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 Power 9 Pro Announces Online Workshops Led By Magic The
                Gathering™ Pro Tour Players

San Francisco, August 18, 2009 – Power 9 Pro, makers of the Dragon’s Egg
Tournament Bag and the N-Dexers CCG Tabbed Dividers, announced the first
ever series of live online workshops led by top Pro Tour players.

Participants in the online workshops will have the chance to discuss in-game
strategy, deck building, and the metagame with seasoned Pro Tour players. The
small workshop size will allow for in-depth discussion and Q+A periods. The
only requirement for participation is an Internet connection and phone or
computer speakers with a headset. All workshop participants will also receive
audio/video recordings of the live workshop.

The first workshop series begins September 15, and features Ben Lundquist as
the Pro instructor. Ben Lundquist's career history in Magic is formidable, making
him one of the top players in the world. With a reputation of innovation and a
cool-headed demeanor, Lundquist will be a great asset to the workshop series.

“A lot of players are like me; they want to get better and they want to win more,
but they are limited by time or access to serious playgroups. The workshops are
a great opportunity for players to get the personal attention and time of a pro
player focused on in-depth Magic discussions. I’m excited for players to have a
chance to improve their game,” says James DiPadua, founder of Power 9 Pro.

More information on the workshops, including a full schedule and topic
descriptions can be found at

Power 9 Pro is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of innovative solutions that
go beyond the box and sleeve to help CCG players play better and keep their
cards organized. Power 9 Pro distributes directly to retailers across the North