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					          Issue 52          Barts and The London                                      11th May 2009

                                Joint R&D Office

  The R&D News Bulletin is edited by Nick Good. He can be contacted at

R&D News                                                 Science and Technology Facilities Council,         9
New help with Research Statistics                 1      PIPSS Knowledge Transfer Scheme
CRC wins glowing ISO Accreditation                2      Cardiovascular Stem Cell Research: MRC -          10
Changes at British Heart Foundation Research      2      BHF Strategic Development Grant
Neurologist fails to quash GMC findings of        2      Pelican Cancer Foundation proposals:              10
research dishonesty                                      NIHR – RfPB Programme                             10
Events                                                   Mizutani Foundation Research Grant                11
Barts and The London Research Forum – June        3      Dimbleby Cancer Research Fund                     11
23rd                                                     Knowledge Transfer funding opportunities          11
NHS R&D Forum Annual Conference 2009:             3      Awards and Scholarships
12th–13th May                                            BDPMA & Henry Schein                              11
Training                                                 Career Development Grant
GCP and Research Governance Training at           3      FP7 Marie Curie Industry-Academia                 12
Barts                                                    Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)
R&D Forum - Skills for Monitoring Non-            4      ESRC Researcher Development Initiative New        12
Commercial Clinical Trials                               Grants
Funding Opportunities                                    EMBL International PhD Fellowship                 12
DH High Quality Care for All - evaluation         4      Programme
programme                                                The Health Service Journal Awards                 13
MRC Addiction Research Strategy - Call for        4      SAEM Patient Safety Research Fellowship           13
Pilot Research Proposals                                 National MS Society: Rehabilitation Research      13
i4i Future Product Development funding            5      Fellowship
Parkinson's Disease Society - Discovery Award     5      Human Exposure to Allergenic Pollen               14
NIHR HTA Programme                                5      studentship
ESRC Follow-on Funding Scheme                     6      Queen‟s Nursing Institute Maureen Acland          14
QMUL Small Grants for Development of              6      Award for Research and Development
Learning and Teaching                                    Queens' Nursing Institute and Alzheimer‟s         14
NCI Complementary Approaches to Cancer            7      Society Fund: Dementia Care Nursing
Care and Treatment Developmental Projects                Royal College of Midwives - Ruth Davies           14
NIHR HTA Programme - Treatment                    7      Research Bursary
effectiveness assessments                                Royal College of Surgeons of England - The        14
ESRC- MRC 2012 Birth Cohort Study                 7      Colledge Family Memorial Fellowship
Lowe Syndrome Trust: Call for research            8      Grand Hamdan International Award                  15
proposals                                                The Wellcome Trust - Senior Research              15
Bupa Foundation Research Grants                   8      Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
Novo Nordisk European Clinical Research           9      UCL - The Berkeley Fellowship                     15
Programme - Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes


New help with Research Statistics                           and knowing how to make sense of the data
                                                            you collect are essential to good research.
Sophie He has joined the Joint R&D Office
to help Barts and The London researchers                    Sophie only works 2½ days each week, so
with statistical support and advice.                        you should contact her well in advance to
                                                            discuss       her      potential      input
Statistics is one of the more complex and                   to research projects. Consultations are by
forbidding aspects of undertaking research                  appointment      only.  To arrange        a
projects. Getting the design of a study right               consultation, please complete the form on

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                                                  1
      the R&D website. Sophie can be              Reduction      in    Project  Grant
      contacted on 020 7882 7261 (13-             Committee Meetings - applicants are
7261) or emailed at:                              now advised to allow 6 months from                submission to decision;
Further information can be found on the           Project Grant applications should no
BLT website at:                                   longer exceed £300,000
rch/statistical_support.asp                   For further information about the online
                                              application process and other changes
                                              please contact Jennifer Christie, Deputy
CRC wins glowing ISO Accreditation            Manager, Research Funds Department,
                                              020 7554 0437,, or
The Clinical Research Centre in               visit:
Whitechapel has been awarded an     
“exceptionally good” accreditation by the     fessionals/apply_for_research_grants/whats
International       Organisation       for    _new.aspx
Standardisation (ISO). In April the CRC
received high praise for its quality
management system, excellent training and     Neurologist fails to quash GMC
positive recruitment processes. The ISO       findings of research dishonesty
team noted that management commitment
at Barts and The London is exceptionally      The BMJ has reported that the High Court
high. That has helped ensure the              has upheld a ruling by the General Medical
effectiveness of the CRC‟s robust quality     Council that a consultant neurologist acted
management system. Since the last, “very      dishonestly by including patients in clinical
good”, report five years ago, the CRC has     trials who had failed to fit the criteria for
increased the number of studies by 300%.      inclusion, and in asking a research nurse to
                                              sign an internal King‟s College London
Gerry Leonard, Head of Research               grant form in his name.
Resources, said “This proves that
commitment to quality in patient care at      A GMC panel of April 2008 found that a
Barts and The London is real at the coal      consultant neurologist, a senior lecturer at
face”.                                        King‟s, was dishonest in entering five
                                              patients in clinical trials on behalf of
ISO 9001:2008 specifies the requirements      several drug companies in breach of the
for quality management systems. These         trial protocols and in asking the research
requirements are applicable to all            nurse to sign a grant form as if the signature
organisations, regardless of type, size and   were his.
product provided.
                                              This case highlights the need to follow
                                              correct governance procedures or else risk
Changes at British Heart Foundation           breaching the UK regulatory framework.
Research                                      For details of our GCP training
                                              requirements and courses please see below.
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has
announced two important changes to the        Information and assistance on many other
way it works:                                 matters, from data protection, ethics
   Online research grant application          approval and sponsorship, through to trial
   process - BHF is due to go live with a     management, GCP and contractual issues
   web-based application system and a         can be found on the R&D website at:
   new integrated grants database during
   June/July 2009.                            rch/

