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    May/June	2009	•	Issue	38

       Sky Walkers repeat as Competitive League Champs.
                                                                       Leading	by	five	points	at	halftime	27-22,	Sky	Walkers	used	great	
                                                                       team	defense	and	a	cold	shooting-streak	by	the	opponent	to	break	
                                                                       open	the	game	in	the	second	half.
                                                                       Led	in	the	game	by	the	shooting	of	Aaron	Brames	and	Chris	
                                                                       LaGatta,	as	well	as	the	rebounding	of	Captain	Rick	Matzelle,	Sky	
                                                                       Walkers	wore	down	Decling	Verticals	and	took	the	game	by	a	final	
                                                                       score	of	59-40.
                                                                       In	semi-final	action,	Sky	Walkers	defeated	Steamers	and	Declining	
                                                                       Verticals	beat	Space	Jams.		
                                                                       Front row left to right – Michael Che, Aaron Brames, Tim Bazyn,
                                                                                                 Mike Peterson, Matt Leustek
                                                                       Back row left to right – Ryan Sunley, Rick Matzelle,
                                                                                                Chris Lagatta, Matt Meinhart

                                                     Grown-Up Gala
  Almost	400	employees,	retirees	and	guests	enjoyed	an	evening	of	         to	get	the	point	for	that	item	it	had	to	be	worn	by	a	team	member.	
  fun	at	the	3rd	annual	Grown-Up	Gala	March	21	at	the	Par-A-Dice	          After	the	game	guests	joined	Laughing with the Legends for a
  Hotel.		                                                                 “blast	with	the	past”	in	a	multi-faceted,	fun-filled	celebration	of	
  Following	the	plated	chicken	Florentine	dinner,	guests	enjoyed	          the	Fabulous	Fifties.	The	man-wife	duo	presented	the	hilarious	
  thick,	creamy	carrot	cake	for	dessert.		After	dinner,	each	table	        antics	of	Lucy,	the	riveting	presence	of	Elvis,	the	sparkling	Liberace,	
  played	as	a	team	and	took	part	in	a	scavenger	hunt	which	required	       the	magnificent	Marilyn	and	the	electrifying	Jerry	Lee	Lewis,	as	
  items	found	in	purses,	on	clothing,	or	in	pockets.	Lots	of	laughs	and	   well	as	Ed	Sullivan,	Debbie	Reynolds,	naïve	nerds,	poodle-skirted	
  fellowship	were	enjoyed	as	guests	emptied	purses	and	pockets	            teeny	boppers,	and	many	other	surprises,	including	audience	
  looking	for	the	items.	Almost	all	tables	had	a	Kroger	discount	card	     members	being	selected	to	join	the	entertainers	on	stage.
  …	but	no	one	in	attendance	had	a	parking	ticket.	Several	had	a	          Between	entertainment	acts,	baskets	filled	with	prizes	were	given	
  picture	of	Ben	Franklin	and	an	Arizona	state	quarter	…	but	few	          out	to	lucky	winners.
  had	saddle	shoes!	Several	of	the	women	had	red	lipstick	–	in	order	•	(309)	636-1212

Prairie Air Show™ 2009 Ticket Discount
Caterpillar is offering discount tickets to employees and retirees for the 2009 Prairie Air Show held July 11 and 12 at
the Gen. Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport. This year’s show features the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds,
AV-8B Harrier Demonstration, F-18 Hornet Demonstration, John Mohr Barnstorming plus much more. Discount tickets
are not available by phone or through the Prairie Air Show.

                                                                   Prairie Air Show
                                                            July 11 & 12 (Gates open at 8 am)
      Employee/Retiree Name: ________________________________                                                 Daytime Phone: __________________
      PeopleSoft #: (required) _________________________________                                              Check one:      q Employee           q Retiree
      (To obtain your PeopleSoft#, Check Clues or call 800/447-6434.)
           Send                  Adult Tickets @ $10 each (Regular $15.00 each) for a total of                $
           Send                  Child Tickets @ $6 each (Regular $8.00 each) for a total of                  $
                                                                                                   Total      $
                  •	 All	ticket	orders	must	be	received		by	June	30.
                  •	 For	more	information	on	performers,	visit
      	    	      •	 Children	5	and	under	are	free;	Tickets	are	valid	for	either	Saturday	or	Sunday.
      	    	      •	 Make	checks	payable	to	Caterpillar	Inc.	(no	cash	please	-	no	refunds)
      	    	      •	 Please	include	a	#10	letter	size,	self-addressed,	stamped	envelope.	Tickets	will	not	be	mailed	without	it.
      	    	      •	 Mail	to:		08/AB0350/CSAS/Air	Show	Tickets		OR		Caterpillar	Inc.,	Air	Show	Tickets,	100	NE	Adams,	Peoria,	IL	61629-0350

