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Strategy and Competitive Positioning
BTA Group
Cooperation with financial institutions
Government Initiative
Key Awards

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                                                                             Key Milestones

         Creation of Bank
                                                      investment in
      TuranAlem through the
                                                     Slavinvestbank,                       Increase of equity                    Opening representative
       merger of Turan and
                                                         Moscow                              by US$ 1.5 bln                       offices in Tokyo and
           Alem Bank
                                                                                                             Processing of
                                                                                                           opening a bank in
                                 Privatisation to                      Representative                           China
                                Kazakh investors                        office in UAE

        1925-1997            1998-2001              2002-2003            2004-2006               2007               2008                2009

                                                                                                                  Launching and
           EBRD, IFC, FMO, DEG, RZB                                                                         implementation of the new
              become shareholders                   International credit ratings                             strategy and rebranding
                                                                                                                                               Islamic bank
               First credit rating from              raised to Baa2/BB-/BB+                                                                       opening
                    First bond issue                                       Minority investment in
                                                                            Sekerbank, Turkey
             Adoption of geographical
                  diversification                                         Acquisition of a majority
                     strategy                                              stake in Temirbank,

Source: Bank Data                                                                                                                                    Page 3
                                             Mission and Strategy

                                    Provide the full range
           Further enhance          of financial solutions             Increase its presence
                                                                          in the CIS and in
         the bank’s leadership         in the emerging                    Kazakhstan’s key
                position             markets of the CIS,                trade partners, such
             in Kazakhstan                                              as Turkey and China
                                     Eastern Europe and

         Key Stakeholders            Customers, Shareholders, Employees
         Key Customers               Retail clients and SMEs
         Key Goal in Kazakhstan      Evolution into a universal financial group with market
                                     shares of at least 25% in retail, SME and corporate sectors
         Key Objective in the CIS    Geographic diversification of revenue through acquisition
                                     and development of well-positioned retail banks with strong
                                     clients bases and solid balance sheets

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Source: Bank Data
                          Key Competitive Advantages

o Extensive experience gained in both Kazakhstani and foreign markets
  enables BTA to effectively compete with key local rivals
o Intimate knowledge of the local markets and local customers’ needs
  create a strong basis to address competitive challenges from foreign
  commercial banks
o Innovative culture and continuous improvement of its product line and
  technologies help the bank stay in sync with the market
o Broad and expanding network of strategic partners increases stability of
  the Group’s income and sets the stage for further revenue growth and

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                                                        Solid positions in home market
             Market share by Assets as of 3Q 2008                                        Market share by Capital as of 3Q 2008

                         Other 13.6%                                                          Other 17.8%
                                                           BTA 24.7%
                                                                                                                                        BTA 28.2%

           Centrecredit 8.0%                                                      Centrcredit 5.1%

            ATF Bank 8.1%                                  Temir Bank 2.4%         ATF Bank 6.8%

                                                                                                                                        Temir Bank 3.7%
         Alliance Bank 8.4%                                                       Alliance Bank 10.8%
                                                    KKB 20.2%                                                               KKB 16.0%
                                                                                                Halyk Bank 11.8%                Total per BS- 12.7 bln.$
                       Halyk Bank 14.6%
                                            Total per BS- 104.3 bln.$

              Market share by Loans as of 3Q 2008                                       Market share by Deposits as of 3Q 2008

                                                                                                            Other 13.1%
                              Other 10.7%
                                                                                                                                           BTA 20.9%
                                                           BTA 26.8%                     Centrcredit 8.7%
               Centrcredit 7.0%

                                                                                       ATF Bank 5.6%
            ATF Bank 9.2%                                                                                                                     Temir Bank 2.7%

                                                                                    Aliance Bank 6.8%
                                                                Temir Bank 3.0%

          Aliance Bank 7.9%

                                                                                                                                    KKB 23.4%
                                                                                            Halyk Bank 18.8%
                    Halyk Bank 13.3%                KKB 22.1%
                                                Total per BS- 67.3 bln.$                                                  Total per BS- 61.1 bln.$