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                           2

Barts and The London Research                       There will be other speakers and an open
Forum – June 23rd                                   discussion session. To conclude the Forum
                                                    there will be networking with wine or soft
Barts and The London is holding a Research          drinks and canapés.
Forum on the afternoon of 23rd June 2009 at
the Perrin Lecture Theatre, Whitechapel.            Invitations are being sent out in the next
                                                    week or so. However, if you don‟t receive
The Forum will be an opportunity to hear            one, don‟t worry! If you would like to attend
about and discuss experiences relating              please contact event organiser Nick Good in
to running successful research projects,            the Joint R&D Office at
getting grants and producing useful health-
related outcomes.

The Forum will be opened at 2pm by the              NHS R&D Forum Annual Conference
Warden of Barts and The London School of            2009: 12th–13th May
Medicine and Dentistry, Prof Sir Nicholas
Wright. Additional speakers include:                The R&D Forum Annual Conference is
                                                    open for bookings. This year it will start
    Prof Ian Cree, Director of NETSCC,              with lunch and a full afternoon of
    EME, speaking about the new Efficacy            conference presentations on 12th May. The
    and Mechanism Evaluation Programme.             Conference Dinner will be held in the
    Prof Mark Caulfield, Director of the            evening. On 13th May there will be a
    William Harvey Research Institute,              mixture of plenary sessions and parallel
    speaking about the new NIHR                     sessions. The conference is always popular
    Cardiovascular Biomedical Research              and places are limited so book early to avoid
    Unit.                                           disappointment.
    Prof Iain McNeish, MRC Senior
    Clinical Fellow, speaking about turning         Details of the programme and booking
    lab research into clinical trials in ovarian    information      are     available      at


GCP and Research               Governance              Research Governance Training All
Training at Barts                                      research staff must ensure that research
                                                       projects are conducted according to the
The Joint R&D Office provides a number                 Research Governance Framework. This
of in-house training courses on an ongoing             course explains the requirements of the
basis:                                                 Framework, which is applicable to
    Good Clinical Practice (GCP)                       everyone involved in research.
    Training. The course is aimed at                       Introduction       to     Research
    researchers who are involved in clinical       Regulations - one day course The Joint
    trials of medicinal products and will          R&D Office also provides a one day
    consist of a half day session.                 introductory course for staff working in
    BLT/QMUL employees will take                   health related research. The course is an
    precedence for attendance but external         amalgamation of the current GCP,
    staff are welcome to attend.

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                              3
      Research         Governance       and      Dates are: London (18th-19th May) and
      Understanding        Research  Ethics      Manchester (6th-7th July). Please contact
courses.                                if you are interested
For a registration form and details of the       in attending.
latest training dates see the R&D website:        This two-day course will provide an
rch/gcp_and_research_governance.asp              introduction to the skills required for
                                                 monitoring of clinical research trials in the
                                                 UK non-commercial sector. It is designed
R&D Forum - Skills for Monitoring                for all staff involved in monitoring, or
Non-Commercial Clinical Trials                   supervising monitoring of clinical research;
                                                 e.g. R&D Managers, research governance
The R&D Forum and the Association of             staff, study coordinators, and investigator
Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)           site staff. More details can be found at
are running a course focussed on       
monitoring clinical trials of medicinal
products in the non-commercial sector.

Fundraising Opportunities

DH “High Quality Care for All”                   completed electronic full applications and
evaluation programme                             supporting documentation will be set
                                                 following evaluation of submitted EOIs.
High Quality Care For All (HQCFA), the
final report of the NHS Next Stage Review        The deadline for receipt of full applications
(NSR), led by Lord Darzi KBE and 2,000           falling under the HQCFA – Key Policies
clinicians across the country was published      remit is 1st June 2009.
in June 2008. The review builds on
progress made in delivering the NHS Plan         For      further        information      see:
and the Government‟s reform agenda. It           http://www.nihr-
identified a way forward for a 21st Century
NHS which is clinically-driven, patient-         m or contact 020 8943 8979, email:
centred     and     responsive   to    local

