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									Marriage & Family
Talkin ‘Bout My G-G-Generation

Critical Question: How do changing economic, global and political conditions affect social patterns, lifestyles, marriages & families

Marriage & Family
Times They Are A Changin’… The Economy:
Boomers: Post WWII boom; Population growth; Consumerism & wealth Gen X: Post-industrial society (McJobs); Materialism; Falling wages;
Job security (health care, retirement, social security benefits)

Gen Y: Global economy; Corporate control; Unprecedented debt…???

Politics & Global Conditions:
Boomers: Cold War; Vietnam; Civil Rights Movement; Counterculture Gen X: Voting apathy (?); Peacetime economy; Diversity; Environment Gen Y: Global politics; War profiteers; Environmental/Energy crisis…???

Marriage & Family
The Social Evolution of Marriages & Families in America
•Extended to Nuclear to Blended •Divorce and Single Parenthood •Dual Income; Cohabitation •The “Graying of America” •Traditional Patriarchy to Egalitarian Relationships •Interracial; Same Sex; Open; Starter; Childless; Later Age •Caring for Children (discipline & time spent)

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