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									                         Highly Confidential

        Building a New Home Affairs

Joint Monitoring Committee on Improvement of Quality of life and
  Status of Children, Youth and Disabled persons Presentation

          Acting Deputy Director – General : Civic Services

                          01 August 2008
                     Highly Confidential

Presentation Outlay
 1. Introduction

 2. Vision and mission

 3. Functions of the branch Civic Services

 4. Legislation administered by the Branch :Civic Services

 5. Overall Transformation Projects for DHA

 6. Turnaround Projects for Civic Services

 7. Special Focus on Civic Services Projects

 8. Importance of a Birth Certificate & Types of Birth Certificates

 9. Programme for Late Registration of Birth (LRB)

 10. Accessibility to offices and information

 11. Closure - Comment and Questions

                   Highly Confidential


 Purpose

 To Brief the Committee on Birth Certificates and Identity Documents for Children,
  Youth and Disabled persons

 To Brief the Committee on the accessibility of offices and information

                      Highly Confidential

Vision & Mission

                                             VISION

 To Build a Department that provides modern, efficient, cost-effective services that are
  responsive to the needs of South African Citizens, residents and visitors to our country.

                                             MISSION

 To determine the status of persons and to manage migration in the interest of Constitutional
  Rights, national Integrity and Development Goals

                     Highly Confidential

Functions of the Branch: Civic Services

 Strategic Objective 1
  • To provide, secure, efficient and accessible civic and related services and products to
    citizens and legitimate residents within specified timeframes

 Strategic Objective 2
  • To deliver the department’s mandate effectively by implementing anew organisational
    model that is characterised by caring officials who serve with professionalism and by
    effective governance and operational control.

 The management of the national population register

 The management of the national identification system

                     Highly Confidential

Legislation administered by the Branch : Civics Cervices

 The Births & Deaths Registration Act, 1992 (Act No 51 of 1992) as amended

 The Marriage Act, 1961 (Act No 25 of 1961)

 Recognition of Customary Marriages Act, 1998 (Act No 120 of 1998),

 The Civil Union Act, 2006 (Act No 17 of 2006).

 The South African Citizenship Act, 1995 (Act No 88 of 1995) as amended

 South African Passports and Travel Documents Act, 1994 (Act No 4 of 1994) as amended

 Identification Act, 1997 (Act No 68 of 1997)

                    Highly Confidential                                                         Overview


Case for Action
Key Themes          Selected Observations

    Corruption,        Under resourced security section
                       Low skills and limited capacity in security section
                       Limited oversight and supervision
      & Risk           Lack of risk mitigation strategies

                     Limited understanding of who the customers are (not only front desk clients, but
      Service         also banks, business, other government departments and other countries)
     Delivery        Poor customer satisfaction
    & Facilities     Citizen inconvenience
                     Layout of offices not user friendly

   Organisational     Duplication of functions e.g. rectification and amendments are currently handled
     Structure         by two different units in Civic Services
     & People         Poor accountability

                      Unstable IT Infrastructure
         IT           Systems not linked to one another (e.g. Border Post immigration systems)
                      Need for improved technology

                                            Highly Confidential

Phase II Projects
The overall transformation programme consists of 9 workstreams

High-Level Programme Structure – 2008 and Beyond
                                       Civics                                     NIB                           Support Services                            Finance                                       IT

