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6 ways
to avoid pre-prom stress
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Prom CoUntdown
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everything you need to
know about getting ready
for your big night

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                                                              A Message
                                                              From the
      Congratulations! You’ve just picked up the latest and greatest PROM 2011 catalog hot off the                        I PR101 i
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                                                                                                            Cover Dress
                                                                                                            I PRL180 i

I2i                                                                                                                                   I3i
      I BR114 i

                  I PR115 i
I4i                           I5i
                               4                       months out
                                                       everything you need
                                                       to do to get ready for
                                                       your big night

                               Get a clear picture of what you want your
                               prom night to look like in your mind.
                               Close your eyes and envision yourself that night. What do you
                               see? Are you going to be whooping it up with friends, dancing
                               the night away with your dream date, or perhaps, living out a
                               romantic fairy tale? Figure out how you want to look and feel at
                               your prom.

                               Stash your cash.
                               Start saving money for the big night by picking up extra shifts
                               at your after-school job or babysitting your neighbor’s kids.
                               Nothing is worse than being broke on the big night—so plan
                               ahead. Figure out what your budget will be and find out how
                               much you will need to come up with to make your prom a night
                               to remember.

                               Find out when your prom will
                               be and who you will go with.
                               Ask your friends or find out from your teachers when your
                               school’s prom date will be. If you’ve got a boyfriend, talk
                               together about how you can make your night special. If you
                               don’t have a steady guy friend, make a list of possible dream
                               dates or plan on going with a group of your closest friends.

                               Browse through this prom magazine
                               to find the dress styles you like.
      I PR104 i
                  I PRA148 i                          Most of the dresses you see featured
                                                      here are already in the store so shop early
                                                     before everyone else in your school
                                                     has had the first pick of the hottest styles
                                                    and sizes.

I6i                                                                                          I7i
      I PR105 i

                  I PR111 i

I8i                    I9i
                                    3       months out
                                            everything you need to do to
                                            get ready for your big night

                                    Get out and shop.
                                    If you haven’t already done so, organize a shopping
                                    trip with your friends. Now is the best time to get your
                                    prom dress. The best styles are out now and the one
                                    you really like may be sold out in your size if you wait
                                    too long.

                                    Begin a new workout.
                                    If you’re feeling a little less toned and in shape than
                                    you’d like, now is the time to begin a new exercise
                                    routine. Begin a workout at home or hit the gym so
                                    you can feel confident with your figure and gorgeous
                                    in your new gown.

                                    Start a prom scrapbook with a
                                    notebook of your favorite dresses and
                                    ideas for the big night.
                                    You might want to get together with your friends and
                      I   PR102 i   share ideas and inspiration with each other about what
                                    would make your prom night perfect. You might want
                                    to include sections on pre-prom activities or post-prom
                                    party ideas. Once you’ve brainstormed your best ideas,
                                    pick out the top five and do some research to find
                                    which ones will fit your budget.

I 10 i   I PR114M i                                                                      I 11 i
         I PR121 i

                     I PRA146 i
I 12 i                            I 13 i
   I PRA155 i

I 14 i          I PRA148 i   I 15 i
         I PRL176 i
                      I PRA166 i

I 16 i                             I 17 i
                      Start hanging out with the
                                                months out
                                                everything you need to do to
                                                get ready for your big night

                      guys on your dream date list.
                      If you are planning on boldly asking your prom date out, start
                      spending time with the guys you like. Prom should be fun—so
                      get to know the guys on your list. You don’t want to spend the
                      whole night wishing you could ditch your date and hang out with
                      someone else. Go with someone you’d feel comfortable being
                      around for several hours. Find out if he already has a date or is
                      planning on going to prom. Get help from your friends (or his!)
                      to do a little bit of reconnaissance on his prom plans.

                      talk with your friends to make
         I PRL184 i   sure that everyone has a date.
                      Come up with creative ideas together about how you can nudge
                      each other’s prom dates to pop the prom question.

                      experiment with makeup and hair ideas.
                      Take some time after school or on a Saturday to try out several
                      looks to find out what complements you best. You might want to
                      cut pictures out of magazines or go to salons to get ideas as well.

                      reserve your transportation.
                      The earlier you plan for your transportation, the more likely
                      you’ll find availability for your night and get the best deal. If
                      you’re going with a group of friends, divide the costs evenly
                      and tell everyone what their share will be.

