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									                             City of Bay Village
Council Minutes, Committee Session                                    October 16, 2006
Conference Room                                                            7:30 p.m.

Brian C. Cruse, President of Council, presiding

Present:       Barbour, Cruse, Koomar, Pohlkamp, Scott, Young, Zimmerman, Mayor

Others         Law Director Ebert, Finance Director Presley, Service Director Sears, Police
Present:       Chief Wright, Fire Chief Sammon, Building Director Milburn, Community
               Services Director Bock, Recreation Director Enovitch, Operations Manager
               Don Landers

Mr. Cruse called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Conference Room of Bay Village
City Hall and the meeting was open to the public.


The following signed in this evening: Joe and Rita Hochman, Gerry Schreibman, Jerrie
Barnett, Mike Woods, Mike O’Boyle, Carolyn Steigman, Eric Eakin.



Mr. Zimmerman reported that the Environment, Safety and Community Services
Committee has been studying the installation of crosswalks. One section specifically
under study is the intersection of Osborn and Sutcliffe to allow better access to the Bay
Middle School. Service Director Sears has suggested the possibility of having the
intersection designated as a school crosswalk with four way stop signs installed.

Service Director Sears stated that he has received a proposal from Michael Benza &
Associates to provide an engineering study as to the feasibility of constructing a cross
walk at the intersection. Mr. Sears explained that this study is different than the normal
signal warrants or stop sign warrants which require a certain number of vehicles or
pedestrians within a specific time. This study falls under the school markings and
crossings side of the Uniform Traffic Control Devices manual, and is called a “School
Route Plan.” The manual dictates that a school route plan be created, reviewing all the
streets and homes south of Osborn, and surrounding the middle school, and indicate how
the school children would walk toward the middle school. When looking at this the
intersection that a good portion of these children would channel to is the Sutcliffe and
Osborn intersection. Mr. Benza’s project will consist of a traffic and pedestrian count, a
school census, police department history of conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles,
Minutes of Committee Meeting of                                                           2
Bay Village City Council
October 16, 2006

review of the Ohio Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices for criteria, investigation
if a multi-way stop is warranted by the manual and the preparation of a report.

Mr. Sears indicated that the study by Benza and Associates is necessary to determine the
necessity of the four way stop and cross walk at the Sutcliffe/Osborn intersection and he
is prepared to move forward to authorize Mr. Benza to proceed. Monies are available in
Mr. Sear’s engineering budget to cover the $8,000 cost of the study.

Mr. Zimmerman stated that the Environment, Safety and Community Services
Committee feels that this solution is much superior to just installing a cross walk and will
provide a great deal more safety for the students, which is paramount. The committee
unanimously agrees that this is an excellent suggestion on the part of Mr. Sears and
recommends that it be pursued.

Mr. Mike Woods commented that he has been living at that intersection for more than 21
years and there is no place in Bay Village that needs a stop sign more than the
Sutcliffe/Osborn intersection.

Mr. Eakin asked the time frame for completion. Mr. Sears stated that he is unsure of the
amount of time needed to accomplish the installation. American Disabilities Association
ramps will need to be installed, as well as striping, and the first step will be to get the
results of the study and work as weather permits.

Lake Road Striping

Mr. Zimmerman stated that the committee has been reviewing the proposal that Lake
Road be entirely double yellow lined and the traffic control map of the city be changed to
reflect that striping. The committee unanimously supports that proposal. Two areas are
affected: one east of Dover Center Road on Lake Road where there are slashed yellow
lines, and the other is west of Bradley Road. It is felt that with the increased traffic and
the increased speed of traffic along Lake Road our residents are having difficulty entering
the roadway and may not be able to see passing cars. The committee feels that this is a
safety issue. Police Chief Wright pointed out that there has not been an accident
involving a passing vehicle on Lake Road, west of Bradley Road, in the last five years.
The committee feels, however, that for the safety of the residents on Lake Road it is
preferable not to have passing. Mr. Zimmerman asked that legislation be prepared to
change the traffic control map. Striping will not be accomplished until the spring street
striping program.

