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      Green Valley Recreation, Inc

                    Prepared April 20, 2011
                    Proprietary and Confidential
                    Reviewed by Council
Green Valley Recreation, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving the leisure and social
needs of the adult retirement community of Green Valley, Arizona, which is located 25
miles south of Tucson on I-19.

Green Valley Recreation, Inc is interested in:
   1. Replacement of four (4) Tennis Courts at Desert Hills
   2. Alternate bid for two (2) Tennis Courts at West Center ( 5 & 6)
   3. Alternate bid for both of the above.

Green Valley Recreation, Inc. is seeking to identify and select an outside independent
vendor to perform the activities listed above. The remainder of this document provides
additional information that will allow a service provider to understand the scope of the
effort and develop a proposal in the format desired by Green Valley Recreation, Inc.


Any questions concerning technical specifications or Statement of Work (SOW)
requirements must be directed to:

     Name      Scott Peters
     Address   1070 S Calle de las Casitas Green Valley, AZ 85614

     Phone     520-625-3440 x207
     FAX       520-625-2352

     Name      David Jund
     Address   1070 S Calle de las Casitas Green Valley, AZ 85614

     Phone     520-625-3440 x212
     FAX       520-625-2352

     Name      John Adderley
     Address   1070 S Calle de las Casitas Green Valley, AZ 85614
     Phone     520-625-3440 x206
     FAX       520-625-2352

Confidential                                                                                2

Any questions regarding contractual terms and conditions or proposal format
must be directed to:

       Name          Scott Peters
       Address       1070 S Calle de las Casitas Green Valley, AZ 85614

       Phone         520-625-3440 x207
       FAX           520-625-2352


A written confirmation of the Vendor’s intent to respond to this RFP is required by January 22,
2010. All proposals are due by 4:00 PM, February 24, 2010. Any proposal received at the
designated location after the required time and date specified for receipt shall be considered late
and non-responsive. Any late proposals will not be evaluated for award.


Work must start within 10 calendar days after the date of commencement established by the
Notice to Proceed and must be completed and suitable for use within 122 calendar days after
such commencement date.


Bids (Document #600, 600-A, B, C &D) must be submitted in a plainly marked and sealed
envelope endorsed with the bidder’s name, the date to be opened, and addressed to Green Valley
Recreation, Inc., Desert Hills Tennis Courts Project, 1070 S. Calle de las Casitas, Green Valley, AZ

Confidential                                                                                       3

 Event                                                                     Date
 1. RFP Distribution to Vendors                                         Jan. 11, 2010

 2. Written Confirmation of Vendors with Bid Intention                  Jan. 22, 2010

 3. Questions from Vendors about scope or approach due                  Jan. 29, 2010

 4. Responses to Vendors about scope or approach due                    Feb. 5, 2010

 5. Proposal Due Date                                                   Feb. 24, 2010

 6. Target Date for Review of Proposals                                 Feb. 25, 2010
                                                                         Feb. 24-26,
 7. Final Vendor Selection Discussion(s)--Week of                           2010

 8. Anticipated decision and selection of Vendor(s)                    March 1, 2010

 9. Anticipated commencement date of work                               April 5, 2010


Award of the contract resulting from this RFP will be based upon the most responsive Vendor
whose offer will be the most advantageous to Green Valley Recreation, Inc in terms of cost, and
other factors as specified elsewhere in this RFP.

Green Valley Recreation, Inc reserves the right to:

       Reject any or all offers and discontinue this RFP process without obligation or liability to
        any potential Vendor,
       Accept other than the lowest priced offer,
       Award a contract on the basis of initial offers received, without discussions or requests for
        best and final offers, and
       Award more than one contract.

Vendor's proposal shall be submitted in several parts as set forth below. The Vendor will confine
its submission to those matters sufficient to define its proposal and to provide an adequate basis
for Green Valley Recreation, Inc evaluation of the Vendor’s proposal.

1    Site investigation and representations
               The bidder must be acquainted with the nature and location of the WORK, the
               general and local conditions, particularly those bearing upon transportation,
               disposal, handling and storage of materials, availability of labor, water, electric
               power, roads and uncertainties of weather, the conformation and condition of the
               ground, the character, quality of surface and subsurface materials to be
               encountered, the character of equipment and facilities needed before and during

Confidential                                                                                         4
               performance of the WORK or costs under this contract. Any failure by the bidder to
               acquaint himself with information concerning these conditions does not relieve him
               from responsibility for estimating properly the difficulty or cost of successfully
               performing the WORK. GVR assumes no responsibility or liability for any
               understanding or a representation made by any of its employees or agents during or
               prior to the execution of this contract, unless (a) such understanding or
               representations are expressly stated in the contract and (b) the contract expressly
               provides that the responsibility is assumed by GVR.
2    Permits, Licenses, Fees and Taxes
           The bidder is responsible for procuring all permits and licenses, paying all charges, fees
           and sales tax, and giving any notices necessary and incident in performing the WORK.
3    Subcontractors: If awarded a contract for this project, the undersigned will employ the
     following subcontractors:

         Trade:    CONCRETE                         Subcontractor:
         Trade:    FENCING                          Subcontractor:
         Trade:    POST TENSIONING                  Subcontractor:
         Trade:    COURT COLOR & STRIPING           Subcontractor:
         Trade:                                     Subcontractor:

4    VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY: The undersigned will not award a contract to
     any contractor or subcontractor that fails to comply with the requirements of A.R.S. § 23-
     214(A) (Document #400).
5    TIME OF COMPLETION: The undersigned proposes to complete the WORK within the
     calendar days as referenced in ITEM II after the date of commencement as established by the
     Notice to Proceed.
6    BID: The undersigned agrees to hold this bid (Document #600, 600 A, B, C, & D) open for 90
     days after the date set for receipt of bids.
7    CONTRACT AND BONDS: Upon receipt of written notice that this bid has been accepted, the
     undersigned will execute the formal Contract, a sample of which is appended, hereafter as
     Document #200 and will deliver a one hundred percent Bid Bond (Document #300) for the
     Contract. The Bonds should be “in forms acceptable to GVR, Inc., in its sole discretion.

The undersigned understands that any quantities stated or implied in the Plans or Project Manual
are approximate only and are subject to increase or decrease, and hereby proposes to perform all
quantities of WORK either increased or decreased, in accordance with the provisions of the
Project Manual, at the Unit Bid Price in the Bid document.

                                         Respectfully Submitted,


                                       Print Name

Confidential                                                                                        5
___________________________             __________________________________

___________________________    __________________________________
Business Address (Complete) AZ Contractor’s Classification & License No.

If the Bidder is a Partnership/Joint Venture, please list names & addresses of partners. If the
Bidder is a corporation, please list name and titles of all partners, members, officers and
principals holding an interest of 10% or greater in the corporation.

_________________________________ ______________________________________

_________________________________               ______________________________________

_________________________________               ______________________________________

_________________________________               ______________________________________

_________________________________               ______________________________________

_________________________________               ______________________________________

Bidder shall signify receipt of all addenda here (if any)

Addenda #’s_________________________________________________

Confidential                                                                                      6

                              DOCUMENT #400


Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Section 23-214(A) requires that
the contractor verify the employment eligibility through e-verify of all of its
employees as set forth in that statute and its related definitions.

GVR, Inc. will not enter into a contract with any Company or its providers or
subcontractors that is/are not in compliance with the requirements of A.R.S.
§23-214(A). All bidders and proposers agree and acknowledge that GVR, Inc. is
relying on the representations set forth in this Verification of Employment
Eligibility form and would not consider a bid or proposal without the completion
of this form by the bidder or proposer.

By signing below, “Company”, as named below, represents and warrants that
this company is in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules,
and regulations regarding employment eligibility of all its employees, including
use of the requirements of A.R.S. §23-214(A), and “Company” shall remain in
compliance during the term of any (Contract) (Agreement) that it is awarded by
GVR, Inc.

“Company” further represents and warrants that all providers or subcontractors
providing goods or services under this (Contract) (Agreement) are
incompliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations
regarding employment eligibility of all its employees, and “Company” shall
remain in compliance during the term of any (Contract) (Agreement) that it is
awarded by GVR, Inc.

“Company” shall defend, indemnify and hold GVR, Inc. harmless from any loss,
damage, expense, liability, penalty, claim, or fee (including reasonable
attorneys fees) caused by or arising from, directly or indirectly, in whole or in
part, any false or inaccurate representation set forth above, breach of any
warranties set forth above, and/or any other failure to comply with A.R.S. §23-
214(A) or any other requirements of the Verification of Employment Eligibility
Name of Company: _______________________________________________


Confidential                                                                      7
                             By    (Print)

               ________________________________ ______________
                             Title                      Date

Confidential                                                     8



Confidential                              9


                 600-A THROUGH 600-D

Confidential                              10
                                 DOCUMENT #200

                      GREEN VALLEY RECREATION, INC



On __________ ____, 2010 Green Valley Recreation, Inc. (“GVR, INC.”) authorized the
award of Bid for ____________________________________to
____________________________________________ (“CONTRACTOR”)
doing business as __________________________________________located in the
(City) (Town) Of_____________ County of __________, and State of ____________.

For the consideration of the payments and agreements in this contract, to be made and
performed by GVR, INC., the CONTRACTOR agrees with GVR, INC. to commence and
complete the project as follows:

Article 1: Contract Documents

The Contract Documents consist of the GVR, INC.- CONTRACTOR Agreement, the
Conditions of the Contract (General, Supplemental and other Conditions), the
Drawings, the Project Manual, all Addenda issued prior to and all modifications issued
after execution of the Contract, and all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. A
modification is (1) a written amendment to the contract signed by both parties, (2) a
Change Order, (3) a written interpretation issued by GVR, INC. or (4) a written order
for a minor change in the WORK issued by GVR, INC. The Contract Documents include
Bidding Documents such as the Advertisement or Invitation to Bid, the Instructions to
Bidders, sample forms, the CONTRACTOR’s Bid or portions of addenda relating to any
of these, or any other documents, specifically enumerated in the GVR, INC.-

The Contract Documents form the Contract for Construction. This Contract represents
the entire and integrated agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior
negotiations, representations, or Agreements, either written or oral. The Contract may
be amended or modified.

