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Free Calligraphy Certificate Templates by adc19524

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Free Calligraphy Certificate Templates document sample

More Info
									The Society for Calligraphy, Southern California
 presents the third Annual Members’ Conference

                        friday through monday

             February 15 – 18, 2008
                                  Kellogg West
                   Conference Center and Lodge
                           Pomona, California
                                                                     •   Help with registration on Friday morning
                                                                     •   Welcome activities and services
                                                                     •   Name cards, maps, signage
                                                                     •   Exhibits
                                                                     •   Assistance at Pen & Ink Arts store
                                                                            setting up
                                                                            packing up
                                                                            manning desk for breaks
                                                               Contact Linda Renner if you would like to volunteer.
                                                      or 562-433-7771
For more information or questions contact Carrie Imai:         Paper & Ink Arts or call 818-713-1754                  Brenda Broadbent will be there all day Friday - Sunday
or DeAnn Singh:
                                                               with a variety of supplies for purchase. Closed Monday.
                                                               You can pre-order your supplies at
You must be a member of the Society for Calligraphy to
attend workshops and attend as a full participant of this                      SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
conference. (Evening programs will be free and open to
the public.)                                                                 All announcements will be at 7    PM
                                                                                    in the dining room
•   Two double beds
                                                                     • Paper & Ink Arts Store       9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
•   In-room coffee makers with premium coffee
                                                                     • Check-in for conference      9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
•   Irons, small fridge
                                                                     • Lunch & Welcome              12 NOON - 1:00 PM
•   Hair dryers
                                                                     • Classes in afternoon         1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
•   Complimentary high-speed wireless internet
                                                                     • Dinner Buffet                6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    in all rooms
                                                                     • Social Time/Mini-Classes     7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
•   Private balconies or patios
•   Pool, spa, fitness room
•   Complimentary Parking
                                                                     • Paper & Ink Arts Store       9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
•   Hotel environment - not college dorm rooms
                                                                     • Breakfast Buffet             7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
                                                                     • Classes all day              9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                                                     • Lunch Buffet                 12 NOON - 1:30 PM
• All meals will be Buffet                                           • Dinner Buffet                6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
• Refreshment breaks throughout the day                              • Mini-Classes                 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  (including fruit, pastries and best of all, chocolate)
MINI-CLASSES                                                         • Paper & Ink Arts Store       9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Mini-classes will be announced soon. $20 per 2 hour                  • Breakfast                    7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
class. Classes will require pre-registration as they fill            • Classes                      9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
very quickly.                                                        • Lunch                        12 NOON - 1:30 PM
                                                                     • Dinner                       6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
CLASSROOMS                                                           • Class walk-throughs          8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
                                                                     • Evening Market               8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
• 24-hour access to climate-controlled classrooms,
  lumbar support chairs.
• Small classes - less than 12 students.
                                                                     • Check-out of bedrooms before going to class
• Large windows in most classrooms providing
                                                                     • Paper & Ink Arts Store  CLOSED
  scenic views.
                                                                     • Breakfast               7:30 PM - 9:00 AM
• All classrooms, programs and guest rooms in VERY
                                                                     • Classes                 9:00 AM - 12 NOON
  close proximity.

                                                            page 1
                          INSTRUCTORS AND CLASSES

                                                            1. pointed pen magic
                                          In this class we will be work-
                                          ing with the versatility of the
                                          pointed pen starting with a tra-
                                          ditional Copperplate, then tak-
                                          ing a more contemporary
                                          approach. We will also be
                                          looking at many typefaces
                                          and stylizing from them.
    Barbara Close                         Students will learn what this
Barbara has been a freelance callig-
rapher, graphic designer, instructor
                                          marvelous tool can do for
for many years. Her studio is in Santa    them in a non-threatening
Ana, California where she is currently    way. Some previous experi-
teaching a series of calligraphy class-
es as a certificate program which she     ence with Copperplate helps,
designed herself. She thoroughly          but is not required. Join in the
enjoys her creative passion and the
exhilaration of discovery in playful
                                          fun and see what can be done
experimentations with paints, col-        with the pointed pen.
lages, lettering and other mixed
media. Barb can be reached at and website:

                                                    2. contemporary decorated
                                                            letter quest
                                          Whether simple or elaborate, a decorated letter
                                          can act as an illustration for your text, set the
                                          stage and prepare the reader, or inform us of
                                          your views and feelings.
                                          How much can one letter convey? Which styles
                                          of decorated letters delight your eye? Do you pre-
                                          fer a sophisticated, lyrical, wild, weird, or
                                          whimsical approach? You will come away
   nancy culmone
Nancy has been doing art work all her
life with crayons, inks, paints, pens,    from this workshop with a multitude of choic-
wax, and paste. She focused on cal-
ligraphy after graduating from The
                                          es and approaches.
Cooper Union College of Art, and
teaches it as a language of creative
                                          We will create letter pictures in the venera-
expression at museums, colleges,          ble tradition of the decorated letter using
and calligraphy conferences in the        today's techniques and materials, with your
U.S.A., Canada and Europe. Her
work is widely published and exhibit-     unique vision. Through a series of struc-
ed, nationally and internationally. A     tured exercises and assignments, you will create letters that require obses-
major focus of Nancy’s work is unique
manuscript books which are held in
                                          sive detailing, formal patterns, abstract design,or quixotic scribbles.
major public and private collections.     Demonstrations, examples, and slides designed to ignite your imagination
                                          are part of this workshop.
                                                             page 2
                                                      3. from formal to funky:
                                                    italic variations with a twist

                                           Take your calligraphy to
                                           the next level! If your
                                           italic is passable, but
                                           lacking in oomph, this
                                           is the class for you!
                                           We'll analyze the letter-
                                           ing of top calligraphers,
                                           and what makes it so
 melissa dinwiddie
Melissa Dinwiddie started making art
and letters in 1995 as a way to pro-       vibrant and exciting.
crastinate from what she was sup-          Then, through a variety
posed to be doing at the time. It didn’t
take her long to realize that she was
                                           of exercises, you'll
meant to be an artist all along.           inject your own letters
Teaching credits include Writing           with more verve and
Beyond Words, and workshops for
calligraphy & book arts guilds around      vivacity.     We'll use
the country. She has a successful line     varying pressure, and
of ketubah (Jewish marriage contract)
prints, with matching invitations. Her
                                           we'll twist up a storm, to
artwork has been exhibited and col-        make letters both ele-
lected internationally, and can be         gant and extreme, and
                                           everything in between.
seen in several publications, including
Letter Arts Review. Melissa lives and
works in Mountain View, California,
and when she’s not making art she
can be found pursuing her “night job”
as a professional jazz singer.