                      Set up an alterations appointment for
                      your dress if necessary.

                                                              I PRA163 i
I 18 i                                                                                      I 19 i
                      I PRL181 i

         I PRL181 i

I 20 i                             I 21 i
                      I PRL190 i

         I PRL172 i

I 22 i                             I 23 i
                      I PR123 i

         I PRQ194 i

I 24 i                        I 25 i
         I PRQ202 i
                      I PRQ201 i

I 26 i                             I 27 i
                                   tips for
                                   navigating your way
                                   around prom
                  Take a moment when you first arrive to get a read on the
                  evening’s vibe. Hang out at the door for a few minutes so you
                  can locate your friends, figure out where the action is and see
                  who else is still arriving.
             2.   Don’t stand near the wall too long—remember, you didn’t
                  come to prom to be a wall magnet. Now is not the time to sit
                  back and quietly survey the situation. Get moving, whether it’s
                  asking your date to dance or introducing yourself to someone
                  else standing solo.
             3.   Let loose on the dance floor and get into the groove—one-
                  on-one with your date or with a group of friends. Don’t worry
                  if you feel that your dance moves aren’t hitting the beat. Just
                  get out there and have fun! A genuine sense of fun is all it takes
                  to fit in and you’ll feel comfortable in no time at all.
             4.   Request the tunes you and your pals love movin’ to! Music
                  fuels the engine of any party—so ask if you want to hear
                  something that will get you all jammin’ on the dance floor!
             5.   Get a lasting image of your big night out (your parent’s pics
                  don’t count!). Don’t be intimidated by those already in line.
                  Instead of slinking off into obscurity, flash your brightest smile
                  and try breaking the ice with a compliment. “I love your dress!
                  Where’d you get it?”
I PRQ192 i   6.   Take some time at the refreshment table to catch up with your
                  buds. Plus, this is the perfect place to linger if you and your
                  date run out of things to talk about. Punch up the conversation
                  by making jokes about the hors d’oeuvres or talk with your
                  friends about the fun you’re having.
             7.   While in the bathroom, check your hair and makeup for the
                  millionth time and get your friend’s opinions of your date. But
                  don’t get too glued to the mirror or caught up in the gossip of
                  the moment. You don’t want to leave your dream date waiting
                  too long!
             8.   Whether your date is your dream guy or just a good friend,
                  remember to occasionally take a break together. Sit out a song
                  and ask him, “So, are you having fun?” Take time to reconnect
                  before you two get swept away again.
             9.   Have fun!                                                            I PRQ193 i

 I 28 i                                                                                             I 29 i
         I PRA163 i
                      1          month out
                                 everything you need to
                                 do to get ready for your
                                 big night
                      Hunt for a pair of shoes, handbag and jewelry to
                      go with your amazing dress.
                                                                         I PRZ206 i

                      Finalize your prom day and evening plans. Make
                      sure your reservations for dinner are set.

                      Schedule appointments for your haircut and any
                      other primping (manicure, pedicure, etc.) you
                      want. If you’re going to get your hair cut, make
                      sure you schedule your appointment at least two
                      weeks before prom night.

I 30 i                                                                                I 31 i
         I PR125 i
                     I PR125 i

I 32 i                  I 33 i
         I P601 i

                    I PRQ200 i

I 34 i                           I 35 i
                              in the Bag
                     prom purse essentials
                     Make sure to have a purse that matches your
                     prom dress and is filled with these essentials:

                                   Lipstick or lip-gloss

                                       Breath mints

                                       Dental floss

                                       Hand lotion

                                  Makeup for touchups
         I PR005 i
                                       Bobby pins

                                        Safety pins

                                 4-8 oz. bottle of water

                                 Tampons for handling
                                   the unexpected

                                 Pocket size camera for
                                 unforgettable pictures

                                               I PR010 i

I 36 i                                                           I 37 i
         I PR0100 i

                      I PRA141 i

I 38 i                             I 39 i
         I PR118 i

                     I PRQ203 i

I 40 i                            I 41 i
                      2           weeks
                                  Go to the florist with your date so you
                                  can place orders for a coordinating
                                  corsage and boutonniere. Ask the shop
                                  what time you can pick them up.

