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					                       Sport Competition Day – Rules of the Games

All Scouts and leaders are asked to observe the following conduct guidelines and Rules for each sport,
during the course of the Sport Competition Day. Violators will be asked to leave the premises or afford to
forfeit the game.
Team can be registered from Lien Doan or formed (LD with few numbers of players can be combined) at
the time of competition starts as long as meeting the number of players allowed.
Conduct Guidelines:
    1. No foul language or verbal insult is tolerated.
    2. Taunting of players from another team will NOT be tolerated.
    3. Absolutely, No argument between the teams in competition is allowed.
    4. All players as well as spectators are encouraged to rally the teams within the Scout spirit and good
    5. Always maintain the highest level of conduct before, during, and after the games.
    6. Play the game with safety in mind.
    7. Referees can stop and abort the game if it is getting too rough and become a safety issue.
All Team Sports will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place teams, respectively, for each sport.

Flag Football

  1.  There must be 6 players for each team.
  2.  At least one girl per team.
  3.  Must have at least 1 Quarterback and 1 center.
  4.  To earn a First Down, the team with possession must cross certain points of the field, marked by
      cones, for a first down.
  5. In an attempt to remove the flag belt from a runner, an opponent may contact the body and shoulders
      but not the face, neck or any part of the head of the runner.
  6. There may be contact within the first 5 yards from the scrimmage line. (i.e. checking players)
  7. If anytime the ball touches the ground, it is considered a dead ball. (No fumbles).
  8. If a player incidentally loses a flag, the ball is dead on the spot of the ball.
  9. NO unnecessary roughness.
  10. No flag guarding:
           · Swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from deflagging.
           · Placing the ball in possession over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from deflagging.
           · Lowering the shoulders in such a manner that flag guards.

  11. FORWARD PASSES AND INTERCEPTIONS: Player must have at least 2 feet on the ground for
      a completion, unless contact from any defender that forces an out. Player must have full control of the
      ball in bounds for a completion.
  12. PASS INTERFERENCE: Any contact that interferes with the attempt to catch a pass is a Pass
      Interference unless, in the view of the official, it occurs when two or more eligible receivers make a
      simultaneous and bona fide attempt to reach, catch, or bat a pass. It is also pass interference if an
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                        Sport Competition Day – Rules of the Games

       eligible receiver is deflagged or touched prior to touching the ball on a pass thrown beyond the
       offense's line of scrimmage. If the pass interference by the defense is intentional and/or
       unsportsmanlike, the defense may be penalized a “play over” plus 10 extra yards.

  13. TOUCHDOWN: After a touchdown, team who scored stays as the other team walks to receive the

  14. SCORING:
         Male touchdown = 1 Point
         Male touchdown pass = 1 point
         Female touchdown = 2 Points
         Female touchdown pass (to either female or male) = 2 points

       The Game consists of one straight 12 min game. Each team is allowed one 2 minute time-out.
       Winner is the one with the most points after 12 min. (the end the game)
       If there is a problem that is not stated in the rules and regulations, the team captains from each team
        must reach an agreement or compromise.
       Play with good sportsmanship, play fairly, have fun.

Volleyball Game Rules:
   1. The Volleyball Competition is based on Single Elimination.
   2. Each Match will be played using Rally Score system. Rally Score means that each serve is a point.
       For example, a ball is still in play after touching the net on serve.
   3. Each team will have a maximum 6 players on the court during any game.
   4. Each team can have a minimum of 2 players at the time of game start to begin a game. Otherwise
       the team will forfeit the game and will be considered to have lost that game.
   5. Illegal hits and blocks will be called and the team is charge with one point and lost of serve. This
       applies to back-row players hitting and blocking within 10 feet of the net.
   6. Each Match will be played two games to 25 points.
   7. The team with higher total point scored combined in the match will advance to the next round.
   8. Each team will designate 2 line judges to aide in a different game. The team that does not have 2
       line judges will be charge with 10 points at the next match or will be given the award for “Un-
       Sportsmanship” at the Evening announcement.
   9. Each team can substitute players at any time, with consent of the referee during dead ball period.
   10. Each team is allowed 2 30-second time-outs per game, per match.
   11. If a player is injured, the time-out is at the referee discretion to ensure the injured player is taken
       care of and safety is reinforced.

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