The Department of Health, through its            MRC Addiction Research Strategy -
Policy Research Programme (PRP), has             Call for Pilot Research Proposals
already commissioned an evaluation
programme to support the implementation          As part of the strategic co-ordination with
and subsequent development of the main           the National Institute for Health Research
strands in England. The DH now wishes to         (NIHR) and the drive to strengthen the
commission a new wave to that programme          translation of research into improved public
of research to evaluate the impact of            health, the MRC is leading a strategy for
HQCFA.                                           addiction research. This involves ongoing
                                                 discussions with stakeholders about areas
This call has two distinct tenders:              of priority need and calls for grant
    An overarching evaluation of the impact of   applications.
    the NSR (HQCFA – Core Call); and
    Evaluations of specific NSR policies         Addiction to drugs and gambling is a major
    (HQCFA – Key Policies).                      medical, social and economic problem for
                                                 the UK. The causes and consequences of
Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the
                                                 addiction are not well understood and new
HQCFA – Core Call are required by 8th
                                                 interventions to treat or prevent addiction
May 2009. A date for submission of
                                                 are needed. The aims of the new strategy

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                             4
     are to make better use of existing         website on 22nd May 2009. Successful
     resources and build research capacity      applicants will be notified of award of
so that innovative studies can deliver          FPD3a grants by late July 2009.
biological, medical and social research that
meets the needs of a wide range of              For further information please visit
stakeholders.                                   http://www.nihr-
Project awards of 1-3 years will be made or email
for amounts over £100k. The closing date        any questions that you may have to
for applications is 11th May 2009.     .

Enquiries should be addressed to       The Parkinson's Disease Society -
uk and further information is available at      Discovery Award
s/Calls/Addictionresearch/index.htm             The Parkinson's Disease Society is funding
                                                a major new breakthrough-orientated
                                                research initiative aimed at accelerating
i4i Future      Product     Development         progress in finding a cure for Parkinson's.
Funding                                         The Discovery Award provides potential
                                                funding of up to £1 million per year for an
The NIHR's Invention for Innovation             initial period of five years with the
(i4i) programme       would    is    inviting   possibility of a further five years of
submissions for its Future Product              continuation funding depending on
Development 3a funding stream (FPD3a).          progress. Closing date for expressions of
Proposals must include collaboration            interest is 22nd May 2009.
between at least one industry and one
research (academic or clinical) partner to      Contact the Research Dept on 020 7932
determine the commercial viability of a         1332, email:
proposed device or technology, with             for further information, or visit the website:
development of a robust route to market
and a strong, appropriate consortia being       page=9450
key deliverables. Serving primarily as the
first stage of a full collaborative applied
research project, total project costs can be    NIHR HTA Programme - Primary
no more than £100K in total, of which 75%       Research (Outline Proposals)
funding is available.
                                                The HTA (Health Technology Assessment)
Applications should involve:                    Programme produces independent research
                                                about the effectiveness of different
    Medical devices, including tissue           healthcare treatments and tests for those
    engineering and trauma care devices;        who use, manage and provide care in the
    Devices that interact with other            NHS.
    medical devices used in the NHS;
    Novel information technology that           Research proposals are now sought on the
    enables significant improvement in the      following topics:
    performance         of       healthcare
    technologies;                                   09/31 Methods of speech and language
    Healthcare devices for use in the               therapy to improve the speech
    community and patients‟ homes.                  intelligibility and effectiveness of
                                                    communication in people          with
All applications must show innovation and           Parkinson‟s disease;
have relevance, impact and potential to             09/33 Psychological therapies for
contribute to future health gain for patients       depression among patients with
and the general population. Proposals must          advanced cancer (no longer amenable
be submitted through the NIHR CCF                   to curative treatment);

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                             5
         09/34          Multi-compartment       QMUL Small Grants for Development
         medication devices;                    of Learning and Teaching
   09/36 Self-management education for
   adults with poorly controlled epilepsy;      Applications are sought for projects for
   09/37 Interventions to increase physical     2009/10 from this fund. The fund supports
   activity in healthcare professionals.        projects which are aligned to either the
Nice Related Topic:                             College or departmental Learning and
   09/35 Long term outcomes from                Teaching Strategies. Grants are intended to
   bariatric surgery.                           fund projects which will improve the
Additional Primary Research Topic:              student learning experience, generally
   09/51 Anti-TNF drugs for uveitis in          through curriculum development, and
   children with juvenile idiopathic            successful bidders will be able to use the
   arthritis                                    funds undertake this development. This
                                                may be done by employing a short-term
Submissions for 09/51 must reach the HTA        member of staff, buying in consultancy, or
offices before 1.00 pm on Wednesday 27th        buying materials. Grants may be used for
May 2009. Proposals will be considered by       any area of curriculum development.
a joint HTA/arc Commissioning Board in
June 2009. Please note that applications        Applications will be assessed against the
received after these deadlines will not be      following criteria:
                                                    Innovation within the discipline
All submissions for proposals other than            Impact on students‟ learning
09/51 must reach the HTA offices before             Impact on staff load
1pm on 23rd June 2009. Proposals will be            Sustainability beyond the funding
considered the HTA Commissioning Board              period
in September 2009. Please note that                 Transferability within and without the
applications received after these deadlines         discipline
will not be considered.
                                                Maximum funding for projects will be
For further information see their website:      £2,500, with funding for up to ten such      projects being available. Funding is
s/topics.shtml                                  flexible, however, with funding bids being
                                                solicited for amounts with a minimum of
                                                £1,000. The deadline for receipt of
ESRC Follow-on Funding Scheme                   completed and countersigned applications
                                                is 29th May 2009. Further information is
The Economic and Social Research                available from Dr Matthew Williamson,
Council Follow-on Funding Scheme                Education             Adviser            at
provides funding to undertake additional or 020 7882
knowledge transfer and impact generation        2813.
activities that can demonstrate the potential
for significant economic, social, policy or     For further information see:
practice benefits. The scheme offers awards
of up to £100k (at 80% fEC) for a
maximum of 12 months. Applications may
also be made for smaller packages of
engagement activity up to £30k. The
closure date for this call is 28th May 2009.
Further      detail    is     available   at:   NCI Approaches to Cancer Care and        Treatment Developmental Projects
portunities/FoF.aspx                            A funding opportunity announcement has
                                                been issued by the National Cancer
                                                Institute (NCI). It invites applications for

