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                       STOP‐‐Financial Centers:  
The customer must submit a FRAUD CLAIM by calling 
First National Bank’s Security Department at Loss 
Management prior to the FC printing this form!! 
Dear Valued Customer:

We received verbal notification that an unauthorized transaction(s) was made using your First National
Bank’s Credit and/or Debit Card. Unauthorized transactions may be a violation of the Electronic Fund
Transfer Act and are thoroughly investigated.

As provided for in Electronic Fund Transfer Act, we are requiring you to confirm your claim in writing. The
information you provide will better assist us with our investigation. It is important that you complete,
sign and return the enclosed affidavit within ten (10) business days of the date of your call. Please
be sure to review your transaction(s) detail for accuracy and notify your claim analyst immediately if there
is a discrepancy. To expedite your claim you may fax your completed affidavit to your investigator at +52
815 350-9835 or you can email your SIGNED affidavit to: Non-receipt of this
affidavit within ten (10) business days from the date of this letter may result in a reversal of any
provisional credit granted or delay any provisional credit pending.

A First National Bank Investigator may contact you to discuss details of your case. Your cooperation will
be appreciated, and the information you provide will assist us in concluding this matter. If you wish to
withdraw your claim, please complete the Cardholder Withdraw of Claim form also included with this letter
and return it to us.

We value your business as a First National Bank customer and look forward to continuing to serve your
financial needs. Should you have any questions, please contact our office at +52 551 328-1780 or send us
an email to: Our office is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

First National Bank Loss Management


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                           Debit and/or Credit Card Fraud Case
                              Frequently Asked Questions 
1. What happens after I have called to report fraud perpetrated with my Debit or Credit Card?
A Fraud Analyst is assigned to your case. The Analyst begins research on the case and contacts you by
phone or letter within ten (10) business days of your notification.

2. Am I going to get my money back?
If you have a Debit Card or a Credit Card, provisional credit may be given, based on the facts of the case.

If provisional credit is granted, it will be posted to the affected financial account within ten (10) business
days of the initial call unless, upon review of your case, extenuating circumstances are found. If
extenuating circumstances are found, provisional credit may be granted within ten (10) business days of
the initial call provided a completed and signed affidavit is received.

3. What happens if First National Bank does not receive my completed and signed affidavit?
Any provisional credit granted may be reversed or any provisional credit pending may be delayed.

4. Will I get all of my money back?
As disclosed to you in the Debit and/or Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure for Personal Accounts
which you received with your card a liability may be assessed to your case based on our disclosure
statement and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

The amount of your credit will be determined by the amount of liability assessed to the case. A
letter will be sent to you specifying the amount of the liability.

5. Why wouldn't I get my money back?
In certain situations, your funds will not be reimbursed. A few of the more common situations are listed
below. These situations are not all-inclusive.

The person using the card or PIN for the reported transactions has previously been authorized to use the
card for another valid transaction and that authorization was not cancelled; in such cases, the Electronic
Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E) does not hold the bank liable.

The notice of a missing debit card or of unauthorized transaction was not provided within the
legal/regulatory time frames that make First National Bank liable for reimbursement under the
requirement of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E).

Our investigation determined no error or unauthorized use had occurred.

6. Will I receive a new Credit or Debit Card and Will the Personal Identification number (PIN)

In most cases, a new card will be requested the same day of your initial report. If your card was used for
ATM withdrawals and/or purchases using your PIN, a new PIN will be issued and mailed to you separate
from the card.

In rare cases, you will be advised by your Fraud Analyst to open a new card account and select a PIN at
your local branch.

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                               Cardholder Withdrawal of Claim 


Do not return this page unless you are voluntarily
withdrawing your fraud claim with First National Bank
Reference (Claim) Number                                                                Date 

Account Number 

Debit or Credit Card Number 

I, ____________________________________________________________, do hereby withdraw my
claim concerning the alleged unauthorized transactions on my account(s) through the use of the First
National Bank Credit and/or debit card issued to me. I understand First National Bank will have no further
responsibility to investigate and resolve this claim; and I agree to accept full financial responsibility for all
transactions relating to this claim and to absolve First National Bank from any future liability regarding the
Customer Signature - Primary Cardholder

Do not return this page unless you are voluntarily
withdrawing your fraud claim with First National Bank 

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