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									          GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND

                        Provision for Installation of F&L Pump Water Tank
Bill of Quantity for the work :
                        over exsiting T/well with requisite spares,
                        Polythene water storage tank, stand post with
                        platform JHARKHAND
                GOVERNMENT OF and connection of T/well with overhead
                        water storage tank DEPARTMENT
         DRINKING WATER & SANITATION& stand post to facilitate W/S to
                        targetted schools & Aanganwari centres through
                        Tap under different divisions of Gumla Circle for
                        the year 2011-12 .

                            D.W. & S. Div., Gumla
                                  (Group No-NFLG-I1)

       Cost of B.O.Q.        :       Rs.   5000.00

       Estimated Cost        :       Rs. 2457000.00

       Earnest Money         :       Rs. 49500.00

       Time of completion    :       Three Months

       Tender Date :         :       26.04.2011

              Vide Money Receipt No. : ________________ Date ___________

                        of D.W. & S. Div. ________________________

                                           Signature & Seal of issuing Officer
     BOQ for the work-Provision for Installation of F&L Pump Water Tank over exsiting
     T/well with requisite spares, Polythene water storage tank, stand post with platform and
     connection of T/well with overhead water storage tank & stand post to facilitate W/S to
     targetted schools & Aanganwari centres (ratio2:1) through Tap under different divisions of
     Gumla Circle for the year 2011-12

     Name of Division-                                          Group No.NFLG-II
     D.W.&S. Div. Gumla                                         Nos. of Unit-200
   Estimated Cost – 2457000.00                                   Cost of B.O.Q-5000.00
   Earnest Money -49500.00
 Time of completion –Three Months
S.N.                 Particulars                  Qty.        Unit        Rate         Amount
  1                        2                       3           4           5             6
1.      Supplying, fitting and fixing force
        and lift pump spare parts over
        exsiting T/well such as Water tank,
        Rubber gasket, S.S Rod 3mt. Long
        and Modified third plate etc. all
        complete job as per relevant and
        standard IS specification and
        direction of E/I.                       1 Nos                  1965.00       1965.00
        Providing all labour for fitting and
        fixing of F&L pump water tank &
        Spares including taking out of the
        requisite parts of existing hand
        pump and carting of surplus
        materials to store with all tools and
        plants required for the job all
        complete as per direction of E/I .
                                                1 Nos        Each      100.00        100.00
         Earth work in excavation for laying
         of different type and size of pipe
         with disposal of excavated earth
         with initial Lead & Lift as per
         standard Specification & direction
         of E/I.                                1.875m3.     P/M3      33.00         61.87
4.       Supplying fitting & fixing 40 mm
         dia GI pipe with red lead and yarn
         with Socket & Cutting Pipe to size
         and threading ends as required, etc
         all complete as per standard           1.8m         P/M       262.00        471.60
         specification and direction of E/I.
5.       Supplying      and     laying       GI
         pipe/U.P.V.C. pipe (sechedule-80)
         in    trenches/wall/ceilling    with
     socket and screw joints and cutting
     pipe to size and threading ends
     where necessary, etc all complete
     as per standard specification and
     direction of E/I.(for rising &
     (i) in trench 20mm dia U.P.V.C.
     pipe                                15m                 P/mtr    53.51     802.65
     (ii) In wall 20mm dia U.P.V.C. pipe
                                         5mtr.               P/mtr.   64.90     324.50
     (iii) For Delivery 15 mm dia 6mtr                       P/mtr    50.31     301.86
     U.P.V.C. pipe

     (iv) For Stand post 15 mm dia GI               2 mtr    P/mtr    95.15     190.30
6    Supplying and fitting GI fittings of
     Approved make all Complete as per
     standard specification and direction
     of E/I.
     (a) 40 mm dia union Socket                     1no      Each     149.16    149.16
     (b) 40mm dia Nipple                            2nos     Each     74.36     148.72
     (c) 40mmX40mmX25mm dia Tee                     1no      Each     113.96    113.96