In interpreting the Contract, in the event of discrepancies or conflicts:
    1. The Special Conditions govern over the Plans, and
    2. The Plans govern over the Technical Specifications.
    3. The Plans drawn with the largest scale govern, and
    4. Figured dimensions govern over scaled dimensions.

Article 2: The WORK

The CONTRACTOR will perform all the WORK required under this agreement as
described below:

Confidential                                                                          11
                   Desert Hills Tennis Courts Project
The work includes the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the existing Desert Hills
Tennis Courts (1-4). Work includes the installation of a new 5” thick post tension
concrete slab over the existing asphalt tennis courts. The project also includes Chain
link fence and/or modifications and new tennis court sport coatings.

The Engineer is the administrator of this Contract, and is the interpreter of the
Contract Documents and the judge of the CONTRACTOR’s performance of the WORK.
All reference to the “Engineer” in these documents includes the Engineer, and
authorized representatives.

Article 3: Time of Commencement and Completion

CONTRACTOR must begin work within 10 calendar days of the date established by the
Notice to Proceed and, subject to modifications authorized by the Engineer, complete
WORK as specified in Document #600 through #600 A, B, C, & D.

Article 4: Contract Sum

GVR, INC will pay the CONTRACTOR for performance of the WORK, subject to additions
and deletions by Change Order, the sum of:

Article 5: Progress Payments

The CONTRACTOR must apply to the Engineer for progress payments. GVR, INC will
make progress payments pursuant to A.R.S. §32-1129.01 and with the Engineer’s
approval of CONTRACTOR’s application. The CONTRACTOR is required to submit lien
releases from subcontractors and material men along with its request for progress
payments. Progress payments are subject to retainage amounts as deemed necessary
by the Engineer for incomplete WORK, unsettled claims, and other deficiencies.

Article 6: Final Payment

Upon the Engineer’s certification that the WORK has been completed and the Contract
has been fully performed, all documentation, including the written concurrence of
bonding agencies, if applicable, has been received, and GVR, INC. has accepted the
WORK, GVR, INC will make final payment. Final Payment and acceptance of the WORK
will not relieve the CONTRACTOR of its obligation to warrant the WORK for a period of
one year.

Article 7: General Conditions

7.1.1 GVR, INC. The word “GVR, INC” as used in these documents refers to Green
      Valley Recreation, Inc, of Green Valley, Arizona. The official representative of
      GVR, INC in these proceedings is the Executive Director, Green Valley
      Recreation, Inc, Green Valley, Arizona or authorized designee.

Confidential                                                                             12
7.1.2 ENGINEER. The word “ENGINEER” means the Engineer or firm or person, and
      their properly authorized assistants and inspectors, designated by GVR, INC. to
      prepare Plans and administer construction of the WORK.
7.1.3 CONTRACTOR. The word “CONTRACTOR”, as used in the Project Manual or in
      the contract means the person, firm or corporation with whom the contract is
      made by GVR, INC.
7.1.4 SUBCONTRACTOR. The word “SUBCONTRACTOR” includes those having a direct
      contract with the CONTRACTOR and those who furnish material worked to a
      special design according to the Plans or Project Manual for this WORK but do
      not include those who merely furnish material not so worked.
7.1.5 PLANS. The word “PLANS” as used in the Project Manual or in the Contract,
      means the official plans, working drawings or supplemental drawings or exact
      reproductions thereof, authorized by Board of Directors, Green Valley
      Recreation, Inc, Green Valley, Arizona which show the locations, character,
      dimensions and details of the project and the WORK to be done and which are to
      be considered as a part of the contract, supplementary to the Project Manual.
7.2.1 In conformance with Arizona Revised Statutes §42-5006 and the Arizona
      Department of Revenue criteria concerning construction project tax liabilities
      and, as a requirement of this Contract, the CONTRACTOR must provide to Green
      Valley, Inc one of the following documents.

      a) A copy of the TAX LIABILITY BOND issued by the Arizona Department of
         Revenue, naming this specific project as being bonded.
      b) A current BOND EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE issued by the Arizona Department
         of Revenue, naming this specific project as being exempt.
7.2.2 The technical contact will issue the project’s Notice to Proceed and Notice of
      Completion documentation.
7.2.3 The Contractor shall comply with the Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination
      System (AZPDES) storm water Phase II requirements and in particular the
      Construction General Permit # AZG2003-001. The cost of such compliance must
      be incorporated into the appropriate Bid Form line item cost(s) and no separate
      payment will be made for this compliance.
7.2.4 Prior to and as a prerequisite of the Notice to Proceed the CONTRACTOR shall
      provide the Engineer with the following submittals for review and approval:

        a) Proposed project materials
        b) Construction schedule
        c) Schedule of Values for anticipated payment requests
        d) Safety Plan
        e) Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
        f) Traffic Control Plan
        g) Letter to residents and/or businesses to be affected by the project, advising
           them of the type and approximate duration of the project
        h) Listing of after-hours/emergency contact personnel for the CONTRACTOR
           and subcontractor(s).
        i) Certificates of training for all workers who will be cutting, tapping, or
           handling asbestos cement pipe.
        j) A complete and accurate Notice of Intent (NOI) for coverage under the
           Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) Construction

Confidential                                                                           13
           General Permit No. AZG2003-001 to be submitted to Arizona Department of
           Environmental Quality (AEDQ). Concurrently with the Notice of Intent
           (NOI), the CONTRACTOR shall develop and implement a Storm Water
           Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). A copy of the SWPPP must be provided
           to the Engineer. The SWPPP must be available for ADEQ review.
       k) Written designation of a “competent person”, in accordance with the
           definition in 29 CFR Part 1926.650, if excavation is required. This person
           shall remain on the Project site during all construction activities associated
           with his/her field of competency. Additionally, contractor shall submit
           certification that the competent person has successfully completed a
           minimum of eight (8) hours of OSHA training related to that field of
       l) A design plan and data for all project areas in which excavation in excess of
           twenty feet (20’) is anticipated or planned, in accordance with 29 CFR Part
7.2.5 Contractor must submit all monthly estimates and final billing concurrently to
       Engineer (Copy), and to the Finance Director (original) of Green Valley
       Recreation, Inc., for review and approval prior to payment.
7.2.6 It is expressly understood by the CONTRACTOR that the estimated quantities
       found in the Bid Form section of the Project Manual are estimates only for the
       purpose of bid comparison and that the final payment quantities will be
       measured in place subsequent to the completion of construction and paid for at
       the contract price bid for each item.
7.2.7 The appropriate Contractor is advised that the following sequence of events for
       issue of final payment by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. is as follows:
       a) The Contractor’s Affidavit Regarding Settlement of Claims is submitted to the
       b) A copy of the Affidavit and Consent of Surety is sent by the CONTRACTOR to
           the CONTRACTOR’s Bonding Surety with a request to release final contract
           payment to the CONTRACTOR.
       c) Once the Bonding Surety advises, in writing (Consent of Surety) to
           Purchasing, that payment of final contact monies to the CONTRACTOR is
           approved, the Finance Director is requested to schedule the issue of the final
7.2.8 In a coordinated effort with the Engineer’s representative, the CONTRACTOR
       will be responsible for the preparation and furnishing of “As-Built” record
       drawings. The CONTRACTOR shall obtain one set of plans from the Engineering
       Division and record, in red colored pencil, all cases where actual field
       construction differs from WORK shown on plans. All concealed WORK and utility
       locations will be dimensioned. No separate payment will be made for this
       activity. The cost for same must be incorporated into the appropriate Bid Form
       line item cost.
7.2.9 The CONTRACTOR shall notify the Engineer immediately of any conditions
       requiring changes to the plans.
7.2.10 After the construction is complete and the project’s disturbed area is stabilized
       to at least 70% of natural background levels or responsibility of the project has
       been assumed by another operator, the Contractor must submit to ADEQ a
       Notice of Termination (NOT) to end participation in AZPDES program. A copy of
       the NOT must be provided to the Engineer.

Confidential                                                                           14
7.3.1 Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Standards for General Industry and
      Construction (Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 1910 and 1926 as
      amended) are applicable in this Contract.
7.3.2 Prior to the issuance of the project’s Notice to Proceed, the CONTRACTOR, as
      defined in the beginning of these General Conditions, must submit an Accident
      Prevention Plan (Safety Plan) for the specific WORK to be undertaken, to GVR,
      INC, for review and approval. This Plan must address all phases of construction
      to be undertaken, as called out in this Contract. The Plan must also address
      measures to control hazards associated with materials (MSDS), equipment, and
      safety inspections.
7.3.3 The CONTRACTOR must provide the name of a designated safety person for
      coordination during the life of the project.
7.3.4 The after-hours/emergency response sequence to be utilized for this project is:
      a) Erecting traffic control signs and barricades to safely divert traffic/motorists
          and/or pedestrians from the problem area.
      b) Contacting the Water Company to close any valves, as may be necessary.
      c) Contacting the Senior Engineering Technician/Inspector responsible for the
          project or if the Inspector is not available, contacting the Engineering Field
          Supervisor, to notify the CONTRACTOR of the need to respond to the project
      d) Commencing such remedial activities as may be necessary to stabilize the
          site and protect any adjacent infrastructures, until relieved by the
7.3.5 The CONTRACTOR must keep GVR, INC., Fire Department, Rural Metro Fire
      Corporation, Continental School District informed of all restrictions to traffic
      flow due to construction operations.
7.3.6 The CONTRACTOR must protect both pedestrians and vehicular traffic at all
      times with properly positioned warning signs, devices and/or flaggers. All
      traffic control must be in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control
      Devices and with applicable Arizona and local codes. The CONTRACTOR must
      submit a traffic control plan to GVR, INC. for review and approval prior to the
      start of construction.
      a) The CONTRACTOR is responsible for the inspection of all traffic control
          installations used in conjunction with this project and shall inspect, at least
          twice daily, to ensure same conforms to the approved Traffic Control Plan. It
          is recommended that this inspection take place at the start and end of each
          workday, and approximately the same time on non-working days and at such
          times as felt such inspection may be required.
      b) The CONTRACTOR must provide the Engineer the name and telephone
          number of those persons responsible for these inspections and who are
          available for emergency after-hours call out.
      c) No separate payment will be made for the above activities. The cost for
          same must be incorporated into the appropriate Bid Form line item cost.
7.3.7 CONTRACTORS having questions concerning these regulations and the
      implications of same should contact GVR, INC. Assistant Building Services
      Manager at 520-625-3440 x206.