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Source: Bank Data
                      Strong positions in target sectors
                       A large market share (approx. 40%) in consumer payments
                       (utilities, mobile phones and taxes)
    Retail Banking      Market shares of 23.6% in deposits and 28.7% in consumer
                        778 ATMs, 422 “Faster” units in Kazakhstan and 430 in
                       CIS,160 “Cash&Pay” 24-hours servicing terminals

                       SME considered with turnover from 25 to 2 mln.USD
      SME              Largest number of retail units serving SME clients
                       Market share in SME 17.4% in 3Q2008

                         A broad range of services that includes fixed income products,
                        corporate management, venture financing, trust management,
                        cash management, online-banking
  Corporate Banking      Advanced Customer Relationship Management system helps
                        maintain and develop a strong corporate client base and long-
                        term relationships with clients
                         Market share in corporate lending 32.5%.

Source: Bank Data                                                                  Page 7
                                                 Leading Banking Group in Kazakhstan


  100%              100%            98%                100%              95%              100%             100%               99%                 45%           55%             46%
Wide range     Provide auto,   a specialised        one of the         collects         the leading       The first      provide a full     The Company          Wide        Dynamically
of financial   property and    medical insurer        leading          pension         investment         private          range of        activity focuses    range of      developing
 services,        liability    in Kazakhstan      companies in      contributions,     company in        mortgage         insurance             on SME         financial    company, one
 including      insurance        and runs its       voluntary      makes pension       Kazakhstan      company in       services, listed       leasing in     services,       of the the
 corporate                      own medical          personal      disbursements      The company      Kazakhstan       on the Kazakh        construction,    including    leading leasing
 banking,                        company to      insurance and     and acts as its    manages 14      The company            Stock              services,     corporate      company in
     retail                       serve its       had a 16.1%         own asset           mutual       has a 7.5%         Exchange         agricultural and   banking,       Kazakhstan
 banking,                       customers in       share of the        manager,        investment     share in all of       (KASE)          transportation       retail
mortgage,                         22 cities       market in the     the number of       funds with    the mortgage                         sectors, on the    banking,
     auto                        throughout       third quarter.       enrolled      $86m of assets    market and                          September 30,      mortgage,
  finance,                       Kazakhstan                          increased to         under        37.5% of all                           its leasing         auto
   leasing                                                         956,000 clients    management        lending by                              portfolio      finance,
                                                                                                         mortgage                            amounted to        leasing
                                                                                                       companies                                $51.0 m

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Source: Bank Data
                                                                 BTA’s positions abroad

          Kazakhstan – BTA Bank (100%),
          Temirbank (55.3%)
          Assets-27 030 $mln
          №1 by assets &equity, 41 branches, 402 retail units

          Kyrgyzstan – BTA Bank (71%)
          Assets-166 $mln
          №2 by assets &equity, 14 branches & 57 retail units

          Russia – BTA Bank (22.26%)
          BTA Kazan (47.3%), Omsk Bank (18.4%)
          Assets-1 940 $mln
          №31 by equity,32 branches & 25 retail units

           Ukraine – BTA Bank (49.99%)
           Assets- 593 $mln
           №42 by assets, № 65 by capital, 29 branches

          Armenia – BTA Invest Bank (48.9%)
                                                                 Belarus – BTA Bank (99.29%)
          Assets- 40 $mln
                                                                 Assets- 130 $mln                             Plans 2009-2010
          № 15 by assets, №12 by equity,5 branches
                                                                 №15 by assets, № 21 by capital, 9 branches
                                                                                                                 Rep. office in Tokyo
            Turkey – Sekerbank (33.9%)                          Georgia – BTA Bank (49.0%)                       Rep. office in Seoul
            Assets- 6 387 $mln                                  Assets-101 $mln
            №11 by assets & equity, 250 branches                                                                 Bank in Shanghai
                                                                №10 by assets & equity,6 branches

Source: Bank Data for December 31, 2008                                                                                    Page 9
                             BTA interaction with Global Financial Markets
BTA Market Share in Trade Finance

                     8.00%                          JSC "BTA"

