose                         509-525-1130                                 turn onto Middle Waitsburg Road.
   Colonial Motel *                     2279 E Isaacs                        509-529-1220                                 Follow the road as it first goes east,
                                                                                                                          then turns north. Look for the Gun
   Travelodge                           421 E Main St                        800-578-7878                                 Club sign on the right about 1/4 mile                 N
                                                                                                                          after the northward turn.
   Budget Inn                           305 N. 2nd St                        888-529-4410
   Best Western                         7 E Oak St                           509-525-4700
   Holiday Inn Expr                     1433 W Pine                          509-525-6200
   * CPTA & WWGC Sponsor. Preferred Establishment

                                                       66                                                                                                3
A & N HEATING & COOLING                7    INLAND CELLULAR / INLAND TEL.         48

                                                                                                                                     Walla Walla
A & R CONSTRUCTION                    51    INLAND-SAXUM PRINTING                 63
                                                                                                  WALLA GUN C
ADVANCE SQUADDING                     23    INFORMATION, GENERAL                  22           LA            LU

ADVANCE SQUADDING FORM                56    JONES TRUCK & IMPLEMENT (JTI)         65


A I A INSURANCE/LES RUHS              52    JB BAGS & TROPHIES                20, 59
ALMOTA ELEVATOR CO.                   54    JW ASSOCIATES PLLC                    24         R
                                                                                                                                          Gun Club


ALPINE INDUSTRIAL                     43    KAMIAH GUN CLUB                       15          A       P•

                                                                                                             1892 • SK A 993

ATK                               34, 67    KIRKPATRICK, UTGAARD & PERRY PS       66                  133
                                                                                                            • WALLA WALLA

                                            LA CASITA MEXICAN RESTAURANT          12
BAGOTT MOTORS                        41     LARRY’S SPORTING GOODS                61
                                            LES SCHWAB
                                            LES’S PUMP - MARK JUNGMANN
                                                                               2, 39
                                                                                           Shooters! Welcome To Walla Walla!!
BAUMGARTNER, BRUCE TRUCKING          42     LEWISTON GUN CLUB                     12
BEST BUY SHOOTING SUPPLY             33     MAP - HOW TO GET TO WWGC               3           ~ 2011 Shoot Schedule ~
BILL’S WELDING                       18     McGREGOR COMPANY                       4
BLOCH, BOB WWGC SHOOT CMTE.          10     McKETTA, JUDI CPA                     41    March 18, 19, 20 — CAMAS PRAIRIE HANDICAP
BLUE MOUNTAIN AGRI-SUPPORT           58     MOTELS IN WALLA WALLA                 66
                                            MR. ED’S RESTAURANT                   53
                                                                                                     800 Targets, ATA
CHIPMAN & TAYLOR MOTORS               62    NEZPERCE GUN CLUB                     16    March 26 — Continental 60-Bird Buddy Funshoot
CLASSIFICATIONS, SHOOTERS             19    NORTH IDAHO CRUSHING                  18
COCA-COLA BOTTLERS/SWIRE INC.         42    NORTHWEST MANAGEMENT                  57    April 2, 3 — MARATHON WEEKEND (Sat-Sun)
COLTON GUN CLUB                       13    ODOM CORP - COORS BEER                47                 SAT: 500 - 16 yd Targets ATA
                                                                                              g e ! SUN: 300 Handicap Targets ATA
CONCRETE DOCTOR                       60    ORCHARDS PAWN SHOP                    21
CONTENTS, TABLE                        4    OROFINO-PIERCE GUN CLUB               15
COORS BEER - ODOM CORP.               47
                                                                                                     WSTA Silver Buckle For Sunday Champion
CPTA ALL-STAR TEAMS               44-45     PACIFIC NW FARMERS’ CO-OP.            55    April 23 — Continental 200 Singles Funshoot
CPTA AREA REG & FUN SHOOTS            66    PARKING FOR RVs                        6
CPTA BOARD & OFFICERS                  9    PERPETUAL PURSES                   7, 40    May 28 — Continental 100 pr Doubles Funshoot
CPTA HISTORY                          11    POMEROY GUN CLUB                      13
                                                                                        June 25 — Continental Mixed Singles/Doubles Funshoot
CPTA PAST OFFICERS                    49    PONSNESS-WARREN RELOADING             52
CPTA PERPETUAL PURSES              7, 40    RV PARKING                             6    July 23 — 5-Stand Tourney Funshoot NEW
CPTA PRESIDENT WELCOME                 8    RV RESERVATIONS                       12
CPTA SHOOT COMMITTEES                 19                                                August 27 — Continental & 5-Stand Mixed Funshoot
CPTA TEAM TROPHIES                    20    SCHWAB, LES                        2, 39    September 11 — Sausage Shoot NEW
CPTA TROPHIES                     36-39     SHOOT NOTES                       22-23
CPTA Women’s All-Star Teams           46    SHOOTER CLASSIFICATIONS               19    September 24 — 5-Stand Tourney Funshoot NEW
CULDESAC GUN CLUB                     15    SPRENGER CONSTRUCTION INC.            50
                                                                                        Oct 23, Nov 20, 26 — TURKEY SHOOTS
                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                      3    December 10 — BUCKLE SHOOT: Annual Fun Shoot
D&D EXCAVATION - DAN HAGEN           41     TEAM TROPHIES                         20
DEARY AUTO PARTS                     58     TLC FLYING                            63                        Get Programs For All These Shoots by calling 509•529•7288
DINNER / SPAGHETTI FEED               7     TROPHIES, CPTA                    36-39                          or on the Web
ENDICOTT GUN CLUB                    16     TROPHIES, TEAM                        20
ES AUTO REPAIR - ELECTRICAL SP.       9     TROPHY WINNERS                        45
EVENTS No 1-No 8                  25-32     TROY/DEARY GUN CLUB                   14

FARM COMMODITIES                     24     UNIONTOWN COOP                       57
                                                                                                                            WHITE FLYER TARGETS
FEDERAL - ALLIANT                    34     VENDOR FEES                           6                                              WILL BE THROWN
GARFIELD GUN CLUB                    17     WALLA WALLA MOTELS                   66
GRANGEVILLE GUN CLUB                 14     WALLA WALLA GUN CLUB                  5                                              AT ALL EVENTS AT
                                            WHITE BIRD GUN CLUB
                                            WHITE FLYER / REAGENT CHEMICAL
                                                                                 46                                  WALLA WALLA GUN CLUB
INDIAN VALLEY GUN CLUB               17
                                            WHITMAN, BILL - CPTA PRESIDENT
                                            WINCHESTER GUN CLUB
                                                                                 14                                                   IN 2011
                                           64                                                                                         5
    1904       N EW YORK S TORE
                     Western Outfitters Inc.
    Western Wear & Work Clothes For The Whole Family
              Boots For Everyone & All Needs                                                           Ad
       Open Monday—Saturday 9:00-7:00, Sunday 10:30-5:00
   2254 E. ISAACS • WALLA WALLA WA • 509-529-3600                                                    Here
            Camas Prairie Membership
 To be a member of the CPTA, shooters must be in good
standing with their CPTA club and shoot at least 6 scores at a
CPTA club. The only exceptions to this are for members with
at least 10 years previous membership in CPTA. Directors have
the final ruling on CPTA membership in all cases.

               RV & VEHICLE PARKING
                 AT WALLA WALLA GUN CLUB
 RV parking at WWGC is limited to those paying for the entire shoot, and
is $35 for the three days, the same as last year. We will open the grounds
and turn the power on by 12:00 pm noon on Wednesday, March 16. If
you need to come earlier, let us know. Please call Teresa Kohn at 509-
488-6626, or email to Fresh water and
110/220v-30A hookup are provided. Overflow, those needing full service
hookups, or those wishing accommodations for fewer than three days may
contact Patty at Fairway RV Park, 509-525-8282, and mention WWGC.
 In order to allow RV’s plenty of room to park, we will have very limited
personal vehicle parking until Friday morning. If you are bringing your ATV,
we will provide parking for your trailer at the far east end of the Club
grounds, on Walla Walla Raceway. Please do not park any trailers in the
space reserved for personal vehicles. If you do not need an ATV, we ask
that you consider leaving it at home.
             VENDORS & VENDOR FEES                                                             TLC FLYING
 A vendor fee of $50 will be collected, and reservations must be made in       BRIAN WINDSOR
                                                                               DALE SORBEL                      Whitman County Airport
advance by calling Bob Bloch at 509-529-7288 or emailing bbloch@               Eltopia, WA 99330                       Colfax, WA 99111 All vendors should be on site by Wednesday evening, March 17.         509•297•4387                                509•397•3514
WWGC requests that you stay for the entire shoot. Space is limited.                             509•528•3086 cellphone

                                     6                                                                     63
                                     you need us!