Functional               1                                        3                                      4                                    5     Finance Transform. (FFR)            7
                              Late Registration Roll-Out                                                         Communications
Workstreams                                                                   FIFA 2010
aligned to:                          ID Card Pilot                        Design and Planning                                                             Budgeting Split
                                                                                                                                                                                            IT Application Realignment to
• Civics                     Passport Machine & Process                  Asylum Seekers Affairs               Integrity management
                                                                                                                                                      Revenue Mgmt Roll-Out                       New Architecture
• NIB                             Implementation                           Transformation(1)                     Transformation(1)
• Support Services              B/M/D redesign (incl.                                                            Security Upgrade
                                                                                                                                                      Payroll & Asset register                 Network Infrastructure
                                                                         Asylum Registration &
• Finance                    certificate decentralisation)                Deportation System                                                               Audit clean up
• IT                                                                   (Marpless) Implementation              Policy Framework &                                                                  Policy & Process
                              Contact Centre Ramp-Up                                                         Legislative Programme                     Risk iimpl. monitoring
                              Birth Footprint Expansion                         Permits
                                                                            Transformation1                  Government Relations                   Asset mgt Transformation
                                 Centre of Excellence                                                          Strategy & Plan                      Performance Mgmt Impl.
                                Footprint Optimisation                      Transformation(1)                Information Mgmt Trans-                  Business Continuity.
                                   (incl. MPCCs)                                                             formation (incl. Archiving)
                                                                            Lindela Contract                                                        Real Estate Optimisation                  Establishment of EPMO
                               Office Refurbishments                          Optimisation
                               Mobile Unit Optimisation               Port Control Transformation(1)                                          6                                                        EDMS
                                                                       incl Office Refurbishments                                                 Procurement Transformation(1)
                              Online Verification Roll Out                   Foreign Office                                                                                                        NPR CleanUp
                                                                                                                                                         2nd Wave SLAs
                             ID Process   Transformation1                                                                                                                                       Other Business & IT
                                                                                                                                                        Supplier Sourcing                             projects
                                   Ops Mgt roll out

Workstreams –            8               Leadership
                                                                             Employee Relations                Reporting Line Split        (Selected) HR policies                   HR Strategy, Policy &
• Organisational                        Appointments                                                                                                                                 Transformation(1)
• Organisational               Employee Database              Job Profiling & Skills       Performance Agreement         Payment & Level           Matching & Staff
                                                                                                                                                                                 Training                 Recruiting
                                    Baseline                     Gap Analysis                    Realignment              Adjustments               Redeployment
   Governance &
   Operational Control
                                                                                                                                              Delegation of Authorities
                                                                          Committee Structure Roll-Out

Management Office            Projects Evaluation &              Project                GPW Corporatisation        Management &
                                                                                                                                             KPI development              Fleet optimisation        Change Management
                                  Monitoring                 Communications                Oversight         leadership Support (MLS)
    Work-stream          PMO         Project      Sub-project         To start later           Done by DHA           Established through Turnaround
Note:      (1) Transf ormation is a holistic implementation programme of a specif ic f unction beyond just the reorganisation; It inclu des sub-projects involving
           process, system, f acilities and capability changes; It will work closely with the organisational implementation team on the s taf f implications
                Highly Confidential

Projects for Civic Services

                             Late Registrations of Birth

                                      ID Card Pilot

                           Passport Machine & Process

                                  B/M/D redesign

                                      Contact Centre

                           Birth Registration optimization

                                Centre of Excellence

                   Service delivery points (incl Thusong Centres)

                                Office Refurbishment

                              Mobile Unit Optimisation

                             Online Verification Roll Out

                             ID Process transformation

                                 Highly Confidential                                                                                          Channels

We have segmented the DHA Civics service points into five tiers based
on the services rendered

Proposed tiered approach for DHA Civics Service Points

  Tier                       Services to be Rendered                                                        Service Points
   1      B/M/D registrations, certificates and amendments                        Regional Offices
           including solemnization of marriages                                    Foreign Missions (however, will not facilitate Late
          ID cards                                                                 registration of birth)
          Travel documents
          Citizenship
          Permits
   2      B/M/D registrations, certificates and amendments                        District Offices
           including solemnization of marriages                                    Permanent Service Points (PSP)
          ID cards                                                                Thusong centres (MPCC’s)
          Travel documents
          Citizenship
   3      B/M/D registrations, certificates and amendments                        Mobile Units (MU)
           excluding solemnization of marriages
          ID cards
   4      Birth & death registrations only                                        Hospitals
   5      Birth registrations only                                                4x4 Service Point

              Registration of births is the most significant process for the Department

Notes:   (1) Applications f or Late registration of birth will be accepted at regional and district of f ices but processed in region al of fices
         (2) Provincial of f ices do not render customer services and are theref ore not included
         (3) Self -service concepts such as kiosks and ATM-type machines are not included as these are not business requirements f or the next f ive
         years, as determined in the second visioning workshop on 27 September 2007
         (4) For all service points, the condition is that they need to be secure
         (5) Divorces are considered to be amendments
                           Highly Confidential