Confidential                                                                           15
7.4.1 It is possible that emergencies may arise during the progress of the WORK
      which may require special treatment or make advisable extra crew shifts to
      continue the WORK for twelve (12), eighteen (18) or even twenty-four (24)
      hours per day. These emergencies may be caused by damage or possible
      damage to nearby existing structures or property, or by accidents. The
      CONTRACTOR must be prepared in case of such emergencies, to make all
      necessary repairs, and will promptly execute such WORK when required by the
7.4.2 The after-hours/emergency response sequence to be utilized for this project is:
      a) Erecting traffic control signs and barricades to safely divert traffic, motor ists
          and/or pedestrians from the problem area.
      b) Contacting the Water Company to close any valves as may be necessary.
      c) Contacting the Senior Engineering Technician/Inspector responsible for the
          project or if the Inspector is not available, contacting the Engineering Field
          Supervisor, to notify the CONTRACTOR of the need to respond to the project
      d) Commencing such remedial activities as may be necessary to stabilize the
          site and protect any adjacent infrastructures, until relieved by the
7.5.1 All CONTRACTORS engaged by GVR, INC., Green Valley, Arizona to undertake
      construction involving repair, modification, removal and/or disposal of asbestos
      cement (cement asbestos) pipe must comply with those worker training
      requirements stipulated in 29 CFR 1926.1101, the Asbestos NESHAP regulations
      contained in 40 CFR 61 and special waste management rules for friable A.C.M.
      contained within Arizona Administrative Code R18-8-301/306, as well as
      subsequent amendments to or superseding documents concerning the above
7.5.2 The CONTRACTOR shall remove and dispose of all waste or scrap A.C.M. pipe
      generated during the course of the project, unless specifically noted otherwise
      in the contract documents.
7.6   DELAYS
7.6.1 If any delay is caused the CONTRACTOR by specific order of the Engineer to stop
      work or by failure of GVR, INC. to provide the necessary right-of-way or site for
      installation, or by such unforeseen causes beyond the control of the
      CONTRACTOR, such delay will entitle the CONTACTOR to an equivalent
      extension of time, except as otherwise provided hereinafter under Suspension
      of WORK. Provided, however, that when delay is caused by an order to suspend
      WORK given on account of climatic conditions which in the opinion of the
      Engineer could have been reasonably been foreseen, the CONTRACTOR will not
      be entitled to any extension of time on account of such order.
7.6.2 Application for extension of time must be approved by the Engineer and must be
      accompanied by the formal consent of the sureties, but an extension of time,
      whether with or without such consent, must not release the sureties from their
      obligations, which will remain in full force until the discharge of the Contract.
7.6.3 Standby time, if required, will be considered a delay to the project and, as such,
      will be addressed in accordance with the provisions of this section.
7.7.1 GVR, INC. reserves the right to suspend the whole or any part of the WORK
      herein specified, if deemed in its interest to do so, without compensation to the

Confidential                                                                             16
       CONTRACTOR for such suspension other than extending the time for completing
       the WORK as much as it may have been delayed by such suspension. No
       allowance by way of damages will be made for any such delay.
7.8.1 All WORK under this Contract must be built in accordance with the lines and
       grades shown on the Plans and as given by the Engineer. The Engineer will
       furnish only the basic reference lines and bench marks from which the
       CONTACTOR will establish such other points as he may need, except as
       otherwise specified herein. The protection and care of such references is the
       responsibility of the CONTRACTOR and any references lost or destroyed will be
       replaced only at the CONTRACTOR’s expense.
7.8.2 The Engineer will perform construction staking as follows:
       a) Sewer lines: stake the centerline at an agreed upon offset every twenty-five
           feet (25”) along the line and supply a cut sheet.
       b) Sidewalks: stake an agreed upon offset line will be staked every twenty-five
           feet (25”) along the line and supply a cut sheet.
       c) Curb and gutter: stake an agreed upon offset line will be staked every
           twenty-five feet (25”) along the line and supply a cut sheet.
       d) Rough grading base course or pavement: the elevations will be established
           from the concrete gutters or curb and stakes will be set by the CONTRACTOR
           except at the intersections which shall be “blue top” staked by the Engineer.
7.8.3 The CONTRACTOR’s stakes and grades are subject to check by the Engineer for
       compliance with the Plans and Project manual. The CONTRACTOR must keep
       the Engineer informed a reasonable time in advance, at least twenty-four (24)
       hours, as to his needs for checking lines and grades and for setting stakes in
       order that the same is done and all necessary measurements are made for
       record and payment with the minimum of inconvenience to the Engineer or of
       delay to the CONTRACTOR.
7.9.1 All materials must be of the specified quality, and equal to the approved
       samples, if samples have been submitted. All WORK must be done and
       completed in a thorough, workmanlike manner, notwithstanding any omission
       from the Project Manual or from the Plans. It is the duty of the CONTRACTOR to
       call the Engineer’s attention to apparent errors or omissions, and request
       instructions before proceeding with the WORK.
7.9.2 Any defective material or workmanship, or any unfaithful or imperfect WORK
       which may be discovered before the final acceptance of the WORK must be
       corrected immediately at the request of the Engineer, without extra charge,
       notwithstanding that it might have been overlooked in previous inspections.
       Failure to inspect WORK does not relieve the CONTRACTOR from any obligation
       to perform sound and reliable WORK as herein specified.
7.10.1 If any part of the WORK to be done under this Contract is subcontracted, the
       subcontracting must be done in accordance with, and the CONTRACTOR agrees
       to be bound by, the following provisions:
       a) All subcontracts must be in writing and must provide that all WORK to be
           performed there under will be performed in accordance with the terms of the
           Contract. All subcontracts must be approved by the Engineer before said
           subcontract is executed.

Confidential                                                                          17
       b) The subcontracting of any or all of the WORK to be done will in no way
           relieve the CONTRACTOR of any part of his responsibility under the contract.
           In case the terms of the subcontract are, in the opinion of the Engineer,
           unsatisfactory from the standpoint of GVR, INC., or in case the WORK being
           done under any subcontract is not conducted in a manner satisfactory to the
           Engineer, the CONTRACTOR must, upon written notice to this effect, cause
           such subcontract to be terminated and the subcontractor and his employees
           to be removed from the WORK. Any loss or damage that may be suffered on
           account of such action will be borne by the CONTRACTOR.
7.11.1 The CONTRACTOR must protect against injury any public or private lawns,
       gardens, shrubbery or trees encountered in the WORK. All obstructions to
       traffic must be guarded by barriers and illuminated at night. The CONTRACTOR
       must not trespass upon private property. Access to private property will be
       written permission of the property owner as obtained by the CONTRACTOR.
       Under all circumstances the CONTRACTOR must comply with the laws and
       regulations relative to the safety of persons and property and the interruption of
       traffic, as well as the convenience of the public. The CONTRACTOR will be held
       responsible for and required to make good at his own expense, all damage to
       persons and property caused by carelessness or neglect on the part of the
       CONTRACTOR, or subcontractor, or the agent or employees of either, during the
       progress of the WORK and until its final acceptance. Prior to the
       commencement of construction, the CONTRACTOR must contact adjacent
       property owners who have structures such as fences, buildings, etc, adjacent to
       the proposed construction, and note with GVR, INC. any deficiencies that exist.
       Further deficiencies caused by the CONTRACTOR must be repaired to the
       satisfaction of GVR, INC. and at the cost of the CONTRACTOR.
7.12.1 Locations of existing public utility lines shown on the plans are approximate
       only. Where WORK is to be performed adjacent to or across utility lines, the
       CONTRACTOR must verify the locations in the field and take the necessary
       precautions. The CONTRACTOR must contact the local utility companies before
       trenching across any existing underground utility line. Any damage to a utility
       shall be repaired at the CONTRACTOR’s expense and GVR, INC. will not be
       responsible for any direct or indirect damage to utilities.
7.12.2 It is the CONTRACTOR’s responsibility, in accordance with Arizona Revised
       Statutes §40-360.21 et seq., to notify Arizona Blue Stake (1-800-782-5348) at
       least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of beginning construction.
7.12.3 Omissions from, or inclusion of utility locations on plans, is not to be considered
       as the non-existence of, or definite location of, existing underground utilities.
7.12.4 Adjustment of utility facilities other than those of GVR, INC. will be the
       responsibility of that particular utility, i.e. Quest Communications, Southwest
       Gas Corporation, Arizona Public Service Company, and Adelphia. The
       CONTRACTOR will notify and coordinate with said companies to assure the
       WORK is completed in an expeditious manner.
7.13 ROADS
7.13.1 The CONTRACTOR must keep open streets and roads subject to interference by
       the prosecution of the WORK, covered by this contract until the WORK is
       completed, unless otherwise approved by the Engineer.