                                            4. going gothic in the year of the rat
                                           February 2008 marks the
                                           Chinese New Year of the Rat.
                                           In Chinese culture, the rat is
                                           revered for its cleverness,
                                           quick wits, natural charm, and
                                           excellent taste. That sounds
                                           much like the qualities of tight,
                                           well-spaced Gothic writing!
    ward dunham                            This class is for students at any level with calligraphy, but will be especial-
Ward Dunham is one of our California
                                           ly useful for those that want an immersion into the world of gutsy Gothic (or
homeboy masters. He lives and              Blackletter) alphabets. Find out how to do it right — with confidence,
works in San Francisco, and has            audacity and authenticity. Ward will divulge some of the secrets of good
                                           blackletter writing, specifically Textura from the “High Gothic” period (12th
been a student of calligraphy for more
than 40 years. He has studied, exhib-
ited and taught internationally. While     to 14th centuries). You will learn everything you need to know to master
he loves all calligraphic hands, he is     this alphabet (and from there, all you’ll have to do is practice). In the lat-
especially fond of the blackletter
hands, gothic images, and the history      ter part of the class, we will break free and have fun with Majuscules, going
of the late middle ages. He is also        Gothic by punctuating the rhythmic Textura writing with expressive, even
fond of graceful, practical calligraphy
tools, fountain pens, and sharp
                                           wildly outrageous Caps.
                                                                        page 3
                                                      5. a fear-free hand-lettered
                                                               fabric book
                                           Color, Canvas, Letters on
                                           Fabric... no sewing or fab-
                                           ric knowledge required!
                                           Stamp, Stencil, spray and
                                           play your way through this
                                           workshop! Painting on
                                           fabric; old brushes, new
  lisa engelbrecht                         pens; colors that work – or
Lisa is a lettering and multi-media        not; wash techniques,
artist and instructor, specializing in
lettering on fabric, experimental let-
                                           alternative tools; T-shirt
tering and the creative process. She       puffy paint? no way! yes
has been on the faculty of six interna-    way! Everyone can do
tional lettering conferences and
teaches nationwide. She is interested      this, bravery and fearless-
in classical letterforms and also alter-   ness is the only require-
native surfaces for lettering and cur-
rent street influences on modern cal-
                                           ment. Patch it all together! Sew or glue
ligraphy. Her work is featured in many     – your choice. Add beads, wire,
art and quilting arts magazines. Lisa      charms, photos if you will. Stitch on top
is also a freelance lettering artist for
American Greetings. AND she is the         of it all by hand or machine... if I can do
author of the upcoming book in the         fabric you can too. Share, laugh, col-
Spring of 2008 from Rockport               laborate, conspire!! Leave your pre-
Publishing, Modern Mark Making,
from Classic Calligraphy to Hip Hand       conceptions about fabric, letters and finished pieces at the door. Liquid
Lettering. Her classes are fast, fun       acrylic inks, oil pastels, metallic bars and stencils, shiny letters, gold and
and totally stress free! E-mail Lisa at & visit her
                                           sparkly, raw edges... join me!
website at

                                                           6. luscious letters and
                                                              marvelous marks

                                           In creating calligraphic art, starting is the
                                           hardest part. This class is a creativity
                                           jump start to get your ideas and emotions
                                           down on paper. Using our chosen texts
                                           as a starting point, we will explore a vari-
                                           ety of techniques to create interesting
                                           and exciting backgrounds that convey
                                           the mood of the text. We will then play
       carrie imai
Carrie has been teaching calligraphy
and related subjects for over 20
                                           with familiar letterforms using simple
years. She has a free-lance calligra-      exercises to learn how to “tweak” them to
phy and graphic arts business, and         produce new letters to match our moods
has worked as a calligrapher for Los
Angeles County. She has taught at          and marks. This class will free up that
international calligraphy conferences,     inner creativity that lives in all of us.
the Brandes Art Institute, Hughes
Aircraft, RAND Corporation, guilds in
Chicago, New Orleans, Minnesota,
Houston, Sarasota, Indianapolis,
Canada and various California guilds.
                                                               page 4
                                                        7. hard cover book
                                                     with a piano hinge binding

                                          If you have never made a book in your
                                          life and thought you never could, this
                                          class will prove to you that you can.
                                          We will make a hard-cover book with
                                          a Piano Hinge Spine. The unusual
                                          structure is based on a design by Joe
                                          D'Ambrosio. The cover construction
           dick pio                       allows great flexibility in color and
 Dick Pio has been involved with the
                                          materials. A syllabus summarizing
SfC for over 18 years. He has served      project details will be provided so that
on the board in several different posi-   you can produce the book at home
tions including Treasurer. He taught
bookbinding in the Calligraphy            with variations as desired. We will use
Certificate program at California         templates and a special jig to speed
State University, Long Beach for nine     construction. The required board pieces for the cover will be precut. There
years. He has taught at conferences
and has taught many book classes          will be a lot of personal attention so that a successful project will be
for the SfC and Regional Groups of        assured.
the Society and is always admired for
his books and his teaching skills.        The class is open to all levels of experience. You will be amazed at what
                                          you can create with your own hands.