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                           6
      basic, pre-clinical, and clinical             09/28 What is the clinical effectiveness
      complementary cancer research. The            of folic acid supplementation in stroke
research should relate to the areas of              prevention?
prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of             09/29 The added value of PET/CT for
cancer as well as management of cancer              restaging in recurrent cervical cancer
symptoms and side effects due to                    09/30 The psychological consequences
conventional cancer treatment. The                  of false-positive mammograms
announcement encourages the development             09/32 Bone grafts and bone substitutes
and application of emerging and innovative          for treating fractures in adults
technologies, including identification of
novel therapeutics in the pharmacopeia of       All submissions must reach the HTA by
traditional and complementary approaches        23rd June 2009. Proposals will be
to improve the therapeutic ratio of standard    considered the HTA Commissioning Board
and investigational anti-cancer therapies,      in September 2009.
and research on lifestyle modifications (e.g.
diet, exercise, mind-body approaches) for       For further information please contact the
their impact on cancer outcomes (e.g.,          HTA Commissioning Team on 023 8059
response to conventional therapy, survival).    5621 or email: and
The grant scheme can support different
types of projects including pilot and           s/topics.shtml
feasibility studies; secondary analysis of
existing data; small, self-contained research
projects;    development       of    research   ESRC- MRC 2012 Birth Cohort Study
methodology; and development of new
research technology.                            The Economic and Social Research
                                                Council (ESRC) and Medical Research
Funding is for a project period of up to two    Council (MRC) are inviting tenders for the
years and a budget for direct costs of up to    Leadership team for the 2012 Birth Cohort
two $25k modules, or $50k per year, may         Study. The new cohort study is intended to
be requested (i.e., a maximum of $100k          support innovative research spanning the
over two years in four modules of $25k          interface between the biomedical and social
each). Commensurate facilities and              sciences. To reflect this interdisciplinary
administrative costs are allowed. The           approach, proposals to develop and provide
closing date for applications is: 16th June     leadership for the new study must provide
2009. For further information see:              combinations of skills, knowledge and          research experience from across the
files/PA-09-168.html                            biomedical and social sciences. The study
                                                will provide a major resource for the
                                                research community, and also for society
NIHR HTA Programme - Treatment                  generally. To data and biological samples it
effectiveness assessments                       generates must be well managed, accessible
                                                to the research community, augmented
The      HTA        programme     produces      through use and re-use and the results of
independent       research    about    the      the research to which they contribute
effectiveness of different healthcare           widely disseminated.
treatments and tests for those who use,
manage and provide care in the NHS.             The closing date for applicaytion s is 30th
Research proposals are sought on the            June 2009. For further details please
following topics:                               contact, on
                                                01793 413152 or see:
    09/27 Reducing obesity in pregnant
    women.                                      foCentre/opportunities/current_funding_op

