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									                               The Rio News           Sr. Editor: Marilyn Lee Taylor
                                                 Editor & Photogragher: Patricia Zuñiga

October 2007                                                                                                               Volume 3, Number 11

    In the News       Welcome to the Rio Grande Campus and to the Rio News; a newsletter from the
                      Rio Grande Campus Manager to keep you informed on what’s happening around
• Campus              the campus.
  Administration                                          Campus Administration Office Staff

• Building Services

• Maintenance

• Campus Police

• National Night

• Farewell to
  Lieutenant Mike
                                                                Top left: Sylvia “Bo” Flores, Marilyn Lee Taylor, Patricia Zuñiga
                                                                    Bottom left: Dianna Botello, David Vela, Sonia Stewart

• Summer Semester
  RGC ACColade

• General Assembly

• New Faces at
  Rio Grande                                                                                                Karen Charles, Weekend Supervisor

                           Left to right: Brenda Pennie, Juan Mendoza, & Deborah Chambers

• 1st Day of Class                                      We are here to serve YOU!

• Welcome Palooza                                    Our Core values:
                                      “Compassion, Integrity, Team Work & Excellence”
• Reconstruction &
                                                   Mission of the Campus Administration Office
                            • To support the instructional function of the Campus/College by
                               providing quality support to students, faculty, staff & the
                            • To promote consistency in operations throughout the ACC District
                            • To facilitate communication among, and provide leadership to the
                              various organizational units comprising the campus, and
                            • Be responsive to the needs of students, faculty, staff and the
                            Building Services
Did you know.....                                                                                                The Building Services Team

Red Wassenich,
Reference Librarian,                                                                                                Hours of Operation
accidentally invented the                                                                                   Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
phrase “Keep Austin                                                                                             Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weird”.                                                                                                        Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

If you like to share a “did                                                                                  For Building Services assistance call
you know” email                                                                                                            223-3000
Marilyn Lee Taylor,           Left to right: John Pena, Calvin Mayberry,
                            John Reyna & Luis Alvarado

                                                                                                        The Building Maintenance Team is
                                                                                                        comprised of multi-talented technicians who
                                                                                                        take care of the day-to-day maintenance
                                                                                                        and work orders. They are responsible for
                                                                                                        repairs, carpentry, plumbing, H.V.A.C.
                                                                                                        problems, etc.

                                                                                                        For general Maintenance assistance,
                                                                                                        PLEASE CALL 223-3000

                             Left to right: Hershal “Buddy” Rainer &
                             Richard “Bud” Youhill

                             Campus Police
                                                                                                             The ACC Police Department is staffed
                                                                                                             with State of Texas commissioned
                                                                                                             Peace Officers.

                             Top Left to Right: Officers John Worrell & Vernon Walker
                             Bottom Right to Left: Officers Antonio Calderon, Ethan Atkin, Aleric “Sunny”
                             Martinez & Sargeant John Rodriguez

                             Services offered by the Department include:

                             • Opening locked vehicles
                             • Unlocking doors on campus
                             • Escorts to personal vehicles (especially during hours of darkness)
                             • Providing directions both on and off campus
                             • Issuing parking permits
                             • General law enforcement duties as described in the Texas Code of Criminal
                               Procedure & the Texas Education Codes
Campus Police
• Park in well lighted areas
• Walk to your car in groups or pairs
• Have your keys out & ready as you approach your car
• Secure valuables such as CD players, cell phones or purses out of sight

• Trust your instincts
• Be aware of your surroundings
• Be wary of strangers
• Play it safe! Make Smart Choices

Emergency ACC Phone numbers for ACC POLICE DISPATCH
     24 Hours, 7 days a week, 223-7999 (From any ACC Telephone 222)

National Night Out August 2007
National Night out is a high profile law enforcement/community event recognized
by official community proclamation and political dignitaries. National Night Out is
designed to be a daily effort to;

(1) heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;
(2) generate support for and participation in local anti-crime programs;
(3) strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community relations; and
(4) send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods nation
    wide are organized and fighting back.

The Campus Manager offer special kudos to Officer John Worrell for
spearheading this event to the Rio Grande Campus.

