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					Roles of LIA Student, Faculty Sponsor, Site Supervisor, and LIA Coordinator

 LIA Student:
     Complete the online or an on-ground LIA Orientation and obtain appropriate
       forms from website or from LIA Coordinator.
     Decide on a project, preferably related to a major or future career interest, and in
       which the student can apply knowledge and skills gained in the college classroom.
     Draft at least learning objectives (three for the first credit and one for each
       additional credit) which are stated in measurable terms. Student can collaborate
       with faculty, supervisors, or LIA Coordinator or others to develop these learning
     Get a SVC Faculty member to sponsor him/her for the project, who will sign off
       on the objectives.
     Get a Site Supervisor at the placement site, who will monitor/mentor student and
       provide signature approval for objectives and time sheet to verify hours.
     Meet with LIA Coordinator for signature approval of contract and registration
       information. Register for the class
     Carry out the project as designed and required by program guidelines and Faculty
       Sponsor. (This usually includes six weekly reflective journals or periodic contact
       as defined by Faculty Sponsor in order to reflect on the learning process, along
       with a final, summary, analytical paper of three or more pages demonstrating
       college-level writing or an oral presentation that explains how objectives were
       met, challenges overcome, and learning derived from the project.(see Syllabus)
     Abide by the agreements set forth at the placement site and stated in their Applied
       Learning Contract.
     Process paperwork and tasks according to timeline for successful completion of
       the project.
     Keep communications clear, respectful, and timely.

 LIA Faculty Sponsor:
     Provide guidance to students in creating a viable applied learning project and
       clear statements of measurable learning objectives to be completed in the project.
     Support student as needed throughout the process of carrying out the project.
     Respond to weekly journals or hold periodic communications requiring reflection.
     Grade analytical summary paper or oral presentation and/or other products that
       were assigned as part of the evaluation process.
     Enter the final grade for the student in Instructor’s Briefcase
     Pass on a copy of LIA final paper, time sheet, evaluations and other paperwork
       relevant to the project to the LIA Coordinator for storage
     If the student is doing a project under the supervision of his/her Faculty Sponsor,
       the Faculty Sponsor is also the Site Supervisor (see below). (In such a case, the
       faculty member may be eligible for a stipend processed through the Academic
      In the case that a student and Faculty Sponsor are designing a LIA-IE
       (Integrative Experience), the faculty sponsor will have additional
       responsibilities to draft a proposal using forms and guidelines set forth by the
       General Education Implementation Committee. (Refer to LIA-IE information on
       this LIA website.)

Site Supervisor:
     If the student is doing an independent project at a worksite, the supervisor there
       will be the Site Supervisor for the LIA student.
     Site Supervisors must sign the Applied Learning Contract showing approval of
       the learning objectives and proposed activities. Adjustments should be negotiated
       with the student upfront regarding the feasibility of completing the objectives and
       activities proposed.
     Monitor the performance and hours that the student spends on the LIA project at
       the site, and sign the time sheet at the end of the project to verify hours
     Complete the Site Supervisor Evaluation and give it to the student, who will
       incorporate this information into their analytical summary paper.
     If problems arise with the student or the placement that cannot be resolved on site,
       discuss the problem with the LIA Coordinator (360-416-7630).
     It is hoped that the Site Supervisor will help the student make other connections in
       her/his professional network, so that the student can gain as much information
       about the career field of focus.

LIA Coordinator:
    Provide to students LIA information, orientations, syllabus, forms, and list of
      possible placements
    Respond to students, faculty, staff, and community members regarding LIA
    Assist students in decisions and planning regarding LIA projects, as needed
    Maintain and expand on possible LIA placements through community networking
    Maintain the Campus Center LIA Information Board and LIA website
    Maintain records for all LIA students for up to six years
    Serve as Faculty Sponsor for EDUC 299 students as requested and other ___299’s
      as appropriate
    Assign item numbers and entry codes to enable students’ registration for LIA
    Report quarterly on program activity

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