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                           7
     Lowe Syndrome Trust: Call for                   Communication award for effective
     research proposals                              communication between healthcare
                                                     professionals and patients
Applicants are invited to apply for research    Communication award for effective
funding from the Lowe Syndrome Trust.           communication between health care
The genetic basis for Lowe Syndrome is a        professionals and patients. It is run in
defective gene OCRL1 that results in the        association with the Patient Information
deficiency of enzyme Phosphatidylinositol       Forum (PiF) - an independent group united
4,5-bisphosphate-5-phosphatase (OCRL1).         by a common purpose; the development,
Lowe‟s syndrome is a disorder affecting         production and dissemination of high
the brain, eyes, kidneys and bones.             quality information for patients, carers and
Research funds are available, for a research    their families. Estimated awards: £5K -
studentship or assistant in understanding       £10K
how the enzyme deficiency leads to                   Epidemiology award for excellence in
observed phenotype. Previous Lowe grant              the epidemiological study of human
recipients are invited to apply for a                disease
continuation grant. Funding of £50-100k is      This award is made for work that shows
available. The closing date for applications    excellence in the epidemiological study of
is 30th June 2009                               human disease. The study can address any
                                                or all of the risk/protective factors, the
For further information please contact          incidence and prevalence of the main
Lorraine Thomas, tel 020 8458 6791, email       pathological process, or the incidence and, or see:             prevalence of complications. Applications        which      address     the    interface     of
ml                                              epidemiology with other disciplines, e.g.
                                                surgery or social studies are particularly
                                                welcome. Estimated awards: £5K - £10K
BUPA Foundation Research Grants                      Health at work award for excellence
                                                     in occupational medicine
The BUPA Foundation has announced a             Studies addressing new ideas of
number of new awards:                           measurement,       risk    assessment       or
    Care award for excellence in the            management issues arising from, or
    development of care for older people        strongly linked to, improving health in the
This award is designed to encourage             workplace will also be eligible. Awards
excellence in the development of care for       will be made in recognition of a piece of
older people. Projects will cross boundaries    excellent work in the occupational
and disciplines to meet continuing needs in     medicine field. Work needs to be original
an original way. Submissions must               and attributable to an individual or small
demonstrate: an assessment of service           team. Single locations in multi-centre
purpose and planning; a description of the      studies may only apply in respect of a
service; a design of evaluation, particularly   "special feature" or if they are the leader
addressing continuing unmet needs rather        site. Estimated awards: £5K - £10K
than mere service satisfaction. Estimated            Research award for the best emerging
awards: £10K - £50K.                                 medical researcher in the UK
    Clinical excellence award for work          This award will recognise outstanding
    that demonstrates an improved               contribution to patient safety from either
    clinical outcome for patients               individuals or teams. The submission must
Awards are designed to encourage                demonstrate: successful implementation of
clinically effective care that supports         an incident reporting system, which has led
improved       clinical    outcomes       for   to significant change to the design and
patients/clients using a multi-disciplinary     delivery of a service to improve patient
approach. Please see website for more           safety; or) successful implementation of a
information on the desired criteria for         structured     approach       to      incident
applicants. Estimated awards: £5K - £10K        investigation    using     a     retrospective
                                                technique such as root cause analysis or

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                             8
     significant event audit, which has led      Further information can be obtained from
     to changes in the design and delivery       Dr Viktor Jorgens, Executive Director, tel:
of a service to improve patient safety.          +49 211 7584 690, and at:
Estimated awards: £5K - £10K                     http://www.europeandiabetesfoundation.or
    Patient safety award for contribution        g/Programmes.html
    to patient safety
Research award for the best emerging
medical researcher in the UK. To award           Science and Technology Facilities
both past achievement and proposals for          Council, PIPSS Knowledge Transfer
the future. The award is made either on the      Scheme
basis of direct application to the BUPA
Foundation by researchers or by                  PIPSS is a knowledge transfer scheme that
nominations of candidates by postgraduate        supports the development of effective, long
deans     or    heads    of     departments.     term     collaborations   between       UK
Consideration is also given to the outline of    Universities, CERN, ESO (European
the way in which the prize money will be         Southern Observatory), ESA (European
used to further the work should you win the      Space Agency), UK industry and research
award. Estimated awards: £5K - £10K              sector organisations, with the aim to:

The closing date for applications re all the        Promote      co-ordinated      technology
BUPA awards is 1st July 2009.                       development within the Council
                                                    programme and with other partners;
For further information on all the BUPA             Encourage researchers to be aware of
Foundation awards contact the Awards                the possibilities for exploitation;
Administrator on 020 7656 2246 or email:            Raise awareness in industry and other                       research sectors of the technological
Further information is available at:                strengths and opportunities afforded by            the Council's science;
ds/how_to_enter.asp#1                               Encourage collaboration between UK
                                                    companies        and      the     research
Novo Nordisk European Clinical
Research       Programme      in                 This will ensure the maximum benefit to
Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes                 UK industry, through transfer of
Details                                          technologies and skills developed from the
                                                 Council's research programme to broader
The aim of the programme is to foster            market areas. Also encouraging a two-way
research targeted at finding a cure for Type     transfer of skills and knowledge between
2 Diabetes and its complications. The            the Council's supported scientists and
specific goals of the Programme are to           researchers in UK industry and research
promote the highest quality of clinical          organisations representing other sectors. A
medical research in Europe, expedite the         PIPSS award provides the opportunity for
practical application of scientific advances     funding to academic partners and to
in our understanding of the psycho-social        industrial organisations. It provides a
conditions,     aetiology,       pathogenesis,   maximum project value of £150k per
treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes      annum, over a period not exceeding three
and its complications in adolescents,            years.
encourage clinical translational research
bridging bench and bedside. Projects             The next closing date for PIPSS award
should be in the range 1-3 years, funding        funding is 7th July 2009. Please see the
will be in excess of £100k. The closing          website:
date for applications is 1st July 2009.

