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									                          BLUE BUSINESS
                                         Blue reflects business
                                       and business reflects blue.
                              From quality shopping, accommodations,
                                  recreation and dining options to the
                               myriad service providers and businesses
                                 we reflect all that business should be.

   Creating a Strong Local Economy                                          Providing Networking Opportunities

Representing Business with Government                                           Promoting the Community
 LAKE TAHOE SOUTH SHORE                                                                         PRSRT STD
 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
      PO BOX 7139,                                                                                PAID
                                                                                             ZEPHYR COVE, NV
  STATELINE, NV 89449                                                                           PERMIT #49

                      TEL: 775-588-1728 • 530-544-5050   EXT.   229 • FAX: 775-588-1941
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    Promoting the Community
 What’s Next From the Board
 Dear Members,
                                                                                                                  Message from President “B”
                                                                                                                         Dear Members,                                     provided immediate
 It is with a great deal of excitement that I                                                                            Welcome to the 3rd issue of the Blue              funding for the survivors
 share the following news with all of you. In                                                                        Business Review which has undergone a few             and continues to serve
 response to the City’s Request for Proposal                                                                         layout changes in an effort to make this a            as a receptacle for dona-
 your chamber submitted a proposal and                                                                               more useful resource.                                 tions from a variety of
                                                                                                                         Your Chamber staff has been busy the              events, corporations and
 was awarded $88,000 to develop and
                                                                                                                     past three months working to Promote Your             organizations ensuring
 implement a Wayfing sign navigational sys-
                                                                                                                     Community in the face of the Angora Fire. The         that help will continue to
 tem for the South Shore.                                                                                                                                                                               “B” Gorman
                                                                                                                     Chamber convened the first of several emer-           be provided to those
                                                                                                                     gency meetings comprised of local business            who lost their residences. Additional information
 The new signage program similar to those                                Carl Ribaudo                                leaders to discuss what steps could and               can be found at
 adapted by other communities will pro-                 neighborhoods in a effort to give each area                  should be taken to ensure that the community               For a complete listing of the myriad under-
 vide a variety of benefits for the local               its own identity and to assist the Chamber                   would not be burned twice by the Angora Fire.         takings of your Chamber during and after the
 business community. It is anticipated the              and LTVA in marketing those areas.                               In partnership with the LTVA a massive PR         fire please visit
 new sign program will go from Meyers to                                                                             campaign was undertaken to assure visitors                 Of key importance now is to remind our-
 Zephyr Cove and provide a uniform and                  The Chamber is in the process of setting the                 that the town and recreational areas they             selves of the importance of being a “Local”
 organized way for visitors to find where               necessary meetings up with local agencies                    would visit were not damaged. We made an              and how we can help one another so we rise
 they are going throughout the entire South             in an effort to implement this program as                    extra effort to communicate internationally,          from the fire as a stronger community. Each
                                                                                                                     nationally and regionally that one of the best        of us has a choice every day in how we
 Shore.                                                 soon as possible.
                                                                                                                     ways to support our community after the dis-          spend our dollars and our time and I encour-
                                                                                                                     aster would be to visit and spend vacation            age you to spend both here in your town sup-
 Additionally the program seeks to break up             Carl Ribaudo
                                                                                                                     dollars on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe.             porting your neighbors and friends!
 the South Shore into a number of different             Chairman of the Board                                            We immediately took steps to open the
                                                                                                                     Angora Fire Fund (Locals for Locals) which has           “B” Gorman

Meet Your Board Members
Doug Rousse                                                                                                               Can count on              Linda Van Dam
                                                                             Picks out own hats.                          fingers.
I own Lake Tahoe Master Framing, specializing in                                                                                                          My goal to live in Lake Tahoe began in 1980 with
custom picture framing and sales of Lake Tahoe                                                                                                            a wonderful summer vacation. The beauty, the
prints, posters and vintage photographs, both retail                                                                          Has been known to           tranquility, the serenity …. was compelling.
and commercial I have lived in Lake Tahoe about 5                                                                             wear pajamas to work. Twenty-three years later, Lake Tahoe became my

1/2 years, moving from Chicago via Southern                                                                                                               home with my husband Harry and our 4 dogs
                                                                                                                              Brilliant advertising mind.