     (d) 40mm dia Bend                       1no             Each     88.66     88.66
     (e) 40 mm dia Socket                    1no             Each     72.16     72.16
     (f) 40 mm dia Elbow                     2 nos           Each     94.16     188.32
     (g) 25 mm dia Nipple                    1 no            Each     51.84     51.84
     (h) 40mmX20mm dia (R.S.)                1 no            Each     76.56     76.56
     (i) 20 mm dia Elbow                     3 nos           Each     52.94     158.82
     (j) 20 mm dia union Socket              1 no            Each     85.94     85.94
     (K) 20 mm dia Nipple                    1no             Each     36.36     36.36
     (l) 15 mm dia Nipple(m) 15 mm dia Elbow 2nos            Each     27.28     54.56
                                             4nos            Each     27.28     109.12
     (n) 15 mm dia Socket                    1no             Each     25.08     25.08
7    Supplying, fitting & fixing 25 mm dia I.S.I
     mark Gun metal Fullway valve of
     approved quality with all complete job. (
     wt Not less then 500gms)
                                                    1no      Each     362.04    362.04
8    Providing & fixing 20mm dia Non return
     valve (vertical) of approved quality as per
     standerd specification and direction E/I (wt
     not less than 250gms)
                                                    1no      Each     235.46    235.46
9    Supplying all materials labour, tools &
     equipment for fitting and fixing 500lit
     capacity     polythene    water    storage
     tank(P.V.C) I.S.I marked on the roof of the
     nearby building by placing over suitably
     errected Brick masonary platform.              1no      Each     3174.00   3174.00
10   Earth work in back filling the trenches
     after laying of pipe with earth removed
     during excavation within initial lead and
                                                    1.50M3   P/M3     27.50     41.25
     lift as per direction of E/I.

11   Providing 150 mm wide brick drain in
     Cement mortar (1:6) with av-150 mm clear
     depth & 125 mm appron including cost of
     earth work involved with 75 mm cement
     concrete (1:4:6) overone brick 75 A flat
     soling in proper grade and slope at the
     base, the drain duly plastered in cement
     mortar (1:3) with punning over exposed
     surface all complete as per standard
     specification & direction E/I.
                                                   3mtr         P/m           290.53        871.59
12   Supplying material and construction of
     single mounted R.C.C (1:2:4) standpost as
     per approved design, drawing &
     specification including Supplying brass
     bib cock of appd make and wt not less than
     350 Gm & proper embedding of GI pipe
     including suppling       fitting & fixing
     Elbows, Nipple socket as required all
     complete job as per standard specification
     & direction of E/I.
                                                   1no          Each          986.81        986.81
13   Supplying of all material labour and
     equipment for construction of platform
     1mX1m size with 100 mm P.C.C
     (1:2:4)over 75 mm B/F soling over 75 mm
     sand filling including E/W in excavation
     and 125mm wide &150mm deep apron of
     Brick work (1:6) and cement plaster (1:6)
     with neat cement punning over exposed
     surface etc. all complete as per standard
     spcification & direction of E/I.
                                                   1no          Each          915.00        915.00

                                                                              Total = Rs.      12163.69
                                                               Add. Labour Cess 1%.               121.63
                                                                                Total Rs.      12285.32
                                                                                  Say Rs.      12285.00

                                      Cost of one unit------12,285.00
                                      Hence 200 units Rs. 2457000.00

                        Schedule “B” & “C” - NIL

                                                                        Superintending Engineer
                                                                        D.W. & S. Gumla Circle, Gumla
                              GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND

                            GENERAL NOTES TO TENDERERS
(To be kept in Technical Bid envelope after going through clause carefully & duly signed & stamped
on each page by the tenderer)
This tender pertains to supplying all labours and materials for connection of T/W (F & L pump unit)
with over head storage tank & stand post to facilitate water supply to targeted School & Aanganbari
Center (ratio 2:1). The day, time and venue for receipt together with other terms and conditions which
are mentioned in „Notice Inviting Tender‟ is enclosed here along with Annexures –(I & II). The
tenderers are advised to go through the following instructions (clause 1 to 32) carefully and
participate in this tender accordingly, after proper understanding of the instructions. The quoted rate
must be firm and fixed.
1.0 Tenders will be received in two separate envelops as explained below. Failure in compliance of
      following instructions will make the tender liable for rejection.