Mr. Scott and Mr. Barbour expressed favor with the recommendation of the committee.
Mr. Barbour stated that there is nothing gained by having a passing zone and this will
help control the traffic in a walking and bicycling community as well as help preserve the
safety of the people who live in the area.
Minutes of Committee Meeting of                                                           3
Bay Village City Council
October 16, 2006

Law Director Ebert cautioned that tickets for passing cannot be issued until the striping is
completed. Mr. Zimmerman stated that the committee sees no reason to not change the
map at this time and have the striping done with the next striping program.

Mrs. Rita Hochman stated that she supports the double yellow lines but asked if signs
indicating no passing will be installed at the two places under discussion to reinforce the
motorists’ behavior. Mr. Zimmerman stated that the committee would be opposed to
those signs because of visual pollution on Lake Road, which is a scenic road, and a
double yellow line is well known and fully enforceable as a no passing zone. There are
no other no passing signs on the rest of Lake Road which is presently double yellow

Mr. Sears stated that if the opportunity should arise to stripe the newly designated no
passing zones before spring the striping would be done.


Strategic Planning Review

Mayor Sutherland stated that the city administration has been working on the strategic
planning and all of the line items are now in a manageable report. In talking with Brian
Cruse and Paul Koomar as the leaders of Council, it is hoped to get started on the review
next week. The plan is to divide up the Finance Committee so that Mark Barbour will be
assigned to the Core Services with Service Director Sears, Police Chief Wright, and Fire
Chief Sammon. The group that will look at increasing or retaining the tax base will be
headed by Paul Koomar with Finance Director Presley, Building Director Milburn, and
Assistant Finance Director Ruth Popovich. The category that will look at how to attract
and retain residents will be headed up by Mr. Young with Law Director Ebert, Recreation
Director Enovitch and Community Services Director Bock. Mayor Sutherland will float
between the three groups. Each session will include ten items on the agenda and work
through whatever can be accomplished that evening and keep replenishing so there are
always ten items to review. Mayor Sutherland will distribute the list to council this week
for their review.

The Mayor further noted that as these three groups will be working independently on
those three categories they will eventually come back to Council and if major changes are
required they will be brought forward for consideration by Council. The categories will
be evaluated in several different ways including compliance with vision/mission
statement and consideration of outsourcing or collaboration with other cities. There is no
deadline established but it is expected that the project will take several months.

Mr. Cruse commented that what the administration has done at this point to bring this all
together and make it manageable, as well as creating these subgroups is a tremendous
start. The Mayor added that she will ask the administration that in these ten items that
will be looked at on a weekly basis to come prepared to discuss any item on the list.
Minutes of Committee Meeting of                                                             4
Bay Village City Council
October 16, 2006


Walker Road Park Walking Trail

Council President Cruse asked Mr. Young if the Walker Road Park Ad Hoc Committee
has addressed the proposed extension of the walking trail in the park. Mr. Young stated
that the committee has discussed the need for a path going to the edge of the property and
there was also discussion that Avon Lake was going to roll the request for state funding
from the baseball field to the walking trail.

Mr. Barbour asked if the Ohio Department of Natural Resources grant funds will be
applied to the whole walking path project and the remainder of the funding divided
between the two cities. Mayor Sutherland stated that the grant will be applied to the half
portion that is the responsibility of Avon Lake. The City of Bay Village will pay for the
other half of the project. The cost of the trail is $50,710.00, with the City of Bay Village
portion at slightly over $25,000.

Mr. Zimmerman stated that the park project for this year is well within the budgeted
amount for capital improvements due to the fact that the pavilion and baseball field could
not be completed. Mr. Barbour noted that this improvement will give park users more of
a walking trail. Mr. Zimmerman added that there is an entrance to the trail from the Hunt
Club and this will provide a connection from the Hunt Club down the walkway to the
small parking lot.