California. I am a CPA by training, but since moving to Lake Tahoe         Watches Saturday                                                               and 3 cats. I attended the University of Michigan where I received
have decided to start a new chapter in my life as a local merchant.        morning cartoons.                                                              my B.S. in Nursing; followed by Texas Women’s University where I
My wife works at Barton Hospital as a recovery room RN, my two                                                                                            obtained my M.S. in Physiology. After 25 years in the medical
sons live in the area and are part of the family business, and my                                                    Irons own pants.                     field, I began Grocery Direct, Tahoe Take-Out and Upper Krust
daughter along with her husband just moved to Lake Tahoe. As you                                                                                          Gourmet Pies in June of 2003 here on the South Shore. The last
                                                                            Prone to ankle injury.
can see we are dedicated to the area and I hope to assist in improv-                                                                                      acquisition was the purchase of Dart Liquors/Stateline Smokeshop
ing the business climate. As a California small business, it is imper-            Other sort of interesting facts about Steve Lowe                        in December, 2005. I am currently a member of Tahoe Business
                                                                                        • Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce
ative our new chamber continues to focus on business issues that                  • Tahoe Douglas Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.                 Connection; a member/Vice President of Soroptimist International
                                                                                      • TDCC President 1990-1991 (a long, long time ago).
affect us. The Chamber has made good progress to date; and I                    • Chair of Lake Tahoe South Shore Consortia, whatever that is.            of South Lake Tahoe and a Task Force representative for Leader-
hope to contribute to keep it moving forward. I also am in Rotary                            • Lake Tahoe resident for twenty years.                      ship Lake Tahoe. My son Brian, 32, is a meteorologist living in
                                                                                                  • Father of two ugly children
and the Lake Tahoe Business Referral Network group.                                              • Lives part-time in Susanville.                         Raleigh, North Carolina and my daughter Dayna, 25, is living here.

Message From Your Chamber Staff
         The Power of 10: Take your                                    Here’s an idea                                                   Just simple math
        networking to the next level                                   With the business cards for your new contacts, go                Here’s an example. You meet 10 business contacts.
                                                                  to the website listed on the card and learn more about            Each has 10 links to other businesses on their website.
      The LTSS Chamber of Commerce provides regular net-          this business through their website. Look at all of the           For every one contact, you have increased your contacts
  working opportunities for the membership and everyone           links on that site and see where you fit. Go to your orig-        by 10 by reaching out to the linked businesses as well.
  has the same objective: Make connections with other             inal business contact and offer to exchange links AND             Your original 10 contacts have now become 100! And
  business people. In the end everyone leaves with a pock-        go to all of the other links on this site and extend a sim-       the next time around, someone may contact you because
  et full of business cards to follow up on.                      ilar offer.                                                       you provided a link to another website and on and on and           Pamela
                                                                                                                                    on. Imagine the possibilities. It’s endless!                      Ross-Osinski
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Representing Your Business
Top 10 Ways the Chamber Represents Business Interests
    1. Neighborhood Group Meetings                                   ters if you haven’t already! Go to               course of such a program (pros/cons) and valuable information
    We held meetings at “The Y” and in the “Conference &                                                                                   for them to consider in framing the fee structure, with the least
Event Center District” in response to member requests to bring           4. Formed Socio-Economic Sustainability Workgroup                 impact on businesses, is a valuable benefit for each and every
their business neighborhood together, to form collective                 In conjunction with the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of               Nevada business owner, whether Chamber members or not.
vision, to share ideas and solutions, or possibly develop a          Commerce, we formed a workgroup to develop a set of sus-
neighborhood plan. If you want to host a neighborhood meet-          tainability indicators to be analyzed for a better understanding          8. Sponsored Notary Workshop for Members
ing, give us a call and we’ll help invite your neighbors, get the    of socio-economic conditions to help shape public and private             In June, your Chamber hosted a two-day California Notary
word out and facilitate it too.                                      sector policy in order to help strengthen our economy and             workshop and class for Chamber members and their employ-
                                                                     communities while protecting the environment.                         ees. The requirements and testing to be a licensed Notary
    Business Benefits: Developing a sense of “neighborhood” is                                                                             changed, making the test more complicated. Your Chamber
good for businesses and can be used for marketing purposes,              Business Benefits: A sustained business economy is a              hosted the class and brought a licensed instructor to the Lake
for cross-promotional opportunities, to help business neighbors      diverse one; a diverse economy is developed through an under-         to hold classes in a convenient location.