(i)    Envelope I :
       This envelope will contain only Earnest Money, attested photocopy of Registration Certificate
       as contractor of D. W. & S. Department Jharkhand, ,attested photocopy of PAN card, attested
       photocopy of Balance Sheet of last financial year of the firm/contractor duly audited by C.A.,
       attested photocopy of current sales tax clearance certificate, attested photocopy of labour
       license, attested photocopy of character certificate, along with this N.I.T. & Annexures ( II). No
       other papers like forwarding letter or else should be kept in this envelope. This envelope should
       be subscribed on the top as “Technical Bid” and on the left side address of the tenderer and
       group number. All certificates must be signed by the tenderer and duly stamped. All
       enclosures should be serially numbered along with duly filled check list the Performa of
       which is enclosed with B.O.Q. Nothing should be written on those papers except as asked for
       in prescribed format.
(ii)   Envelope II :
       This envelope will only contain the attached schedule „A‟ and offer schedule (Annexure – I) in
       which rates should be filled up both in figure and words on the space provided for it and duly
       signed and stamped by the tenderer. No other paper like forwarding letter, etc. should be kept in
       this envelope and nothing except as asked for, should be written on tender papers. This envelope
       should be superscribed on the top as “Rate Bid” and on the left side address of the tenderer
       and group number. Each of the envelopes must be properly sealed.
       The Rate Bid will be opened only after ascertaining that the Papers contained in envelope
       marked “Technical Bid” as per instruction given in 1(i) above and fulfill the prerequisite

1.1. Past Experience :
     Details similar type of work executed during previous years to be attached in technical bid in the
     following format if any:
                                               Format - 1
Sl. Year Name of work with work order reference and Value of Organization for which
No.                          brief description                work          work was executed
 1      2                            3                           4                   5

       Note: Attach attested photocopies of Work Order & Satisfactory Completion Report/ Certificate
       duly attested by Executive Engineer of concerned Division/concerned organization.
1.3      Technical Manpower
         Details of Technical manpower to be used by the tenderer to be attached in technical Bid in the
         following format.
                                              Format - 2
     Sl. No.            Name             Designation       Technical Qualification       Remarks
                                                                & Experience
        1                  2                  3                        4                     5

2.      Scope of work :
        This tender comprises of supplying all labour, equipment, tools and materials for connecting
        spot source to storage tank to facilitate water supply through tap in school & aanganbari in the
        concerned D. W. & S. Division in the State of Jharkhand. Intending tenderers must have
        adequate experience in work of drilled tube wells. Clauses contained in the notes to tenderers
        will form a part of the contract beside the usual clauses contained in the printed contract form
        and N.I.T.
3.      Agreement :
        Clauses contained in General Notes to Tenderers will form a part of the contract / agreement
        besides the usual clause contained in the printed contract form F2 and N.I.T.