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                             9
   Cardiovascular   Stem    Cell               nerves of the pelvis as they affect the
   Research: MRC - BHF Strategic               practice of surgery for cancer of the
Development Grant                              rectum. The successful applicants will be
                                               expected to collaborate with Professor Bill
The Medical Research Council (MRC) and         Heald, a pioneer in teaching rectal surgery
British Heart Foundation (BHF) will jointly    using extensive film and imaging
fund a limited number of cutting-edge          techniques. Funding is available up to
research consortia to undertake high quality   £100,000.
multidisciplinary research programmes.
Awards will build coherence and critical       The closing date for both applications is 9th
mass in this area through applying             July 2009.
excellence in stem cell biology to the
cardiovascular system. The intention is that   Further information is available by calling
successful consortia will be strategically     01256 314746, or visiting the website:
supported by the relevant HEI(s), for
example through the provision of               ge_id=37&page=pages&menu=37
infrastructure and new appointments, and
should be well placed to apply for major
programme support in cardiovascular stem       NIHR - Research for Patient Benefit
cell research at the end of the award.         (RfPB) Programme
Project awards of 1-3 years will be made
for amounts over £100k. The closing date       This national response-mode funding
for applications is 8th July 2009.             programme funds high quality, investigator
                                               led research that is relevant to the NHS.
For further information please contact Dr      The RfPB programme will:
Catriona Crombie, Programme Manager:               Fund research related to the day-to-day
Stem Cells, Regenerative, Medicine and             practice in areas identified and
Developmental Biology, tel 020 7670 5445,          developed by health service staff
email:                                             include high quality academic input or           be modelled on the old regional
see:                                               funding streams for applied and           practice based research
s/Calls/Strategicdevelopmentgrant/         select proposals for funding on the
m                                                  basis of the quality of the research
                                                   proposal and its relevance to the
                                                   broader NHS.
Pelican Cancer Foundation, 2 calls             Individual project grants will fund research
for proposals:                                 projects rather than set up or maintain
                                               research     units,   or     new     service
    Clinical Surgery Research Proposals        developments. Project Grants will be the
Applications are invited from surgical         most common type of grant awarded under
researchers who wish to carry out a clinical   the programme. Grants last 1-3 years, with
research project into precision surgery for    funding up to £250k.
rectal cancer. The aim is to improve patient
survival and quality of life by advancing      Registration of Intention to submit deadline
precision surgery for rectal, liver, bladder   is 14th August 2009 for round 10. Full
and prostate cancer through clinical           submissions must be in by 25th September
research and education. Funding available      2009 and outcomes will be notified in
is up to £50k for one year.                    March 2010.
    Pelvic Anatomy Model (PAM) to be
    developed for the benefit of surgeons      Enquires can be made to the NIHR Grant
Applications are invited from a team, or       Office on 020 8943 8990, or see:
individual, to develop or adapt a precise      http://www.nihr-
three-dimensional model of the anatomy of
the pelvis, particularly the autonomic         m

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                           10
    Mizutani          Foundation                 The closing date for receipt of completed
    Glycoscience Research Grant                  short application forms this year is 20th
Details                                          November 2009. Further information can
                                                 be obtained from Georgie Grindlay on 020
The Mizutani Foundation is inviting              7188 7889 and at:
applications for basic studies in the field of
glycoscience.      Applications    will     be   h.php
reviewed by the selection committee,
consisting of specialists appointed by the
Foundation, based on 1) glycoscience field,      Knowledge          Transfer        funding
2) originality, 3) scientific merit and 4)       opportunities
feasibility. One or two projects will be
selected in the newly established category       Knowledge Transfer (also know as „third
“exploratory glycoscience”. Funding of           stream‟ or „outreach‟ activity) is the
£10-50k is available. Closing date for           transfer of the knowledge and expertise
applications is 1st September 2009.              arising from teaching and research to
                                                 benefit society. This can be achieved
For further information contact the              through external collaborations with
Research Administrator on +81 3 5220             business and industry, as well as interaction
8977 or see:                                     with the wider community.
                                                 Knowledge Transfer funding can be used
Dimbleby Cancer Research Fund                          Collaborative      research    with
                                                       industry partners
The Fund aims to provide funds for                     Commercialisation of research (e.g.
research relating to the charity's aims. It is         demonstrating „proof of concept‟
calling for applications from anyone whose             or developing prototypes and
proposed research fits the following                   setting up spin-out companies)
criteria:                                              CASE studentships and industrial
     Leads to a better understanding of the            placements
     support needs of patients, and their              Training in entrepreneurship and
     families and carers, from diagnosis               business skills
     through treatment, to recovery or end
     of life - and to discover how these         Details on the awards that are currently
     needs can best be met;                      available can be found in the below
     Offers improved psychosocial care to        Funding Bulletin:
     patients, their families and carers;
     Facilitates better communication and
     continuity of care throughout a patient's
     cancer journey; and
     Tests the efficacy of, and improve,
     existing support strategies.

Awards and Scholarships

British Dental Practice Managers                 bursary of a single payment of approx
Association & Henry Schein Career                £2,500. The Closing date for applications is
Development Grant                                30th September 2009.