                                       V eR                                                          COME TO DINNER!
                               we ARe heRe when
                                 you need us!

                                                                                              SATURDAY NIGHT: ALL YOU CAN EAT SPAGHETTI
                                                                                                     Benefits Ladies & League Shooting at WWGC

                                       V eR                 A Rs                                       $8.00 Donation / Right After Shoot-Offs

                                   o                  ye                                       “SPECIAL EVENT” TO FOLLOW SPAGHETTI FEED!

                                          Rs                                                                 ATA RULES APPLY

                   • WE sErvicE all gm and othEr                                          WALLA WALLA GUN CLUB & CAMAS PRAIRIE TRAPSHOOTING
                 makEs/ modEls of cars and trucks                                         ASSOCIATION are authorized to hold a Registered Trapshoot
                                                                                          at Walla Walla Gun Club March 18-20, 2011. ATA rules will
      • plus WE havE a full sErvicE dEtail shop
                                                                                          govern the entire proceeding, and all targets will be registered
              We Have Been Here For Over 50 Years                                         except practice targets. Hand reloads may be used but must
            and We Will Be Here For The Next 50 Years                                     conform to ATA regulations. Anyone found to abuse this or any
            • WE sErvicE all gm and othEr                                                      rule forfeits entry, purse, trophy and option monies.
                 makEs/ modEls of cars and trucks
     Where everybody gets a great deal!
     • plus WE havE a full sErvicE dEtail shop
                         We Have Been Here 1-800-814-5456
                    (509) 334-3555 • For Over 50 Years
                                                                          See Our Ad In
                                                                                                             PERPETUAL PURSE
                        and We Will Be Here pullman, waShington Years
The most dependable, longest
lasting trucks on the road.  250 SE biShop blvd., For The Next 50                                            TIES & SHOOT-OFFS
                                                                                           Ties on all 25 target event perpetual purses will be shot off on next
                                                                                          subsequent 25 target sub-event, with the reverse system applying when
     Larry L. Zimmerman CPA                                    Sally J. Bishop CPA        necessary. If this method does not produce a winner for purses involved,
                             Terry D. deal!
     Where everybody gets a great Eng CPA
     Robert L. Biagi CPA                                                                  then a shoot-off between those tied will be necessary to determine the
                    (509) 334-3555 • 1-800-814-5456                       See Our Ad In

                                                           winner. Ties on the 100 target perpetual purse must also be shot off on
The most dependable, longest
lasting trucks on the road.   250 SE biShop blvd., pullman, waShington                    the same day to determine the winner.

        ! Accounting
        	    ! Payroll
        	    	     ! Consulting
        	    	     	    ! Taxes & Planning
        	    	     	    	     ! Financial Preparation                                           ANTHONY, NICK, & MARK BROWN
                                                62                                                                           7
  On behalf of the Board of Directors and Officers of
the Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association, welcome to
the 58th Annual CPTA Handicap.
  From the bylaws of the CPTA, “The purpose of this
Association shall be the promotion of trapshooting, with
particular emphasis on the new and/or younger shooter.
To this end, the Association will sponsor the annual
Camas Prairie Shoot for members of the Association.”
With this in mind we have worked to contain cost and
provide trophies and purses for all levels of trap shooting
  A couple of exciting changes to this program are: 100
more targets in the form of an additional 50 pair doubles,
and moving the doubles championship to Saturday so
that all of the championship events will be shot on the
  Have a great time and shoot well!
                  — Bill Whitman
                             8                                61
                WALLA WALLA GUN CLUB LLC
                Your Invitation To Attend the
             58th Annual Camas Prairie Handicap
      The officers and Directors of the CPTA and WWGC are pleased to
     invite you to Walla Walla for the 58th Annual Handicap. We have a great
     program for you this year, and Walla Walla is a great place to shoot and
     have fun. As usual, the team trophies are up for grabs, and our shoot
     program is geared so that even new shooters have a great chance at
     money and trophies.
      Walla Walla Gun Club will be open Wednesday evening for camper
     early arrivals, and will hold fun shoots at the Club Thursday evening.
     The cashier will be Steve Eichenberger of Boise. Steve will be available
     beginning Thursday afternoon so come on out to Walla Walla early and
     get signed up. Don’t forget the Spaghetti Feed and “Special Event”, both
     of which start right after the shoot-offs on Saturday.
                  2011 CAMAS PRAIRIE OFFICERS
             BILL WHITMAN, President    LARY SWANDIC, Sec/Treas.
                     CHRIS ARVAS, Vice-President
                             2011 DIRECTORS
     JIM DAHMAN, Colton           DAVE MILLER, Lewiston
     ROD SHEETS, Cottonwood       KURTIS BRAUN, Nezperce
     RUSS BRAUN, Culdesac         JOE EICHERT, Orofino
     SEAN LEWIS, Endicott         TERRY JOHN, Pomeroy
     ALAN KEASAL, Garfield        RON JEANBLANC, St Maries
     MARK KURRAK, Grangeville     CHRIS ARVAS, Troy-Deary
     DARIN WILLIAMS, Wal-Kel.     RON STONE, Winchester
     BOB ARMITAGE, Indian Valley  CARL KILGORE, White Bird
                   TIM CHRISTOPHERSON, Kamiah

                     Auto RepAiR
      ES             electRicAl SpeciAliStS inc.
                     Jim Robinson • John hackeR
         301 Troy Road                                 208-882-7105
         Moscow, ID 83843                

60                                      9
                WELCOME BACK TO
              WALLA WALLA GUN CLUB!                                     JB Bags & Trophies

                                                                                    Harrison, Idaho
                                     alla Walla Gun Club is
                                     proud to welcome you              Lynnette and I would like to thank the
                                     back for the 58th Annual       Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association and the
                           Camas Prairie Handicap. On                Walla Walla Gun Club for the opportunity to
                           behalf of all of us at WWGC, we               provide the trophies for this shoot!
                           really appreciate the great work
                           of CPTA President Bill Whitman,
                           Secretary-Treasurer Lary Swandic,          Good Luck & Break ‘em All !!!
                           and so many others to make this
                           shoot even better than last year.                   “No Shoot Too Big Or Too Small”

We invite you to come join us for Camas Prairie action
March 18-20. Walla Walla is an excellent place to hold this           Barbed Wire
renowned shooting event, the people are as nice and helpful as
you will find at any gun club anywhere, and there is no mud!        Leather Company
All of Walla Walla’s shoots and other activities are posted
on our website, You can get        •Custom Made
RV reservations, presquad, and even print a shoot program        •Quality Leather Products
directly from the website. Come have a look around!              •Trapshooting Trophies

 Be sure to be here Saturday night for a great spaghetti feed,   Suppliers Of Leather Trophies
followed by the much-anticipated “Special Event”, back this      For The Camas Prairie Handicap
year by popular demand. Again, we are pleased to welcome
you to Walla Walla Gun Club. Please let me know how we              “We hope you enjoy our handmade leather trophies...”
can make your trip and your experience more enjoyable. Call
my cellphone directly before, after, and especially during the
shoot. See you here!
                                                                              For Quotes: Call 208•689•9988
             BOB BLOCH, CHairman                                                email to
           registered sHOOt COmmittee
               541-969-7913 (CeLL)                                              website:
                                                Ron JeanBlanc & Cheryl Mathis, Owners