4.      Other Eligibility Criteria & Conditions :
        The tenderer must have a valid registration under Drinking Water & Sanitation Department
        Jharkhand. Priority will be given to those tenderers who have the experience of Drilled T/well
5.      Non Allotment of Work to Defaulter Tenderer :
        The defaulter tenderer who have not completed their work of last year after timely issue of site
        and materials and put under the list of defaulter contractor, are not entitled to participate in the
        tender and their tender will be out rightly rejected.
6.      Declaration by Tenderer :
        The tenderer has to furnish a self-declaration certificate on the footage of information as desired
        in Format – 1 & 2 as given in clause 1.2 & 1.3 that “All the allotted and executed work details
        of tube wells have been truly mentioned there and nothing is wrong, if any information
        mentioned by me is found fake, the department may put me in Black Listed Contractor &
        legal action may be started for this and I will myself be responsible for all this.”
7.      Site of work :
        Site of work is in remote village and hilly areas in the concerned D. W. & S. Division.
        Tenderers if desire to take work may inspect site of the work, and ascertain accessibility and
        availability of labour etc. before quoting their rates. The rates quoted by the tenderers shall be
        valid for six months and once approved and agreement executed it will be valid up to the period
        of completion of work and no extra claim shall be entertained.
8.      Quantities :
        Quantities given in schedule “A” are approximate and are for the guidance of the tenderers for
        quoting their rates. At selected sites if there are found some or any item (such as F&L unit, tank
        etc) Already exiting with independent identity, these are to be executed as per need of the site to
        fulfill the purpose of connection to get water supply as of other cases. Payments for work done
        shall be made on the basis of the actual measurement of the work done. The contractor will in
        no case do work more than quantity given in schedule “A” without written permission or
        authorization of the competent authorities empowered to allow extra works. For any extra work
        other than defined in Schedule “A” no claim in any form will be entertained unless prior written
        permission granted by the competent authority to do that work. To achieve the purpose of
      requisite water supply, necessary alteration/modification can be entertain with the permission of
      component authorities. For guidance depictive model layout/drawing may be referred
9.    Time :
      The contractor will have to complete the work in all respect within the stipulated time.
10.   Power to reject or accept the tender :
      The lowest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Competent authority reserves the right to
      accept or reject any or all the tenders received. No explanations/ reasons can be asked by the
      tenderers for the cause of the rejection or acceptance of any or all the tenders. Right of
      distribution of work between / among the tenderers is reserved in the hand of competent
11.   Earnest money & Security Money :
      The successful contractor after getting work will have to deposit 5% (five percent) security
      money including earnest money and have to enter into agreement with concerned Executive
      Engineers. Earnest money deposited by the successful tenderers may be forfeited in case the
      contractor declines or fails to deposits the sum 5% including the earnest money on the approved
      tendered amount as security money and to sign the agreement within 7(seven) days from the
      date of issue of the award of work by the competent authority. A further deduction of 5% (five)
      percent shall be made from all bills as security money which will be refunded after six months
      of satisfactory completion of work and payment of final bills whichever is earlier. On receipt of
      written application the earnest money of the unsuccessful tenderers shall be refunded to them by
      the competent authorities in due course
12.   Pledging of Earnest Money :
      It should be noted by the tenderers that prescribed documents relating to the Earnest money
      such as 3 years/ 5 years Time Deposit Pass Book, 7 Years N.S.C. 2nd issue/6 years N.S.C. (6th 7th
      & 8th issue) / Company and Firm can also deposit earnest money in shape of Bank Guarantee
      from schedule bank validity of which must be for one year, to be submitted with the tender
      should be pledged in the name of Executive Engineer, D.W. & S. of concerned division.
      Blank pledging form attached with the tender will not be accepted. Earnest money deposited in
      other works in this office or in other offices of the department will not be accepted as Earnest
      Money unless released and attached with the tender duly pledged afresh.
13.   Rates :
      Tenderers are requested to quote their rates both in words and figures in blank space provided in
      the offer schedule (Annexure I) along with schedule „A‟. It should be noted by the tenderers that
      rate quoted more than 10% (ten percent) above and more than 10% (ten percent) below of the
      estimated cost, rates shall not be accepted and such tenders shall be out rightly rejected. The
      tenderers having more experience in construction of drilled T/W will be given preference in
      allotment of work.
14.   Income Tax :
      It should be noted by the tenderers that Income Tax 2.27% (Two pt. Two Seven) will be
      deducted from each bill including final bill as per relevant circular of Income Tax Department.
15.   Experience :
      The tenderer with good experience in drilling work on “Turn Key” basis shall be given
16.   Carriage :
      It should be noted by the tenderers that rates for different items of work mentioned in Schedule
      “A” are inclusive of carriage, taxes and royalty, cess, etc. Therefore no extra payment
      whatsoever will be made to the contractor in respect of taxes, royalty and cess in any shape or
      carriage of materials used in the execution of work mentioned in Schedule „A‟.
17.   Setting out of work :
      The Engineer-in-charge of the work/ his authorized representative shall give the site/ location of
      work. Any discrepancy which shall come to notice shall be rectified by the Contractor. Any
      errors found on the side of contractor before expiry of six months after completion of work
      should be rectified by the contractor at his own cost and failing which the rectification cost will
      be deducted from security money of the contractor. If at any time, the errors in location are
      detected that shall be rectified by the contractor at his own cost.
18.   Materials :
      Materials should conform to relevant I.S. specification and procurement of materials must be