The grant aim is to support the                  For further information contact Bridget
development of practice managers to              Crump, Phone: 01452 886364, or see
strategic business managers. This is a           BDPMA website at:

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                             11      Economic and Social Research
      al_practice_managers_association_par      Council, Researcher Development
ticipate_in_the_network/bdpma_participate       Initiative New Grants
                                                Aim is to support the training and
                                                development of researchers across the
European Commission Framework 7                 social sciences at all stages of their career.
Programme (FP7) Marie Curie                     Through the RDI, the Economic and Social
Industry-Academia Partnerships and              Research Council (ESRC) wishes to
Pathways (IAPP)                                 support a range of training and
                                                development activities and to integrate
The Marie Curie Industry-Academia               these activities more effectively where
Partnerships and Pathways Scheme (IAPP)         possible with other ESRC training capacity
aims to foster co-operation between non-        building activities and resources in order to
commercial research organisations and           encourage the development of a national
commercial entities based on joint research     training infrastructure that will drive
projects or programmes. These partnerships      forward advanced and specialist research
aim to stimulate long-term collaboration        training in a systematic way. The scope of
between the sectors and address the             the              scheme               covers:
perceived or real barriers which inhibit
movement of researchers between the                 The provision of advanced training and
public and private research domains.                development activities for researchers
Grants in excess of £100k from funds of             The provision of specific training
over £58m will be made available over 3-            activities for research students
year period.                                        The development and use of new tools
                                                    and packages for training purposes
Support will be provided for:                       The provision of specific 'training the
    Exchange of know-how and experience             trainer' activities focused on equipping
    through inter-sector secondments of             academics to fulfil research-related
    research                                        roles of supporting the learning of other
    staff of the participants;                      researchers.
    Research and Networking activities;
    optionally: Recruitment of experienced      The closing date for applications is 9th
    researchers       from     outside   the    June 2009. Further information is available
    partnership, for involvement in transfer    from Elizabeth Garcha, tel 01793 413043,
    of knowledge and/or training of             email, and at:
    For SMEs only: research equipment on        portunities/postgraduate/fundingopportuniti
    a duly justified basis.                     es/RDI2009.aspx#0
Proposals must be submitted electronically,
using the Commission's Electronic
Proposal Submission Service (EPSS) by           European      Molecular     Biology
27th July 2009.                                 Laboratory (EMBL) International PhD
                                                Fellowship Programme
Please see their website for further details:     The EMBL International PhD Programme
seaction=UserSite.PeopleDetailsCallPage&        provides    advanced,      interdisciplinary
call_id=201                                     training in Molecular Biology and its
                                                associated      scientific      disciplines.
                                                Fellowships in excess of 3 years with
                                                funding available between £50K - £100K.
                                                Applications should be submitted by

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                             12
      15th July 2009. Further information is   participate in the Health Research &
      available    from    the     Research    Educational Trust (HRET) / National
Administrator on +49 6221 3870 and at:         Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) Patient        Safety Leadership Fellowship. Successful
me/applications.html                           applications will describe a significant,
                                               relevant, and feasible research project in
                                               the area of patient safety, as well as a
The Health Service Journal Awards              mentored training programme designed to
                                               provide the applicant with a foundation for
To celebrate and reward every aspect of        becoming an emergency medicine patient
healthcare management: acute services,         safety research leader. Fellowships of 1-3
primary care, public health, chronic           years, awards will be made to the
disease, mental health and many more.          institution in the amount of $150k ($75k
Categories for 2009 are: Primary Care          per year for two years). The deadline for
Organisation of the year; Acute                applying is 1st August 2009.
Organisation of the year; Managing Long
Term Care; Improving Care with                 For further information please see:
Technology;       Data    Driven   Service
Improvement; Patient Safety; Reducing          ds/Grants/SAEMEMPSFPatientSafetyRese
Health     Inequalities;    World    Class     archFellowship/tabid/370/Default.aspx
Commissioning; Mental Health Innovation;
Acute & Primary Care Innovation;
Workforce       Development;     Improving     National MS Society: Rehabilitation
Health with NICE guidance; Best Social         Research Fellowship
Marketing project; Corporate Citizenship;
Improving Patient Access; Patient Centred      This programme provides support for a
Care; Clinical Service Redesign. The           mentor-institution combination which is
closing date is 3rd July 2009.                 responsible for the recruitment, selection,
                                               and training of postdoctoral fellows to
For further information contact Georgina       pursue a career in rehabilitation research
Drake, Events Co-ordinator, tel: 020 7728      applied to multiple sclerosis and similar
5292, email:,          disorders. The mentor-based fellowship
or see:                                        programme will have a term of five years.         Each mentor-based fellowship award will
nd/reg/thome.csp?pageID=3071&CSPCHD            provide sufficient funds to support a single
x=0000000000000&CSPIHN=108058-                 postdoctoral fellow for five years. The
108058:443&CSPSCN=CSPSESSIONID&                salary levels requested for each year of the
eventID=7&mode=preview&version=futur           fellowship award must be based on the
e&eventID=7                                    NMSS salary scale (see their website).
                                               Estimated total funds: £250,000.