                      I PR120 i

         I PR0120 i

I 42 i                                                                      I 43 i
                        how to
                                avoid pre-prom stress
                                 Let’s face it—planning for prom can cause some serious
                                 stress and drama. In order to step back, take a deep
                                 breath, and relax when you’re totally caught up in the
                                 excitement and commotion of preparing for prom, try
                                 these six tips for eliminating all your pre-prom stress.

                             1. Make a list. Do you feel like your prom to-dos are piling up, and you’re close to
                             getting buried beneath them? Stop trying to reconfirm everything in your head
                              and use the list we’ve prepared for you. Having everything on paper makes it much
                              more manageable and you’ll enjoy checking off each task as you complete it. Now,
                              scheduling your salon appointment, picking up the boutonniere and putting together
                               the finishing touches for your prom look will fall right into place and you won’t forget

                                  2. Drink lots of water. When you’re feeling swamped (whether it’s a big test coming
                               up or planning all of the details of prom), it’s easy to want to grab a soda or energy drink.
                          But soda and energy drinks have the tendency to totally dehydrate you, leaving you feeling
                      even more worn out when the sugar and caffeine buzz wear off. By drinking lots of water, you’ll
                   feel less fatigued and achy and you’ll discover the secret to great, vibrant skin.

                    3. Spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Take a brisk walk or jog outside -- maybe some music, no
                       cell phone, just you. Getting away from everything for a few minutes and exercising can be very
                        rejuvenating and refreshing, plus a little exercise never hurt anyone (and it can help you get a
  I PR122 i              little more toned, in shape, and give you the stamina and energy for a fun evening of dancing
                          and having fun)!

                           4. Take a long, hot bath. A good soak will relax your muscles and your mind. For optimal
                             stress-quenching results, add a bath salt that’ll moisturize your skin and help you loosen
                                up with a soothing scent. You’ll step out of the tub with a new, relaxed, and most
                                 importantly stress-free perspective.

                                   5. Eat right. It is amazing how a wholesome snack can boost your energy and the
                                   levels of serotonin in your brain (a brain chemical that gives you a sense of well-
                                   being). Choose healthy foods for a well-rounded diet that will give your body all
                                    the nutrients it needs.

                                   6. Get away with a bunch of your friends a few weeks prior to prom and have a
                                   fun dance party or movie marathon where you can unwind and let go. There’s
                                   nothing like being out with friends to help you unwind and there’s nothing like
                                   a good movie to transport you from reality to fantasy. If you go dancing, teach
                                   each other some new dance moves and learn dances that you can all do together.
                                   Request a song that you love, then grab your friends and hit the floor. Having
                                   more confidence in your moves will inspire your date and you’ll all have fun
                                    together. If you’re going to plan a movie marathon, pick some fun, hilarious films
                                    that will get you laughing and forget about the stresses you’ve been experiencing
                                    at school and all the preparations you’ve been making for prom.

                                     Be sure to find out from your date the time that he plans to pick you up and plan
                                     to be ready with plenty of time to spare. Breathe deeply and relax, the night
                                     you’ve been waiting for is almost here and it’s going to be…perfect.

              I PR106 i
I 44 i                                                                                                         I 45 i
         I PR124 i

                     I PRA143 i

I 46 i                   I 47 i
         I PR126 i   I PR119 i
I 48 i                           I 49 i
6                                                                                                         1
                       ideas for                                                                          before
                       post-prom dance activities                                                         Pick up your altered dress from the
                                                                                                          seamstress and try on your whole outfit
                       When the DJ plays the last song, the dance                                         to make sure everything fits correctly.
                       may be over, but the fun isn’t about to stop.
                       Check out these six totally simple, no planning                                    Wear your new shoes around the house
                       necessary ideas for post-prom fun.                                                 to break them in before prom night.

