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									                             Toy Town Museum 21st Annual Limited Edition

                  Commemorative Toy
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                 Our 2nd TOy TOWn PuzzLe                                                      $ 12.00
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                          Announcing the 2007

      Toy Town Commemorative Toy!
                                     Barky Buddy
                      This year’s Toy Town Commemorative toy is a reproduction of
                  Fisher-Price’s Barky Buddy. This adorable little dog was originally made
                    by Fisher-Price in 1934. Artwork for the toy was done by Margaret
                   Evans Price who was an artist and illustrator of children’s books. As
                  wife of Irving Price, one of the founders of Fisher Price, she lent her
                      talents to many of the early toys including the “16 Hopefuls”
                                  -the first 16 toys made by Fisher-Price.
                      Barky Buddy is a proud terrier dressed in a complete soldier suit
                            and will make a wonderful guard for any collection.
                                              Price $ 58.00

And we are doing it again - another puzzle
                                             Toy Dogs
                         The Toy Town Museum and Buffalo Games are producing
                  a second puzzle highlighting “toy” dogs. We have taken some of our
                        favorite toys in the image of dogs for this puzzle. Proudly
                  manufacured right here in our own backyard, this puzzle is made from
                  fine linen paper and a premum brand board that is distinctively tinted
                    to showcase its quality and thickness. A crisp and satisfying “snap”
                                accompanies the placement of each piece,
                                   and each puzzle is free from defects.
                        Be sure to get this puzzle! It’s going to be dog gone great!
                                             Price $ 12.00

        All proceeds from sales of the commemorative items
   support the annual operating expenses of the Toy Town Museum.

                        TOy TOwn MuseuM
          636 Girard Avenue • east Aurora, new york 14052

                      Phone: 716.687.5151

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