take ownership of what you’d like your neighborhood to look          standing of where links among economy, environment and com-
like and to form solution-oriented working relationships.            munity are weak. The workgroup’s efforts will identify under-rep-         Business Benefits: Notaries are an important asset for busi-
                                                                     resented themes in the basin for which public and private focus       nesses that handle documents. Being able to attend the manda-
    2. Your Town Hall Luncheon “Step Into The Blue!”                 should be directed for the sustainability of future generations.      tory class here at the Lake, rather than off the hill, reduces
    Continuing with the quarterly Your Town Hall meetings,                                                                                 expenses for the employer and makes it easier for the Notary and
your Chamber hosted “Step Into the Blue” luncheon and                    5. Sign Ordinance Task Force                                      more convenient for self-employed Notaries as well as those who
unveiled the “Ten Ways to Go Blue” and “Blue Ribbon                      In response to requests from members to address issues            want to become one.
Service Award Program.” Three experts in the field of mar-           surrounding the complex methods used to regulate business
keting discussed how to create an Advertising and                    signs in the City, the Chamber has reinstated its government              9. Website
Marketing plan. Handouts to participants included a media            committee and is putting together a task force with a goal of             Have you visited the Chamber’s website lately? Everything
contact list. Participants from local media were in atten-           reviewing signage policies and enforcement.                           you want to know about Chamber events, news, meetings,
dance and provided advice to local businesses. The impact                                                                                  workshops and members is on the website. Visitors will soon
and value of tourism dollars on our local economy and                    Business Benefits: Methods to improve and streamline coordi-      be able to organize and sort the member list by a variety of
how it affects all types of businesses was also discussed.           nation between local government and businesses help to build          categories, link to the member’s website and business address
                                                                     solution-oriented relationships. Furthermore, developing collective   and members will be able to access their profile and upload
    Business Benefits: Your Town Hall Forums and Luncheons           opinions from the business community helps local government           information about their products and business.
are provided as opportunities to learn from experts in fields of     understand the “collective needs” of the business community.
importance to businesses. Designed in workshop format in an                                                                                     Business Benefits: In today’s high-tech world, people
atmosphere to encourage the sharing of ideas, opportunities to          6. Strengthened Business Interest Representation at Local          expect professional Web site with relevant and current informa-
meet new business owners and methods to develop solutions            Government Meetings                                                   tion at their fingertips and your Chamber wants to deliver serv-
with a goal of improving the success of your business. Join             Chamber staff members attend South Lake Tahoe City                 ices that benefit your business. The latest phase of the website
us on November 8th to hear internationally renowned moti-            Council, El Dorado and Douglas County and Tahoe Regional              upgrade will allow members to manage their own member
vational speaker Donna Hartley.                                      Planning Agency meetings as well as neighborhood, task force          listing, description, contact numbers and hours of operation.
                                                                     meetings and workshops on a regular basis to ensure the busi-         Keep a lookout for an email announcing the newest changes
    3. Provided Business Impacts Research on Shingle                 ness interests of the South Shore community are represented.          and directions for logging on to the “members only” section.
Springs Casino Development
    The Miwok Indian Tribe in El Dorado County received funding          Business Benefits: When the Chamber speaks, it represents             10. Successfully Proposed “Wayfinding” Project to SLT City
and government approvals to move ahead with their Shingle            1,000+ business members and local elected officials recog-            Council
Springs Casino project (aka Foothill Oaks Casino) despite strong     nize the impact of such a large membership organization.                  In June, at the request of the Mayor, the South Lake Tahoe City
opposition from large and small local businesses and some            Having Chamber staff members in attendance at local govern-           Council requested proposals from local organizations through a
elected officials. Although they have recently been denied a water   ment meetings ensures you are informed on issues of concern           competitive bidding process to utilize funds set aside in the
permit likely delaying the project, it’s important to voice your     to business as soon as possible.                                      2007/08 adopted Budget for community marketing. Your Chamber
opinion now. We prepared sample letters and sent them to all                                                                               proposed and the Council approved a comprehensive “Wayfinding”
1,000+ members urging you to mail them to the Miwok Indian                7. Provided Input to Douglas County Business License             project to market the business and civic areas (not specific busi-
Tribe, its management company and the El Dorado County               Committee                                                             nesses) to the visitor through coordinated attractive signs.