                             10                                                               59
                                                                               HISTORY OF THE CAMAS PRAIRIE
                                                                                TRAPSHOOTING ASSOCIATION
                                                        The Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association was dreamed up in the fall of 1953.
                                                                   Willard Smith of Craigmont is generally regarded as the originator of the idea of
                                                                   having seven small clubs become binding and competing against one another in a
                                                                   group to be called the Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association.
             LES’S PUMP & ELECTRICAL, INC.                           The seven small clubs who formed the original association were Winchester,
                                    509-529-0550 (office)           Culdesac, Orofino, Cottonwood, Grangeville, Kamiah and Nezperce. Because
                                                                   each of the clubs was comprised of half a dozen or so veteran shooters, it was
                                      509-520-3632 (cell)          recognized that new blood and encouragement was necessary. Various means to
                                                                   this end were kicked around and it was the feeling of Smith and others that if the
                                                                   opportunity to win trophies was the theme, then perhaps this would provide the
                                  MARK JUNGMANN                    necessary inducement for them to join the fold. It is interesting to note that over
                                     Certified Well Driller         the years almost every one of the original members of the CPTA is still active in
                                                                   some way. In 1960. Riggins was also admitted.
                                    Oregon & Washington              The annual shoot-offs grew in popularity, and so it was that Troy-Deary, Pomeroy,
                                                                   Colton, Pullman, St. Maries, Garfield, Pierce, Potlatch and Lewiston, who divided
                              Sales • Installation • Repair        into Ranger, Shurshots, Victors and Experts, asked to be admitted and were
                                 Any Make Or Model                 welcomed into the present association. In 1984 Coeur d’Alene and Endicott were
                                                                   added to the association. In 1986, Coeur d’Alene and Salmon River were dropped
                                                                   for non-participation and Hauser Lake was added. In 1987 Whitebird Gun Club
                                              was admitted. The annual shoot-off became so popular that it was one of the
                                                                   largest shoots held in the Northwest and Lewiston Gun Club had the only facility
                                                                   adequate to accommodate the large number of shooters wishing to attend.
                                                                     We are proud of the accomplishment, and it’s easy to think back over the years
                                                                   and remember our first shoot-off when six or seven squads gathered for a non-

     L & G RANCH SUPPLY                                            registered go at the clay birds. No doubt some younger shooters would be amused
                                                                   if they could have seen us shooting over old, hand pulled traps located on grounds
                                                                   that could only be called primitive. In many cases there were only four or five
                                                                   trap guns in an entire club so they were shared by the whole membership. We
                             Available At Both Locations           took our turn setting birds, keeping score and pulling traps. After a whirl in the
                     620 Thain Road             2275 Nursery St.   traphouse and on the end of the pipe handle used to cock and release the trap,
             “Start Right. Start Here!” Moscow, ID 83843
                     Lewiston, ID 83501
                                                                   one felt like he’d spent a hard day in the salt mines.
                                                                     Then. as now, there were some pretty fancy scores testifying to the fact that
 2930 E.     Isaacs • Walla Walla WA 99362
                     208-746-6447                  208-883-3007    the old boys were tough in anybody’s company, one would have thought that
                 509-525-3730                                      thousands of dollars rested on the outcome of the early contests.
                                                                     Proof that the original intentions of increasing interest in shotgun shooting have
                                                                   been attained is also evident in the large membership and modern grounds and
                                                                   facilities enjoyed by all clubs in the Camas Prairie Association. To name all the
                 DEARY AUTO PARTS                                  people responsible for the popularity and success of the CPTA would be impossible
                                                                   in this small space. We are especially proud of X.E. Durant, a past president of the
                                                                   ATA who was Chairman of the Central Handicap Committee for the ATA. Dan
                          DAN WHITCOMB                             McKenzie of Troy has served as President of the ATA. In 1960 the CPTA was
                                                                   featured in Trap & Field magazine as a unique and noteworthy organization and
                 406 2nd Ave.                 208•877•7221         focused national attention on our group.
Good Luck
                 PO Box 306               fax 208•877•7420           This year, we are so pleased to again have our shoot at Walla Walla. Camas
                 Deary, ID 83823                                   Prairie shooters have embraced the move and found Walla Walla to be a great
                                                                   place to hold the shoot, and to continue our 58 year history for many more
                            58                                                                             11
                 RV RESERVATIONS
Anyone wishing RV reservations please                           UNIONTOWN CO-OPERATIVE
 call Teresa Kohn at 509-488-6626, or
 email to                                 ASSOCIATION
        $35.00 for 3 day shoot                                          PO Box 127
          First Come, First Served
                                                                    Uniontown, WA 99179

                                                                       Serving Area Farmers
                                                                             Since 1916
Port Of Wilma          Cottonwood                   Kendrick
Craigmont              Grangeville                   Kamiah     GRAIN • PEAS • FEED • SEED • SUPPLIES
Moscow                 Nezperce                     Pullman
                   Port Of Central Ferry

Columbia Grain International
                 509•758•1000                                                        N t lR           M        t
                                                                                     Natural Resource Management
                                                                                               Since 1984
          Good Luck Shooters!
                                                                                          Good Luck Shooters!
                                                                                          G d L k Sh        !

                                                                               A full service Natural Resource consulting firm

                  La Casita                                     •   Log Marketing & Inventory           •
                                                                                                            GPS/GIS Services
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                                                                •   Harvest Administration
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                                                                                                            Fire Hazard Mitigation
• Celebrations                                     Mexico       • Water Resources

                  Mexican Family Restaurant                                                          k         l
                                                                               Moscow, ID  ‐ Deer Park, WA ‐ Helena, MT
       315 South Ninth • Walla Walla, WA • (509) 522-4941                                     (208) 883‐4488

                               12                                                                  57
                       CAMAS PRAIRIE HANDICAP                                                             CAMAS PRAIRIE
                       ADVANCE SQUADDING FORM
                                                                                                        MEMBER CLUBS FORUM
E-Mail: _____________________                                                                           WHAT’S HAPPENING IN 2011
Name: __________________________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________________

                                                                                                      COLTON GUN CLUB
City: ________________________ State: ________ Zip:___________
Phone (day): ___________________ Phone (eve): _______________
Your Yardage: _____________ ATA                      and/or _____________PITA

Squad Desired: (circle one) 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60
Preferred Post: First Choice ________ Second Choice ___________
(Note: If preferred post/squad are not available, squad by ____post or ____squad (choose one only)

Please Circle Which Events You Will Shoot:
(16 yd)      (Hndcp)      (Dbls)      (Dbls)        (16 yd)     (Hndcp)     (16 yd)     (Hndcp)
              IF SHOOTING ALL EVENTS 1-8, CHECK HERE _________
                                                                                                            Good Luck
PLEASE NOTE:                                                                                                 Shooters!
(1) This form must be returned by MARCH 11, 2011 to be considered,
   and must include a $50.00 non-refundable deposit per person. We will
   NOT hold empty squads or posts for uncompleted forms. Checks from
   outside USA must specify “US FUNDS” on the check. Please make checks
   payable to CPTA. Deposits will be applied to entry forms.
(2) Use a separate form for each shooter. Photocopy as required.                                     Pomeroy Gun Club
(3) Management is not responsible for late entries.
(4) NO PHONE CALLS ACCEPTED for pre-squadding. This form is the
   only method that may be used to pre-squad.
(5) You must MAIL this form to the Camas Prairie cashier:                                                          Good Luck Shooters!
               Steve Eichenberger
               11915 W. Silverking Dr.,
               Boise, ID 83709-2253