Mayor Sutherland noted the Avon Lake city engineer advised that there was a safety
issue with the path ending at the small parking lot and it was preferred not to have people
walking through the parking lot to get over to the Hunt Club. The thought is to connect
the trail now and next year do something in the woods and along the retention pond.

Mr. Koomar asked about going around the parking lot to avoid another crossing. Mr.
Young stated that there is consideration for a circle for a turn around. Mr. Young
commented that it is important for the City of Avon Lake to have access to the park,
although no one from Bay Village will use the second entrance. The City of Avon Lake
is getting a free grant for the trail at this entrance and the City of Bay Village is paying
$25,000. Mr. Cruse responded that the City of Bay Village has benefited from the soccer
fields and there are trade-offs in joint ownership. The Mayor stated that dual pedestrian
access needs to be provided for residents of both cities. Future plans are to provide a trail
through the woods and around the retention pond.


2006 Cyclocross Race Request

Mr. Mike Woods presented his request to hold the seventh annual 2006 Bike Authority
Cyclocross sponsored by Team October Lake Effect on both City of Bay Village
Minutes of Committee Meeting of                                                           5
Bay Village City Council
October 16, 2006

municipal and Cahoon Memorial Park properties. The course runs around the fence on
the outside of the baseball fields, on the grassy areas. All riders will be insured by the
USCF, the national bicycle racing federation. Waivers are also signed by the riders at the
point of registration, absolving the Cahoon Memorial Park Estate and the City of Bay
Village of any liability. A copy of the certificate of insurance will be forwarded to the
city. Recreation Director Enovitch reported that there is no conflict with any recreation
department functions on the day of the ride, November 11, 2006. Service Director Sears
added that there have been no problems or issues as a result of these races in the past.
Approximately 50 participants are expected on race day.


Law Director Ebert reported that he met this morning with the Law Directors of the West
Shore communities regarding commuter rail. The Law Directors are all of the same
opinion in regard to the necessity of maintaining the integrity of the agreement with
Norfolk and Southern Railway Corporation so that the agreement is not violated or
abandoned by the commuter rail discussions.

Mr. Cruse asked if there is any correlation between the increased conversation over
commuter rails and the increased number of freight trains. Mr. Ebert noted that as
gasoline prices are rising it is less expensive for companies to use rails than freight.

Mr. Ebert further noted that one of the provisions of the agreement with the Norfolk and
Southern Corporation indicates that Norfolk and Southern will negotiate concerning quiet
zones. Bay, Rocky River and Lakewood have all explored this and the problem with
quiet zones are the requirements associated with creating the zones. The Mayor
explained that in establishing a quiet zone there must be a second fail-safe because the
trains will not be sounding their horns. Mr. Ebert stated that the dividers that are used on
highways are used to create a funnel so that cars cannot go around the gates. The other
feasibility are quad gates, which are costly and require internal computerization. The
only way any community could afford these gates is through funding from railroad, state,
or federal sources. Mr. Ebert will meet further with the three West Shore communities
and the railroads. Mayor Sutherland noted that Bay Village has an average of 5 trains per
day and some of the communities to the south, such as Olmsted Falls and Berea, are
getting over 100 trains per day. When the government looks at where they will put
funding it is highly unlikely that they would put a lot of money into a line that is only
supporting five trains per day.

Mr. Eakin asked if the city has received complaints from residents regarding train noise.
He was informed that complaints are not routinely received. Train traffic through Bay
Village has been slowly increasing but is not anywhere near the point it was before the
agreement with Norfolk and Southern.

Mayor Sutherland commented that Lorain County is very much in favor of commuter rail
between Elyria, Lorain and downtown Cleveland. Part of the reason is that they have
Minutes of Committee Meeting of                                                       6
Bay Village City Council
October 16, 2006

already constructed a terminal. The question is where is the funding going to come from
and the last word is that they would be looking at some of the communities to front some
of the cost.

Mr. Ebert stated that the next commuter rail meeting will be held on October 20, 2006 in
the City of Lorain. Mr. Ebert stated that the existing agreement is always on the agenda
at these meetings to that everyone is aware that the agreement stands in place.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

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