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					                                       2010 Bite of the Rogue
                               Marketplace Information and Application

The Bite of the Rogue Valley, held on September 11th & 12th in Hawthorne Park, Downtown
Medford, is Southern Oregon’s most exciting and fastest-growing charity event and festival. This
event includes a wide array of activities such as a performance stage, beer garden, fine food and
wine as well as a children’s area; not to mention local food booths offering “bites” of their locally
created provisions. The entrance fee is $3 and kids under 12 get in free.

The Bite of the Rogue Valley celebrates our local culture and highlights the foods of our
region. The Oregon Marketplace showcases food and farm-grown produce from Oregon. The
majority of our entertainment is also local. In this way, businesses that support our event benefit
from the network of goodwill associated with The Bite of the Rogue Valley.

Join us for The Bite of the Rogue Valley 2010 and celebrate the fabulous foods of Oregon!
We are adhering to our policy of only locally operated restaurants and there is no
exclusivity in a food category.

For questions, please contact Meredith Gentry at 541-323-0964.


Please turn in your application before August 20th, 2010 to reserve your space!

Directions and Setup Info
Directions and setup information will be emailed to vendors one week prior to the event.

      $200 Paid to Lay It Out Events for each 10x10 space.
      $25 for each 15 amp power outlet.
      Separate deposit check for $100 to be refunded after the restaurant’s space has been inspected and
       the restaurant has made their 5% payment to Lay It Out Events.
      Marketplace Vendors are required to pay 5% of their gross income from The Bite of the Rogue to Lay
       It Out Events. This year Lay It Out Events will donate a sponsorship for the benefit of The Boys &
       Girls Club of the Rogue Valley.

The official beverage sponsor for The Bite of the Rogue has not yet been determined. An email will be sent
out when this information becomes available. Homemade Beverages i.e. Lemonade, Ice Tea, etc will be
allowed. Restaurants are not allowed to sell alcohol.

We will do everything we can to make sure your power is up and running during event hours, however, power
is provided by generators at the event, which always come with complications, so please be patient and
ready for outages during the first hour as everyone turns on their appliances. Be prepared with a 50-100 ft.
extension cord. Power is available for $25 per 15 amp outlet, which covers the cost of extra power boxes. If
you use additional power not outlined on your application your deposit will be used as compensation for the
additional usage. Please list all appliances and amps at the end of this application.

Clean up
If any trash or grease is left behind by a vendor, the deposit will be used to return the site to pre-event

Fire Codes
All restaurants must follow the Medford Fire Code for setup – see below

Please have your insurance company send a certificate of insurance and list as additionally insured:
     The Bite of the Rogue
     Lay It Out Events 704 NW Georgia, Bend, OR 97701
     The City of Medford
     The Boys & Girls Club of the Rogue Valley

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received before August 20, 2010 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds are given after August
20, 2010.

Hours of operation
Saturday 11am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-7pm. Restaurants must stay open during all hours of the event. Any
vendor leaving early will lose their deposit and will not be allowed to return for future events.

Security will be provided overnight from 10pm Saturday night to 8am Sunday morning. Lay It Out Events and
The Bite of the Rogue are not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

In an effort to make all of our events accessible for everyone we ask that you pay attention to the following
accessibility guidelines from the City of Medford:
     Sales or service counters should be no more than 36 inches from the finished floor or the ground, and
         the width must be at least 36 inches wide.
     All paths of travel must be free from cords and other obstructions. Cords may be covered with rugs,
         but rugs must be taped down on all sides.
     Menus should be hung 36-39 inches from the ground


Business Name: _________________________________ Contact Name: ____________________________
Type of Food: _________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________ State: _________________ Zip: _____________________________
E-mail:___________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________
Please list all appliances and amps: __________________________________________________________
How many staff (over the 2 days) will you have working at the event? __________________
Total Vendor Fee Enclosed (including power): $ ________________
Total Deposit Enclosed: $ __________________________________
Sign here if you agree to participate in The Bite of the Rogue Composting Plan___________________________

Please make checks payable to and mail your application to:
Lay It Out Events
704 NW Georgia
Bend, OR 97701


To the Fullest extent permitted by law, you (the vendor) shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless, the 2010
Bite of the Rogue, Lay It Out Events, The City of Medford, Oregon and their respective employees, directors,
officers, agents, volunteers and other persons acting on their behalf from and against any and all claims,
actions, suits causes of action, or demands which arise or are in any way connected with the acts or
ommisions of you, your employees, directors, officials, agents, volunteers or persons acting on your behalf.

Vendor agrees to abide by the vendor rules and regulations of The Bite of the Rogue. Vendor understands
that they may not be asked to participate in future events if they are in violation of any policies and they
will lose their deposit.


_______________________________________                                  _____________________
VENDOR Representative Signature                                          Date

              *Please send only this page with your payment, deposit and insurance.*

                                        Fire Codes

    A 10’ x 10’ canopy is exempt from permit requirements. With this said, the canopy
   material should be flame resistant. Here is other information found in the Fire Code:

  2404.15 Heating and cooking equipment. Heating and cooking equipment shall be in
               accordance with Sections 2404.15.1 through 2404.15.7.

   2404.15.1 Installation. Heating or cooking equipment, tanks, piping, hoses, fittings,
     valves, tubing and other related components shall be installed as specified in the
International Mechanical Code and the International Fuel Gas Code, and shall be approved
                                  by the fire code official.

 2404.15.2 Venting. Gas, liquid and solid fuel-burning equipment designed to be vented
  shall be vented to the outside air as specified in the International Fuel Gas Code and
  the International Mechanical Code. Such vents shall be equipped with approved spark
 arresters when required. Where vents or flues are used, all portions of the tent, canopy
 or membrane structure shall be not less than 12 inches (305 mm) from the flue or vent.

 2404.15.3 Location. Cooking and heating equipment shall not be located within 10 feet
                     (3048 mm) of exits or combustible materials.

2404.15.4 Operations. Operations such as warming of foods, cooking demonstrations and
   similar operations that use solid flammables, butane or other similar devices which
                    do not pose an ignition hazard, shall be approved.

2404.15.5 Cooking tents. Tents where cooking is performed shall be separated from other
      tents, canopies or membrane structures by a minimum of 20 feet (6096 mm).

2404.15.6 Outdoor cooking. Outdoor cooking that produces sparks or grease-laden vapors
    shall not be performed within 20 feet (6096 mm) of a tent, canopy or membrane

  2404.15.7 Electrical heating and cooking equipment. Electrical cooking and heating
      equipment shall comply with the International Code Council Electrical Code
                               Administrative Provisions.

2404.16.2.1 Containers 500 gallons or less. Portable LP-gas containers with a capacity of
 500 gallons (1893 L) or less shall have a minimum separation between the container and
                                      structure not less