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									     UFED PHYSICAL PRO
                                                        PHYSICAL ANALYZER SOFTWARE TOOL
                                                        UFEDs Physical Analyzer provides powerful analysis
                                                        tools that can be used for intelligence gathering,
                                                        investigative research:
                                                        • Hierarchical “tree” view for easy navigation between
                                                          phone content, hex dump, files, and analyzed data
                                                        • Powerful search tools with parsing and pattern
                                                        • Presents the location of the analyzed data within the
                                                          phone memory and file system
                                                        • Save, print, customized, and export the extracted data

Cellebrite’s UFED addresses the growing need for
fast, comprehensive mobile forensic capabilities.
An add-on module for advanced extraction and
analysis of evidence Physical Pro enables the basic
UFED system with physical data extraction, file
system dump and reconstruction, and password
extraction. UFED Physical Pro enables recovery          MAPPING AND VISUALIZATION
of invaluable evidential information that isn’t         UFED Physical Pro is able to extract extensive
accessible by logical extraction methods alone.         information from GPS devices, including latitude and
In use by military, law enforcement, governments,       longitude of GPS locations. The Physical Analyzer
and intelligence agencies across the world, UFED        allows visualization of both existing and deleted
Physical Pro allows users to rapidly extract a wide     locations on Google Earth. In addition, location
variety of data types in a forensically sound process   information from GPS devices and image geotags can
from both phone and SIM memory. Extracting              be mapped on Google Maps.
data in a forensic manner and presenting it with
the integrity of the data intact ensures that the
evidence will be admissible in court.

• Complete extraction of existing, hidden, and
  deleted phone data, including call history, text
  messages, contacts, images, and geotags
• Powerful search, reconstruction, and analysis
  of the phone hex dump that can be used for
  intelligence gathering, investigative research,
  and as legal evidence in court
• Expanded coverage for GPS devices, with
  mapping of GPS locations on Google Maps and
  visualization of GPS locations on Google Earth
• Unrivaled phone coverage and compatibility
• Fast, intuitive extraction process
COMPATIBILITY                                            • Mapping of GPS locations and geotags on Google
UFED Physical Pro combines the most complete               maps
extraction of data with the most comprehensive           • Visualization of GPS fixes and locations on Google
coverage available on the market.                          Earth
• Logical data extraction from more than 3,000           • Built in SIM reader
  mobile phones                                          • Unicode supported content extraction
• Physical data extraction from more than 700 mobile     • Multilingual user interface in 14 languages.
  phones and GPS devices                                 • MD5 and SHA256 hash signatures for data
• File system extraction and reconstruction for more       verification
  than 900 phones and GPS devices                        • Reports for viewing, saving, printing, exporting, and
                                                           analyzing extracted data.
• Password extraction for more than 650 mobile
  phones                                                 • Field-ready mobile forensics – portable, fast and easy
                                                           to operate, the Ruggedized UFED is battery powered
• Supports all major mobile operating systems,             and comes with all accessories needed for harsh
  including Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Brew,         field conditions
  Android, and BlackBerry.
• Supports phones regardless of network carrier or       UPGRADE TO UFED PHYSICAL PRO
  technology                                             Existing UFED customers can benefit from the Physical
• Monthly updates to ensure compatibility with           Pro’s technological advancements with a simple
  new phones                                             software upgrade, extending the capabilities of both
                                                         the standard and ruggedized versions of the UFED
• Data cables for all supported phones [Live technical
  assistance, software updates, and cables for all new
  handsets are included with each product license]
Founded in 1999 by a team of highly experienced telecom and mobile telephony professionals, Cellebrite is a global
company known for its technological breakthroughs in the cellular industry.
The pioneers in mobile phone to phone content transfer, today Cellebrite provides a complete range of solutions for
the mobile retail industry, from stand-alone content transfer at the point-of–sale (POS) to Over-the-Air (OTA) mobile
applications for subscriber content backup and management.
With proven ability to impact sales of phones, upgrades, and services, Cellebrite customers include the world’s largest
mobile operators and deployments by more than 140 major carriers.
Building on its expertise in mobile data technology, in 2007, Cellebrite introduced a new line of products targeted to
the mobile forensics industry.
Using next-generation extraction methods and analysis techniques, Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device
(UFED) is able to extract and analyze data from more than 3000 phones and mobile devices, including smartphones,
and GPS systems.
In use by military, law enforcement, governments, and intelligence agencies across the world, Cellebrite’s UFED is the
tool of choice for thousands of forensic specialists in police, special forces, tax fraud, customs, border control, and
anti-terror investigations in more than 60 countries.

HEADQUARTERS              USA                            GERMANY
Cellebrite Ltd.           Cellebrite USA Corp.           Cellebrite GmbH
94 Em Hamoshavot St.      266 Harristown Rd., Ste. 105   Vattmannstrasse 1in
Petah Tikva 49130         Glen Rock, NJ 07452            33100 Paderborn
Israel                    USA                            Germany
Tel: +972 (0)3 926 0900   Tel: (201) 848 8552            Tel. +49 (0) 52 51 54 64 90
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