The proposed number of District offices and Permanent Service Points
to grow strongly over the next five years

Analysis of District offices                               Analysis of Permanent Service Points

                                   Proposed # of DOs                                       Proposed # of PSPs

                                                   CY                                                         CY
                            CY 2008
                Current                CY 2010    2012                     Current #   CY 2008    CY 2010    2012
Province                      FY                           Province
                # of DOs               FY 10/11    FY                      of PSPs     FY 08/09   FY 10/11    FY
                                                  12/13                                                      12/13

Eastern Cape      24           25         24       24      Eastern Cape       20         20         28        36
Free State         9           9           9           9   Free State         10          11        14        20
Gauteng           22           21         40       40      Gauteng            9           11         9        33
KwaZulu-Natal     14           17         37       39      KwaZulu-Natal      30         32         23        35
Limpopo           15           13         23       23      Limpopo            31         35         29        39
Mpumalanga        16           16         21       21      Mpumalanga         16         17         17        28
Northern Cape      6           6           8           8   Northern Cape      0           2         14        15
North West        13           10         18       18      North West         13         18         20        27
Western Cape      10           10         18       18      Western Cape       3           4         10        19
Total             129         127         198      200     Total             132         150        164      252

                DHA offices to increase strongly to improve access to services
                       Highly Confidential

DHA participation in Thusong Centres will also grow strongly over the
next five years
Analysis of Thusong centres                         Analysis of Thusong centres
(if no DOs and PSPs can be replaced                 (if no DOs and PSPs can be replaced with
with Thusong Centres)                               Thusong Centres)
                           Proposed # of Thusongs                               Proposed # of Thusongs

                Current # of Ths                                    Current # of Ths
                                      CY 2012                                              CY 2012
Province            CY 2008                         Province            CY 2008
                                      FY 12/13                                             FY 12/13
                   FY 08/09                                            FY 08/09

Eastern Cape          12                 17         Eastern Cape           7                  29

Free State            10                 14         Free State             7                  24

Gauteng               29                 32         Gauteng               36                  61

KwaZulu-Natal          9                 29         KwaZulu-Natal         15                  38

Limpopo                4                 28         Limpopo               17                  32

Mpumalanga             4                 32         Mpumalanga            14                  36

Northern Cape          4                 8          Northern Cape          7                  12

North West             7                 15         North West            11                  21

Western Cape           7                 16         Western Cape          18                  23

Total                 86                191         Total                 132                 276

        Presence at Thusong Centres will also increase accessibility to DHA services
                                Highly Confidential

Total DHA footprint numbers increase strongly

Overview of proposed footprint, April 2008


                                                          DHA current footprint            CY 2008    CY 2010          CY 2012
 Type of service point
                                                              (April 2008)                 FY 08/09   FY 10/11         FY 12/13

 Regional office (RO)                                                 41                     43         43                43

 District office (DO)                                                129                     127        198              200

 Permanent Service Point (PSP)                                       132                     150        164              252

 1) DHA permanent locations                                          312                     320        405              495

 2a) Thusongs (if all DOs and PSPs can be                             86                     127        146              191

 2b) Thusongs (if no DOs and PSPs can be                             132                     185        217              276

 1+2a) Total best case                                               398                     447        551              686

 1+2b) Total worst case                                              444                     505        622              771

                          Increase in the footprint to be significantly higher compared to the initial recommendations of 575 in
                                                                      December 2007(1)
Notes:   (1) Based on 43 ROs and a combined 532 tier 2 of f ices (DOs + PSPS + Thusongs)                                           13
                                  Highly Confidential                                                                                            Channels


           DHA present in 101 hospitals                                               Actual births taking place in hospitals