                                                                                                              HOME OF THE
(6) Send all forms by FIRST CLASS MAIL with no signature required. Do
   NOT use Registered or Certified Mail. We will not pick up mail from the
   post office if we miss delivery because of “signature required.”
(7) Partial or full squads should be mailed in the same envelope. If you
   mail pre-squadding forms together but do NOT wish to be squadded
   together, please say so.
(8) Shooters will be squadded on a first-come basis. Shooters pre-squadding
                                                                                                     DECEMBER 11   SHOOT!
   for the entire program will be given priority over those pre-squadding
   for Saturday & Sunday only.
                                               56                                                                  13
             CPTA PAST OFFICERS, continued...
                                                                                           CPTA SHOOT COMMITTEES
 Year    Club          President         Vice President Sec/Treas.                                      Grievances
1974    Garfield       Cordell Harder Joe Eichert          Don Johnson. Jr.      Danny McKenzie, Bill Whitman, Spud Storey, Bruce Baumgartner
1973    Pullman        Duane Lane        Dan McKenzie Jr. Bob Askins                          Chris Arvas, Alan Keasal (Alternate)
1972    Nezperce       Gary Doggett      Cordell Harder Stan Braun                                     Handicapping
1971    St. Maries     C. C. Beck. Jr. Bob Finnell         Forrest Winch             Chris Arvas, Jim Dahman, George Seubert, Jim Nelson,
1970    Pierce         Lowell Widner Gary Ball             Edna Widner                   Danny McKenzie, Ron JeanBlanc, Larry Bunch
1969    Culdesac       Bruce Finnell     Hal Smurthwaite Jean Messinger                                Trap Setting
1968    Pullman        Duane Lane        Dan McKenzie Gene Arnold                      Sean Lewis, Rod Sheets, Joe Eichert, Spud Storey,
1967    Orofino        X.E. (Bus) Durant Dale BallJack & Betty Fairley                              Mark Jungmann, Ed Weitz
1966    Culdesac       Melvin Finnell    Dan McKenzie Jean Messinger
1965    Troy-Deary     Dan Mckenzie Bruce Finnell          Darlene McKenzie
                                                                                                   CPTA Officers & Directors
1964    Cottonwood     Curt Burkland Ben Schnider          Rich Riener
1963    Nezperce       Duane Miller      LeRoy Henderson Robert Boyer                                     Trophies
1962    Orofino        X.E. (Bus) Durant Ken Summers       Ralph Miller                           Ron JeanBlanc, Mark Kurruk
1961    Cottonwood     Dan McKenzie James Arnot            Darlene McKenzie                             CPTA Directors
1960    Grangeville    Dan Asker         Ted Knivila       Ted Hilbert
1959    Culdesac       Lloyd Roberts Clen Reid             Johnnie Nickel               SHOOTER CLASSIFICATIONS
1958    Orofino        LeRoy Henderson Cecil Hill          Glen Reid
                                                                               Classification will be based upon your 2009 and 2010 official average
1957    Craigmont      Curt Burklund Al Ralston            I. A. Schaff
                                                                                 and known ability, which will have strong bearing in all cases.
1956    Winchester     Bruce Finnell     Lloyd Roberts
                                                                              Shooters who have no established average will be classified as follows:
1955    Craigmont      Willard Smith     George Hutchins
                                                                                       •Ladies and Sub-Juniors, not less than Class B and 19 yards
1954    Orofino        Willard Smith     Dick Thomas
                                                                                               •Juniors, not less than Class B and 20 yards
                                                                                                •Men, not less than Class B and 20 yards

                                                                                NOTE: All Specialty Classes MUST Be Designated When You

                        Sprenger                                              Are First Classified. Shooters Are Limited To Only One Specialty
                                                                               Classification. There Are NO EXCEPTIONS To This ATA Rule.

                        Construction                                                           Classification By Averages
                                                                                                 16 YARD SINGLES EVENTS
                        Inc.                                                                  Class AA                97% and above
                                                                                              Class A                 94% and under 97%
                                                                                              Class B                 91% and under 94%
                                                                                              Class C                 88% and under 91%
              Good Luck Shooters!                                                             Class D                 Under 88%

                                                                                                       DOUBLES EVENTS
                      MIKE SPRENGER                                                           Class AA                93% and above
                        Licensed & Bonded                                                     Class A                 89% and under 93%
        PO Box 9869                               208•882•7713                                Class B                 85% and under 89%
        Moscow, ID 83843                   (cell) 509•595•2100                                Class C                 78% and under 85%
                                                                                              Class D                 Under 78%

                                    50                                                                          19
                                                                             CAMAS PRAIRIE TRAPSHOOTING ASSOCIATION
                                                                                             PRESENT & PAST OFFICERS
              CPTA TEAM TROPHIES                                        In the first ten years of the Camas Prairie Shoot,Clubs from the surrounding
                Three Person Team Trophy                               areas hosted the shoot. They included Orofino, Craigmont, Culdesac,
 Each club may enter as many 3 person teams as it wishes, but no       Neperce and Cottonwood. In 1965 the shoot became too large for most of
individual may appear on more than one team.                           these clubs and the Camas Prairie Trapshoot was held in Lewiston from 1965
                                                                       to 2008, with area clubs hosting the shoot. In 2009, the shoot was moved
                                                                       to Walla Walla, and the entire Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association was
                 Four Person Team Trophy                               pleased to be your host. In 2011, CPTA DIRECTORS are your hosts.
 Each club may enter as many 4 person teams as it wishes, but no        For 2011, CPTA officers include Bill Whitman, President, Chris Arvas, Vice-
individual may appear on more than one team. Additionally, at least    President, and Lary Swandic, Secretary-Treasurer.
one member of the team must be a Lady.
                                                                       Year     Club             President           Vice President      Sec/Treas.
                  Five Person Team Trophy                              2010    Colton            Bill Whitman        Brian Windsor       Lary Swandic
 The 5 person team shall be composed of one shooter from each class    2009    CPTA              Mike Hallisey       Joe Eichert         Jim Bafus
AA or A, B, C, D and a new shooter who has never shot registered       2008    Troy-Deary        Mike Hallisey       Kurt McCall         Jim Bafus/Don Smith
                                                                       2007    Endicott          Jim Hughes          Tom Martin          Jaimie Hughes
targets prior to September 1, 2010. A club not having a shooter in
                                                                       2006    Garfield          Alan Keasal         Eric Slocum         Tricia Orr
each class may move one up from a lower class, but may not move        2005    Troy-Deary        Danny McKenzie      Jim Nelson          Deb McKenzie
one down from a higher class. If a club does not have a new shooter,   2004    Colton            Keith Dahmen        Jeff Kinzer         Lynette Kinzer
it may borrow one from another club. Only one team may be entered      2003    Lewiston          Alan Olmstead       Frank Williams      Holly Ferrell
from each club.                                                        2002    Garfield          Alan Keasal         Jeff Kelnhofer      Craig Cochran
                                                                       2001    St. Maries        Mel Finnell         Robert Grieser      Melody Finnell
                                                                       2000    Nezperce          Bill Hansen         Kurtis Braun        Bob Harris
                                                                       1999    Pomeroy           Bob Koller          Larry Bunch         Teresa Bingman
                                                                       1998    Cottonwood        Rod Sheets          Brad Fischer        Jean Poxleitner
           SPECIAL EVENT!                                              1997    Orofino-Pierce    Joe Eichert         Bob Thomason        Lary Swandic
           SPECIAL EVENT!                                              1996
                                                                                                 Marv Hergert
                                                                                                 Bruce Baumgartner
                                                                                                                     Glenn Smick
                                                                                                                     Chris Arvas
                                                                                                                                         Ron Garrett
                                                                                                                                         Mike Hallisey
                                                                       1994    Wallace-Kellogg   Darin Williams      Chris Arvas         Casey Stoddard
 Shooters! The Special Event will be held                              1993    Colton            Chris Arvas         Mike Hallisey       Ron Druffel
  one half hour after completion of the                                1992
                                                                               St. Maries
                                                                                                 Larry Schrader
                                                                                                 Bob Thomason
                                                                                                                     Wendell Baker
                                                                                                                     Tom Runcorn
                                                                                                                                         Bob Grieser
                                                                                                                                         Lary Swandic
        Shoot-Offs On Saturday.                                        1990    Hauser Lake       John Darlas         Sonny Lage          Gordon Schoonmaker
                                                                       1989    Troy-Deary        Danny McKenzie      John Darlas         Bruce Baumgartner
             Don’t Miss Out!!!                                         1988    Colton            Jim Dahmen          John Darlas         Ron Druffel
                                                                       1987    Grangeville       Bob Nolan           Joe Eichert         Helen Baker
                                                                       1986    Troy-Deary        Steve Kirkland      Darin Williams      Bruce Baumgartner
                                                                       1985    St. Maries        Greg Lowe           Larry Anderson      John Olson
               Special CPTA Thank You To                               1984    Cottonwood        George Enneking     Dave Boknecht       Karla Enneking
                                                                       1983    Nezperce          Dick Wessels        George Enneking     Jim Henderson
             JB BAGS & TROPHIES                                        1982    Orofino           Gary Medley         John Keppinger      Sandy Medley
                               and                                     1981    St. Maries        Larry Smith         Joe Eichert         John Olsoen
  BARBED WIRE LEATHER GOODS                                            1980    Troy-Deary        Mike Hallisey       Larry Smith         Danny McKenzie
           For Donation Of Men’s and Ladies’                           1979    Culdesac          Ted Lester          Mike Hallisey       J.Messinger/R. Clear
                                                                       1978    Colton            Ron Druffel         Ted Lester          Nancy Allen
                All Star Team Trophies                                 1977    Grangeville       Ray Brown           Ron Druffel         Debbie McCulley
              “Way To Go, Ron & Cheryl !”                              1976    Troy-Deary        Bruce Baumgartner   Gary Doggett        Danny McKenzie
                                                                       1975    Lewiston          Bob Gregg           Bruce Baumgartner   Cliff Hoover
                                20                                                                             49
                 SHOOT NOTES &
                         (Please Read Carefully)

               Club Secretaries, Please Note:
•  You are asked to bring a list of your shooters and their averages to
    the handicap table as soon as possible.