Confidential                                                                            18
7.14.1 The CONTRACTOR is responsible for the care of all WORK until its completion
       and final acceptance, and the CONTRACTOR must at his own expense replace
       damaged or lost material and repair damaged parts of the WORK, or the same
       may be done at the CONTRACTOR’s expense by GVR, INC., and the
       CONTRACTOR and his sureties will be liable therefore. All new concrete
       construction that becomes broken or shows evidence of cracks must be
       completely replaced at the CONTRACTOR’s expense. Under no circumstances
       will patchwork be performed to repair new concrete WORK. The CONTRACTOR
       takes all risks from weather and casualties, and may not make any charge for
       delay from such causes. The CONTRACTOR may however, be allowed a
       reasonable extension of time on account of such delays, and subject to the
       conditions hereinbefore specified. The CONTRACTOR will remove from the
       vicinity of the completed WORK all plant equipment and materials belonging to
       the CONTRACTOR or used under the CONTRACTOR’s direction during
       construction. The CONTRACTOR must clean up all waste or excess materials
       within the established WORK limits within the project so as to make a neat and
       workmanlike finish to the entire project, and in the event of the CONTRACTOR’s
       failure to remove said materials, the same may be removed by GVR, INC. at the
       expense of the CONTRACTOR, and the CONTRACTOR and his sureties will be
       liable therefore.
7.16.1 The CONTRACTOR must guarantee the work against defective material and/or
       workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date established by the
       Notice of Project Completion issued by the Purchasing Division to not
       acceptance of the completed WORK. Upon discovery, repair work or
       replacement required in the opinion of the Engineer must be done immediately
       by the CONTRACTOR at the CONTRACTOR’s own expense.
7.16.2 If the CONTRACTOR fails to repair such defective material and/or workmanship,
       or to make replacements within five (5) days after written notice by GVR, INC.,
       it is agreed that GVR, INC. will make such repairs and replacements and the
       actual cost of the required labor, material and interest on the amount from the
       date paid will be chargeable to and payable by the CONTRACTOR.
7.16.3 Any omission on the part of the Engineer to condemn defective work or material
       at the time of construction will not be deemed an acceptance, and the
       CONTRACTOR will be required to correct defective work or material at any time
       before acceptance of final payment and within one (1) year thereafter.
7.16.4 The CONTRACTOR must provide a detailed narrative addressing warranty
       coverage. Foregoing shall be divided into three (3) time periods: a) first year
       and b) years two to five. The narrative shall outline those items not warranted.
       Warranties for structures, i.e., fencing, wind screens, etc., adjacent to court
       surface, must be addressed; providing their suppliers names and locations,
       along with supplier catalogs, websites, etc. Provide buyer the cost percentage,
       retained in the bid, for future repairs during a five year warranty period. Seller
       has the option of discussing a bond, to insure warranty, topic may be addressed

Confidential                                                                           19
7.16.5 In the event the Seller is not in the local area, Seller to advise interface
       communications methods. Seller to propose a schedule of progress meeting
       dates for project review during construction activities.
7.16.6 Provide a listing of Buyer responsibilities for court maintenance requirements to
       maintain Seller’s warranty. Seller to advise their interest, if any, for supplying a
       repair and maintenance contract, plus related pricing, to eliminate Buyer
       performing ongoing maintenance functions upon project completion. Seller may
       exercise an option to submit warranty alternative; however, a personal
       presentation via verbal response, rather than written, is required. After
       presentation, foregoing to be confirmed in writing.
7.16.7 All events, use of subcontractors, written notices, and verbal communications
       and similar likes-their-of shall be in English language. Seller agrees to comply
       with all Federal, State, local laws and executive orders and regulations, and
       maintain insurance during the warranty period. Governing law shall be the
       state of AZ.
7.16.8 If this project requires the interruption of water/sewer service to property, the
       CONTRACTOR must advise property owners/lessor of the interruption at least
       twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the start of construction.
7.16.9 Access to adjacent properties, cross streets or use of streets scheduled for
       improvement must be reasonably maintained and fully re-established at the end
       of each workday.
7.17 The CONTRACTOR must maintain dust abatement activities for the duration of
       the project, including weekends and holidays.
       a) The CONTRACTOR must maintain adequate moisture levels in the surface
           material to eliminate blowing dust from these materials.
       b) All haul trucks, whether involved in delivery or removal activities must be
           covered and/or tarped in order to negate the removal of material from trucks
           by winds, either natural or caused by the movement of the truck.
       c) No separate payment will be made for these activities. The cost for same will
           be incorporated into the appropriate Bid Form line item.

Article 8: Obligations

8.1.1 The CONTRACTOR must do all the WORK, and furnish all labor, equipment,
      transportation, tools, and such materials as required for the completion of the
      WORK, free from all claims, liens, and charges, in the manner and under the
      conditions specified in the Contract.
8.1.2 The WORK and materials furnished must conform strictly with the Project
      Manual accompanying this Contract. The CONTRACTOR guarantees that all
      materials and equipment furnished under this contract will be new, unless
      otherwise specified, and that all WORK is of good quality, free from defects and
      in conformance with the contract Project Manual. Non-conforming WORK is
      considered defective. The use of the works “or equal” following the name of any
      manufacturer, vendor, or proprietary product will mean that, in the opinion of
      GVR, INC., articles or materials which are offered as a substitute must be equal
      in quality and performance to the articles or materials specified. The
      CONTRACTOR must submit requests for the substitution to GVR, INC., and will
      not proceed with the installation or use any proposed substitution without
      written permission from the Engineer.

Confidential                                                                             20
8.1.3 The CONTRACTOR must not assign this contract as a whole without written
      consent of GVR, INC. Any assignment without such consent may, at the option
      of GVR, INC., terminate this agreement. No portion of this Contract will be
      assigned to a subcontractor without the written consent of the Engineer.
8.1.4 The CONTRACTOR must designate a superintendent upon the award of the
      Contract and notify the Engineer via notarized letter of the superintendent’s
      name, address and telephone number. The superintendent will be in charge of
      the operations of the CONTRACTOR in the performance of the WORK and is
      authorized to accept any notice, consent, order, direction, decision or other
      communication on behalf of the CONTRACTOR that may be given to the
      superintendent under the Contract. The CONTRACTOR must, until the WORK
      has been completed, keep a competent superintendent at the WORK site during
      working hours. The CONTRACTOR must, upon the request of GVR, INC., remove
      any superintendent who, in the opinion of the Engineer, is incompetent or has in
      the opinion of the Engineer engaged in improper conduct, and will designate
      another superintendent who is acceptable to the Engineer. The CONTRACTOR
      will not substitute a superintendent without the written notice to and consent of
      the Engineer. Failure to comply with this paragraph by the CONTRACTOR
      entitles the Engineer to refuse to issue any certificate until the superintendent
      has returned to the WORK site or another superintendent who is acceptable to
      the Engineer has been substituted.
8.1.5 The CONTRACTOR understands and acknowledges the applicability to it of the
      American with Disabilities Act, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
      and the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1989. The CONTRACTOR hereby warrants
      to GVR, INC. that the CONTRACTOR and each of its subcontractors
      (“Subcontractors”) will comply with, and are contractually obligated to comply
      with, all Federal Immigration laws and regulations that relate to their
      employees and A.R.S. §23-214(A) (hereinafter “Contractor Immigration

        A breach of the Contractor Immigration Warranty shall constitute a material
        breach of this Contract and shall subject the CONTRACTOR to penalties up to
        and including termination of this Contract at the sole discretion of GVR, INC.

        GVR, INC. may, at its sole discretion, conduct random verification of the
        employment records of the CONTRACTOR and any of the subcontractors to
        ensure compliance with Contractor’s Immigration Warranty. CONTRACTOR
        agrees to assist GVR, INC. in regard to any random verification performed.

        Neither the CONTRACTOR nor any of the Subcontractors shall be deemed to
        have materially breached the Contractor Immigration Warranty if the
        CONTRACTOR or Subcontractor establishes that it has complied with the
        employment verification provisions prescribed by sections 274A and 274B of the
        Federal Immigration and Nationality Act and the E-Verify requirements
        prescribed by A.R.S. §23-214(A)(A), Subsection A.

        The provisions of this Article must be included in any contract the CONTRACTOR
        enters into with any and all of its subcontractors who provide services under
        this Contract or any subcontract. “Services” are defined as furnishing labor,
        time or effort in the State of Arizona by a contractor or subcontractor. Services

Confidential                                                                             21
        include construction or maintenance of any structure, building or transportation
        facility or improvement to real property.
8.1.6   The CONTRACTOR must guard or otherwise protect the WORK and its site, and
        protect the contract specifications, plans, drawings, information, material, plant,
        and real property, whether or not they are supplied by GVR, INC. to the
        CONTRACTOR, against loss or damage from any cause.
8.1.7   If the CONTRACTOR fails to comply with any decision or direction given by the
        Engineer, the Engineer may employ such methods as the Engineer deems
        advisable to undertake that action which the CONTRACTOR failed to pursue.
        The CONTRACTOR must, on demand, pay GVR, INC. an amount that is equal to
        the aggregate of all costs, expenses, damage incurred or sustained by GVR, INC.
        by reason of the CONTRACTOR’s failure to comply with any decision or direction
        of the Engineer, including the costs of any methods employed by the Engineer to
        complete the WORK.
8.1.8   The CONTRACTOR may, within ten days after the communication to the
        CONTRACTOR of any decision or direction, protest that decision or direction. A
        protest must be in writing, contain full reasons for the protest, be signed by the
        CONTRACTOR and be given to GVR, INC. by delivery to the Engineer. If the
        CONTRACTOR gives a protest, any compliance by the CONTRACTOR with the
        decision or direction that was protested will not be construed as an admission
        by the CONTRACTOR of the correctness of that decision or direction, or prevent
        the CONTRACTOR from taking whatever action the CONTRACTOR considers
        appropriate in the circumstances. A written protest by the CONTRACTOR will
        not relieve the CONTRACTOR from complying with the decision or direction that
        is the subject of the protest. The CONTRACTOR must make a protest within
        three months after the date that a Notice of Project Completion is issued. If the
        Engineer determines that the CONTRACTOR’s protest is justified, GVR, INC. will
        pay the CONTRACTOR the cost of the additional labor, plant and material
        necessarily incurred by the CONTRACTOR in carrying out the protested decision
        or direction.
8.2.1   Without limiting any of their obligations or liabilities and at their own expense,
        the CONTRACTOR must purchase and maintain the stipulated minimum
        insurance with companies duly licensed to do business in the state of Arizona.
        All policies and forms must be satisfactory to GVR, INC. Use of alternative
        insurers requires GVR, INC.’s prior approval.
8.2.2   The insurance policies, except Workers’ Compensation, required by this
        contract, must name GVR, INC., and its employees, as Additional Insured. Any
        insurance coverage carried by GVR, INC. or its employees is excess coverage,
        and not contributory coverage to that provided by the CONTRACTOR.
8.2.3   The CONTRACTOR must maintain all insurance in full force and effect until all
        required WORK is satisfactorily completed and formally accepted. Failure to
        maintain the required insurance may, at the sole discretion of GVR, INC.,
        constitutes a material breach.
8.2.4   The policies may provide coverage which contains deductible or self-insured
        retentions. Such deductible or self-insured retentions are not applicable with
        respect to the coverage provided to GVR, INC. under such policies. The
        CONTRACTOR is solely responsible for deductible or self-insured retention, and
        GVR, INC. may require the CONTRACTOR to secure the payment of such

