KGYAA Spring Flag Football

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                                 KGYAA Spring Flag Football


       For the first time in the history of King George youth sports, hundreds of boys and girls will begin
        football and cheerleading practices this week as they prepare for the King George Youth Athletic
                               Association's new Spring 2009 flag football program.

            Since officially established in 2007, the KGYAA's tackle football program has experienced
        dramatic annual increases in the level of participation. Interest in youth football in King George
        has never been more prevalent and, to hear KGYAA’s leadership describe it, organizing a Spring
           flag football program is in many ways simply giving county youth what they want -- more

          "We are an organization dedicated to youth football and cheerleading and have to this point
       offered only a Fall tackle program," says President Jim Sherman, "but we know there are a great
         many boys and girls here in King George that remain idle during the Spring, or perhaps even
        reluctantly participate in other sports, all the while longing for the Fall tackle season to arrive.
            Our new Spring flag program simply gives these boys and girls another football option."
In addition to providing more athletic opportunities, however, the KGYAA is also eager to create a
  venue whereby county youth can continue to develop and sharpen their football fundamentals.
 And in the flag program that means speed, agility, passing, receiving, pass defense, and overall
                                ball-handling skills and instincts.

    According to Vice-President George Estes, the KGYAA was founded not only to “provide a
 competitive youth football program, but also an effective feeder system for the middle and high
school football teams. This new flag football program really satisfies and advances both of these

The community’s response to the KGYAA’s new flag football program has been tremendous, with
over 150 football players and nearly 60 cheerleaders having registered to participate this Spring.

 In response to these numbers, and in addition to at least five sizeable cheerleading squads, the
                       following flag football teams have been organized:

   Division I (6-8): Bobcats (Dennis Maxey), Knights (Dave Schaub), Tigers (David Burrell),
                                    Wolfpack (Bill Welch)

  Division II (9-11): Aces (James Manion), Rebels (Lamar Williams), Renegades (Vic Stahl),
                     Venom (Richard Campbell), Warhawks (Gregg Parr)

   Division III (12-14): Blitz (Bill Welch), Outlaws (Adam Clark), Shockers (Jim Sherman),
                                   Stingers (Lamar Williams)

 The KGYAA’s flag football season is scheduled to begin on Sunday, 3/29, and conclude with the
                             “Spring Fever Bowl” on Sunday, 5/31.

More information on the KGYAA, and its Spring 2009 flag football program, can be found at

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