                Shooters Are Responsible For:
•  Notifying handicap table if you belong to any other trapshooting
     association, and bringing your average card, properly updated and
     averaged, with you to the handicap table.
•  Shooting your correct yardage. You will forfeit all entries and option
     moneys if you shoot an incorrect yardage.
•  Notifying the handicap table if you are a member of Camas Prairie
     Trapshooting Association.
•  Notifying handicap table if you are a New Shooter, Lady, Junior,
     Sub-Junior, Veteran, or Senior Veteran.
•  Each shooter must watch his/her own score. No changes are ever
     allowed after shooter leaves a post.

                Classifications, Ties, Shoot-offs
•  No classifications may be added or changed at the scoreboard.
•  Ties for trophies will be shot off according to ATA rules.

              Handicap Table & Office Hours
•  The handicap table and office will open for sign up on Thursday, March
    17, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm. All shooters are encouraged to
    come early and sign up.

                       Refunds & Re-Entry
•  No entry fees, purses, or options will be refunded after the event
    has started. All refunds will be mailed to the shooter with any         
    payoffs. Absolutely no cash refunds.
•  No shooter will be allowed to re-enter any event from which he/she
    has withdrawn unless approved by the Grievance Committee.

                    Entries May Be Capped
•  Shoot Management reserves the right to cap the number of entries
     for any event.
                           continued next page                                  Walla Walla Washington
                                   22                                           47
                    WOMEN’S ALL STARS
Jan Brannan              Nezperce
                                            Tina Keller
                                            Jean Poxleitner
                                                                                              SHOOT NOTES &
Nikki Brown               Garfield          Tracy Hanger         Pomeroy                  GENERAL INFORMATION
Shannon Olsen            Culdesac           2003                                                            (continued)
Yvonne Jordan           Grangeville         Holly Ferrell         Lewiston
Tracy Hanger             Pomeroy            Dawn Barnard         Lewiston
2009                                        Tracy Hanger        Pomeroy                            Advance Squadding
Tracy Arvas             Troy/Deary          Tracy Arvas        Troy/Deary
Lindsey Hodges              Garfield        Jennifer Bly       TroylDeary    •  Shooters may pre-squad by using the form found on page 56 in
Deb McKenzie            Troy/Deary          2002                                  this booklet. This form must be received by March 11th in order
Angie Bumgarner        Indian Valley        Holly Ferrell       Lewiston          to be considered, and must include a non-refundable $50.00
Deb Kirkland            Troy/Deary          Nancy Olmstead      Culdesac
2008                                        Tammy Blair          Garfield         deposit. No one may pre-squad unless he/she submits full name,
Holly Ferrell             Lewiston          Tracy Hanger        Pomeroy           address, and ATA number on form. The $50.00 deposit will be
Holly Ledgerwood          Pomeroy           Jan Brannan         Nezperce          forfeited if the first squad that shooter pre-squads for is missed.
Dawn Barnard           Troy/Deary           2001
Tracy Arvas            Troy/Deary           Laura Winkel      Hauser Lake         Open squads will not be held.
Donita Powers        Orofino/Pierce         Teresa Kohn         Pomeroy
2007                                        Sue Nelson          Pomeroy      •  Make checks payable to CPTA. Checks from outside the USA must
Holly Ferrell             Lewiston          Jeann Willson     Winchester          specify “US FUNDS” on the check.
Cherie McCall           Troy/Deary          Tina Keller         Pomeroy
Yvonne Jordan           Grangeville         2000                             •  Management will not be responsible for late entries.
Tracy Arvas             Troy/Deary          Marlys Wilson      Troy/Deary
Deb McKenzie            Troy/Deary          Teresa Kohn          Pomeroy     •  No phone calls accepted for pre-squadding. The pre-squadding form
2006                                        Carol Warden       Grangeville        is the only method allowed for pre-squadding.
Holly Ferrell             Lewiston          Yvonne Jordan      White Bird
Tracy Hanger              Pomeroy           Deb Kirkland       Troy/Deary    •  Partial or full squads should be mailed in the same envelope.
Lindsey Hodges             Garfield         1999
Dawn Barnard              Lewiston          Tina Keller          Pomeroy     •  Mail all forms and deposits to the shoot cashier, Steve Eichenberger,
Donna Blacker           Troy/Deary          Selena Brenner       Pomeroy          at 11915 W. Silverking Dr., Boise, ID 83709-2253.
2005                                        Marlys Wilson      Troy/Deary
Jan Brannan              Nezperce           Lynette Kinzer         Colton    •  Shooters pre-squadding for the entire program will be given priority
Holly Ferrell             Lewiston          Tracy Arvas        Troy/Deary         over those pre-squadding for Saturday and Sunday only. Saturday
Deb Kirkland            Troy/Deary          1998                                  and Sunday shooters may not be pre-squadded earlier than
Holly Ledgerwood          Pomeroy           Tracy Arvas        TroylDeary
Charlotte Sickels        WhiteBird          Lynette Kinzer         Colton         Squad 50.
2004                                        Marlys Wilson      TroylDeary
Tracy Arvas             TroylDeary          Jean Poxleitner   Cottonwood     •  Upon arrival at the shoot, anyone pre-squadded should go to the
Jennifer Bly            TroylDeary          Tina Keller          Pomeroy          handicap table and tell the committee that you are pre-squadded.
                                                                                 Then you may proceed to the cashier, where your squad and post
                                                                                  will be marked on your entry form.
         A Shooting Tradition Since 1892.                                                     • • Please Note • •
                                                                             • CPTA & WWGC reserve the right to change the
                                                                                   program at any time.
                                                                             • No one may pick up empty shells.
                                                                             • Watch Squad Board: No squads will be called.
                                                                             • Only designated persons may score, pull,
                                                                                   call targets, or set traps. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
                                                                             • ATA rules regarding shoots qualifying for All
                                                                                   American Points will be followed.
                                                                             • CPTA will award pins for first time Camas Prairie
                                                                                   100 & 200 straight in any event 1-8.
                                       46                                                                       23
                                                          1994                                       1988
                                                          John Maloney              Orofino          Nolan Hildreth          Lewiston

                                                          Darin Williams     Wallace/Kellogg         Hal Smirthwaite       Grangeville
                                                          Hal Smurthwaite        Grangeville         Jim Dahmen                Colton
                                                          Mike Long           Cottonwood             Marvin Greenwalt        Pomeroy
For Your Marketing Needs On                               Bob Thomason              Orofino          Larry Ziegler       Hauser Lake
Soft White Wheat, DNS, Barley, and                        1993                                       1987
Soft White Club                                           Don Smith             Troy/Deary           Rod Sheets            Grangeville
                                                          Don Lanpher           Troy/Deary           Nolan Hildreth          Lewiston
                                                          Jim Dahmen                 Colton          Carl Deward             Lewiston
             Call                                         John Keppinger       Indian Valley         Mike Long          Cottonwood
  Curt Claassen,
Curt Claussen, Colfax                                     Mike Long            Cottonwood            John Maloney              Kamiah
                                                          1992                                       1986
       509•397•9240                                       Dave Nightingale     Cottonwood            Joe Eichert              Orofino
                                                          Mike Long            Cottonwood            Bill Larsen. Sr.         Orofino
       800•424•5056                                       Red Hauser           Hauser Lake           Danny McKenzie       Troy/Deary
                                                          Don Payiva           Hauser Lake           Marv Mustard              Colton
                                                          Jim Evans            Hauser Lake           Bruce Baumgartner    Troy/Deary
       delivering to                                      1991                                       1985
• Pomeroy Grain Growers                                   Hal Smurthwaite        Grangeville         Ralph Ballard           Culdesac
• Central Ferry                                           Mike Long           Cottonwood             Bill Schuerman          Lewiston
                                                          Rod Sheets             Grangeville         Gary Medley              Orofino
                                                          Beaver Williams    Wallace/Kellogg         Darin Williams    Wallace/Kellogg
                                                          Dick Wessels            Nezperce           John Messinger          Culdesac
                                                          1990                                       1984
                                                          Mike Long            Cottonwood            John Keppinger      Indian Valley
                                                          Glen Hibbs               Orofino           Gary Summer            St. Maries