  Officer Worrell presents Cesaer                    Arron Hinojosa, Student Life &
  Estrada, student, his free        Officer Walker                                    Officer Worrell
                                                     Officer Calderon
  Simons combo meal.
Farewell LT
Lt. Michael McCradic retired from Austin Community College, August 31, 2007
after 25 years of dedicated service. The Rio Grande Campus Administration
Office hosted a special retirement celebration in honor of Lt. McCradic Friday,
September 7, 2007.
                We wish Mike Godspeed in his future endeavors.

RGC ACColade Winner
                           Congratulations to Gabriel Rodriguez, Computer Lab
                           Support Technician, for being the summer ACColade
                                                 Congratulations are in order...

      Lynn Beaman & Dr. Kinslow
                                                     General Assembly, Awarded August 24th

                                                Dr. Rick Thompson, PTK Teacher’s Excellance Award

                                             2006-2007 NISOD Teaching Excellence Award Recipients
                                                    Laura Tacheny, Associate Professor of Physics
    President Kinslow & Jose Flores
                                              Dan Grangaard, Adjunct Professor of Student Development
                                             Jamie Huckabay, Professor of Computer Information Systems

                                                     Minnie L. Stephens Piper Award Nominee
                                                         David Lydic, Professor of English

Trustee John Hernandez & Duane Crowley
                                            Five Years of Service        Twenty Years of Services cont....
                                            Mark McCaffery               Philip Cochran
                                            Patricia Fernos              Duane Crowley
                                            Don Jonsson                  Ezequiel Estrada
                                            Anne Praderas                Jose Flores
                                            Brenda Pennie                Thom McFarland
                                                                         Maria Ramos-Cancel
            Rosemary Burkes                 Ten Years of Service         Gaye Lynn Scott
                                            Byron Bridges                Richard Smith
                                            Rosemary Burkes
                                            William Hoppe                Twenty-Five Years of Service
                                            Yau-Kit Hui                  Michael McCradic
                                            George Klos                  Judy Nwachie
                                            Susan Lydic                  Tobin Quereau
                                            James Webb                   Gary Smeltzer
   Trustee John Hernandez, Trustree
   Allen Kaplan & Marilyn Lee Taylor        Fifthteen Years of Service   Thirty Years of Services
                                            Dorothy Barnett              A.L. Barnett
                                            Myra Bradley                 Mary Kohls
                                            Daniel Dewberry              Marilyn Lee Taylor
                                            Ivie Herbert                 Judy Sanders
                                            Robert Hettenhausen          Richard Thompson
                                            Sonia Stewart                John Underwood
 Trustee Barbara Mink, Marilyn Lee Taylor
                                            Marleen Vigo                 Nancy Worlds
 & President Kinslow                        Ward Walker

                                            Twenty Years of Service
                                            Lynn Beaman
                                            Jose Bustamante
                                            Nina Butts
Tell your Students!!!!     New Faces at ACC
                                                               Erica Wills was previously employed at Delgado Community College
Student Services offers
                                                               in New Orleans and Huston-Tillotson University. She moved to Austin
FREE workshops
                                                               in January 2006 from Metairie, Louisiana. She enjoys driving the
                                                               Capital of Texas Highway, watching movies at the Alamo Drafthouse,
To sign up call 223-3138
                                                               visiting the Bob Bullock museum, and she loves the Rio Grande
                                                               Campus spirit.
Workshops include...
                           Erica Wills, A& R Supervisor

Discover Your Major with                                      Sylvia Owens joined the Library Services as a Reference Librarian.
Ross Oliver                                                   Her previous experience includes positions at academic institutions
                                                              and libraries where she garnered invaluable experiences running the
Study Smarter...Not                                           gamut from reference, instruction, computer services, & even to youth
Harder with Rosalind                                          programming. She earned a M.L.S. from the University of North
Cunningham                                                    Texas, and a B.S. E. from Eastern Illinois University. She also holds
                                                              secondary teaching certificates from both Texas and Illinois.
                           Sylvia Owens, Assistant
Perfectionism with Mae     Professor
                                                                   Bruce Mitchell came to ACC from the University of Texas
                                                                   where he worked for the College of Engineering as a project
                                                                   manager. He also performs professionally with the 5-string
                                                                   banjo and just recently returned from a tour in Ireland with the
                                                                   “Boxcar Preachers”.