Confidential                                                                             22
        deductible or self-insured retentions by a surety bond or an irrevocable and
        unconditional letter of credit.
8.2.5   Prior to commencing WORK, the CONTRACTOR must furnish Certificates of
        Insurance or formal endorsements, issued by CONTRACTOR’s insurers to GVR,
        INC. as evidence that policies providing the required coverage, conditions, and
        limits are in full force and effect. Such certificates must identify this Contract
        number or name and must provide for not less than 30 days advance Notice of
        Cancellation, Termination, or Material alteration. Certificates must be sent
        directly to: Green Valley, Inc., PO Box 586, 1070 S Calle de las Casitas, Green
        Valley, AZ 85622.
8.2.6   The CONTRACTOR must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover
        obligations imposed by federal and state statutes having jurisdiction over the
        CONTRACTOR’s employees engaged in the performance of the WORK, and
        Employer’s Liability insurance of not less that $100,000 for each accident,
        $100,000 disease for each employee, and $500,000 disease policy limit.
8.2.7   If any WORK is subcontracted, the CONTRACTOR must require all
        Subcontractors to provide Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability to at
        least the same extent as provided by the CONTRACTOR.
8.3.1   The CONTRACTOR must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local
        environmental laws, regulations and ordinances, and must indemnify GVR, INC.
        for any required remediation and from all liabilities, losses, suits, claims,
        judgments, fines or demands arising by reason of injury or death to any person,
        damage to any property, or any environment damage arising out of violations of
        such laws, regulations, and ordinances.
8.3.2   The CONTRACTOR must indemnify and defend GVR, INC., and its employees,
        against all liability or loss, and against all claims or actions based upon or
        arising out of damage or injury to persons or property caused by or sustained in
        connection with the performance of the WORK. The CONTRACTOR’s
        indemnification responsibility extends to all Subcontractors and anyone directly
        or indirectly employed by them, or anyone for whose acts they may be liable,
        regardless of whether a claim, damage, loss or related expense is caused in part
        by a party indemnified under this Contract, including GVR, INC. The amount and
        type of insurance coverage does not limit the scope of this indemnity.
8.4.1   GVR, INC. may unilaterally terminate this Contract, or any part of it, at any time,
        if any of the following conditions occur:
          a) GVR, INC., at its sole discretion, determines conditions encountered prior
             to or during the WORK make it impossible or impractical to proceed with
             the WORK;
          b) The CONTRACTOR breaches or defaults on any provisions of this
          c) The CONTRACTOR abandons the WORK;
          d) The parties mutually agree;
          e) The CONTRACTOR is unable to continue because of financial problems;
          f) The CONTRACTOR assigns the Contract without prior written approval from
             GVR, INC.;
          g) The WORK or any part of it is unnecessarily or unreasonable delayed in the
             opinion of the Engineer;

Confidential                                                                             23
         h) From any other cause that prevents the CONTRACTOR from performing the
             Contract and completing the WORK.
  8.4.2 The CONTRACTOR will receive payment for the portion of the WORK actually
         completed as compensation in full for services performed to the date of
         termination. This payment amount will be determined by the Engineer.
  8.4.3 GVR, INC. and the CONTRACTOR will fully perform the provisions of this
         Contract, except that GVR, INC. reserves the right to terminate or abandon the
         performance, or to abandon any portion of the project for which the
         CONTRACTOR has performed services. Termination of the Contract, or any
         portion of it, does not relieve the CONTRACTOR of his responsibilities for the
         completed WORK or the surety of its obligation for any just claims arising out
         of the WORK performed prior to termination.
  8.4.4 GVR, INC. will notify the CONTRACTOR in writing if GVR, INC. terminates or
         abandons the service or any part of the services. Immediately after receiving
         notice, the CONTRACTOR must discontinue advancing WORK and proceed to
         close its operations.
  8.4.5 Upon termination or abandonment, the CONTRACTOR must deliver to GVR,
         INC., all reports, and estimates entirely or partially completed, together with
         all unused materials supplied by GVR, INC. The CONTRACTOR must appraise
         the WORK completed and submit the appraisal to GVR, INC. for evaluation.
  8.5.1 SUCCESSOR AND ASSIGNS: This Agreement is not assignable unless both
         parties mutually consent otherwise in writing. The requirements of this
         Agreement are binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, successors,
         and assigns of both parties.
  8.5.2 COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: The CONTRACTOR must comply with all federal,
       state, and local laws and ordinances applicable to its performance under this
       contract. The CONTRACTOR will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
       (ADA) and will indemnify GVR, INC. for any costs, including but not limited to,
       damages, attorney’s fees, and staff time in any action or proceeding brought
       alleging violation of the ADA. The CONTRACTOR will not discriminate against
       any person on the basis of race, religion, color, age, sex, or national origin in the
       performance of this Contract, and must comply with the terms and intent of
       Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, P.L.88-354 (1964). In addition, the
       CONTRACTOR must include similar requirements of subcontractors in any
       contracts entered into for performance of the CONTRACTOR’s obligations under
       this Contract. The CONTRACTOR agrees not to participate in or cooperate with
       an international boycott, as defined in Section 999 (b)(3) and (4) of the Internal
       Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, or engage in conduct declared to be
       unlawful by Arizona state law. In addition, the CONTRACTOR must include
       similar requirements of all subcontractors in contracts entered for performance
       of the CONTRACTOR’s obligations under this Contract.
  8.5.3 NOTIFICATIONS: Written notice of a change of address of either party must
       be given in writing to the other party. Notice of change of address is deemed
       effective 5 days after mailing by the party changing address.

        The undersigned has carefully and thoroughly examined the plans, Project
        Manual, sample contract, and other Contact Documents, has carefully and
        thoroughly inspected the site, is familiar with local conditions which will or may
        affect the cost of the WORK and the ability to complete the WORK as required

Confidential                                                                              24
        under the Contract Documents, and miscellaneous items of adjunct work,
        including, with limitation, the nature and extent of excavation needed and the
        type, character and general conditions of material to be excavated, existing and
        probable construction difficulties and hazards, and all other factors and
        conditions which will or may affect, or otherwise impact its ability to perform
        the WORK in accordance with the Contract Documents. The undersigned
        proposes to furnish labor, supervision, tools, equipment, materials, utilities and
        transportation services, and all other things necessary or desirable to perform
        and complete the WORK in accordance with the Contract Documents and in a
        manner that is acceptable to GVR, Inc.

  This Contract is effective on the ______day of_______________, 2010.


  By: ___________________________________________________

  Print Name: ____________________________________________

  Title: _________________________________________________

  Date: __________________________


  By: ___________________________________________________
        Altie Metcalf – President of Board of Directors, GVR, INC.

  By: ___________________________________________________
        Anndrea Blackshear – Executive Director, GVR, INC.

  ATTEST: _______________________________________________
            Gina Peters – Notary Public

Confidential                                                                            25
                              DOCUMENT #300 – BID BOND

                    ARIZONA BID BOND

        (Penalty of this bond must not be less than 10% of the bid amount)


That, _____________________________________________(hereinafter “Pr incipal”), as
Pr incipal, and ___________________________________________(hereinafter “Surety”), a
corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of ___________________, with
its pr incipal offices in the City of ___________________________________, holding a
certificate of author ity to transact surety business in Arizona issued by the Director of the
Depart ment of Insurance pursuant to Tit le 20, Chapter 2, Article 1, as Surety, are held and
fir mly bound unto Green Valley Recreat ion, Inc ., (hereinafter “Obligee”), as Obligee, in the
amount of Ten Percent (10%) of the amount of the bid of Pr incipal, submitted by Pr incipal to
the Obligee for the wor k descr ibed below, for the pay ment of which sum, the Pr incipal and
Surety bind themselves, and their heirs, administrators, executors, s uccessors and assigns,
jointly and severally, fir mly by these presents.

        WHEREAS, the Principal has submitted a bid for:

         Now, therefore, if the Obligee accepts the proposal of the Pr incipal enters into a
contract wit h the Obligee in accordance wit h the terms of the proposal and gives the bonds and
certificates of Insurance as specified in the standard specificat ions with good and sufficient
surety for the faithful perfor mance of the contract and for the prompt pay ment of labor and
materials fur nished in the prosecution of the contract, or in the event of the failure of the
Pr incipal to enter into the contract and give the bonds and certificates of Insurance, if the
Pr incipal pays to the Obligee the difference not to exceed the penalty of the bond bet ween the
amount specified in the proposal and such larger amount for which the Obligee may in good
faith contract with another party to perfor m the wor k covered by the proposal, then this
obligat ion is void. Otherwise, it remains in full force and effect prov ided, however, that this
bond is executed pursuant to the provisions of Section 34-201, Arizona Rev ised Statutes, and
all liabilit ies on this bond shall be deter mined in accordance with the prov isions of the section
to the extent as if it were copied at le ngth herein.

        Witness our hands this ____ day of __________, 20 10.

_________________________________                   _________________________________
PRINC IPAL                  SEAL                    SURETY                      SEAL

By: _______________________________             By: _______________________________

Tit le: ______________________________

                                                    Agency of Record

                                                    Agency Address

Confidential                                                                                      26
                           CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE FORM

  1.1  GVR, INC. has elected to use the following Cert ificate of Liability Insurance for m
       (ACORD 25-2) for this project. (Available through your Insurance Agent) except for
       Wor kers’ Compensation Insurance.
  1.2  GVR, INC will accept the Certificate of Wor kers’ Compensat ion Insurance as supplied
       by State Fund Wor kers’ Compensat ion Insurance if applicable. If not, include Wor kers’
       Compensation on for m ident ified above under item 1.1.
  1.3  Bidder is adv ised to review Document 200, Article 8, Section 2 – Insurance, and
       comply with defined insurance requirements.

Confidential                                                                                 27

  1.1 Green Valley Recreation, Inc has elected to use the following Partial
       Payment Request Form for this project.

         Partial Payment Request to Green Valley Recreation, Inc.
                             REQUEST NO.

     P.O. #                CONTRACTOR:
     PERIOD COVERED:                        TO:

     ORIGINA L CONTRA CT PRICE:                          $
                             WORK COMPLETED TO DA TE:    $
                             LESS RETA INA GE: (  %)     $
                             LESS PREVIOUS PAYMENTS:     $
                             AMOUNT DUE CONTRA CTOR:     $


  I hereby certify that the WORK performed and the materials supplied to date,
  as shown on this partial payment request, represents the actual value of
  accomplishment under the terms of this contract in conformity with approved
  plans and specifications; that the quantities shown were properly determined
  and are correct; and that there has been full compliance with all labor
  provision included in the contract identified above.

