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General Interest

                                                                       nny Br unch
                                                                     Bu Saturday, April 16
                                                                                 10:30 a.m. to noon
                                                                                 Prisco Community Center
               Into Spring                                              Adults: $9 (Residents) / $12 (Non-residents)
                                                                       Children: $8 (Residents) / $10 (Non-residents)
 Celebrate spring by bouncing into fun with children’s activities,
    E-Fit room open for fun and a chance to meet Parker, the
                                                                                       Ages 1 and up
  Fox Valley Park District mascot. Refreshments will be served.                        Barcode 45756
                   Saturday, April 9                                                         Parents and their children will enjoy
                      2 to 4 p.m.                                                            a brunch buffet, music, an egg hunt
               Eola Community Center                                                          and a visit with the Easter Bunny.
                 Ages 2 to 10 & adult                                                             Don’t forget the camera!
          $6 (Residents) / $9 (Non-residents)                                                        Register by April 14.
                    Barcode 45290

                                        Around the House
Growing & Cooking with Herbs                                                           Designing Home Landscapes
           This class includes a visit to the local greenhouse and nursery – The                             Learn the basics of designing a beautiful home landscape.
           Growing Place – to experience the fragrance of thousands of herbs.                                Participants will set goals, develop a plan and choose
           Learn how to grow and harvest both edible and ornamental herbs.                                   materials to make it all come to life. Please bring a copy of a
Discover how to use them fresh or dried. Harvesting techniques and recipes will be     plat of survey to the first class. (LB)
included. The Growing Place is located at 2000 Montgomery Road in Aurora. (CJ)          Age               Fee                 Class Size                Location
 Age            Fee                     Class Size            Location                  16Y and up        $40(R) / $60(N)     MIN: 6 / MAX: 12          FVPD Greenhouse
 18Y and up     $15(R) / $22.50(N)      MIN: 10 / MAX: 30     The Growing Place                                                                         259 S. Russell Ave., Aurora

 Barcode        Day                     Date                  Time                      Barcode            Day                Date                      Time

 45828          Sa                      April 9               10 to 11:30 a.m.          46033              Th                 March 3 to 17             6 to 8 p.m.

Low Maintenance Landscaping I                                                          Edible Landscaping
            Basic yard and landscape design principles will be addressed from a low                         Learn how to integrate vegetables and fruit into current
            maintenance perspective. Soil preparations and planting principles also                         landscaping designs by choosing plants with edible berries
            will be presented with step-by-step instructions on how to simplify the                         and greens. (LB)
process. Class will be taught by a team of expert horticulturists from The Growing      Age                 Fee                      Class Size                  Location
Place. Participants may also register at the same time for the Landscape II session
                                                                                        16Y and up          $20(R) / $30(N)          MIN: 6 / MAX: 12            Blackberry Farm
for an additional fee. (CJ)
 Age           Fee                       Class Size            Location                 Barcode             Day                      Date                        Time

 18Y and up    $25(R) / $38(N)           MIN: 10 / MAX: 30     Eola Community Center    46034               W                        April 13                    6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

 Barcode       Day                       Date                  Time
 45796         Tu                        March 8               7 to 9 p.m.

Low Maintenance Landscaping II
           Discover what plants will grow best in and around the yard by gaining
           an understanding of how the right plants in the right places can flourish
           and provide benefits for years. The visual presentation will introduce
participants to the many evergreens, shrubs, trees and perennials that are excellent
choices for low-maintenance landscaping. Simple tips on how to keep plants looking

their best with proper watering, pruning and mulching will be discussed. This class
will be taught by a team of expert horticulturists from The Growing Place. (CJ)
 Age            Fee                     Class Size            Location
 18Y and up     $25(R) / $38(N)         MIN: 10 / MAX: 30     Eola Community Center