                                                   8. the most fun you can have
                                                           with a brush
                                          The most fun to be had
                                          with a brush comes
                                          from having the control
                                          to make it do whatever
                                          you desire. This class is
                                          devoted to gaining that
                                          power. The objective
                                          here is to focus on the
                                          world of possibilities presented to
                                          the calligrapher when the concept
        carl rohrs
Carl Rohrs has been a freelance let-
tering artist and signpainter in Santa    of manipulating the brush (or pen)
Cruz, CA for more than 25 years.          to control stroke thickness is
He's been teaching lettering and          understood. We'll go from thick &
graphic design at Cabrillo College
since 1984 and workshops for unsus-       thin to thick & thicker and back
pecting calligraphy societies around      again, stopping anywhere along
the country and in Canada & Europe
for what seems like a long time, too,
                                          that path we care to. You will see
and has managed to keep the splash-       that the concept works with any
ing of ink on students to a minimum.      style of calligraphy, enabling you to give
                                          your work endless modern variety.

                                                              page 5
                                                               9. uncialicious
                                         So you think uncial is
                                         stodgy, old and limited?
                                         Oh, see the light! It’s
                                         been around for thou-
                                         sands of years, but
                                         there are many beautiful
                                         qualities and character-
                                         istics of the uncial hand
      jane shibata                       that can be utilized and
Jane Shibata is an adjunct instruc-
                                         moved into the 21st
tor in art and design at Santa           century. First we will
Monica College and runs an inde-         start with the founda-
pendent design business, special-        tions of uncial. Then we
izing in the lettering arts, in Los
Angeles, California. She recently        will analyze and modify the uncial alpha-
ended a four-year stint as a callig-     bet to adapt it to contemporary uses. The
rapher in the City Clerk Creative        simplicity of this hand will capture your
Services division for the City of Los
                                         attention. For all levels.

                                                     10. monoline letters and
                                                          watercolor fun
                                         We will be starting with a good
                                         foundation of lowercase and upper-
                                         case letters. Then I will show you
                                         how to modify these letters for
                                         many different purposes, from
                                         monoline italic handwriting to very
                                         modern capitals. I want you to be
                                         able to find your own “thing” so it’s
                                         completely unique to you. We will
                                         use watercolor to embellish the let-
                                         ters and create illustrations to go
                                         with the lettering (no art experience
      dEann singh
DeAnn has been a full time teacher       necessary). We will learn many dif-
for 26 years. She has been a callig-
rapher for the County of Los             ferent background textures, illustra-
Angeles Supervisors. You can see         tion techniques including leaf prints
her work in “ Charmed,” “Buffy the       and mono prints. Believe me you
Vampire Killer,” “ King of California”
                                         will come up with things you never
and “National Treasure 2, Book of
Secrets.”                                dreamed that you could accom-
                                         plish. We will also use watercolor pencils to enhance the illustrations and
                                         watercolor techniques. We will work with watercolor paper, watercolor can-
                                         vas, papyrus and other interesting papers. We will keep these all together
                                         in a sketchbook to keep a record of your ideas and experiments.

                                                           page 6
                               GENERAL INFORMATION
You MUST be an SfC member to attend            bar support chair for everyone. There will be 24-hour access
the conference as a participant. Non-par-      to classrooms. Locked when needed.
ticipants don’t need to be members. If you
aren’t a member, you can join by sending
a membership form and $42 along with
                                               Teaching Staff and Classes