   DATE:                       CONTRACTOR:
                               PRINT NAME:

Confidential                                                                  28

  1.1 The following section includes Equal Employment Opportunity
       Provisions that are hereby made a part of these specifications.

Confidential                                                             29

  The following provisions, contained in Section 301 of Executive Order No.
  11246, dated September 24, 1965, as amended, govern performance of work
  under Green Valley Recreation, Inc contracts, are applicable to all Green
  Valley Recreation, Inc. agreements, and must be included in all agreements
  executed by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. for the performance of WORK. In
  this document, the term “agreement” means all contracts awarded by Green
  Valley Recreation, Inc, and the term “CONTRACTOR” means either Green
  Valley Recreation, Inc, or parties awarded contracts by Gre en Valley
  Recreation, Inc.

      a. The CONTRACTOR will not discriminate against any employee or
         applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national
         origin, or disability. Such action includes the following: employment,
         upgrading, demotion, or transfer; recruitment or recruitment
         advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of
         compensation; and selection for training, including apprenticeship. The
         CONTRACTOR agrees to post notices setting forth the provisions of this
         Equal Opportunity clause, in conspicuous places available to employees
         and applicants for employment.
      b. The CONTRACTOR will state that all qualified applicants will receive
         consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion,
         sex, national origin or disability, in all solicitations or advertisements for
         employees placed by or on behalf of the CONTRACTOR.
      c. The CONTRACTOR will send a notice advising the labor union or
         workers’ representative of the CONTRACTOR’s commitments under this
         Equal Opportunity Resolution, to each labor union or representative of
         workers with which he has a collective bargaining agreement, and will
         post copies of the notice in conspicuous places available to employees
         and applicants for employment.
      d. The CONTRACTOR will comply with all provisions of Executive Order No.
         11246, dated September 24, 1965, as amended, and with all the rules,
         regulations, and relevant orders of the Secretary of Labor.
      e. The CONTRACTOR will furnish all information and reports required by
         Executive Order No. 11246, dated September 24, 1965, as amended,
         and by the rules, regulations, and orders of the Secretary of Labor, and
         will allow the Contracting Officer and the Secretary of Labor to access
         his books, records, and accounts in order to ascertain compliance with
         such rules, regulations, and orders.
      f. The Contract may be canceled, terminated, or suspended, in whole or in
         part if the CONTRACTOR does not comply with the provisions of this
         document. Other sanctions may be imposed and remedies invoked as
         provided in Executive Order No. 11246, dated September 24, 1965, as
         amended, under rules, regulations, or orders of the Secretary of Labor,

Confidential                                                                         30
         or as otherwise provided by law. Further, the CONTRACTOR may be
         declared ineligible for further Green Valley Recreation, Inc contracts in
         accordance with procedures authorized in Executive Order No. 11246,
         dated September 24, 1965, as amended.
      g. The CONTRACTOR must include the provisions of subdivisions (a)
         through (g) in every subcontract or purchase order unless exempted by
         rules, regulations, or orders of the Secretary of Labor issued pursuant to
         Section 204 of Executive Order 11246 of September 24, 1965, as
         amended, so that such provisions will be binding upon each subcontract
         or vendor.

Confidential                                                                     31
                                EXTRA WORK ORDERS


               1.1   Green Valley Recreation, Inc. has elected to use the following
                     Extra Work Order Form for this project

Confidential                                                                          32
                                     EXTRA WORK ORDER               #
                DATE:                                        #


  By issue of this EXTRA WORK ORDER, the Contractor named above is hereby
  directed to undertake & complete the following described work, as a part of
 an existing Contract for the referenced Capital Improvement Program (C.I.P .)

               Description of Extra Work:
 1.                                                                               Costs:


      New charges charged against Account #                                   $
   Issued                             Accepted
     by:                                 by:
                         ENGINEER                           CONTRACTOR REPRESENTA TIVE
   1.    Extra work undertaken by this Order shall be in accordance with that section of
         the General Conditions of the Project addressing Changes in Work.
   2.    Should an item of extra work be a new item, i.e. an item not addressed by the
         Project’s original Proposal, Addenda or a Proposal of Cost submitted in
         conjunction with a previous EXTRA WORK ORDER, the Contractor shall tender
         to the Engineer a “Proposal of Cost”, which shall reflect all costs to be incurred
         by GVR, Inc. for the new work.
   3.    Only upon approval of a “Proposal of Cost”, if necessary and the issue of this
         Order shall the Contractor commence extra work.
   4.    Extra Work Order distribution shall be to:
               b) C.I.P. Project file (original)
               c) C.I.P. Project Manage (copy)
               d) Inspector (copy)
               e) Contractor (copy)
               f) Purchase Order History File (copy)

Confidential                                                                               33
                              SPECIAL CONDITIONS


  1.1     Each bidder is advised to review this document and be completely
          familiar with the Special Conditions that apply on this project

  1.2     The following special conditions will apply on this project:

Confidential                                                                 34
                                SPECIAL CONDITIONS

                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS


        1.     Special Conditions Purpose
        2.     Project Cleanup
        3.     Incidental Items of Work
        4.     Labor, Equipment, Materials, Etc.
        5.     Construction Survey
        6.     Overhead Lines
        7.     Blue Stake
        8.     Time for Completion
        9.     Request For Street Closure
        10.    Permits
        11.    Concrete Mix Designs
        12.    Public Safety and Convenience
        13.    End of Contract Contingency Amounts
        14.    Sanitary Facilities
        15.    Notice to Emergency Services & Other Interests
        16.    Coordination with Other Contractors
        17.    Preconstruction Meeting
        18.    Construction Progress Meetings
        19.    Existing Damage – Notification
        20.    Project Sequencing
        21.    Construction Water
        22.    Existing Utilities


        1.     Asphalt Removal
        2.     Grading Areas Adjacent by City
        3.     Saw Cutting
        4.     Continuous Fence Foundation
        5.     Asphalt Court Removal at 6’ Pour Back Sections
        6.     Aggregate Base Course
        7.     Grading for Post-Tensioned Concrete Slabs on Grade
        8.     Dual 8 Mil (16 Mil total) Polyethylene Slip Sheets & Geotextile Fabric
        9.     5” Post Tensioned Concrete Slabs On Grade
        10.    6’ Reinforced Concrete Pourback Sections
        11.    Net Posts & Hardware & Net Anchors
        12.    Tennis Courts Playing Surface & Striping


Confidential                                                                            35
        1.     Removal & replacement of fence posts
        2.     Removal, Modification, & Re-installation of Chain Link Fence
        3.     Installation of New Chain Link Fence
        4.     Modification of Access Gates


       1.      Hose Bib Adjustments
       2.      Sidewalk Removal & New Sidewalk Construction
       3.      Handicap Ramp Construction
       4.      Steel Handrail


Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete

Confidential                                                                  36
                               SPECIAL CONDITIONS



        The purpose of the Special Conditions is to change, modify, supplement,
        and/or delete that portion of GVR, Inc General Conditions and Technical
        Specifications, which do not meet the requirements of this project.

        The latest revisions shall prevail, in all other cases where ASTM, AASHTO,
        AWWA, ANSI, ACI, MUTCD, FEMA, OSHA, Federal or Arizona Specifications
        are referred to, unless otherwise noted.


        At reasonable intervals during the progress of the work, cleanup and
        disposal of waste materials and debris shall be performed on the project
        site. Waste materials and debris shall be disposed of by the Contractor at
        legally established landfills capable of receiving such material. The
        Contractor shall be responsible for and incur all costs for periodic and final
        cleanup of the project during construction. Payment for cleanup and
        disposal shall be included in the items of work to which the cleanup is
        incidental and no separate payment shall be made.

        The Engineer shall have the authority to suspend the Contractor’s
        operations and direct the Contractor to perform cleanup work when the
        Contractor does not diligently maintain the project. Cleanup shall include
        power brooming, pickup brooming, hand brooming or water washing of
        streets contaminated by construction activities. Street sweeping onto park
        grounds is prohibited. The Contractor shall sweep to areas disturbed by
        construction or sweep to the center of the street and pickup the material
        with a pickup broom. Any prepared sub grades, which are contaminated by
        brooming, shall be cleaned of any such contaminates and the surface re-
        rolled with a steel wheel roller.

        Sidewalks adjacent to the work not properly closed with signs, barricades,
        fencing or other approved means shall be kept open and swept clean at the
        end of each workday.

        Haul routes used by the Contractor shall be kept clean regardless of length.
        Track out by trucks or other equipment shall be cleaned up at the end of
        each day’s hauling operation. The Contractor shall use a street sweeper
        pickup broom for haul route cleaning. Track out which is stuck to the

Confidential                                                                             38
        pavement shall be removed by power washing or other means acceptable to
        the Engineer.

        No separate measurement or payment shall be made for keeping haul
        routes clean, the cost being considered incidental to the project.


        Any item or work called out or shown by the Contract Plans, Specifications,
        or these Special Conditions and not specifically noted as a Bid Item in the
        Contract Proposal shall be considered incidental to said Bid Items.


        The Contractor shall furnish any and all labor, equipment, materials (except
        as noted), transportation, plant, and tools as required for the tennis courts
        rehabilitation construction and other appurtenance including, but not
        limited to, traffic control, removals, grading, backfilling, subgrade
        preparation, aggregate base course, asphaltic concrete pavement, post
        tensioned concrete overlays, and any other work that is required or
        necessary to complete the project as show on the plans and as specified
        herein. The plans show size and general arrangement of the work.
        Responsibility for providing exact dimensions for the various features of the
        work and exact configuration for proper makeup rests with the Contractor.


        Construction survey and layout shall be provided by the Contractor and is
        considered incidental to the project and no separate measurement or
        payment shall be made.

        Temporary benchmarks for the project are show on the plans.

        Horizontal control for the post-tensioned concrete court overlays and
        appurtenant features shall be controlled by the existing fence line. Vertical
        control shall be form the temporary bench marks shown on the plans.

        Horizontal control for handicap ramps and sidewalks shall be the existing
        lines of the sidewalks, fences, and tennis courts.

        There is no overall horizontal construction centerline for the project.