                                 Bruce Mitchell, IT Manager

                           New Faces to Rio Grande
                                                               Lyn Benson has been with ACC for one year. Before ACC, he worked at
                                                               Best Buy as a computer technician. He’s currently working on his
                                                               associate's degree in Computer Information Systems. He enjoys draw-
                                                               ing, reading, and spending time with his friends.

                           Lyn Benson, Computer Support

                                                          Denise White has worked for ACC 5 years, 3 years as an adjunct faculty and
                                                          2 as a full time instructor. She is excited about being here and loves the
                                                          campus atmosphere.

                           Denise White, Accounting

                                                              Maxine Beach an adjunct instructor since 1999 for both the English and
                                                              Creative Writing Departments until she recently became Department Chair
                                                              for Creative Writing. She has written a book of short stories that will be
                                                              published in 2008. She is eager to help the Creative Writing students and
                                                              help the program grow.

                           Maxine Brach, Department
                           Chair for Creative Writing

                                                                Blanca Alvarado is happy to be a full-time and to be housed
                                                                at Rio Grande.

                           Blanca Alvarado, Sociology Professor
State Employee                  Starting the fall semester with a BLAST!
Charitable Campaign             Duplication/Mainroom        Student Lounge                   Capital Metro drop off

It only takes a moment to
make a difference.

Every contribution counts!

This year's goal is to
achieve a higher
percentage of
participation among             Students getting copies of their Students waiting to pay at the Cashier’s Office
ACC 3000 employees.             schedule at the information table.

* In 2006, 173 ACC
employees participated
with the grand total of

*This year our goal is 300
ACC employees partici-
pating, even if that            On August 29th there was a chemical spill on the 3rd floor. The 2nd and 3rd
participation is as little as
a $2.00 contribution.
                                floors were evacuated safely. The fire department was called to clean the
                                area and afterwards the Fire Chief announced to everyone that they could
* Every contribution, no        resume their normal schedules on these floors.
matter the amount, aids in
the worthy cause of
helping our neighbors
and our community.

* You would be surprised
by what donating only
one hour of pay per
month could do!

Through your payroll
deduction, employees
can have the following

* $2 per month for one
year will provide meals
for homebound senior
citizen for two weeks.
                                Next day...August 30th
* $5 per month for one          A loud BOOM was heard around 2:00 pm. The noise was caused by the
year provides teaching          demolition of the old field house located on Shoal Creek by the student parking
materials for 30 at-risk        lot. A transformer was hit in the process causing an electrical disturbance around
students for one school         the neighborhood. The City of Austin was notified immediately and power was
                                restored as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it took a little longer for the Rio
* $10 per month for one         Grande to be completely restored.
year provides 233 meals
for hungry babies.

* $20 per month for one
year provides a full year
of groceries for a
homebound AIDS patient.
Upcoming Events             Welcome Palooza brought to you by                September 19th
Office Decoration Contest
Wednesday, October 31st     The Office of Student Life welcomed the students, faculty and staff to a new fall semester with
                            a Welcome Palooza.
4th Annual
Thanksgiving Feast          Visit their website for more SL events.
Thursday, November 15th

ACC Holiday Party
Friday, December 14th

15th Jingle Deli
Tuesday, December 18th

Thanksgiving Holiday
Thursday, November 22nd
- Sunday, November 25th

Winter Break
Offices CLOSE at 5 p.m.
Friday, December 21, 2007
REOPEN Thursday,                                      Reconstruction and Renovations at RGC
January 3, 2008                                  The gym will be renovated into classrooms and offices.

RGC Limited Services
in Admissions,
Advising, Cashier &
Financial Aid
December, 26th
& Thursday                           GYM: Architecture/Construction Team: BLGY & Design Team: Bartlett-Cocke.
December 27th
Open 11 am - 7 pm                              The Skills Center will be the new parking garage location.

Grade Deadlines
Submitted online
by 5:00 p.m.

1st 8 week - 10/24/07
16 week - 12/19/07
12 week - 12/19/07                 GARAGE: Architects-Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Associates (BGKA); Construction
2nd 8 week - 12/19/07                               Manager at Rick is SpawGlass Contractors

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