The Society of Academic Emergency              Completed applications, including all
Medicine - Patient Safety Research             required supporting documents, received by
Fellowship                                     the Society by the 5th August 2009.
                                               For further information please contact
The grant, co-sponsored by The Society of      Nicholas LaRocca, Vice President Phone
Academic Emergency Medicine and The            +1 212 476 0414. Website is:
Emergency Medicine Patient Safety    
Foundation, seeks to enhance the               professionals/researchers/get-
development of an emergency medicine           funding/rehabilitation-research-mentor-
patient safety researcher. Additionally,       based-fellowships/index.aspx
funds are provided for the recipient to

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                          13
     Human Exposure to Allergenic             Queens' Nursing Institute and the
     Pollen studentship                       Alzheimer’s   Society   Fund    for
                                              Innovation: Dementia Care Nursing
Applications are invited for a fully-funded
full-time 1-3 year studentship to work in     A professional development programme is
the area of 'measuring and modelling          offered to provide professional and
human exposure to pollen allergens in an      personal development opportunities to
urban environment'. This studentship is       enable project personnel to confidently
sponsored by and in collaboration with the    manage deliver and sustain their project.
National Environmental Research Institute,    Continuing support is available from the
Denmark. Half of the PhD studentship will     Practice Development Manager for the
be conducted at the University of             duration of the project. Awards are of £5 to
Worcester, UK, and half will be conducted     £10k for a 6 to 12 month basis.
at the National Environmental Research
Institute in Denmark. Funding over 3 years    There is a new closing date of 28th
= £70k.                                       September 2009. For further information
The deadline for applications is 26th May     and application procedures please contact
2009. For more information contact Dr         Anne Pearson,
Matthew Smith on 01905 855223 or visit        Or        visit        the       website:
ps/                                           funding/fund-for-innovation.html

Queen’s Nursing Institute Maureen             Royal College of Midwives - Ruth
Acland Award for Research and                 Davies Research Bursary
                                              Three bursaries are available of £5k each.
A professional development programme is       Potential Applicants should contact Marlyn
offered to all award winners. This aims to    Gennace for an application package:
provide     professional   and     personal Applicants
development opportunities for the award       must be RCM members, practising
winner that will enable them to confidently   midwives with at least two years
manage, deliver and sustain their project.    experience and must not already be
Continuing support is available from the      involved in major research projects. The
Practice Development Manager for the          closing date is 10th July 2009. Further
duration of the project. Priority will be     information is available at:
given to research that will contribute to
improving services and/or developing          -development/bursaries-and-
practice in any area of community/primary     scholarships/ruth-davies-research-bursary/
care/public health nursing. Awards are of
£5 to £10k for a 6 to 12 month basis.
                                              Royal College of Surgeons of
There is a new closing date of 28th           England - The Colledge Family
September 2009. For further information       Memorial Fellowship
and application procedures please contact
Anne Pearson,,        The next award of this Fellowship will be
or visit the website:                         made for the year commencing August                2009. All applications will be considered
funding/fund-for-innovation.html              but applicants who stand to gain clinical or
                                              research experience will be given priority.
                                              Each year the committee selects a
                                              successful applicant to conduct a formal

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                         14
      annual lecture entitled „The Lionel       will jointly fund the Senior Research
      Colledge Memorial Lecture‟ The            Fellow's salary through a '50:50'
lecturer will receive a medal in recognition.   partnership for the duration of any renewal
This is due to commence in 2010. The            period. The fellowship is for five years in
value of the award to any one Fellow is not     the first instance, and provides:
likely to be less than £10,000. Closing date        A basic salary, as determined by the
for applications is 17th July 2009.                 host institution (normally up to £55,000
                                                    pa) with an additional Trust
Further information can be obtained from            supplement of £12,500 pa;
Miss Belinda Duncan, The Membership                 The essential costs of the research
and Events Department, 020 7869 6091,               programme           (e.g.     consumables,
email and from:             equipment,         research     assistance,           overseas allowances, collaborative
nd_grants/travelawards/colledge.html                travel and subsistence);
                                                    An         inflation/flexible      funding
                                                    allowance; and
Grand Hamdan International Award                    Support to attend scientific meetings.

The Grand Hamdan International Award is         Fellowships may be taken up on a part-time
unique in not only rewarding quality but        employment basis where appropriate. The
also dedication to the alleviation of the       closing date is 5th June 2009. Further
sufferings of humanity through research         information is available from the Research
and exemplary service. A research               Administrator, 020 7611 8888, and at:
breakthrough in the subject selected for the
award is the major deciding factor. The         edical-science/Grants/Fellowships-and-
subject for this year‟s round of awards is      personal-awards/Basic-biomedical-
Diabetes Mellitus.                              fellowships/WTD004442.htm

The Award shall consist of a trophy
carrying the winner's name, a certificate in    UCL - The Berkeley Fellowship
the winner's name containing the Award          Applications are invited from Graduates in
winning subject of work and a sum of            Medicine (from any institution). It will not
250,000 Arab Emirates Dirham. The               usually be awarded for a period shorter
winner shall be provided with a return          than three months or longer than one year.
business class air ticket, accommodation        The total awarded will not exceed £30,000;
and visa to attend the Award Presentation       the Committee may decide to make awards
Ceremony Conference. Closing date for           to more than one candidate. Closing date is
nominations is 30th November 2009               12th June 2009.

Please see website for further information;     For further information please contact 020           7679 2000 or go to:

The Wellcome Trust              - Senior
Research Fellowships            in Basic
Biomedical Science

This fellowship is subject to competitive
rolling scientific review every five years,
and renewed awards will be funded on the
basis that the Trust and the host institution

R&D News Bulletin 52, May 2009                                                              15