        Tennis court striping shall be laid out and installed based on a line between
        the centers of the net posts. Court striping shall be parallel and
        perpendicular to a line between the net posts. See Special Condition
        Section 11 Tennis Court Construction regarding striping.

Confidential                                                                        39
        Where necessary, the Contractor shall record prior to removal, all existing
        curb and gutter, sidewalk, and similar locations and elevations necessary to
        re-establish the same.

        There shall be no separate measurement or payment for construction
        survey and the cost is considered incidental the project.


        Prior to bidding, the Contractor is responsible for verifying the existence of
        overhead lines, including high voltage electrical lines that may parallel and
        cross the project. The Contractor shall maintain safe and legal clearance to
        all overhead lines as required by local, state, or federal regulations.

        There shall be no separate measurement or payment for the Contractor’s
        work to maintain safe and legal clearance to all overhead lines.

7.       BLUESTAKE

        The Contractor in all cases, in accordance with state law, shall contact the
        Blue Stake Center at least 48 hours prior to commencing excavation at any
        point. Removal of in ground structures or bases shall also constitute an
        excavation and therefore requires Blue Stake.

        Utility locations shown on the plans are approximate only or unknown.


        Regardless of the base bid schedule or alternates awarded by Green Valley
        Recreation, Inc. the construction for all bid schedules shall be conducted by
        the Contractor as one project with all the work completed for those bid
        schedules and alternates awarded by the time specified.

        Green Valley Recreation, Inc. reserves the right to award and execute the
        work only for the Base Bid.

        The Tennis Courts project shall be constructed in the allotted time as

        Green Valley Recreation, Inc. Desert Hills Tennis Courts Rehabilitation,
        Courts No. 1 thru 4 shall be completed within 122 calendar days of the
        Notice to Proceed issued by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. This includes all
        of Tennis Courts No. 1 thru 4 included in the Base Bid Schedule complete in
        place including, but not limited to, post tensioned court overlays and all
        appurtenances, fencing, and final clean up.

Confidential                                                                         40

        This section refers to requests to close all or part of the parking area by the
        tennis courts.

        The Contractor is granted use of the          parking stalls of the parking lot
        on the         side of the tennis courts and may close that area for his work
        area except as noted elsewhere in these Special Conditions. The Contractor
        is not granted closure on weekends and holidays and shall not block the
        parking stalls on the         side of the parking lot.

        Requests for street closure shall be made in writing by the Contractor with
        detailed traffic control plans at least 21 days in advance of the proposed
        closure. As a minimum for consideration, the Contractor shall furnish to the
        Engineer, in writing, the need for the closure, the anticipated duration,
        complete traffic control plans including detour routing with trailblazers, and
        methods of public notification to be used. Unless otherwise approved,
        access between properties and streets shall not be fully prevented by the
        Contractor for more than 48 hours at any individual facility. The Contractor
        shall establish temporary access, either vehicular if the work has
        progressed beyond a given facility or pedestrian access if the work
        obstructs vehicular access to a given property, at the end of each day unless
        otherwise approved by the Engineer.

        Additional traffic control requirements are listed elsewhere in these Special

10.     PERMITS

        The Contractor shall have on hand at the site of the work, a copy of all
        required permits or agreements and shall, upon request, furnish the
        documents to the Engineer for verification. If so requested by the Engineer,
        the Contractor shall provide clean, neat, and legible copies of all permits
        obtained by the Contractor.

        The Contractor shall obtain all permits from Pima County.

        The Contractor is responsible and shall obtain any and all permits
        necessary, whether they are at cost or at no cost to the Contractor. If costs
        or fees are assigned to the permits, the Contractor shall pay all costs or fees
        associated with obtaining the permit without reimbursement by Green
        Valley Recreation, Inc.

Confidential                                                                          41
        The cost of the Contractor obtaining any and all permits is considered
        incidental to the project and no separate measurement or payment shall be


        The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer, for approval, concrete mix
        designs for all concrete work.

        The concrete mix design and concrete for this project including the post
        tensioned tennis court overlays shall have a minimum compressive strength
        of 3000 psi at 28 days. The Contractor shall submit this concrete mix
        design to the Engineer at least 14 days prior to incorporation of the material
        into the work.

        Concrete that fails to meet the minimum compressive strength
        requirements or exceeds the maximum compressive strength requirements
        shall be removed and replaced at the Contractor’s expense.

        The concrete mix design shall not include air entraining admixture. The
        concrete mix design may include compatible chemical plasticizer for

        Structural Class “A” concrete shall be a four-inch (4”) thick 4000 PSI
        concrete slab, using laser guided concrete screed and water reducing
        admixtures in accordance with ACI and/or ASTM standards and the water-
        cement ratio shall not exceed 0.5. After the concrete has cured to 75% of
        its designed strength, pull cable taut using a hydraulic jack. Cables should
        be pulled to 25,000 PSI. After 28 day curing period, flood the courts and
        patch low spots holding water to within 1/8” in 10 feet as defined by the
        American Sports Builders Association. Work to be done when temperatures
        are 70 degrees and rising in direct sunlight after a forty-five minute wait.

        Additional concrete requirements are listed in the General Structural Notes
        on the structural plans.

        Mix designs submitted by the Contractor shall be current within one year
        and shall have all supporting documentation current within one year
        previous to the time of submittal. All concrete aggregate test, cement
        certifications, fly ash certifications shall be current within one year of the
        time of submittal.

        Any mix design and/or supporting documentation that expire during the
        course of the project shall be re-submitted with updated information that is

Confidential                                                                             42
        Any mix design submittal that is not current or contains supporting
        information that is in not current will not be reviewed for approval by the
        Engineer until all documentation is submitted in a current form.

        Project delays caused by the Contractor’s failure to provide current mix
        designs and current supporting data shall be the sole responsibility of the
        Contractor. No extra contract time or compensation will be allowed for
        such delays.


        Section 7.3 (Safety) of Article 7 (General Conditions) of Document 200 is
        hereby replaced in its entirety with this Section 13.

        General signs and barricades and other safety devices will be required in
        and around the Desert Hills Tennis Courts Rehabilitation Project.

        The Contractor, in performing work under this contract, must conform to
        the following requirements and, if on State or Pima County (Country) roads,
        to all applicable requirements of the Arizona Department of Transportation
        (ADOT) and of Pima County. All equipment and materials used to fulfill the
        requirements of this article must be kept clean and in good repair by the
        Contractor. Unless otherwise noted, all devices furnished by the Contractor
        solely to fulfill the requirements of this article will remain the property of
        the Contractor and must be removed from the site when no longer required.

        General Safety Requirements

        The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Standard for Construction,
        Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1926 are applicable to this

        Prior to the issuance of the project’s “Notice to Proceed”, the Contractor, as
        defined in the General Conditions, must submit an accident prevention plan
        for the specific work to be undertaken to Green Valley Recreation, Inc. for
        review and comment. This plan must address all phases of construction to
        be undertaken, as required by this Contract. The plan must also address
        measures to control hazards associated with materials (MSDS), equipment,
        and safety inspections.

        The Contractor must provide the name of a designated safety person for
        coordination during the life of the Project.

        The Contractor must furnish, install and maintain such barricades, fences,
        railings, signs, warning lights, safety helmets and other devices as are

Confidential                                                                          43
        necessary for the general safety of both the public and employees of the
        Contractor and subcontractors on and around the work sites.

        Entry of Confined Spaces – The excavation of trenches must conform to
        29CFR Part 1926.650-652, Subpart P (OSHA). The entry of confined spaces
        must not be allowed until the air quality of these spaces has been tested
        and found to be of sufficient quality to support human life. Testing of these
        spaces must be undertaken by an employee of the Contractor trained in the
        use of air quality testing equipment.

        Public Convenience

        Unless otherwise noted, all public vehicle and pedestrian traffic must be
        allowed to pass through or around the Contractor’s work sites with a
        minimum of delay. The Contractor must maintain prevailing traffic flow
        patterns at all times commensurate with safe construction practices unless
        otherwise specifically noted in each instance or otherwise permitted in
        writing by the Engineer. One lane of traffic in each direction of traffic flow
        must be maintained open at all times unless otherwise specifically noted in
        each instance.

        The access to adjacent properties and cross streets, and use of streets
        scheduled for improvement under this project must be reasonably
        maintained and reestablished at the end of each work day unless otherwise

        The Contractor must not store materials or equipment in locations that will
        interfere with the safe movement of either vehicle or pedestrian traffic. At
        the end of each working day and at the other times when the work is
        suspended for any reason, the Contractor must remove from all roadways,
        bikeways and pedestrian ways which are open to traffic all debris,
        equipment, materials and other obstructions.

        The Contractor must immediately remove any spillage, whether liquid,
        granular or solid, caused by his operations on any street, sidewalk or
        pedestrian way.

        The Contractor must conduct his operations so as to minimize
        inconvenience to and obstruction of the public. He must not have under
        construction more work than he can reasonably and effectively prosecute at
        one time, in the judgment of the Engineer.

        The Contractor must minimize the adverse effects of his work on abutting
        property owners. Unless otherwise noted or approved by the Engineer in
        each instance, the Contractor must maintain intersection roadways and
        driveways open to traffic.

Confidential                                                                         44
        The Contractor must maintain existing permanent traffic signals, traffic
        signal systems, speed limit beacons, hazard identification beacons, flashing
        beacons, sign beacons and street lighting systems in effective operation, to
        the extent possible, for the duration of the work. These facilities will be
        maintained by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. until they are modified in any
        way by the Contractor, at which time, the Contractor will become
        responsible for maintaining them. However, Green Valley Recreation, Inc.
        will continue to perform lamp replacement as needed, unless the lamps are
        damaged by the Contractor’s operations. Furthermore, initial response to
        reported problems and failures will be provided by Green Valley Recreation,
        Inc. and GVR, Inc. will replace apparently malfunctioning or questionable
        equipment at the complete unit level (not at the module or more discrete
        level), provided that the Contractor has furnished Green Valley Recreation,
        Inc. with sufficient spar equipment for this purpose. When Green Valley
        Recreation, Inc. does not have sufficient spare equipment, when
        replacement at the unit level does not correct the problem, or when the
        cause of the trouble or failure is not immediately apparent to GVR, Inc.
        personnel, the Contractor must respond to the site with a qualified
        technician immediately upon request by GVR, Inc. These requests may be
        in writing or oral by telephone, or in person with written confirmation
        provided by GVR, Inc. within one week.