Board of Supervisors requesting assistance for the financial              Chamber staff members learned the Douglas County Board of
impact to our local economy should the casino be completed.          Commissioners directed their staff to study the issue of imple-           Business Benefits: Directing the visitor to shopping, com-
                                                                     menting a Business License program, which would include a fee         munity and business districts will make their experience at the
    Business Benefits: A strong collective voice from our local      for the license (Douglas County has never had a Business              Lake more enjoyable and leave them with a sense there is
businesses would have a significant impact on the El Dorado          License program). We joined their Business License Committee to       much more to see and do here at the Lake than they can
County Board of Supervisors and the Miwok Indian Tribe. We           provide meaningful input into the type of license program to be       accomplish in one visit thereby creating a longing to return
know it is in the best interests of our membership and the over-     implemented and the fee structure, should one be implemented.         (which increases sales and sales tax). If you want to be part of
all economic health of the South Shore to get the Miwok Tribe to                                                                           the process call for dates on community meetings.
the negotiating table to provide assistance to mitigate the nega-        Business Benefits: Being “at the table” with Douglas County as        Are you a member? If not, join today and receive even
tive impacts and hardships their casino will bring. Mail your let-   the program is designed providing meaningful input into the dis-      more of these member benefits!
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 Promoting the Community
 News & Notes
                    Chamber of Commerce provides opportunity for                                                                         Networking with the Blue Crew
                     promoting your business to locals and visitors                                                             Looking for a vehicle to promote your business without being on the cham-
   The Directory Task Force and                                                                                               ber board? The Blue Crew is your answer. You can see these energized indi-
   Chamber staff is hard at work pro-                                                                                         viduals voluntarily working the registration desk at your Business After Hours
   ducing the 2008 Buyers Guide                                                                                               Mixers, Business Expo and other chamber functions. These knowledgeable
   and     Community        Resource                                                                                          people assist in promoting the chamber interests by communicating pertinent
   Directory.                                                                                                                 and factual information about projects your chamber is actively engaged in.
                                                                                                                              An obvious benefit for this group and their respective employers is being able
   This beautiful, important, user-                                                                                           to network with fellow chamber members regarding business affiliations and
   friendly publication will focus on                                                                                         services. If you are interested in joining this dynamic group, contact Patrick
   our businesses and their relation-                                                                                         Atherton at 775-588-4686 or
   ship to the local community.
