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                                            Our Lady of Mercy                  'ogo.jpg&&


                                             Catholic School
                           "Where everyone is welcomed and valued"







whole& school& Mass& this& morning& –& a& fitting& beginning& for& a& day& of& celebrations.&&
Students& enjoyed& their& hot& chip& and& icypole& lunch& and& the& funKfilled& games&

/& #"0,12"#& 34(3& 53*2"135& 6,--& 173& 8"& (33"12,19& 5$477-& 3707##76& 7#&
.#,2(%& (5& ,3& ,5& :476& '(%& 3707##76& (12& (& )*+,-& .#""& '(%& 71& .#,2(%;&&



                22 West Goderich Street Deloraine 7304 Phone 63 62 2323 Fax: 6362 3943
                  Email: olom@catholic.tas.edu.au Website: www.olom.tas.catholic.edu.au.




Welcome& to& Mrs& Cmanda& Maude& will& be& picking& up& the& classroom& component& of&
Ricki’s& teacher& aide& role.& & Cmanda& has& 2Q& years& experience& as& a& classroom& teacher.&&
Welcome& too& to& Ms& Susan& Crane& who& will& also& be& joining& our& staff& and& will& be&



Summer& uniform& may& be& worn& when& students& return& to& school& on& Monday.& & There&
are&still&a&number&of&students&without&hats.&&Hats&must&be& worn& when&students&are&



C& new& style& of& PE& pant& is& being& considered.& & Comments& are& being& invited& from&
in& the& front& foyer& of& the& school.& & Thoughts& can& be& expressed& to& members& of& the&










                        We are celebrating our

                             50th Anniversary.
                                        1961 - 2011
                      We are having a weekend of celebrations

        and would be honoured if you would celebrate with us.

                     Friday 28 th Ja nua ry, 2011 – C ocktail Part y

                           The Boatshed, 7.30pm - $25 per person

                     Bookings and payment required before 8th December.

                        Forward to PO Box 660, St Leonards, 7250

        Satu rday 29 th Janua ry, 2011 – E venin g Ma ss and Supp er

                        St Peter’s Church, Kings Meadows, 6.30pm

                Sunday 30 th Janua ry, 2011 – Sch ool Op en Day

                                   10am till 4pm with BBQ Lunch

                         We would love to see you there!
RSVP: ph 6339 1910

or larmenier@catholic.tas.edu.au
School office close after 15 th December, 2010













        JEWE'RZ&MC\ING&
        BC''OON&CNIMC'S&
        HCRMER&BEC,S&_&CRC>TS&&
        CHCRC,ES&
        COO\ING&
        ,RESS&`P&CN,&P'CZ&CCTING&
        &),-.-/'(0%'%-1'%2(0,-))-'(0%'+,)3.101'
        45)'67-89:1,.-;'4)((60'%-1'9%(''





                                       GEORGIE, VERONICA AND DARREN
                 Do you know what to do in an

                           Saturday October 23rd

                   Deloraine House 9am to 5pm

                 Enrol Soon, Places Filling Fast

         Courses offered monthly in Deloraine











                                      Deloraine House Term 3 Activities

Enrolments essential: phone 63622678 or email: delorainehouse@bigpond.com.au

Vegetarian cooking with Mira and Krishna at Deloraine House, 10am-1pm October 6th. Learn, cook and
share the delicious meal. Further mouth watering vegetarian cooking sessions on alternative Wednesdays.

Asian Cooking with Margaret Brooks –alternate Fridays 6 sessions.

Learn to make fragrant and spicy dishes from China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Margaret learned
authentic Asian cooking from Asian friends and has been perfecting delicious dishes for over 10 years. Meals
will be meat based yet inexpensive. Join in the cooking and enjoy sharing the meal in the friendly atmosphere
of Deloraine House. 11 am - 1pm. Book for individual sessions of the rest of the course.

Natural Vision Improvement with Betty Munro. This course will help you establish habits for everyday life
that support and foster good vision. 6 week course starts 10am-12 pm October 15th. Cost: $30 or $5 per

Local History walk around West side of Deloraine

October 19th, 9.30 – 12pm with Graeme Davis (cost $5)

A half hour talk precedes the walk.