        The Contractor must provide written notice to the Engineer whenever his
        operations will cause any traffic signal to be inoperative. Such notice must
        be provided at least 48 hours in advance of the time when the signal will
        become inoperative. In all such cases, the Contractor must hire off-duty
        policemen to control traffic at the affected intersections.

        Work Zone Traffic Control

        It is the responsibility of the Contractor to protect pedestrian, vehicle and
        bicycle traffic and workers at all times. The Contractor must furnish, install
        and maintain such flagmen, barricades, lights, signs, flashers, signals,
        fences and other devices for the control of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian
        traffic in the work site as are necessary to insure the safety of and facilitate
        the convenience of the public and to protect workers, whether or not they
        are specifically described in the plans or the Special Conditions. All traffic
        control devices and the placement must:

               a. Conform to the requirements of Part VI of the Manual on Uniform
                  Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), all ADOT supplements to the
                  MUTCD, Arizona and local codes, and Report 350 of the National
                  Cooperative Highway Research Program.
               b. Be installed in accordance with a work zone traffic control plan
                  accepted by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. that has been provided to

Confidential                                                                            45
                  GVR, Inc. on behalf of the Contractor by a firm or personnel certified
                  in the area of construction traffic control by the American Traffic
                  Safety Services Association (ATSSA) or the International Municipal
                  Signal Association (IMSA); and
               c. Be installed and maintained by a firm or personnel certified in the
                  area of construction zone traffic control by either ATSSA or IMSA.

                  Except for the traffic control plans included in the project plans, if
                  any, the Contractor must create a location-specific traffic control plan
                  for each different condition of work zone traffic control to be
                  encountered in the work and must submit said plans to the Engineer
                  for approval at least seven (7) calendar days before work at the
                  associated sites begins.

                  Where traffic control plans are approved in advance for multiple
                  phase of the project, the Contractor must notify the Engineer at least
                  48 hours before implementing each plan in each instance to provide
                  GVR, Inc. sufficient opportunity to notify the public. The Contractor
                  must maintain a copy of the approved traffic control plans for each
                  current traffic control condition on site and must produce said plans
                  whenever requested by representatives of Green Valley Recreation,

                  The Contractor is advised that traffic control and detours that extend
                  well beyond the limits of construction may be required by GVR, Inc.,
                  ADOT and the County. The Contractor must provide traffic control
                  and detour plans that adequately serve the needs of the public, in the
                  sole judgment of the Engineer, and must provide and maintain all of
                  the traffic control devices needed to implement these plans.

                  The Contractor must inspect all construction traffic control
                  installations used in conjunction with this project at least twice daily
                  to ensure that they conform to the approved traffic control plan and
                  are in good condition. This inspection must take place at the start
                  and end of each workday, and at approximately the same times on
                  non-working days and at such additional times as felt such
                  inspections are required. Inspections must be made on all
                  weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays, including all holidays. The
                  Contractor must keep a log of all inspections on site and must present
                  this for the review of GVR, Inc. representatives when requested. The
                  Contractor must provide the Engineer the name and telephone
                  number of those persons responsible for these inspections and who
                  are available for emergency after-hours call out.

Confidential                                                                               46
               When assigned to flagging traffic, the sole responsibility of flag
               persons must be to direct public traffic through and around the work.
               Such flag persons must have no other duties.


        At the conclusion of the work, any remaining contingency amounts in the
        Contingent Bid Schedule shall be removed from payment consideration.
        Any extra work orders issued under the Contingency line item shall use
        prices contained in the Bid Proposal. For any extra work orders issued
        under the Contingency line item there shall be no additional payment made
        for profit, taxes, bonding and overhead costs, as these are included in the
        unit prices contained in the bid proposal, unless the work is a new item.


        The Contractor shall provide adequate sanitary facilities at reasonable
        locations along the work. The Engineer may direct the Contractor to
        increase or relocate sanitary facilities as needed. If the work is highly
        mobile, portable, trailer mounted, sanitary facilities shall be used.

        All Contractor personnel working on this project shall not utilize the
        existing restroom facilities at the tennis courts.


        The Contractor shall notify the emergency services of Green Valley including
        but not limited to Police, Fire Department, Ambulance Services, and other
        similar agencies at least 14 days prior to first commencing construction.

        Access for emergency vehicles shall be provided by the Contractor at all

        With regard to the construction, Green Valley Recreation, Inc. will make
        public service announcements via local radio, television, and newspapers.
        The Contractor shall assist GVR, Inc. by providing any project information
        necessary for GVR, Inc. to issue accurate public service announcements.

        Should the Contractor’s progress be insufficient to prosecute the work in a
        timely manner, as determined solely by the Engineer, the Contractor shall
        distribute updated flyers. Any updated flyers due to the Contractor’s
        insufficient progress shall be at no additional cost to Green Valley
        Recreation, Inc.

Confidential                                                                          47
        There shall be no separate measurement or payment for the Contractor’s
        production and distribution of flyers for this project.


        The Contractor shall, at no additional cost to Green Valley Recreation, Inc.,
        coordinate his work with that of other Contractors of Green Valley
        Recreation, Inc., or other agencies which may be working within or
        adjacent to this project.


        The Contractor shall attend a preconstruction meeting on a date to be
        established by the Engineer. The preconstruction meeting will be held at
        Green Valley Recreation, Inc, Desert Hills Recreation center. At the time of
        the preconstruction meeting the Contractor shall identify to the Engineer, in
        writing, those personnel authorized to execute change orders and/or field
        generated extra work orders on behalf of the Contractor. The document
        furnished by the Contractor to the Engineer shall be executed by an officer
        of the corporation or other duly authorized individuals in the case of a non-
        corporate entity and shall identify the position, authority, and name of the
        person. The document shall be notarized.

        The Contractor shall also submit detailed traffic control plans for the first
        sections of the work and be prepared to discuss traffic control requirements
        for the entire project.

        The preconstruction conference is considered incidental to the project and
        no separate payment shall be made.


        The Contractor shall attend regular construction progress meetings as
        scheduled by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. The meetings will be held at
        Green Valley Recreation, Inc, Desert Hills Recreation center or as otherwise
        arranged. Each meeting will be held to discuss the project progress,
        planned progress, problems, conflicts, observations, changes, pay requests,
        quality standards or concerns, quality control, schedules, coordination, or
        other business. The Contractor’s cost for attendance of the progress
        meetings is considered incidental to the project and no separate payment
        shall be made.


Confidential                                                                         48
        Within and immediately adjacent to the project area, any damage to
        existing utilities, signs, sidewalks, curbs or other features not being
        constructed or reconstructed as part of this project is the responsibility of
        the Contractor. Failure of the Contractor notify the Engineer, in writing, at
        least 48 hours prior to work in the project area, of existing damaged
        features which are not delineated for construction or re-construction shall
        constitute prima facie evidence of the damage by the Contractor and the
        Contractor shall be responsible for replacement of such damaged features
        to the satisfaction of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. at no additional cot to
        GVR, Inc.


        In some cases, certain items of the work noted below may be conducted
        concurrently with other items of work. With the prior approval of the
        Engineer, certain sequencing may be adjusted to better accommodate field

        Unless otherwise allowed by the Engineer, the project shall be constructed
        in the following sequence. Not every item of work may be listed herein and
        other work will be required to complete a sequence and complete the

               A. Remove fence fabric, all rails, gates, and hardware.

               B. Saw cut and remove existing courts section in 6’ pour back sections.
                  Prepare subgrade and install 9” of new ABC to bring subgrade up to
                  concrete subgrade.

               C. Record existing net post locations, saw cut and remove asphalt at net
                  posts and net anchors, remove existing net posts and foundations.

               D. Construct new net posts concrete foundations and new net anchors
                  concrete foundations.

               E. Straighten or replace leaning fence posts and widen gate posts.

               F. Furnish and install new 5’ gate posts.

               G. Replace sections of continuous fence footing.

               H. Repair continuous fence footing to remain in place.

               I. Prepare existing courts surface (remove humps & buckles and mill
                  courts edges).

Confidential                                                                             49
               J. Install 3” ABC for new courts.

               K. Form post-tension concrete court overlay.

               L. Install tendons, tensioning hardware, and other appurtenances.

               M. Place concrete and finish. Water cure 7 days (NO CURING

               N. Pre-tension tendons at 24 hours (see Structural Specification
                  following these Special Conditions)

               O. 7 days wet cure.

               P. Perform post-tensioning (see Structural Specification         following
                  these Special Conditions)

               Q. Place 6’ concrete pour-back sections.

               R. Cover courts with plastic for 8th thru 28th days, construct handicap
                  ramps, and sidewalks, and install fencing during cure time.

               S. Prepare courts for surfacing (acid etching).

               T. Install courts playing surface.

               U. Install courts striping.

               V. Install net posts and net anchors.

               W. Install fence and gates.

               X. Complete all other remaining work and clean up.

               Y. Project complete.


        The Contractor shall be responsible for establishing and paying for all
        construction water sources and water necessary in the prosecution of the
        work, including all water needed for dust control.

        The Contractor may use the existing hose bibs at the tennis courts for
        construction water without cost. Green Valley Recreation, Inc. makes no
        representation that the amount of water that may be obtained from the
        hose bibs will be adequate for construction purposes. If the work requires

Confidential                                                                             50
        additional construction water to prosecute the work timely, the Contractor
        shall contact the water company and make arrangements to pay for and
        obtain a hydrant meter.

        The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining hydrant meters if water
        company water is used for construction. Use of water company water as
        well as payments and/or deposits shall be in accordance with the
        requirements of the water company. If at any time the Contractor obtains
        water from the water company without an approved water meter or other
        pre-approved means of measuring and paying for the water, the Contractor
        shall be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties as applicable.

        No separate measurement or payment for water used in construction of the
        project shall be made and the work of permitting, obtaining, transporting,
        using and applying water is considered incidental to the project.


        The Contractor shall coordinate directly with the existing utility companies
        with facilities that will be affected by the tennis courts rehabilitation.

        Minimum advance notice to all utility companies is 14 calendar days prior to
        the Contractor beginning work.

Confidential                                                                       51

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