   Distribution will include rack dis-
   tribution in the Visitor Information
   Centers, vacation rentals, lodging
   properties, fulfillment to reloca-
   tion requests and second home

   Don’t miss the opportunity to
   include your business. Sallie,
   our advertising representative,
   will be contacting you to present
   the many levels of advertising
   opportunities available. There is
   one that is right for your busi-

 Future Leaders Get a Tourism History Lesson
    The Leadership Lake Tahoe class        also one of two small business schol-      Casino
of ’08 was announced in August and         arship recipients offered by the           Dolores Fabregas – Sierra-at-Tahoe
they are already off and running as a      Chamber to any local small business        Paul Fisher – Barton Healthcare
cohesive group. The group of 24 were       thanks to the generosity of the Tahoe      System
led through two orientation sessions       Douglas Rotary Club and Dart Liquors.      Jenn Gleckman – Strategic
where they had an opportunity to get       The other scholarship recipient is Dina    Marketing Group
to know one another and begin to           Cipollaro of FUNdamental Training          James Grant – Heavenly Ski Resort
develop as a team.                         Solutions. "I am thrilled to be able to    Nick Haven – TRPA
    September’s class found them at        partake in the class in order to develop   John Kendek – Harrah*s & Harveys
the Valhalla Boathouse where they          my contacts, skills and understanding      Jon Kingsbury – LTCC
learned about the beginnings of Lake       of our local community. I foresee that     Dennis Liebl – Dickson Realty
Tahoe’s tourism culture from local         this will help me as I seek to further     Megan LoPrestie – Chase International
expert Dave Borges. They were then         give back to my community in the           Danny Masellones – LTCC
brought up to current and future           future" concludes Bertrand.                Lisa O’Daly – CA Tahoe Conservancy
trends by Carl Ribaudo of SMG,                 Below is a list of the Leadership      Russ Pecoraro – Heavenly Ski Resort
Patrick Kaler, Sue Barton and Paul         Class who will graduate in June of         Joe Pepi – CA Tahoe Conservancy
Swanston of the LTVA and Pettit            ’08 after an intensive and varied pro-     Bart Peterson - Kirkwood Ski Resort
Gilwee of the California Tourism           gram of ten months:                        Julie Ryan – South Tahoe PUD
Commission.                                Teresa Bertrand – Spa-Ah-GoGo              Amber Tanaka – Barton Healthcare
    "I have a better understanding of      Dina Cipollaro – FUNdamental               System
where we came from and the far             Training Solutions                         Julie Threewit – The Appointment Biz
reaching implications of tourism for our   Michele Chouinard – TRPA                   Leanne Wagoner – South Lake
local community" states Teresa             Nicole Cox – LTVA                          Tahoe Women’s Center
Bertrand of Spa-Ah-GoGo. Teresa is         David Doherty – Lakeside Inn &             Ryan Wagoner – Sierra-At-Tahoe
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        Promoting the CommunitySpotlight on Chamber Businesses
Placer Title’s dedicated team                                                                                                                   Alpenrose Inn to celebrate its
finds title and escrow solutions                                                                                                                12th anniversary in November
A proud member of the South                                                 Tile Outlet strives to give locals                                  Named for a wild azalea in the Alps, the Alpenrose Inn will proudly
Lake Tahoe community since
                                                                            the best service at the best price                                  celebrate its 12th anniversary in November. “It was love at first sight”
1980, Placer Title Company                                                                                                                      says owner Hannah Conrad. “That was the feeling when I first
has experienced the many                                                                                                                        encountered the High Sierras and Lake Tahoe 12 years ago and that
                                                                            Tile Outlet Always in Stock is part of a franchise group with
peaks and valleys that are                                                                                                                      feeling is still equally strong today.”
                                                                            over 100 stores in the western states. “We have been at
inherently a part of the real estate industry. Noted Branch Manager
                                                                            the “Y” in South Lake Tahoe since November 2004” said co-
Debbie Landerkin, "This is a cyclical industry, and slower market con-
                                                                            owner Pat Disney. “Our mission is to give the best service Conrad originally moved to the United States from Europe to work
ditions are a part of the overall process. While we don't enjoy the                                                                       here with an International Swiss company and through her work vis-
                                                                            and the best prices to our neighbors in Tahoe.”
inevitable slow times, we recognize that in the grander scheme of                                                                         ited Lake Tahoe.
things, this type of cycle is healthy. The market is now enabling more
                                                                            “We sell ceramic and porcelain tile, travertine, slate, mar-
people to be able to afford homes, and providing more of a sense of                                                                             “My intentions to stay here grew bolder
                                                                            ble, granite, and prefab granite counters. We also sell all
accountability for those in the market for a home. Just as we have                                                                              and the decision to move to Tahoe was
                                                                            the tools, thinsets, grout, and miscellaneous items that
done in the past, we will weather this storm and be stronger than                                                                               realized only six months after my initial visit. At that time, being a
                                                                            homeowners and contractors need for small to large jobs.
ever as we overcome these current market obstacles. Our team of                                                                                 single mom with a teenager, I decided to buy a small motel in order
                                                                            With distribution warehouses in Sacramento and Ontario,
dedicated, well-respected professionals is well-equipped to face these                                                                          to live here, be able to work ‘at home’ and raise my child in this
                                                                            CA, Portland, OR, and Salt Lake City, UT, Tile Outlet is able
challenges, assist our community with unique title and escrow solu-                                                                             beautiful place”.
