Introduction to Moodle

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					        Introduction to Moodle
Come in an explore the introduction session of
the Moodle world. Moodle is a e-learning software
platform than we can use in our classroom. I will
demonstrate various application of the software
and how teachers can get access to it.

                Eric Therrien
              November 24, 2008
Can cell phone pop popcorn???
   What is Moodle?
   Why would I want to use Moodle?
   How do I get access to Moodle?
   Where do I get resources?
   Few Videos (you tube)
   Explore ABJ 12
   Time to explore Moodle …
             What is Moodle?
   Modular
   Object
   Oriented
   Dynamic
   Learning
   Environment
      Moodle Presentation
       What is Moodle?
   Who is using Moodle in NS?
 NSVS (Nova Scotia Virtual School)
 Some board have ahead start
 Every teacher has access to it by using their
  IMP web mail username and password.
 Glen MacDuff (HRSB)
  – (902)464-2000 ext 2622
 Explore ABJ 12
Using Moodle in the classroom
 Type in moodle tutorial