    JW & Associates PLLC
                                                          Gary Medley              Orofino           Bill Larsen, Sr         Orofi no
                                                          Dave Nightingale     Cottonwood            Jim Dahmen                Colton
                                                          Buck Garritson           Orofino           Ralph Ballard           Culdesac
    Certified Public Accountants and Advisors              Joe Eichert                Orofino
                                                                                                     Dave Boknecht        Winchester
                                                          John Keppinger        Indian Valley        Jim Dahmen               Col ton
                                                          Jim Dahmen                  Colton         Buck Erickson        Winchester
                          104 West Island Street          Marvin Hergert            Endicott         Buck Garriston           Orofino
                                                          Hal Smurthwaite         Grangeville        Bill McCabe          Troy/Deary
                          Colfax, WA 99111-2022
                             509 • 397 • 3461                                2010 TROPHY WINNERS
                                                                      Willard Smith Founders Trophy - JOE EICHERT
                           509 • 397 • 4418 (fax)                         Founders Trophy - GRANT WILLIAMS
                                                                     Veva Baldwin Memorial Trophy - TERESA KOHN
                                  Specializing In                      Three Person Team - COLTON GUN CLUB
                            Agriculture • Agri-Business               Four Person Team - WALLACE-KELLOGG GC
                                                                      Five Person Team - WALLACE-KELLOGG GC
 Jon Webber • Alicia Clossen • Kathryn Anderson                   10 Week Club Championship Winner - CULDESAC GC
   Jon Webber • Fred Bell • Kathryn Anderson                         10 Week Club Championship RU - GARFIELD GC
       Brandy Wigen • •John Pudelkewicz
        Brandy Wigen Bradley Spanton                       10 Week Club Championship Jr. Div. Winner - WALLACE-KELLOGG GC
                                                              10 Week Club Championship Jr. Div. RU - COTTONWOOD GC
                             24                                                                 45
 The top five shooters who beak the most 25’s on the first time out during the
10-week shoot are recognized in the CPTA program. Ties are shot off and the
winners announced for the 2011 team on Saturday following Event 6.
Rod Hubner                Garfield
                                           Spud Storey              Culdesac
                                                                                 E vEnt n o . 1
Wade Sickels            Whitebird          Mike Long             Cottonwood
Will Anderson            Culdesac          Sonny Lage                Orofino
Terry Leinweber            Colton          Trever Deyo               Orofino
Casey Green            Troy-Deary          Jeff Kinzer                Colton        CAMAS PRAIRIE
2009                                       2001
Rod Hubner                Garfield         Larry Zieglar        Hauser Lake      PRELIMINARY SINGLES
Wade Sickels            Whitebird          Spud Storey              Culdesac
Will Anderson            Culdesac          Derek Williams     Wallace/Kellogg    100 16 Yd. Singles Targets
Terry Leinweber            Colton          John Maloney              Orofino
Casey Green            Troy-Deary          Jim Dahmen                 Colton              Friday, March 18
2008                                       2000
Don Sickels            White Bird          Mike Long             Cottonwood                    9:00 am
Dale Kinzel             Culdesac           Jeff Kinzer                Colton
Spud Storey             Culdesac           Wayne McCulley           Culdesac     GUARANTEED PURSE -        $625.00
Jason Reisenauer          Colton           Sonny Lage                Orofino
Colin Sprute           White Bird          Dave Boknecht          Winchester               FIVE CLASSES
2007                                       1999                                          $125.00 Each Class
Vaughn Kelley         Indian Valley        Monty Ewing            Grangeville
Don Sickles             White Bird         Mike Long             Cottonwood               High Gun System
Hal Smurthwaite         Grangeville        Dave Nightingale      Cottonwood       Divided $35, $30, $25, $20, $15
Jeff Kinzer                 Colton         Jim Geary                Lewiston
2006                                       Spud Storey              Culdesac           ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
Charles Randle            Colton           1998                                  Entrance                          $26.50
Larry Ziegler         Hauser Lake          Jeff Kinzer                Colton
Scott Dotson              Kamiah           Mike Long             Cottonwood      WSTA & ISTA Fee                     1.50
Don Sickels            White Bird          John Sundberg             Orofino     Optional Purse                      5.00
Colin Sprute           White Bird          Dick Adams            Hauser Lake
                                           Glenn Hibbs              Lewiston       (1 pay per 5 entries)
Rick Bostrom           Troy/Deary          1997                                  Lewis Purse                        10.00
                                           Mike Long             Cottonwood
Mike Long             Cottonwood
                                           Dave Nightingale      Cottonwood        (1 pay per 10 entries)
Dennis McJunkin        Troy/Deary          Mark Barnard           Troy/Deary
Don Sickels            White Bird                                                •  ACH CLASS SHOOTS FOR ITS OWN MONEY •
                                           John Maloney              Orofino
Spud Storey              Culdesac          Ron Koeper               Lewiston           Shooting 5 Targets Per Post
2004                                       1996                                          50 Targets Per Trap
Buck Garritson            Orofino          Gene Harrison         Hauser Lake
Dan Thompson            Nezperce           Jeff Kinzer               Colton
Mike Long             Cottonwood           Hal Smurthwaite        Grangeville
Rod Sheets             Grangeville         Jim Clayton             Lewiston
Larry Ziegler         Hauser Lake          Jim Evans             Hauser Lake
2003                                       1995
Ryan Leinweber           Lewiston          John Keppinger        Indian Valley
Mike Long             Cottonwood           Mike Long             Cottom ood
Paul Snider              Lewiston          Jim Evans             Hauser Lake
Mark Barnard             Lewiston          Wayne Roberts             Lewiston
Gary Ferrell             Lewiston          Wade Sickels            White Bird
                                      44                                                         25
                                                                           Manufacturers Of

 E vEnt n o . 2                                                              The Finest
                                                                           LOG TRAILERS

     100 Handicap Targets                           Alpine Industrial llc
            Friday, March 18
                                                           B RUCE B AUMGARTNER
         Paying 15 Places
      $150.00             1st Place                 PO Box 341       Office 208 877-1714
       130.00             2nd Place
       100.00             3rd Place                 Deary ID 83823        Fax 208 877-1198
        90.00             4th Place
        70.00             5th Place
        50.00             6th Place
        50.00             7th Place
        50.00             8th Place
        40.00             9th Place
        40.00           10th Place
        40.00           11th Place
        40.00           12th Place
        30.00           13th Place
        30.00           14th Place
        30.00           15th Place

         ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
  Entrance                                $26.50
  WSTA & ISTA Fee                            1.50
  Optional Purse                            10.00
    (1 pay per 7 entries)
  Lewis Purse                               10.00
    (1 pay per 10 entries)
  100’s Option                               1.00
   (Total 100, 100% to Winner)
  50’s Option                               15.00
    ($5.00 on each 50(3), divided 50-30-20)
  25’s Option                               20.00
    ($5 on each 25, divided 60-40)

                      26                                             43
       •Used Vehicles
                         
                                                                          E vEnt n o . 3
       •Sales               •800-473-5483
       •Service                405 E. Main St.
       •Parts              Palouse WA 99161
                                               CAMAS PRAIRIE
                                                                         PRELIMINARY DOUBLES
                                                                           50 Pair Doubles Targets
                                                                                   Friday, March 18                                208 746 7735 Shop
MATT THOMASSON                                        208 748 2380 Fax
                                                                          GUARANTEED PURSE -        $500.00
         Shumate Harley-Davidson Shop                                               FIVE CLASSES
                    2408 N & S Highway                                            $100.00 Each Class
                     Lewiston ID 83501                                             High Gun System
                                                                                Divided $50, $30, $20
                                                                                ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
                                                                          Entrance                          $26.50
                                              See Us                      WSTA & ISTA Fee                     1.50
                                              For All Your                Optional Purse                      5.00
                                              Log Loading &                 (1 pay per 5 entries)
                                                                          Lewis Purse                        10.00
                                              Hauling Needs                 (1 pay per 10 entries)
                                                                          •  ACH CLASS SHOOTS FOR ITS OWN MONEY •
                                                                                Shooting 5 Pair Per Post
  Bruce Baumgartner                                                               50 Targets Per Trap

     Home                    Shop                          Fax
 208-877-1345            208-877-1559                  208-877-1198