                                                                            to import stone, granite and tile from around the world to
tions, extraordinary localized service, and regional expertise."
                                                                            allow our stores to provide the best prices to our cus-
                                                                            tomers,” Disney stated.                                           The Alpenrose Inn has undergone many upgrades in the past 12
With a seasoned team including Melanie Otto, Brooke Hagopian,                                                                                 years. Conrad is currently upgrading her web site and looks forward
Melinda Adams, Keith Cooney and Debbie Landerkin, the South Lake                                                                              to reaching out to our business community to establish many more
                                                                            Tile Outlet stocks a large selection of slate and travertine with
Tahoe Office boasts over 75 years of extensive industry experience.
                                                                            ceramic tile starting at $.99 a sq ft. “We especially enjoy help- contacts and build links between web sites for mutual support.
Particularly in these times, it is the objective of this group to provide
                                                                            ing our customers whether they are professionals or homeown-
the local community with their proven industry leadership, backed by                                                                          The Alpenrose Inn went through heavy construction for 3 years on
                                                                            ers in designing their kitchens and bathrooms to achieve the
an established industry leader in Mother Lode Holding Company.                                                                                the retaining ponds and the water treatment plant directly next to the
                                                                            perfect look for their project! A part of this service is working
Furthermore, they have been instrumental in rebuilding South Lake
                                                                            up free cost estimates for a variety of materials which ultimate- property shortly after the purchase. “I very much sympathize with our
Tahoe after the devastating Angora fire. Eager to support the commu-                                                                          neighbors along the new development of the conference center, park
                                                                            ly become a part of the decision making process.”
nity and all those affected by the fire, they are providing complimenta-                                                                      and hotel. But I’m certain it will enhance the image of our city
ry copies of Grant Deeds and Deeds of Trust documents for those vic-                                                                          tremendously. Personally, I feel very uplifted by the new leader-
                                                                            Tile Outlet’s first store opened in December of 2002 in
tims that lost these items in the fire. Additionally, they have multiple                                                                      ship of LTSS Chamber of Commerce and encouraged to voice my
                                                                            Carson City, located at 1440 S. Curry St behind the Shell
resources to assist victims in the process of rebuilding their homes.                                                                         opinion as a small business”, said Conrad.
                                                                            Station. Both stores are jointly owned by Pat and Chris
                                                                            Disney and Diana and Mitch Fischmann. The South Lake
The South Lake Tahoe Placer Title office is located at 1959 Lake
                                                                            Tahoe Store is located at 1950 Lake Tahoe Blvd #5 and can Please stop by the Alpenrose Inn at 4074 Pine Blvd. or visit
Tahoe Blvd. and can be reached by calling (530) 542-1811.
                                                                            be reached at (530) 544-7300 or visit
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Creating a Strong Economy
New Members Offer Locals More Choices, Better Service and a Way to Build Our Economy
 Acel Troutman Construction                     ETC General Construction                         Millennium Builders
 Acel Troutman                                  Todd Strong                                      Vic Manuelli                                      Structures Design and
 Call for information - Homebased, SLT, CA      1040 Foothills Blvd. Ste. 103, Roseville, CA     Call for information - Homebased, Calaveras, CA   Engineering
 (775) 450-8911                                 (916) 787-0500                                   (209) 785-6170                                    Cecilia Hamilton                     Building-General Contractor                                           Call for information - Homebased                                                                    Building-General Contractor                       Mammoth, CA
 Building-General Contractor                    Events Ink                                                                                         (760) 925-7969
                                                Cynthis Ferris-Bennett                           Mobile Tech Services                    
 Adelhelm Custom Homes                          290 Kingsbury Grade, Stateline, NV               Richard Beza                            
 Mark Adelhelm                                  (775) 588-0484                                   2380 Wilder Lane, Placerville, CA                 Engineer-Civil, Structural
 Call for information - Homebased, Folsom, CA                           (530) 621-2153
 (916) 417-9147                                                      Construction – Mobile Homes                       Tahoe Bowl                                Invitations, Stationary, Wedding Services                                                          Jeramy Agnew
 Building-General Contractor                                                                     Mt. Lincoln Construction                          1030 Fremont ave..
