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                TO:                           Quang Nguyen, Esq.

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                 FROM;                        Jennifer Stuart for Janice M. Therio

                 DATE:                        May 19,2010

                 PAGES SENT:                  I O (including cover sheet)

                 SUBJECT:                     Case No.: 2009-00548 atid Case No.: 2009-00549


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                                 Ziellre Law Firm PLLC

             May 19,2010

             vrpl FACSIMILE               5 02-564-7279
             AND OVERNIGHT MAIL                                               MAY 1. 9 2010
             Quang Nguyeii, Esq.                                          PUBLIC SERVICE
             Public Service Commission                                      COMMISSION
             21 1 Sower Blvd.
             Frankfort, Kentuclry 40602

             RE:    Case No. 2009-00549
                    Case No. 2009-00548

             Rear Mr. Nguym:

             Enclosed please find the Kentucky Cable Telecommunications Association's
             unopposed motions for extension of time to file response to the Commission Staffs
             data request. As you instructed, I have both faxed and sent by overnight mail these

             da-          /y7
             Janice M. Theriot

MAY-19-2010 WED 03:34 PM PZGP                                 FAX NO, 5025840422                     P, 03

                               COMMONWEALTH OF ISI3NTUCKJI


           The Kentucky Cable Telecoxnmunications Association (XCTA”) respectfully files this

    unopposed motion. far a brief extension of time to file its response to the Commission Staff’s

    data request. The SWf has infonned KCTA that it consents to this motion, which will not affect

    any other deadline in this proceeding.
           1.      On May 6, according to the Commission’s Web site, tlie Commission Staff filed a

   request for data from KCTA. Under         Commission’s proctsdural schedule, KCTA’s response

   to that data request is due today, Nay 19,2010,

           2.     KCTA’s counsel, however, never received th~: request and was unaware of its

   existence until this morning. KCTA is uncertain why tlGs ot curred. However, it may have been

   the result o f KCTA’s recent change in local counsel; As noied in docwents filed with the

   Commission on May 1 1 and 17, respectively, Frank F. Chuppe withdrew as KCTA counsel in

   this matter due to a conflict aid was recently replaced by Laurence J. Zidce.

           3.     KCTA counsel contacted RCTA officials thi:s morning to ascertain yliether the

   Commission Staff’s data request could be answered without seeking an extension. KCTA

   officials informed counsel that they did not have the answer:.;handy and that it could take several

   days to gather the necessary information.
MAY-19-2010 WED 03:34 PM PZGP                                 FAX NO, 5025840422                        P, 04

            4.     KCTA counsel contacted the Coinmission Sttiff mid relayed the above

    information. The Commission Staffin!ormed KCTA that it lhas no objection to an extension OrE

    the deadline until Monday, May 24,203 0, for KCTA to ansurer its data request.

            5.     KCTA therefore respectfully requests an exteizsion of dine to file its response to

    the Staffs data request, to and including May 24,201 0. The extension would not prejudice any

    party because it would not affect the broader procedural schtdule.

           WHERF,FORE, KCTA respecffilly moves for an exlension of t m to file its response to
    the Staff's data request.

                                                 Respecthlly submitted,

                                                 Gardner F. Gillespie
                                                 Dominic F. Perzlla
                                                 HOGAN LOVl3LLS US LLP
                                                 555 Thirteenth Street, N,W.
                                                 Washington, D C. 20004
                                                 (202) 637-5600
                                                 gardner.gillespi e@hoganlovells.com
                                                 d0minic.pcrellB @hogan1ovells.corn

                                                 1250 Meidingel*Tower
                                                 462 Soutli 4th Street
                                                 Louisville, KY 40202
                                                 Phone: (502) 319-4600

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                                     CERTIFICATE 0 ;

                   This is to certify that a true and correct copy o f the foregoing was served upon the
    following, by U.S. Mail, postage prepaid, on this the 19” day ofMay, 2010

    Deivlis G. Howard, I I                             Allyson K Sturgeon
    Lawrence W, Cook                                   Senior Coi porate Attoniey
    Paul D. A d m s                                    E.ON US l,LC
    Assistant Attorney General                         220 West: Main Street
    Office of the Attorney General Utility and Rate    Louisville, ICY 40202
    1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200
    Frankfort, KY 40601,-8204

    Kendrick R. Eggs                                   David F.Ebelini
    Stoll Keenon Ogden, PLLC                           Michael L Kurtz
    200 PNC Plaza                                      Boehm, Kiirtz & Lowry
    500 West Jefferson Street                          36 E, Seventh Street, Suite 1510
    Louisville, KY 40202                               Cincinnati, OH 45202

    David C.Brown                                      his G.Skidinore
    Stites & Harbison, PLLC                            415 West ‘h4ni.n Street
    1800 Providian Center                              Suite 2
    400 West Market Street                             Frddort, KY 40601
    Louisville, KY 40202

    Lisa Kilkelly                                      Carroll M, Redford, IU
    Eileen Ordover                                     Miller, Griffin & Mwks, PSC
    Legal Aid Society                                  271 W. Short St., Ste. 600
    416 W. M.cil.lammad Mi Blvd.                       Lexington. KY 40507
    Suite 300
    Louisville, KY 40202

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    Kathe&e K Yuilket                Carolyn Ir:l dley
    Yunker & Ymlcer, PLC             Vice President - Regulatory
    P.O. Box 21784                   TW Teleccr of Kentucky, LLC
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                                     Nashville, TN 37219

    Mathew R,Malone
    William 13, May, II
    Hurt, Cwosbie and May PLLC
    The Equus Building
    127 West Main Street
    Lexington, ICY 40507

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