                                                                                          Date      Location

               Cat Motorcycle Club                                                    	
                                                                                                    Ride	for	the	Cure	–	Peoria,	IL	 	
                                                                                                    Honda	Days	–	Litchfield,	IL	 	
                                                                                      	 5/23	       Ted’s	Garage	–	South	of	Bloomington,	IL	
    The Caterpillar Employees Motorcycle Club has
                                                                                      	 6/4	        Larry’s	Tavern	–	Spring	Lake	 	            	
    announced ride dates for 2009. If you are interested in
                                                                                      	 6/13	       Great	River	Ride	–	Peoria	-	Starved	Rock	-	Manito		
    becoming a member, contact one of the officers.                                   	 6/20	       Sturgis	on	the	River	–	Davenport,	IA	
                                                                                      	 6/27-28	    J&P	Cycles	–	Anamosa,	IA	 	                	
    President:                     Terry Hess                                         	 7/11	       Route	24	–	Quincy,	IL
                                                          	 7/13-17	    Blue	Ridge	Parkway/Deal’s	Gap	–	North	Carolina
    Vice President:                G.W. Stockton                                      	 7/25	       Route	100	–	Louisiana/Hannibal,	MO	        	
                                                     	 8/8	        Kick’s	(off	Route	66)	–	Bloomington,	IL	 	
                                                                                      	 8/22	       Poopy’s	–	Galena,	IL		          	          	
    Secretary/Treasurer:           Brandon Hougas
                                                                                      	 8/30	       Red	Bull	MotoGP	–	Indianapolis,	IN	        	
                                                                                      	 9/10	       Goose	Pit	–	Banner,	IL	         	          	
                                                                                        9/12        Spoon River Ride
                                                                                        9/26        Smithfield towards Canton, IL
                                                                                      	 10/10	      Cajun	Connection	–	Utica,	IL	 	

                                                                                                 Rave Motion Picture Tickets
    Discount Tickets for
    Rave Motion Picture Theatre                                         Employee/Retiree Name:

    Discount tickets are available for movies at the Rave               Daytime phone#:
    Grand Prairie 18 Theatre at the Shoppes of Grand                    Peoplesoft #:
    Prairie. Tickets are $6 each and can be used either                 (Check CLUES or call 800/447-6434 to get your #)
    day or evening.                                                     Check one:        q Employee       q Retiree

    Occasionally, Rave does not allow discount tickets to               Send me             tickets @ $6 each for a total of $
    be used for large dollar productions (e.g., Star Wars,             	 •	Include	a	self-addressed,	stamped	envelope
                                                                          (tickets are plastic gift cards, so please send a large enough envelope & plenty of postage)
    King Kong, Harry Potter). If you have any questions
    regarding which movies these can be used for,                      	 •	Checks	(no cash) payable to Caterpillar Inc.
    please	contact	the	Rave	directly	at	309-693-0689.                  	 •	Send	to:	08/0350/Rave	Tickets	or	Caterpillar	Inc.,	Rave	Tickets,	100	N.	E.	Adams,		
                                                                           Peoria,	IL	61629-0350
  2 Offers for Tickets to
  Peoria Chiefs Games
Cat Day with the Peoria Chiefs	for	employees,	retirees,	and	their	families	and	friends	will	be	June	21	at	2:00	p.m.	when	the
Chiefs	take	on	the	Burlington	Bees	at	O’Brien	Field.		Gates	open	at	12:30	p.m.		Get	your	tickets	from	Caterpillar	Social	Activities	&	Services	
for $3 each.		(You	will	receive	a	voucher	that	MUST	be	exchanged	for	a	ticket	at	the	Peoria	Chiefs	box	office.)	All	vouchers	must	be	
exchanged	for	tickets	prior	to	going	to	the	entry	gate.	(This	can	be	done	game	day	or	prior	to	game	day.)	Levels	of	seats	included	in	the	
“voucher-to-ticket	exchange”	are	the	grassy	area,	the	box	seat	level,	and	the	club	box	seat	level…at	no	cost…depending	on	availability.	
Back	by	popular	demand,	the	Peoria	Chiefs	are	hosting	“Play Catch with Dad on the Field”	prior	to	the	game	in	honor	of	Father’s	Day	
and “Kids 12 & Under Eat Free” (hot dog, bag of chips, & a soda).