 Barcode                   Day                  Date              Time
 45804                     Tu                   March 15          7 to 9 p.m.                          May 13 and 14                                Newday
                                                                                                       9 a.m. to 2 p.m.                            Two ale
Perennials for Sustainable Gardening                                                                                                                  s
          This class will focus on how to make the most of perennial gardening.                       Prisco Parking Lot
          Tried and true perennials will be featured as well as new varieties and
          unusual perennials that do well with minimal care. Learning how to
                                                                                                $45 Residents / $70 Non-residents
adapt plants to shade and wet or dry soils also will be covered. Class will be                           Barcode 44225
taught by an expert horticulturist from The Growing Place. (CJ)
                                                                                              Don’t miss this huge opportunity to make a little cash!
 Age                  Fee                 Class Size           Location
                                                                                                 The Park District will advertise the sale through
 18Y and up           $20(R) / $30(N)     MIN: 10 / MAX: 40    Eola Community Center
                                                                                                 the activity guides, electronic signs, newspaper
 Barcode              Day                 Date                 Time                                      advertising and day-of signage.
 45812                Sa                  March 26             10 to 11:30 a.m.

Pet Lovers                                                                              Cards & Games
Dog Obedience: Basics                                                                   Magic: The Gathering
Positive reinforcement teaches dogs to be good family companions. Commands                      Magic: The Gathering – one of the oldest and the best “trading card
will include sit, down, stand, stay, come, off, settle, walk without pulling, drop it           games” – can be as intellectually challenging as chess but adds a creative
and stop jumping. Dogs should be 5 months or older and wear a buckle collar                     aspect. At Saturday morning open gym, participants will compete for prizes
(no choke chains or pinch/prong collars). Owners should bring dog treats and            (booster packs) with Type 2 decks in various formats. Note: This is a casual room.
a leather or cloth leash, not a retractable one. The first night is orientation for     “Spikes” should find somewhere else to play. Newcomers will be taught how to
owners only (no dogs). Bring a copy of the dog’s vet records showing that it is         play. Instructor is Dave Carr. (KJ)
up-to-date on vaccinations. (KW)                                                         Age                  Fee                                      Location
 Age           Fee                   Class Size             Location                     7Y and up            $1 per person per event; pay at door     Eola Community Center
 18Y and up    $115(R) / $170(N)     MIN: 6 / MAX: 15       Eola Community Center
                                                                                         Day                  Date                                     Time
 Barcode       Day                   Date                   Time                         Sa                   March 5 to June 4                        9 a.m. to noon
 45579         Tu                    March 15 to April 26   7 to 8:30 p.m.

                                                                                        Bridge on Fridays
                                                                                                   This Friday evening bridge club is available on a year-round basis. The club
                                                                                                   is open to all bridge players for a seasonal fee. Players may sign up with
                                                                                                   a partner or one will be provided. Participants must know how to play
                                                                                        bridge. Cards will be provided. (KW)
                                                                                         Age                  Fee                 Class Size             Location
                                                                                         18Y and up           $7(R) / $10(N)      MIN: 6 / MAX: 30       Eola Community Center

                                                                                         Barcode              Day                 Date                   Time
                                                                                         46518                F                   March 11 to May 27     6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

                                                                                                  o m & S on
                                                                                                 M S ock
                                                                                                          H          Friday, April 8
                                                                                                                     6 to 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                               Eola Community Center
  The Fox Valley Park District has 16 picnic shelters available
  to reserve for family gatherings and special events. Shelters                                                  Ages 4 to 8 & parent
  must be reserved for groups of 25 people or more from May 1
  to Sept. 30.                                                                                                       Fee per couple:
  Reservations are accepted at the following locations:                                                  $20 (Residents) / $30 (Non-residents)
  •	 Cole Center, 101 W. Illinois Ave., Aurora
  •	 Eola Community Center, 555 S. Eola Road, Aurora                                                                Barcode 45974
  •	 Prisco Community Center, 150 W. Illinois Ave., Aurora                                    Enjoy refreshments and dancing to favorite ’50s, ’60s and
  For more information and a complete list of locations,                                   ’70s music by a DJ. Party-goers also will do a craft. Don’t forget
  visit the District’s website or call 630-897-0516.                                         to have a picture taken. Each mom will receive a long-stem
  Reservations are accepted starting the first Monday in February.                                          carnation when she arrives.

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