         Good Shooting!
                                 42                                                       27
                                                                                      JEFF DEMEERLEER
E vEnt n o . 4                                        •Used Vehicles
                                                                                       DEWEY WHITING
                                                                         Owners
                                                      •Sales               •800-473-5483
                                                                            PO Box 91 • Deary ID 83823
   CAMAS PRAIRIE                                      •Service                405 E. Main St.
                                                                                208 • 877 • 1635
                                                      •Parts              Palouse WA 99161
DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIP                                 
  50 Pair Doubles Targets
         Saturday, March 19
              9:00 am                                                     Judi McKetta
                                                                           J MK
                                             Certified Public Accountant
                                                                                           208 746 7735 Shop

                                                 C PA
                                               MATT THOMASSON                    828 S. Washington2380 Fax
                                                                                            208 748
GUARANTEED PURSE -         $1,000.00                                              Moscow ID 83843
           FIVE CLASSES                                                 208 • 883 • 3167
                                                        Shumate Harley-Davidson Shop
        $200.00 Each Class
                                                                   2408 N &
         High Gun System                                      
                                                                    Lewiston ID 83501
  Divided $60, $50, $40, $30, $20

       ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies

 Entrance                             $26.50
                                                                                           See Us
 WSTA & ISTA Fee                        1.50
                                                                                         For All Your
 Optional Purse                         5.00
    (1 pay per 5 entries)
                                                                                        Log Loading &
 Lewis Purse
    (1 pay per 10 entries)
                                                                                        AN H Needs
 50’s Option                           10.00                                        OFFICE 208-877-1295
                                                 Bruce Baumgartner
    ($5 on each 50, divided 50-30-20)
                                                                                     CELL 509-336-1723
                                                 •Septic Systems Trucking
                                                     Home             Shop                            Fax
                                                208-877-1345      208-877-1559                    208-877-1198
                                                     •Rock & Gravel
                                                        Good Shooting!
                   28                                                          41
   Added by the CPTA, purse pays $25.00 for First Win, $50.00 for
  repeat on a trap. Each shooter is limited to two traps and total

                                                                                                 E vEnt n o . 5
  purse. Previous winners are listed below. ®= Repeat Winner.
TRAP 1            TRAP 2                TRAP 3             TRAP 4
Mark Weber          Lane Kenworthy              Bill Williams           Alan Olmstead ®
Robert Kelley       Shane Taylor                Frank Williams          Frank Williams
Jason Pritzel       T. J. Main                  William Daniels         William Daniels
Michael Mazzuchi    Jason Pritzel               Derek Stringer          Derek Stringer
Frank Randol        Rebecca Greene              Rebecca Greene          Jeremy Groves
Leon Eggers         Glenn Hauerwas              Lloyd Roberts           J. W. Seubery
Duane Miller
Linious Sparks
                    R. M. Christopherson
                    Duane Miller
                                                Bob Payne Jr.
                                                Melvin Finnell
                                                                        Bob Payne Jr.
                                                                        Bus Harris
                                                                                                   FIRST HALF CPTA
Duane Lane
Richard Stout
Merlyn Hartwig
                    Duane Lane
                    Doc Hunter
                    Larry McBride
                                                E.H. Clausen Jr.
                                                Ray Hulick
                                                Jack Leonard
                                                                        Ray Hulick
                                                                        Otto Palmer
                                                                        Norm Sanford
                                                                                                SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP
Ed Volkman
Cordel Harder
                    John Keppinger
                    Richard Stout
                                                John Richard
                                                Bob Spickelmire
                                                                        Dan McKenzie
                                                                        Reuben Leinweber
                                                                                                 100 16 Yd. Singles Targets
Dick Medley         Bob Finnell                 Bob Boyer               Bob Chalmers
Ed Kuchynkam        Bob Chalmers                Sonny Lage              Bob Fasebender                   Saturday, March 19
AI McCulley         Glenn Jackson               Stan Story              Wayne Eng
Walter Storey       Norm Sanford                Delbert Wynecoop        William H. Larsen Sr.
DeIbert Wynecoop    Pat Sonnen                  Dick Wessels            Robert Hale
Ralph Fulbright ®   Harry Gladden               William H. Larsen Sr.   Ronnie Smith            GUARANTEED PURSE - $1,000.00
Brad Wolf           Waite Strong                Jon Cox                 Dave Miller
Kenneth Balter      Bill Kingsley               Bruce Baumgartner       Clinton Lowe                       FIVE CLASSES
Carl Kelly          Bruce Baumgartner           Waite Strong            Bill Cole                       $200.00 Each Class
William Johnson     Mike Scharback Sr.          James Kelly             Richard Schrode
Lonnie Carlson      David Dickamore             Bill Cole               Larry Hanley                     High Gun System
Kenneth Staley      Mike Grady                  Richard Schrode         Brian Alley
David Dickamore     Bill Mattis                 Larry Hanet             Mike Grady                Divided $60, $50, $40, $30, $20
Norm Sanford        Tim Batt                    Brian Alley             Michael Lesky
Richard Schroeder   Tom Bueslinch               Garold Saddler          Jack Marshall
Michael Smith       Hal Smurthwaite             Michael Lesky           Shirley Long                    ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
Robert Lewis        Thron VanKomen              Tim Batt                David Kalamar
Hal Smurthwaite
Tom Dornquast
                    Kurt Dahmen
                    Danny Groves
                                                Shirley Long
                                                David Kalamar
                                                                        James Winkel
                                                                        Glen Alderman
                                                                                                 Entrance                           $26.50
Pat Seuburt         Danny Wallace               James Winkel            Woodie Wolf              WSTA & ISTA Fee                      1.50
Danny Groves        Wayne Paxton                Glen Alderman           Wayne Packston
Dennis Vining       Richard Long                Woodie Wolf             John Darlas              Optional Purse                       5.00
Sherron Woodside    Vic Yturraspe               Wayne Packston          Richard Long                (1 pay per 5 entries)
Bill Anderson       Ernst Witte                 John Darlas             Stewart Turner
Earl Bradford       Scott Levengood             Vic Yturasspe           Reimer Hagen             Lewis Purse                         10.00
Eric Strand         Eric Slocum                 Bradley Hart            Jeff Miller                 (1 pay per 10 entries)
Martin Poxleitner   Robert Schauls              Bill Mattis             Mike Reggear
Bradley Hart        Larry Blair                 Eric Slocum             Alan Hedrick             200 Championship Purse              14.00
Brian Miller        Steve Ballard               Gale Hogue              Ron Roskanner               (Applies to total 200 targets,
Holly Ferrell       Woody Pierson               Lewis Bly               Tom Carter
Jeremy Groves       Rod Behler                  Bill Hansen             Blake Fisher                 $2 on ea. 50(4) divided 60-40
Jim Bauer           Nikki Brown                 Jerry Ferrin            Roland Williams              $2 on ea. 100(2) divided 60-40
Stanley Dormaier                                John Adams              John Adams
Terry John                                                                                           $2 on total 200 divided 60-40)
                PERPETUAL PURSE TOTAL 100                                                        •  ACH CLASS SHOOTS FOR ITS OWN MONEY •
Robert Kelley       Sonny Lage                  Phil Cahoon             Ralph Fulbright
Jason Pritzel ®     Ralph Cope                  Richard Schrode ®       Dennis Vining
Michael Mazzuchi    Bob Chalmers                David Dickamore         Tim Kaffar
Glen Hauerwas       Delbert Wynecoop            Mike Grady              Vic Yturasspe
Duane Miller        Norm Sanford                Todd Seubert            Reimer Hagen
Bus Harris          Brad Wolfe                  Jack Marshall           Bennie Keller
Dick Leonard        Robert Hale                 Hal Smurthwaite         Eric Slocum
Ray Hulick          Tom Weber                   Jack Shaffer            Robert Schauls
Danny McKenzie      Waite Strong                Kurt Dahmen             Blake Fisher
Bill Mattis         Clinton Lowe                Derek Finnell           Jay Hanger
Wes Latimer         Jason Pritzel               Eric Olsen
                                           40                                                                     29
 E vEnt n o . 6                                            CAMAS PRAIRIE TROPHIES