                                                • Barbara Close: “Pointed Pen Magic”
registration fee (check made payable to         • Nancy Culmone: “Contemporary Decorated Letter Quest”
SfC) to Carol Hicks, 23435 Community            • Melissa Dinwiddie: “From Formal to Funky:
Street, West Hills, CA 91304. You can                    Italic Variations with a Twist”
download the membership form on our             • Ward Dunham: “Going Gothic in the Year of the Rat”
website at        • Lisa Engelbrecht: “A Fear-Free Hand-Lettered Fabric Book”
Conference Dates                                • Carrie Imai: “Luscious Letters and Marvelous Marks”
Friday thru Monday, February 15-18, 2008        • Dick Pio: “Hard Cover Book with a Piano Hinge Binding”
This is President’s Day weekend.                • Carl Rohrs: “The Most Fun You Can Have With a Brush”
                                                • Jane Shibata: “Uncialicious”
Conference Check-In will start at 9 AM on       • DeAnn Singh: “Monoline Letters and Watercolor Fun”
Friday, February 15, downstairs at the
Conference Desk.                               All meals will be buffet. You will find the food and desserts
                                               wonderful (and we do mean wonderful). Meal cards will be
Hotel Check-In is at 3 PM on Friday,
                                               provided by Kellogg and they must be presented at the din-
February 15. Bags may be stored in the
                                               ing room door for each meal.
lobby before check-in times. Baggage
                                                       No meal card – no meal – no exceptions.
handlers will help bring your bags to your
room for a flat fee of $3 per trip.            Mini-classes will be $20 for 2-hour classes. You MUST sign-
                                               up prior to class.
Class Schedule:
Friday, 1-5 PM; Saturday, 9-5 PM; Sunday,      Special Exhibitors: Ward Dunham & Linnea Lindquist and
9-5 PM; Monday 9 AM-12 NOON.                   Nick & Nancy Olmos-Lau will be selling their unique pens.
Participants WELCOME Lunch                     Scribe Store: We will once again have our “Scribe Store”
We will begin this year’s conference with a    selling items from our members and teachers.
Welcome lunch in the dining room at noon
Friday, February 15th. Classes will begin      Teachers and participant exhibit.         Start preparing your
at 1 PM. Teachers will have an orientation     exhibit piece for display.
at 11 AM in the dining room. Attendees can     Silent auction and raffles.
put their things into classrooms between 9
AM and 1 PM.                                   Evening Market: Teachers will be selling and signing their
                                               artwork and products.
Classrooms are well-lit, many with large
windows. One table per person and a lum-

                           For more information you can contact:
      Conference Director:       DeAnn Singh 
                  Faculty:       Carrie Imai          818-713-1754
             Registration:       Carol Hicks              818-340-4488
                   Facility:     Barbara Close                  714-522-3084
                  Exhibits:      Lisa Engelbrecht       562-598-5168
             Scribe Store:       Ellen Greenberg              310-476-8470
       More information:         Our website 