                                                Gallerie Blu’u                                   Paul Zanubin                                      SLT, CA
 Allure Hair and Nail Spa                       Steve Vasconcellos                               15826 Donner Pass Rd., Truckee, CA                (530) 544-3700
 Zara Faulkner                                  55 Highway 50 (inside Montbleu), Stateline, NV   (530) 582-8174                          
 1001 Heavenly Village Way #28, SLT, CA         (775) 588-3400                                               
 (530) 542-2085                                                                                 Recreation and Attractions                                            Building-General Contractor
 Beauty Services                                Art Gallery                                                                                        Tahoe Helping Hands
                                                                                                 Northwest Exteriors                               Lori Zoval
 Avatar Financial                               Gold Hill Glass                                  Todd McKinstry                                    1201 Rufus Allen Blvd.
 David Greco                                    Glenn Foley                                      11200 Sun Center Dr., Sacramento, CA              (530) 541-4263\
 2301 Lake Tahoe Blvd., SLT, CA                 4175 Business Dr., Shingle Springs, CA           (916) 851-1632                          
 (530) 544-1965                                 (530) 677-6267                                                                                          Clubs and Organizations                        Glass-Plate and Window                           Home Improvements
 Real Estate Loans                                                                                                                                 Tim Lewis Construction
                                                Incline Builders                                 Premier Bride Magazine                            Judy DeMeola
 Beauty To Go                                   Jana Lease                                       Shirley Lockett                                   5750 Sunrise Blvd. Ste. 225
 Denise Morlen                                  760 Mays Blvd., Ste. 14A, Incluine Village, NV   15 Hidden Lake Dr., Reno, NV                      Sacramento, CA
 Call for information - Homebased, SLT, CA      (775) 832-2778                                   (775) 849-8000                                    (916) 966-8047
 (530) 318-9170                                                                                                                             Building-General Contractor                      Magazines, Publications                           Building-General Contractor
 Beauty Services
                                                Integrity Locksmith                                                                                Timberstone Construction
 Beckwith Construction                          Randy Llewellyn                                  Redwood Creek Winery                              Greg Francis
 Scott Beckwith                                 Call for information – Homebased                 Don Cox                                           264 Village Blvd. Ste. 1
 Call for information - Homebased, SLT, CA      (530) 544-2363                                   600 Yosemite Rd., Modesto, CA                     Incline Village, NV
 (530) 573-8906                                                       (530) 591-9948                                    (775) 833-9177                 Locksmith                                                  
 Building-General Contractor                                                                               
                                                Jeff Kirby Construction                          Winery                                            Building-General Contractor
 Diane Wilkenson                                Jeff Kirby
 Diane Wilkenson                                2972 San Mateo Dr. Ave., Minden, NV              SEERS, Inc.                                       Trevor Murphy Co., Inc
 2460 Roxanne St., Placerville, CA              (775) 781-1085                                   Steven Trombly                                    Mark Goldstein
 (530) 622-0799                                                          4520 Holiday Lake Dr., Shingle Springs, CA        Call for information - Homebased                                   (530) 677-0677                                    SLT, CA                             Building-General Contractor                                           (530) 541-7146
 Building-General Contractor,                                                                    Building-General Contractor             
 Real Estate Sales                              Lake Tahoe Studio                                                                        
                                                Scott Shaphard                                   Sierraview Construction                           Building-General Contractor
 Eben Hood Construction                         100 Mc Faul Way, Ste. B, Round Hill, NV          Howard Walmsley
 Eben Hood                                      (775) 588-4342                                   40077 Enterprise Dr., Ste. F, Oakhurst, CA
                                                                                                                                                   Village Art Gallery
 Call for information - Homebased, SLT, CA                                                                        Frederick Green
                                                                                                 (530) 725-0758                                    1001 Heavenly Village Way, Ste. 27