                                                                      CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP
     CAMAS PRAIRIE                                          * 10-Week Champion • * 10-Week Runner-Up
                                                                * Junior Champion • * Junior Runner-Up
                                                                          * ALL STAR TEAM
    100 Handicap Targets                                               * LADY ALL STAR TEAM
      Saturday, March 19                                   * THREE PERSON TEAM TROPHY - Event No. 7
 GUARANTEED PURSE - $940.00                                * FOUR PERSON TEAM TROPHY - Event No. 7
        Paying 15 Places                                     * FIVE PERSON TEAM TROPHY - Event No. 7
     $150.00             1st Place
      130.00             2nd Place
      100.00             3rd Place                             * WILLARD SMITH FOUNDERS TROPHY
       90.00             4th Place                      (To Be Eligible Shooter Must Be a Veteran. Winner Will Be Total
           70.00                 5th Place                Score on 200 Championship Singles And 100 Championship
           50.00                 6th Place                             Handicap Targets, Events 3, 7, & 8)
           50.00                 7th Place
           50.00                 8th Place                                * FOUNDERS TROPHY
           40.00                 9th Place            (Presented To The Highest Junior or Sub-Junior In A High Over All
           40.00                10th Place                          Position, Events 4, 5, 7, & 8 Combined)
           40.00                11th Place
           40.00                12th Place                      * BRUCE FINNELL MEMORIAL TROPHY
           30.00                13th Place            (This Is A Travelling Trophy Awarded To The High 10-Week Junior
           30.00                14th Place                          Club. Donated By Ralph & Jean Ballard)
           30.00                15th Place
                                                                 VEVA BALDWIN MEMORIAL TROPHY
                                                      (Presented To The High Lady Shooter In Events 5, 7, & 8 Combined)
        ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
 Entrance                                 $26.50                                    NOTES
 WSTA & ISTA Fee                            1.50    All trophies are open except those marked with an asterisk (*). One
 Optional Purse                            10.00   trophy per shooter per event. Anyone shooting for Championship
   (1 pay per 7 entries)                           trophies does not forfeit his/her Class trophy should he/she lose. If New
 100’s Option                               1.00   Shooters elect to shoot off for any Class or Yardage trophy, they do not
  (Total 100, 100% to Winner)                      forfeit their right to a New Shooter trophy should they lose. Veterans
                                                   are aged 65-69 yrs, Senior Veterans are aged 70 yrs or more. Shooters
 50’s Option                               15.00   are responsible for notifying Handicap Table of their status regarding
   ($5.00 on each 50(3), divided 50-30-20)         Veteran, Senior Veteran, Lady, Junior, Sub-Junior, New Shooter, or
 25’s Option                               20.00   CPTA Member, and seeing that it is marked on their entry form.
   ($5 on each 25, divided 60-40)                   Trophies may be picked up between 4:00 and 6:00 pm each day at the
 Hall Of Fame Purse                        10.00   trophy display case.
   (1 pay per 25 entries, Lewis System)
                                                    All American points may be awarded at this shoot in all Championship
                                                   events. Please contact Mark kurrak.

                     30                                                               39
    CAMAS PRAIRIE TROPHIES                                            E vEnt n o . 7
               Event No. 8
             CAMAS PRAIRIE
         HANDICAP CHAMPIONSHIP                                        SECOND HALF CPTA
              * Champion • * Runner-Up
      * Veteran Winner • * Veteran Runner-Up
                                                                     SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP
  * Sr. Veteran Winner • * Sr. Veteran Runner-Up                     TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP
           * Lady Winner •  * Lady Runner-Up                          100 16 Yd. Singles Targets
         * Junior Winner • * Junior Runner-Up
   * Sub-Junior Winner • * Sub-Junior Runner Up                               Sunday, March 20
        (If Out Of CPTA Shooter Wins Event No. 7,
            A Duplicate Trophy Will Be Awarded)                                   9:00 am

                                                                     GUARANTEED PURSE - $1,000.00
         Events 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8                                        FIVE CLASSES
               HIGH OVER ALL                                                 $200.00 Each Class
               * Champion • * Runner-Up
                                                                              High Gun System
                 Out Of CPTA Champion
                     Veteran Winner                                    Divided $60, $50, $40, $30, $20
                   Sr. Veteran Winner
                       Lady Winner                                          ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
                      Junior Winner                                   Entrance                          $26.50
                   Sub-Junior Winner
                                                                      WSTA & ISTA Fee                     1.50
                                                                      Optional Purse                      5.00
                Events 4, 5, 7, & 8                                     (1 pay per 5 entries)
                HIGH ALL AROUND                                       Lewis Purse                        10.00
               * Champion • * Runner-Up                                 (1 pay per 10 entries)
                 Out Of CPTA Champion
                     Veteran Winner                                   •  ACH CLASS SHOOTS FOR ITS OWN MONEY •
                   Sr. Veteran Winner
                       Lady Winner
                      Junior Winner
                   Sub-Junior Winner

* Indicates Closed Trophy, Only Available To Camas Prairie Members

                               38                                                      31
 E vEnt n o . 8                                        CAMAS PRAIRIE TROPHIES
    CAMAS PRAIRIE                                                   Events No. 5 & 7
HANDICAP CHAMPIONSHIP                                               CAMAS PRAIRIE
                                                               SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP
    100 Handicap Targets                                         * Champion • * Runner-Up
                                                                 Winner, Classes AA, A, B, C & D
           Sunday, March 20
                                                              Runner-Up, Classes AA, A, B, C, & D
                                                           * Veteran Winner • * Veteran Runner-Up
 GUARANTEED PURSE - $940.00                            * Sr. Veteran Winner • * Sr. Veteran Runner-Up
        Paying 15 Places                                       * Lady Winner •  * Lady Runner-Up
     $150.00             1st Place                                        * Junior Winner
      130.00             2nd Place                                     * Sub-Junior Winner
      100.00             3rd Place                                  * Husband & Wife Winner
       90.00             4th Place                           * Parent & Child (Jr. or Sub-Jr.) Winner
       70.00             5th Place
           50.00                  6th Place
           50.00                 7th Place                           Event No. 6
           50.00                 8th Place                        CAMAS PRAIRIE
           40.00                 9th Place
           40.00                10th Place
                                                               PRESIDENT’S HANDICAP
                                                                   Winner • Runner-Up
           40.00                11th Place
                                                                          Veteran Winner
           40.00                12th Place
                                                                        Sr. Veteran Winner
           30.00                13th Place
                                                                            Lady Winner
           30.00                14th Place
                                                                           Junior Winner
           30.00                15th Place
                                                                        Sub-Junior Winner

        ATA Daily Fee $2.00 Applies
 Entrance                                 $26.50                      Event No. 7
 WSTA & ISTA Fee                            1.50
 Optional Purse                            10.00
                                                                    LAST 100 SINGLES
   (1 pay per 7 entries)                                             NEW SHOOTERS
 100’s Option (Total 100, 100% to Winner)   1.00                            * Men Winner
 50’s Option                               15.00                            * Lady Winner
   ($5.00 on each 50(3), divided 50-30-20)                                 * Junior Winner
 25’s Option                               20.00                        * Sub-Junior Winner
   ($5 on each 25, divided 60-40)
 Hall Of Fame Purse                        10.00   * Indicates Closed Trophy, Only Available To Camas Prairie Members
   (1 pay per 25 entries, Lewis System)
 Special Event Auction Entry               10.00

                     32                                                           37
                  Event No. 1
                CAMAS PRAIRIE
            Winner, Classes AA, A, B, C & D
           Runner-Up, Classes AA, A, B, C, & D
                    Veteran Winner
                  Sr. Veteran Winner
                      Lady Winner
                     Junior Winner
                   Sub-Junior Winner
                 Event No. 2
               CAMAS PRAIRIE
               Winner • Runner-Up
                       Veteran Winner
                     Sr. Veteran Winner
                         Lady Winner
                        Junior Winner
                     Sub-Junior Winner
                 Event No. 3
               CAMAS PRAIRIE
             Winner, Classes AA, A, B, C & D
                    Veteran Winner
                  Sr. Veteran Winner
                      Lady Winner
                     Junior Winner
                   Sub-Junior Winner
                   Event No. 4
                CAMAS PRAIRIE
             * Champion • * Runner-Up
             Winner, Classes AA, A, B, C & D
           Runner-Up, Classes AA, A, B, C, & D
        * Veteran Winner • * Veteran Runner-Up
    * Sr. Veteran Winner • * Sr. Veteran Runner-Up
           * Lady Winner •  * Lady Runner-Up
                      * Junior Winner
                   * Sub-Junior Winner
* Indicates Closed Trophy, Only Available To Camas Prairie Members

                              36                                     33

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