 The total number of Births registered in hospitals is                     We have only received data for FY02/03 from Dept of Health
  around 130,000 per year                                                   Data shows:
 80% of that volume is reached with 32 hospitals                            • 621,391 births took place in 2,212 hospitals & clinics
  (with the bottom one in that group at ~ 1,100)
                                                                             • 80% of that volume took place in 229 hospitals, however
 All the other hospitals take in much lower numbers,                           within that group only 24 hospitals had more than 4,000
  which comes down to less than 5 birth registrations                           births per year
  per working day!
                                                                            Immunization volumes are even more scattered across the
 Numbers for Death registrations are fairly low as                          clinics; 817,700 1st Hep B took place in 4,008 clinics, with 80%
  well, totaling 61,140 with the highest score ~ 5,200                       of that in 1,609 clinics and only 1 clinic above 4,000 per year

 Given the low numbers of registrations in the hospitals, a permanent presence to be established in 30 hospitals
  selected based on volume and location also considering new data (2007) from Department of Health
 Approach in process of being developed with Department of Health to improve registration of births in remaining
  hospitals and clinics
 Communication and awareness to be increased in all hospitals and clinics

Notes:   (1) Currently, only children under age 1 are registered in hospitals. The registration service should be expanded to chil dren up to age 15 as
         research shows many children are entered into hospital f or malnutrition which correlates with a parent/caretaker not getting a grant f or a child
         and a child not being registered                                                                                                                   14
                      Highly Confidential

 Number of Hospitals by province with highest birth registrations in

                Current approved      Hospitals validated during      •   The number of births registered at
                    footprint        Provincial Visits (April 2008)       Hospital Service Points remain
                                                                          very low
Eastern Cape           7                          10                  •   Improvements to ensure:
                                                                            • Dedicated DHA staff to
Free State            13                          21                             render the services at the
                                                                                 Hospital Service Points
Gauteng               25                          22                        • Connectivity to NPR
                                                                            • Data monitoring and analysis
KwaZulu-Natal          9                          11
                                                                            • Improve signage,
                                                                                 accessibility, etc. for DHA
Limpopo               18                          21                             services

Mpumalanga            10                          15

                                                                      •   Final analysis to include 2007 data
Northern Cape          8                          10
                                                                          received from the Department of
North West             5                          11

Western Cape           6                          16

Total                 101                         137

                     Highly Confidential

Projects with Special Focus on Birth Registration, Issuance of ID
Documents and Accessibility to Offices and Information

 B/M/D Redesign

 Later Registration of Birth Process

 ID Transformation Process

 Mobile Unit

 Footprint optimisation

 ID urself Campaign

                      Highly Confidential

Importance of a Birth Certificate

 A Birth Certificate is a base document for all other DHA services to Citizens

 Other Departments use it as a means of status verification eg.
   • Social Development for issuance of grants (until recently)

 Clients use it to exercise their constitutional rights in particular children to exercise their rights
   • Admission to schools and access to government services

 Citizens benefit form Government programme such as push back frontiers of poverty, access
  health facilities,child headed families

 Free Basic Services,

 To apply for an Identity Document

   Highly Confidential

National Population Register

                    Highly Confidential

Purpose of the National Population Register …

           Identity Number                Registration

          Name and Surname
           Residential Status
             Marital Status
           Birth Information
              Citizenship                                                          ID Book
          Death Information                Register
         Passport Information                                              Passport
             Control Flags                                               issuing

       Immigration Information
        Fingerprint Information
         Archive Information               Certificates

                     Highly Confidential

 Abridged certificates

   • Issued on the spot
   • First issue is free
   • Re-issue costs eleven rand

  Contains the following information:
   • ID number
   • Client/applicant’s surname and first names
   • Date of birth
   • Sex / Gender
   • Country of birth
   • Date issued
   • Information of the official who issued the certificate

                       Highly Confidential

Unabridged certificates

  • Takes 6-8 weeks
  • Costs fifty five rand
  • Needs system modification to include particulars of the parents

 Contains the following information:
  • ID number
  • Client/applicant’s surname and first names
  • Date of birth
  • Sex / Gender
  • Country of birth
  Particulars of the father
  Particulars of the mother
  • Date issued
  • Information of the official who issued the certificate
  NB Decentralisation process to begin this year (systems testing done)
                      Highly Confidential