                                                    page 7
              R E G I S T R AT IO N A N D F E E I N F OR M AT IO N
FINANCIAL INFORMATION                                                                 sonal checks will be cashed immediately. Kellogg must
This year there will once again be two separate payments                              receive the check by Jan. 23, 2008 to clear before the reg-
– (1) to Kellogg West for housing, classrooms and meals                               istration deadline. You need to have both Kellogg and SfC
and (2) to SfC for class registration. You must register                              reservations to keep your class priority number. Make
with both to get your class priority number.                                          checks payable to: Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Mail
                                                                                      your check to:
STEP 1 of 2:                                                                                   Kellogg West Conference Center
KELLOGG WEST REGISTRATION                                                                      Society for Calligraphy Conference
You must call Kellogg West to reserve your room (phone                                         3801 West Temple Avenue, Bldg. 76
reservations only, no letters or on-line registration). You                                    Pomona, CA 91768
MUST identify yourself as Society for Calligraphy                                     No registration form needs to be sent to Kellogg.
member or use Reservation Code #63857. A confirma-
tion number will be given to each caller. An email address                            STEP 2 of 2:
will be requested so Kellogg can email a confirmation num-                            SfC RESERVATION FOR CLASS TUITION
ber. ALL information will be given over the phone when                                You can hold your place by sending your $50 deposit. The
you register.                                                                         balance of $150 will be due no later than December 31,
                                                                                      2007 ($25 of which is non-refundable) OR you may send
                                                                                      the full $200. Fill out SfC Registration form on the next
You MUST have established a roommate before calling
                                                                                      page and mail it with your check (made payable to SfC) to
Kellogg. If you need help finding a roommate, email or call
                                                                                      Carol Hicks. We will make every effort to give you your first
Carol Hicks at or 818-340-4488 for
                                                                                      class choice. Class priority numbers will be given when you
a list of participants.
                                                                                      have completed both registrations. Your class selection
Conference Special Rates                                                              priority number cannot be held unless you make your
To get the special conference rate, you MUST identify                                 Kellogg reservation.
yourself as a Society for Calligraphy member or use
                                                                                             Carol Hicks
Reservation Code #63857 when booking your reserva-
                                                                                             23435 Community Street
tion. If you will be coming early or staying extra days, you
                                                                                             West Hills, CA 91304
can make the arrangements at that time. Registration for
Kellogg COMPLETE MEETING PACKAGE will include hotel room
with double beds, small fridge and coffee machine in each
room, meals and snacks, hair dryer, amenity supplies and
                                                                                      Schedule of Cancellations and Refunds
use of the classrooms, auditorium, pool and fitness room,
and all other accommodations.                                                         •   KELLOGG WEST – Cancellation requests
                                                                                          received before January 15, 2008 will be totally
            1-800-KWEST 76 (1-800-593-7876)                                               refunded. No refunds for cancellations after
                  or 1-909-869-2222                                                       January 15, 2008. Refunds for a check payment can
             (Front desk will take your reservations).                                    take up to 4-6 weeks.
                                                                                      •   SfC – Cancellation requests received before
                                                                                          December 15, 2007 will be totally refunded minus
                                                                                          $25. After December 15, 2007 total refund minus
Commuter (includes classes, use of facility, lunches)......$277.00                        $50. No refunds for cancellations after
Non-participant .......................................................$342.00            January 15, 2008.
(includes housing, use of facility, meals, no classes)

Form of Payment
                                                                                          PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST CANCEL AT BOTH

You may give Kellogg West a credit card number for your
                                                                                                  KELLOGG WEST AND SFC.

reservation or send them a check in the mail. You must                                MATERIAL FEES
make your reservation over the phone, even if you are                                 Some classes will require small material fees to to be paid
sending a check. The credit card won’t be billed until you                            directly to the instructor. These will be included with your
check-out from Kellogg. Note: Commuters will need to pro-                             materials list.
vide a fax number to receive an authorization form if pay-
ing by credit card. If you choose to send a check, all per-                           *** Please photocopy all forms before mailing ***

                                                                               page 8

Name _________________________________________Kellogg Confirmation No. ________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________

City / State / Zip _______________________________________________________________________

Home Phone _______________________________Cell Phone _________________________________

Email _______________________________________________________________________________

Name you would like on Name Badge: ___________________________________________________

Emergency name and phone number ______________________________________________________

       IMPORTANT: Please fill out all information for our information and files
       J Single Room (includes housing, use of facility, classes, meals)
       J Commuter (includes classes, use of facility, lunches)
       J Double Room (includes housing with a roommate, use of facility, classes, meals)
       J Non-Participant/Spouse (includes housing, use of facility, meals, no classes)

       Roommate’s Name__________________________________________________
              You are responsible to find your own roommate. PLEASE LIST ROOMMATE ABOVE.
     If you need a list of participants, please email Carol at or call 818-340-4488


 First Choice         Class #_______            Instructor ________________________________________

 Second Choice        Class #_______            Instructor ________________________________________

 Third Choice         Class #_______            Instructor ________________________________________

     J Deposit $50 ($25 non-refundable)              J Payment in Full $200 ($25 non-refundable)
       (BALANCE DUE NO LATER THAN DEC 31, 2007)             ($50 NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER DECEMBER 15, 2007,
                                                             NO REFUNDS AFTER JANUARY 15, 2008)
     J $42 SfC Membership Dues
       (download form at

                     Please make check payable to: Society for Calligraphy
    Mail your form and check to: Carol Hicks, 23435 Community Street, West Hills, CA 91304

                                                          page 9

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