      done as per applicability of resolution no.- 2138, Ranchi dated 15.10.07 of Industry Department
      Gov. of Jharkhand.
                 The contractor after obtained permission from the Executive Engineer will stock the
      materials at the departmental store for physical verification by the departmental officers. The
      contractor will use the materials only after such verification is found satisfactory. No extra cost
      for stacking, carriage or storage will be paid to the contractor. The contractor shall be
      responsible for the safe keeping of the materials stored.
                 In case the officer has any doubt regarding the quality of any or all the materials in
      part or full he shall reserve the right to get such materials tested separately in some recognized
      laboratory at contractors cost. For this purpose sample will be taken by the Engineer-in-charge
      in presence of the contractor or his authorized representative and shall be signed jointly. Till the
      time the test result is obtained such materials shall be kept separately in the store & not used in
      work. In case the test report is found unsatisfactory, the contractor shall have to remove and
      replace such materials at his own risk and cost and shall be responsible for the delay in work on
      this account, for which no extension of time will be allowed. The materials related to the work
      must be used after 100% 3rd party inspection as per applicability at manufacture end by
      inspecting agency/ authority of DGSD/BIS/crown/SGS and must ensure that the same materials
      be transported to the departmental store for inspection at consignee end. The materials brought
      to the site in one time
      should not be less than 50% of the total requirement and must be checked 100% at consignee
      end by departmental officers prior to use of materials in concerned work. S.E. will ensure
      random, inspection of the materials.
                 It will be the responsibility of agency to carry out work with the same materials
      inspected at manufacturer end and consignee end.
19.   Accommodation :
      The contractor will provide at their own cost proper huts and drinking water and other
      admissible facilities for the labours employed on the job. All other essential facilities admissible
      to labour force as per act/law will have to be provided by the contractor at his own cost.
20.   Address :
      The tenderers shall have to furnish their full permanent and local address in the Tender papers.
      The contractors are required to sign each page of the tender document before submitting their
21.   Clarification of any doubt :
      If the tenderers have any doubt or any confusion about any clause / point of the tender
      document, he shall have to get it clarified by the Superintending Engineer, D. W. & S. Circle /
      concerned Executive Engineer before submitting their tender.
22.   Insurance :
      The contractor will have to insure the labourers employed for the execution of the work at his
      own cost. If any accident occurs at the site of work during the execution of work, the contractor
      will have to pay the compensation for the damage as admissible under relevant Act/Law.
23.   Extra Work :
      The contractor shall not carry out extra work without written order of the E/I in the site order
      book. The contractor will have to maintain a site order book duly page marked & signed by the
      E/I in which necessary instructions regarding execution of work will be given to the contractor
      by the E/I or any other inspecting officer of the department. The site order book will be the
      property of the department and will remain with the Junior Engineer in charge of the work. The
      contractor will have to make available all facilities for inspection work to the inspecting officer
      of the department. The contractor must return the site order book to the department along with
      the final bill.
24.   Wages :
      The contractor will have to ensure for payment to the labours engaged in the execution of work
      and it should be strictly in conformation to the minimum wage act approved by the Govt.
25.   Site Clearance :
      The contractor will keep the site neat and clean even during the execution of the work. After the
      completion of work the contractor will remove all debris etc. and hand over a neat and clean site
      to the department.
26.   Misconduct :
      If any of the contractor‟s agent, sub-agent, consultant or employee is found guilty of misconduct
      as pointed out by the E/I, such persons will be removed from the site. Any person so removed
      shall not be reemployed in the work except with the prior permission in writing of the E/I or
      higher competent authority.
27.   Inspection & Testing :
      The contractor shall provide all facilities, instrument, materials and labour for testing/ inspecting
      the work and shall provide the site engineer all assistance necessary to conduct the test/
      inspection for which no extra payment will be made.
28.   Miscellaneous :
      The contractor shall have to make arrangements at their own cost for the following:-
      a) Facilities for moving bulky materials
      b) Releasing & transporting materials required to be returned.
      c) Keeping in custody all the materials required to be returned till they are finally taken over by
      department in writing.
      d) Repairing any damage caused in the process of execution of work.
29.   Measurement and Payment :
      Measurement will be taken by the E/I or his authorized subordinate of the concerned DW&SD
      at site jointly with the contractor or his authorized representative. All such record shall be
      signed by the contractor or his authorized representative in the measurement book as a “token of
      acceptance”. Every effort will be made to make running payment after completion of 20 units
      in all respect. But for delayed payment due to any reason beyond the control of the Deptt., no
      interest and claim will be entertained.
30.   Sales tax /Vat :
      Sale tax/Vat as levied by the Government shall be deducted from the Bill of Contractor.
31.   Dispute :
      In case of any dispute arising out of this work, decision of the concerned Superintending
      Engineer, D. W. & S. Circle shall be final & binding to both parties.
32.   The contractor shall furnish the following information at the time of handing over the sites to
      the department.
        a. Name of Agency.
        b. Location of bore well indicating name of block, Panchayat, Village, Thana no., Name of
             near by person/institution.
        c. Date of commencement and completion.
        d. Static water level.
        e. Discharge of the bore well in liters per hours.
        f. Rising & delivery pipes detail
        g. Storage tank details
        h. Distance between sport source and storage tank
        i. Connection with existing system (if any)/stand post