                                                     CAT DAY WITH PEORIA CHIEFS
                                                              Sunday,	June	21,	2:00	p.m.
                                              										(Ticket	orders	must	be	received	by	June	5)
Employee/Retiree Name: ________________________________                                Daytime Phone: _____________________

PeopleSoft #: (required) _________________________________                             Check one:      q Employee           q Retiree
(To obtain your PeopleSoft#, Check Clues or call 800/447-6434.)

Number	of	Vouchers	____________	@	$3	each	=		$	____________			                         (No	cash	please	–	enclose	check)
•	   Make	checks	payable	to	Caterpillar	Inc.
•	   Enclose	a	check	-	no	cash	please	-	no	refunds.
•	   Include	a	self-addressed,	stamped	envelope	large	enough	for	the	#	of	tickets	you	ordered.	Vouchers	will	not	be	mailed	without	a	stamped	envelope.
•	   Mail	to:		Caterpillar	Inc.,	Cat	Day,	100	NE	Adams,	Peoria,	IL	61629-0350	or	08/AB0350/CSAS/Cat	Day.
•	   All	ticket	orders	must	be	received		by	June	5.

Discounts for Peoria Chiefs Baseball tickets
Cat	employees	and	retirees	have	an	opportunity	to	purchase	discounted	tickets	for	six	home	games.	The	tickets	are	for	Club	Box	seats	
(best available).	Regular	price	is	$10,	but	they	can	be	purchased	through	this	discount	offer	for	$8.		Only	games	listed	on	the	form	
below	are	available	with	this	offer.		Tickets	are	not	available	by	phone	or	at	the	Peoria	Chiefs	box	office.		Requests	will	be	filled	in	the	
order	they	are	received	and	there	is	no	choice	of	seating,	exchanges	or	refunds.

                                                      PEORIA CHIEFS BASEBALL
                                                         		Club	Box	–	$8	(Regularly	$10)
Beloit	                     Friday,	June	5	                           6:30	p.m.	                  tickets	   @	   $8	   	      $
Burlington	                 Friday,	June	19	                          6:30	p.m.	                  tickets	   @	   $8	   	      $
Beloit	                     Saturday,	July	4	                         5:00	p.m.	                  tickets	   @	   $8	   	      $
Lansing	                    Friday,	July	24	                          6:30	p.m.	                  tickets	   @	   $8	   	      $
Wisconsin	                  Saturday,	August	8	                       6:30	p.m.	                  tickets	   @	   $8	   	      $
Clinton	                    Saturday,	August	22	                      6:30	p.m.	                  tickets	   @	   $8	   	      $
                                                                                                                        Total $
Employee/Retiree Name: ________________________________                                Daytime Phone: _____________________

PeopleSoft #: (required) _________________________________                             Check one:      q Employee           q Retiree
(To obtain your PeopleSoft#, Check Clues or call 800/447-6434.)
•	   Make	checks	payable	to	Peoria	Chiefs.
•	   Enclose	a	check	-	no	cash	please	-	no	refunds.
•	   Include	a	self-addressed,	stamped	envelope	large	enough	for	the	#	of	tickets	you	ordered.	Vouchers	will	not	be	mailed	without	a	stamped	envelope.
•	   Mail	to:		Caterpillar	Inc.,	Chiefs	Tickets,	100	NE	Adams,	Peoria,	IL	61629-0350	or	08/AB0350/CSAS/Chiefs	Tickets.
•	   All	ticket	orders	must	be	received		by	May 21.
                                                                        CHICAGO CUBS
                                                                        BUS TRIP
                                                                        Caterpillar Social Activities &
                                                                        Services (CSAS) is
                                                                        sponsoring a bus trip to a
                                                                        Chicago Cubs baseball game
                                                                        on Sunday, September 13

