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CeMAP Training UK Courses


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									?CeMAP training UK courses for budding mortgage advisers.

The ability to become a high earning individual is within most of us, if we only knew
what it takes. We all strive for success by studying for university degrees, attend
courses and continuously look for a spark for direction in life and it's not until we see
a professional person in front of us that we realise that its a job that we would like to
do. It seems easy watching that individual working at the height of their career
without realising what price they have had to pay to achieve that success.

Being in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years, many people have asked
me what it takes to become a high earning qualified mortgage advisor. As the
Marketing Director of Money Marketing Limited, a company that trains hundreds of
budding UK mortgage advisers per month, I feel that I am well qualified to answer
that question.

Well, it takes dedication, focus, hard work, the ability to strive for success and a little
help on cemap training UK courses.?

So what criteria should you use when deciding on your future career direction? Well,
try asking yourself a few of the following questions:

? Do you think that you would enjoy helping people with their finances?
? Would you prefer to be an employee?
? Would you like to be self-employed?
? Are you determined to become a high earner?
? Are you intent on being successful?
? Would you like to be in charge of your own destiny?

A 'yes' answer to most of these could mean that you should consider investigating
how to become a mortgage adviser but before you do, let us look a little further. The
start to becoming a UK mortgage advisor is passing a mortgage advice qualification
and in my opinion the most recognised one in the UK is the Certificate in Mor tgage
Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

Do you need to have a degree to pass the exams, you might ask? You will not need
academic qualifications to be able to pass the Cemap exams but one thing you will
need is a strong desire to succeed in a highly competitive industry. If you are looking
to start a career in Financial Services as a mortgage advisor but are finding it hard to
get your foot in the door, let our dedicated team of industry-experienced CeMAP
training professionals lead the way. We have people travelling to our venues from all
parts of the country including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our five-day cemap training UK courses are based on groups of around 10 people for
ease of control and ability to interact with the tutor. The courses are e xtremely
focused, intensive and prepare delegates for the CeMAP 1,2,3 exams. We fast track
candidates in five-days per intensive course, in hotels throughout many regions of the
UK, including London, Coventry, Sheffield, Manchester and the North West, ensuring
that one of our CeMAP courses will be near to you.

We successfully help individuals to pass their mortgage advice qualifications in
literally days of intensive, fast track cemap training. Having said that, it can be easy
for the gifted people who are just natural at passing academic exams.

I recently spent a week with a group of 10 delegates on a CEMAP 2 & 3 training
course and the range of abilities on the course was extremely diverse. The challenge
here for the cemap trainer was to get them all to the same standard by the end of the
week and prepare them for their exams, the week after. Nine out of the ten passed
their relevant exams.

The challenges of the CeMAP exams are that you need to learn the qualification
content and pass the exams at 70% but that is not all. Many people coming into the
mortgage industry have not sat exams for years and in some cases not since they left
school. Our CeMAP training UK courses are built for individuals who are new to the
mortgage industry and as a consequence, we teach the course content and mock
examine you on a daily basis.

The advantage to this system is obvious, not only are you learning the course content
but the exam techniques as well. With strengths and weaknesses identified on a daily
basis, it is easy to identify the areas that require extra tuition during the week. This
proven system allows us to help hundreds of people get through their Certificate in
Mortgage Advice & Practice (CeMAP) exams per month.

Do take care, as the route to becoming a mortgage adviser could be fraught with
dangers for the unprepared and under researched person, as the journey could be a
long and arduous one. Care should be taken when choosing the company for the
initial CeMAP training as many organisations are strictly in the business of offering
either a two-day revision course or a self-study CeMAP examination course that in
our opinion is not enough.

Furthermore there are unscrupulous organisations that may try to lure individuals into
offering cheap CeMAP training courses and then taking ?5,000, ?6,000 or even ?9,000
off them in an attempt to recruit them into their mortgage business as mortgage
advisers or offering them an expensive mortgage franchise.

Money Marketing Limited is a training school, strictly in the business of offering
CeMAP training courses and then further developing individuals with our advanced
mortgage training modules in their quest to become professional mortgage advisers or
even    self-employed      mortgage       brokers.   Visit     our    website     at
www.cemap-training.org.uk for further information on CeMAP training UK courses

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