Financial Counselling Tired of Juggling your Debts? Free confidential service which provides information
and support for anyone experiencing financial difficulties. 2nd Thursday of each month, 9.30-3pm.
ph.1800243 232. Appointments essential. Next visit: October 14th


An introduction with local guide, Peter Ashton. Interested in bushwalking and

want to find out more about local walks, gear, safety etc. Come along to a

introductory chat with Peter Ashton. Fri. Oct. 15th, 1-3pm. Cost: $2.

Mothers & Others day walk – Westmorland Falls with Kristina & Peter. Fri. Oct.

22nd. Meet at the House at 9am– back by 2.45pm. Sorry no childcare available due to

regulations. Cost: $5.

Regular activities

Deloraine House Playgroup: Come to our new group using the resources of the House; a large outdoor play
area with equipment, a painting area, a cosy room with many resources and the facilities of the House.
Tuesdays, 10 am-noons. All welcome. Gold coin donation

Blokes Group meets every 3rd Thursday 7pm-9pm. Dates for Term2: July 1st and 22nd. This is a time and a
safe place for blokes to share life experiences, gain friendship and support and decide how their group
operates. All men welcome. For more information phone David on 63624543. Next meeting: October 14th .

Camera Club: Interested in photography? Like to share ideas, skills & photographic challenges with others?
Group meets the 4th Thurs. of each month, 7pm-9pm.
C.O.R.E.S (Community Response to Eliminating Suicide) Team meeting 2nd Monday of each month.
7pm-9pm. For more details phone 64911552.

Deloraine Community Choir: every Wednesday from 6.30pm - 8pm during school terms. Led by Kay

NB NEW TIME: Deloraine Writer’s Group: Meets on the 2nd Monday of each month from 7pm-9pm.

Emergency Relief food vouchers are available on a 3 monthly basis on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9am – 5pm.
Some non-perishable and frozen food is usually available on an “as needed basis”.

Article I.            Family Support
Deloraine House offers family support for individuals or families in the form of free counselling, information,
referral to relevant services and more.

Free counselling available with qualified counsellor Anne Tocher 10am – noon every Monday and Friday
morning. Appointments not essential but can be made to suit you. Ph. 63622678.

Magic the Gathering Games Club

Meets at Deloraine House fortnightly on Fridays 3.30pm-4.45pm.

Ready to graduate from Yugio to something more challenging? Try Magic the Gathering! Learners Welcome.
Cards supplied or BYO decks. Cost: gold coin donation, ages 11 and up. Contact Tara or Tully for more
information on 63622121.

Meander Valley Pregnant and Young Parent Support Service (PYPS) Come along, have a chat and
socialise. Friday 10am-12 noon, Deloraine Hospital, Health and Wellbeing Centre. For more information call
Carmen on 63344249 or text 0437529736.

Spinners: New participants are welcome to join this group on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays on every month,
10.30am – 3pm. Come for all or part of the day.

T.J Howe’s Drop-in Morning: Fed up? Continually sad? Distressed? Want to Scream? Don’t know what to
do next? Need advice for yourself, a loved one or a friend? drop in and chat to TJ (a Health Professional) on
Tuesdays 10am-1pm. A free service.

Weight Loss Support Group facilitated by Deb Lynch. Feel supported and encouraged in a group situation
with a focus on healthy ‘diet for life’ principles and individual goals.
For more information or to join, contact the House. Fridays 12.30-2pm.

Yoga: General Yoga class: Tuesday 5.30pm-7pm. Yoga for Health Management: Wed. 5.15- 6.15pm.
Private classes to establish your own Yoga practices also available. Phone Kristina 63678241







    Share a story, share a song,

    Share a joke as we roll along.

    Share an interest, share a need,

    Share a joy as we have a feed.

    Share a trolley, share a wink,

    Share a pause as we have a drink.

    Share the journey, share the stops,

           WE INVITE we to the shops!
    Share the fun as YOUhitjoin the twice weekly (numbers permitting)

                           Shopping Bus Trip to Launceston

                   organised by The Westbury Uniting Church Parish.

         •   Bus supplied and subsidised by Westbury Uniting Church Parish.
               •    Ph 6393 1830 or 0408 134 057 for more information

                   Leaving from the Deloraine Uniting Church
          We anticipate visiting Launceston CBD and shopping centres

                           Please call 6393 1830 to book.

                             BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

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