                                                                        to see the
                                                                        Chicago Cubs play
UPCOMING	EVENTS                                                         the Cincinnati Reds.
                                                                        Details and registration form will be
                                                                        available in the July/August (in bins
May	          4	       Softball	leagues	begin	                          July 3) issue of Engage.
May          16        Caterpillar Employees Power Race
May          21        Cat Crew - Chase Corporate Challenge                         …don’t miss it!

June          6        Family Fishing Derby
June         21        Cat Day with the Peoria Chiefs                                  Cat Family Fishing Derby

July	          	       Bus	Trip	–	6	Flags	(Cancelled)                                                          Saturday, June 6
July/Aug	      	       Autumn	Adventure	ticket	order	form
                                                                        REMINDER:		The	deadline	for	registering	for	the	Cat	Family	Fishing	Derby	is
July/Aug	      	       Bus	Trip		–	Chicago	Cubs	ticket	order	form       May 15.	Go	to	for	details	on	how	to	sign	up.
July/Aug	   (TBD)	     Volleyball	league	registration	meeting

August	      6	        Softball	leagues	end
Aug	6-8	      	        Around	the	Green	Golf	Scramble	(Cancelled)               Caterpillar Camping Club
August			    31	       Volleyball	leagues	begin                            The	Caterpillar	Camping	Club	has	announced	the	2009	
                                                                           Campout	Schedule.		The	Camping	Club	offers	year-round	
Sept/Oct               Peoria Rivermen discount ticket order form          social	outings	even	when	it’s	too	cold	to	camp.		These	outings	
Sept/Oct               Mixed Chorus ticket order form                      include	going	out	to	dinner	once	a	month,	a	Christmas	party,	
                                                                           and	breakfast	on	the	first	Monday	of	every	month	at	8	a.m.	at	
Sept/Oct               Children’s	Holiday	Show	ticket	order	form
                                                                           Woody’s	in	Groveland.		Please	join	us.
Sept/Oct               Bradley Braves discount ticket order form
                                                                           For	more	information,	contact:	President	–	David	Steinborn	at	
                                                                           309/675-7230	(work)	or	309/347-1855	(home).		
September    13        Bus Trip - Chicago Cubs
September    19        Autumn Adventure                                       2009 Campout Schedule:
                                                                                 May	15-17	             Kentuckiana	
October	    (TBD)	     Mixed	Chorus	fall	production	                             June 12-14             Kentuckiana
October	    (TBD)	     Basketball	league	registration	meeting                    July 17-19             Kentuckiana
October		   (TBD)	     Women’s	volleyball	league	registration	meeting            August 14-16           Lake Evergreen
October	       	       Cat	Crew	–	Chicago	Marathon	(Cancelled)                   Sept. 18-20            Kentuckiana
                                                                                 Oct. 2-4               New Salem
Nov/Dec	      	        Bowling	Tournament	entry	form

December 6       Children’s Holiday Show
December	   9	   Volleyball	leagues	end
December	 (TBD)	 Bus	Trip	–	Chicago	City	Lights/Shopping                                          ee
                                                                                          a Employ
                                                                                Peoria Are
                                                                                Blood Dri
Bold               =      Events                                                                             East Peoria –
                                                                                 May 5                       Mor  ton
Month/Month        =      Issue of Engage info will be included                  May 5                       TC
                                                                                 May 7                       PPG (Cancelle
Month/Day          =      Date of Activity                                       May 7                                       d
                                                                                                              Bldg. H – SpPr
                                                                                 May 15                       Bu ilding LC
                                                                                 May 21                                     n Bldg.
                                                                                  May 26-27                   TBU – Bldg. KK
                                                                                  May 26                                      celled)
                                                                                                               Mapleton (Can
                                                                                  June 9                       East Peoria – AD
                                                                                  June 22                      Mossville – AC
                                                                                  July 1-2                     PPG (Cancelle
                                                                                   October 15