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									?CCNA- Go For The Test

CCNA is a test that almost all networking professionals should undergo in order to
earn more knowledge and money both. But it comes to what and how to prepare
yourself, most of the people are confused. According to Todd Lammle, the author of
CCNA Study Guide its not difficult to score well in CCNA if you are on the right
track of what and how to prepare yourself for it. In this article you will find some easy
and quick tips on how to prepare yourself to clear the CCNA.

You Should Know Your Exam Code And Material To Be Used:

Before preparing for your exam make sure you know the correct and accurate exam
code. So that the curriculum is not outdated when you sit down to study. Make sure
that you are not following the exam code of 2008 which was 640-801. The latest
exam code is 640-802 and with the addition of some old concepts like ACLs,
subnetting, routing, WAN, NAT, VLAN, the new course guide also consists of the
following components.

1.   IPv6 with in depth analysis of its coverage.
2.   Basics of IP Telephony and VoIP.
3.   Ciscos implementation of wireless technology
4.   Ample knowledge on the protocols of spanning tree, switching and routing.

Cisco Is The Boss:

As the boss is always right so is the Cisco. This means that there might be many
correct answers to a question but you must be very careful while choosing. The
answer and the explanation that is given by the Cisco is always considered to be the
correct one.

Cisco Command Line is the Key:

Make sure you have done enough practice of the configuration and command-line. To
get the best out of your theory preparation you must be perfect with the command-line
and configuration problems. The network troubleshooting and implementation
concepts are test with several router configuration problems. Several questions are
based on the commands output. There are several simulation programs available over
the internet for those who cant access the equipments.

OSI Model:

The knowledge about the 7 network layers is very important. The CCNA exa m cant
be cleared if one is week with these layers. All the networking concepts are based on
these layers and without sufficient knowledge, one cant clear the CCNA exam. Make
sure you know the names and purposes of these layers with the protocols used on

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