Vault Copy

  • Takes 6-8 weeks
  • Cost fifty five rand
  • Make a note on the system (date issued and posted)

 Contains the following information:

  - Certified copy of the original birth register

               Highly Confidential

Trends in Annual Birth Registrations

   Highly Confidential

       Programme for

Late Registration of Birth

         Highly Confidential


The registration of birth of individuals of 15
               years and older

              Highly Confidential


 Applicable when applicant who is 15 years and older
  does not have an ID number and the birth was never

 Applicable situations
 • Applicant is born in RSA and application for LRB is submitted in
   the RSA
 • Applicant is born abroad, and notice of birth is given at a DHA
   office in RSA
 • Applicant is born abroad, and notice is given at a South African
   Embassy , Consulate or High Commissioner

                                 Highly Confidential

Late registration of birth is meant to support older citizens to be
recognized as South Africans, yet 89% of applicants are below age 30

Percentage of Late registration of birth applicants per age group (FY2006/2007)

                                         Group raising


                                            Part of this volume are children never
                                             registered at birth turning 15, having
                                                    a legitimate need for late

Note:     Conclusions validated by separate sample analysis done on 14 August 2007: out of 2,091 applications, 92% were aged between ages 15 - 30
Source:   IT Reporting report f rom NPR based on date of birth data f rom ID#                                                                     27
                   Highly Confidential

                RISKS IN LRB PROCESS
  • Fraudulent supporting documents
  • Non-enforcement of policies
  • Lack of resource capacity constraining implementation
    of policies
  • Lack of management reports
  • Limited control & policies
  • Lack of standardized process
  • Presence of corruption / fraud loopholes

Establishing a consistent policy, enforcement thereof and adequate resourcing are key
 to protect the integrity of the National Population Register

                   Highly Confidential

  • Delinking the ID application process from late
    registration of birth
  • Introducing new governance structures, such as
    Regional Screening Committees and Provincial
  • Requiring the client to submit verifiable information
    instead of certificates and transcripts from priest,
    schools, etc.
  • New Regulations promulgated
  • New forms and affidavits developed
Establishing a consistent policy, enforcement thereof and adequate resourcing are key
 to protect the integrity of the National Population Register

                        Highly Confidential                                     Late Registration of Birth

Training of officials across the country in new LRB procedures reached
out to 1700 officials 2008

Training rollout of LRB
  Approach                                      Training statistics per province

   Train-the-trainer approach
   Training session conducted for HRD                              GAUTENG:
    trainers from Head Office and trainers                             394
    from Provincial offices on 3rd March                                                 z
   Training rollout plans prepared by the                                              MP:
                                                                 NORTH WEST:
    trainers                                                                           177
   Training started in all provinces from 10
                                                                      FREE STATE:
    March and was completed by 29 March                                                  KZN:
                                                                             161         180
   Other stakeholders trained:                       NORTHERN
        Call centre agents (20 delegates)                85
        Population Register section (18                            EASTERN CAPE:
         delegates)                                                       177
                                                WESTERN CAPE:
        Officials to be sent to Foreign            119
         Missions (20 delegates)

  Highly Confidential

Green Barcoded Identity

                     Highly Confidential

Importance of Identity Documents

 Affirms identity and citizenship

 Enables access to life opportunities

 Used as an enabling document to participate in Government strategy to fight unemployment
  and poverty

 Access to Government Services

 Access to private enterprise

 Exercising your franchise

                     Highly Confidential

Initiatives to improve access to Identity Documents

 Mobile Unit Optimisation

 Improved ID Processes & Turnaround Times

 New Late Registration of Birth Process

 ID Urself Grade 12 Learners ID Campaign

 Launches in 4 Provinces, Major Launch took place in Western Cape & 4 Road Shows (NW,
  EC, Limpopo, KZN)


 The time for issuing an ID book has improved from over 120 days to an
 average of 60 days as end the end of June
       Main Process Steps in issuing an ID book
        1                            2                           3                         4
                                                                     Issuing of ID book
            Receive Application at       Transport Application          (BVR Central           Transport ID book to
               Outside Office                  to BVR                   Processing in             Outside Office