                                                                                 BTA maintains relations with more

                                                    JSC "Kazcommersbank"
     1.00%                                                                      than 700 institutions worldwide;
   3.00%                                            JSC "Halyk Bank"
                                                    JSC "Bank Center Credit"     Wide geographical coverage;
                                                    JSC "Alyans Bank"
                                                                                BTA continues to be the leader in
                                                    JSC "ATF Bank"
                                                                                Trade Finance with the market share
                                                    JSC "Nurbank"               of 43%;
                                                    JSC "Kaspi Bank"
             6.00%                                                               More than 200 deals with
                              20.00%                JSC SJSB "RBS Kazakhstan"   participation of      ECAs and
                                                Other Banks
     BTA Bank Structured and Trade Finance Portfolio
                                                                                EXIM Banks;

                                                                                 Volume of deals with ECA and
                                                                                EXIM Banks coverage is 856 331
                                                                                993.78 US dollars.

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                         Government support for Kazakhstan’s economy
                         National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NBRK) lowered minimum reserve requirements
  Reserve requirements   effective March 3, 2009 (from 3% on foreign obligations and 2% on domestic to 2.5% and 1.5%

                         Lowering of refinancing rate by NBRK from 10% to 9.5% effective February 5.
Refinancing rate

                         Increasing of deposit insurance cap from KZT 700,000 to KZT 5 million.
Deposit Insurance

 Stabilisation            A total of US$21 billion in various economic stimulus packages will be made available by the
 Programme                government:
                          US$10 billion from the National Fund;
                          US$5 billion from the National Bank for the maintenance of bank liquidity;
                          about US$5 billion from pension funds;
                          US$1 billion from the Distressed Asset Fund.
                          US$21 billion represents about 20% of Kazakhstan’s GDP.

                          On January 13, 2008, the government adopted the Joint Action Plan by Government, NBRK
                          and FSA to support the economy and financial system:
                          Financial sector – USD 4bln
                          Real estate and mortgages- USD 3 bln
                          SMEs – USD 1 bln
                          Agro-industrial sector – USD 1 bln
                          Breakthrough innovative infrastructure and industrial projects – USD 1 bln

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                       Recapitalization of BTA Bank

                                         Total:   KZT 251 billion (US$ 2 billion).
     AMOUNT        Funds received by the Bank:    KZT 212 billion (US$ 1.7 billion)
                        Funds to be received:     KZT 39 billion (US$ 263 million)
                     Number of shares issued:     29,915,425 (common shares)

                   Governments share in equity after completion of recapitalization: 78.14%

     PURPOSE                 To support, with BTA help, economic growth and
                                    supply of credit in the economy

                   Mr. Arman Dunayev ( Deputy Chairman of Samruk-Kazyna )appointed
                   as the Chairman of Board of Directors
                   Mr. Anvar Saydenov (former Chairman of National Bank) appointed as
                   the Chairman of the Management Board
                   Mr. Saduakas Mameshtegi (formerly chairman of the board of
                   directors of JSC Astana Finance) and Mr. Seitkali Rakhimov
                   (Representative of National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna) – appointed
                   as members of the Management Board

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                            Key Awards and
      BTA Bank won numerous awards in 2007-2008:

       Best Bank of 2008 (Global Finance magazine)
       Best Islamic Financial Institutions of 2008 (Global Finance magazine)
       «Best Bank in Trade Finance in Kazakhstan 2007» (Global Finance
       «Transaction of the Year» (Trade Finance Magazine, UK)
       «Best Transaction of the Year» (Global Trade Review Magazine, UK)
       «Best Emerging Markets Borrower» (Euromoney, UK)
       «Bank of the Year in the CIS 2007» (Itogi, Russia)
       «Perfect Bank» (National Consumer League, Kazakhstan)
       «Best Bank in the Central Asia region in 2007» (Euromoney, UK)
       «Best Managed Company 2007» (Euromoney, UK)
       Featured among the world’s best 1000 banks (ranked 295th), named
     «Breakthrough of the Year» (ranked 3rd) by The Banker magazine
       «Best enterprise in Europe 2007» (EBA, UK)
       «RMBS deal of the year Europe» (International Securitization Report,
       «Best Deal of the Year» (Islamic Finance News)
       In 2008, featured among the world’s best 200 banks (ranked 173rd)
     by The Banker magazine
*BTA Ipoteka
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