1. After prom, go bowling or to a late-night arcade where you can                                         Make sure you have plenty of memory
  have a little healthy competition with your friends and dream                                           on your memory card for your digital
  date. You may need to check before hand to find out which local                                         camera or on your phone to record
                                                                                                          your favorite moments.
  businesses or hot spots will be open.
2. Go with your group to your favorite hangout—the 24-hour diner,
  7-Eleven, or Wendy’s late night—and grab a little treat. If you’re
  heading out to watch a movie, order pizza or stock up on snacks at
                                                                                I PRQ205 i
  the closest mini-mart -- come on, you’ve gotta be starved after all
  that time on the dance floor! Plus you’ll need plenty of food, ‘cause
  you’re about to stay up late.
3. Hit the road. If your limo (or designated driver) is still available, it’s
  time to ride! It’s not every day that you’ve got the opportunity to
  strut your fabulous and dressed to the nines selves all over town.
  Ask your driver to take you on a tour of the local hot spots. Stop at
  every destination to flaunt your gowns and shake your stuff. Blast
  music from your car—this time, it will be the music that you and
  friends choose, so loosen up and have a blast!
4. Get back to nature. Head to a local outdoor hangout or nature                             I PRA150 i
  reserve. If the authorities don’t mind (you might need to get a
  permit beforehand -- don’t worry, it won’t spoil the spontaneity),
  make a small campfire, spread out some blankets, toast s’mores, talk,
  and laugh until the sun comes up. Or have all of the groceries to
  cook a fun breakfast and watch the sunrise with your pals.
5. Attend your school’s after prom party. If possible, see if you can get
  in on the planning of the activities, food, and games that will make
  your party a fun event with memories you’ll never forget.
6. Make it a blockbuster night. Lots of movie theaters have late-night
  screenings or one of your parents may volunteer your home theater
  for a fun movie party with a group of your closest friends.

Talk with your friends and plan the perfect events from this list or
from your own creative ideas. Have fun as a group and look for ways
where you can interact and have fun together. If you take time to
think and plan, there is no limit to the fun you can have. Tonight, the
world is yours…so go ahead and have a blast!

I 50 i                                                                                                                              I 51 i
         2   days
             Double check your reservations with the limo
             company and make sure everything is ready
             for the date.

             Make sure you have the necessary funds for
             your big evening.

                      I PR0162 i                            I PR129 i

I 52 i                                                           I 53 i
                      1           day
                        Relax at home or with your friends.
                        Take a relaxing bath and get to bed
                        early so you’ll be well rested.

                      I PR128 i

         I PRA142 i
I 54 i                                            I 55 i
                      prom day checklist
                               Use this guide to get ready and stay on schedule. To
                               help everything run smoothly, avoid confusion, and
                               to be absolutely thrilled throughout your day and
                               evening, take some time to think through this prom
                               day checklist (put in your own times depending on
                               your prom schedule) and enlist the help you’ll need to
                               make it all possible. Now you can stop worrying, start
                               scheduling, get organized and be ready to enjoy your
                               big day!

                               • Wake up and eat breakfast. Be sure to have a healthy,
                                 high energy breakfast such as cereal, yogurt, fruit, or a
                                 bagel with cream cheese to get instant energy. Don’t
                                 skip meals and be sure to drink lots of water. You’ll
                                 need your energy throughout the day and evening.

                               • Get some light exercise—it will help you relieve stress
                                 and perk up your energy.

                               • Shower and begin getting ready. If you haven’t done it
                                 yet, get your manicure and pedicure out of the way.

                               • Enjoy a light snack or lunch.

                               • Have your hair and makeup done. Wear a button-
                                 front shirt while getting your hair styled so you won’t
                                 ruin your updo when you change.

                               • Pick up your date’s boutonniere and keep it fresh in
                                 the fridge.

                               • Wait at least an hour before your date comes to pick
                                 you up before you put on your pantyhose and dress
                                 to minimize the chance for wrinkles and runs.

                               • Make sure you have everything you need and take
                                 pictures with your family and date when
                                 he arrives.

                               • Let the party begin! Have fun and be safe as you
                                 enjoy your big night!

         I PRA158 i
                        I PRG169 i
I 56 i                                                                            I 57 i
I PRA147 i

             I PR0143 i

I 58 i                    I 59 i
 I PRA144 i

              I PRA145 i

I 60 i                     I 61 i
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