                                                                                 Superintending Engineer
                                                                           D. W. & S. Gumla Circle, Gumla
                           OFFER SCHEDULE                                      Annexure – I

            TO BE FILLED IN BY THE TENDERER (To be kept in Rate Bid envelope)


 1. I/we am/are ready to execute the work on (in figure)         % (in words
                                          percent) BELOW the department rates for each
  item of work as furnished by the department in this tender document.
 2. I/we am/are ready to execute the work on department rates for each item of work as
  furnished by the department in this tender document.
 3. I/we am/are ready to execute the work on (in figure)         % (in words
                                          percent) ABOVE the department rates for each
  item of work as furnished by the department in this tender document.
  i)     Strike our which are not applicable.
  ii)    Rates quoted on percent basis ‘above’ or ‘below’ must be written in figures and
         words both where the space is provided, failing of which the tender may be




                                                        Superintending Engineer
                                                     D.W.& S. Gumla Circle, Gumla.
                                                                                                            Annexure – II
1.   Name of the Tenderer                                      :
2.   Tenderer‟s DW&SD, Jharkhand Registration No. and          :
     Date (Attested photocopy of original Registration to be
3.   Amount & shape of Earnest Money enclosed                  :
4.   Current and up to date Sales tax clearance certificate.   :
     (Attested photocopy of such certificate duly signed &
     stamped by the tenderer to be enclosed)
5.   Experience certificate of work as per clause 1.2 & 1.3    :
     of general notes to tenderers
6.   Photocopy of the Balance Sheet of last three financial    :
     years of the Firm / Contractor duly audited by C.A.
7.   Past performance of DT/GPT work (Certificate must be      :
     verified by concerned Executive Engineer)
8.   Financial soundness                                       :
9.   Last year Income-tax/PAN Card/Current Sales Tax           :
     Clearance      Certificate/Labour     License/Character
     Certificate (Photocopies duly signed & stamped by the
     tenderer to be enclosed)
        I.          Attestation must be done by a Gazetted officer.
        II.         No foreign papers other than this page & as asked for in binding documents should be kept in Technical
                    Bid envelope.
           III.     Nothing extra should be written on this page except as asked for.

                                                                       Superintending Engineer
                                                                             D.W.& S. Gumla Circle, Gumla.

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