        2007 Average and Target Average
      turnaround time of issuing an ID book                                               Key Points
             120+                                                      At the end of 2007 it took over 120 days
                                       60+ day                          on average to issue an ID book
                                     improvement                       The target is to issue an ID book with an
                                                                        average time of 60 days by the end of
                                           60                           2008 – this has been achieved by the end
                                                                        of June
                                                                       The 4 main process steps are
                                                                             Application received at outside
                                                                                office and then dispatched to BVR
                                                                             Transport of application to BVR
                                                                             Issuing of ID book at BVR
                                                                             Transport of ID book to outside
   Previous average days       Average end of June 2008
        end of 2007

 As at the end of July, the time has been improved from an average 120
 days down to 47 days, an improvement of 73 days

                            Average turnaround time of issuing an ID book

                        120+ days

                                       87 days

    Target of 60 days
     by end of 2008                                 58 days

                                                                  47 days

                        Previous       Average       Average     Average
                        average         end of        end of     24 July
                        days end         May          June
                         of 2007

            Highly Confidential

  Statistics Grade 12 and 16 year old learners ID Campaign –
                       Jan ’08 to July ‘08
              No Schools          Applications   IDs Issued
              Visited             Received
Gauteng       235                 12867          11669
Limpopo       89                  27443          27443
E. C.         473                 8874           8874
W. C.         169                 7447           7447
KZN           380                 5650           5650
F. S.         199                 6629           6629
N. C.         101                 2811           2466
N. W.         52                  7916           7813
Mpumalang     224                 4286           4286
Total         1922                83923          82277
        Highly Confidential

Accessibility of Offices & Information

                     Highly Confidential

Accessibility of Offices & Information

 School Visits

 Braile (Information Brochure)
  • In 2007 the Department translated public information documents into brail for visually
    impaired persons, and handed them over on 5 December 2007 to the South African
    Council for the Blind at Itereleng Workshop for the Blind in Ga-Rankuwa

 Queue Management at Offices

 Deployment Optimisation of Mobile Units

 Contact Centre (40% people survey)
  • The Department conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2007, and 40% of the
    people indicated that they visit Home Affairs offices to gather information
  • As part of the Quick Wins in the Turnaround programme, the Department rolled out a
    Track & Trace system as well as a client Contact Centre to improve service delivery. The
    Customer Service Centre comprises of an outsourced first line call centre and in-house
    second line case resolution units and has been fully operational as from 23 November

                              Highly Confidential                                     Small District Office
            Sit-down counters
                                                                    Access Ramps at entrance
                                                                                               Disabled toilet facilities

           Model office designs adapted to the needs of the disabled, the elderly and
                                      vulnerable citizens
Ref erence: DHA model of f ice designs for standard service point types, version 2                                          39
                          Highly Confidential                                             Birth Network Expansion

ID Yourselves Campaign
Overview of ID yourselves Campaign
  This campaign was an initiative of DHA with a few stakeholders.
         SABC { Providing the platform for information distribution}
         IEC    { Encouraging young people to register and to vote}
         NYC { Mobilise the young people to ID themselves}
         DoE { Provide letters to all education office to allow entrance to schools}

  The total campaign was aimed at encouraging young people to ID themselves at the age of 16.
         Emphasis on the importance of obtaining an ID document at an early age.
         Circulate Pamphlets and handouts to schools
         Presentations on TV programs targeting the youth
         All 9 Local radio stations used to share information on a weekly basis
         Targeted 100 000 young people registered, we are at 82277 this will continue.

Notes:                                                                                                         40
              Highly Confidential

•Home Affairs is obliged to provide information to everyone
on services it provides
•Campaigns and imbizo’s are used to provide information
•Website is also another mechanism used to access
•TV and radio is used to give information in different
•Home Affairs established a unit that deals with issues of
the designated groups and children, and appointed a
person with disability as a focal point, dealing with disability
•In the process of engaging the experts dealing with issues
of accommodation as per the Integrated National Disability
Strategy requirements
              Highly Confidential




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