 (530) 307-8856                                                         Photography                                                                                        (530) 542-4433
                                                                                                                                                                              Building-General Contractor
 Building-General Contractor                                                                                                             
                                                Larry J. Viveiros Construction                   Stonefield Development                            Art Gallery
 Edward Jones                                   Larry Viveiros                                   Julie Magner
 Roger Pratt                                    219 Laurel Ave., Merced, CA                      2494 Lake Tahoe Blvd. Ste. B-2, SLT, CA
 3351 Lake Tahoe Blvd., SLT, CA                 (209) 678-0936                                   (949)581-4663
 (530) 543-1790                                                            Building-General Contractor                                                                                         Real Estate Developer
 Financial Investments
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Blue Ribbon Openings

    Joined by staff, community leaders, clients and         At their new facility at 3062 Lake Tahoe Blvd.,        Drs Genasci and Stigers hung up their shingles
board members, Executive Director Alissa Nourse          Sheby Kolstad, Tahoe Art League President is joined   at their new, state of the art facility of Genasci &
hosted a Grand Opening for the new Tahoe Youth &         by B Gorman, LTSSCC President/CEO, Carl Ribaudo,      Stigers Family Dentistry located at 2867 Lake
Family Services Teen Drop In Center at 1021 Fremont      LTSSCC Board Chairman and fellow Art League           Tahoe Blvd. Joined by fellow physicians, patients,
Ave. Poised with the Blue Ribbon, the celebration        members on August 9 for the ceremonial Blue           friends and neighbors the Doctors cut the Blue
was held on September 6, 2007. Tahoe Youth and           Ribbon Cutting marking their Grand Opening. The       Ribbon in celebration on June 14, 2007. For infor-
Family Services can be reached at (530) 541-2445 or      Art League can be reached at (530) 544-2313 or        mation call (530) 5440-4893 or visit www.tahoeden-
visit to learn about this facility                      
and their other great programs.

   The Blue Ribbon Cutting celebrating the new             Owners Doyle Harris of American Mortgage of Lake Tahoe and Dan Spano of Paradise Timeshare Resale
location of Deb Howard & Co. at 3599 Lake Tahoe         held a grand opening and Blue Ribbon Cutting for their new shared location at 1111 Ski Run Blvd on July
Blvd was held on August 2, 2007. Joining Deb in the     11, 2007. Pictured are Doyle and Dan with their employees, mutual friends and business partners. That’s
celebratory cut are friends, family, business part-     team work! To contact American Mortgage call (530) 542-9285 or visit
ners and her loyal employees. Deb Howard &              Paradise Timeshare Resale can be reach at (530) 541-2400 or
Company can be reached at (530) 542-2912 or by

  Automatic Computerized Scoring            Team Building, Birthdays and Holiday Parties          Friendly, Courteous Staff         Synthetic Lanes       Arcade

    Call ahead for lane availability!
                                                                                                                         Open at 11 a.m.
      (530) 544-3700                                                                                                     7 Days A Week
    1030 Fremont Avenue, South Lake Tahoe

   Direct TV Sports Viewing
        Now Available!                                                                                                 10% Off
                                                                                                                      each game you bowl!
                                                                                                                              * Offer Good With This Coupon
  Light Shows & Music (Weekends)            Bumpers Available on Every Lane         Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza         “Lane 17” Sports Bar      Families Welcome!
Providing Networking Opportunities
                                                                   FALL 2007
    Virginia Boyar, PhD . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-4660
    Blaise Carrig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-586-2312
    Steve Lowe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-588-2411
    Michael McLaughlin . . . . . . . . . .530-544-3731
                                                                   Calendar of Events
    John Packer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-588-6611
    Monica Sciuto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-543-5601
                                                                  September 27                              October 18                           November 8                     November 29
                                                                  MEMBER BREAKFAST –                        BOARD MEETING                        YOUR TOWN LUNCHEON             MEMBER BREAKFAST
    Mike Bradford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-586-7700
                                                                  TALKING MOUNTAIN GRILL                    Harveys - 8 am                       MONTBLEU CONVENTION            LEW MAR NEL’S
    Carol Chaplin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-543-6106
                                                                  Lake Tahoe Golf Course                                                         CENTER                         8 am – 9 am
    Dr. Mireya Ortega . . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-7040
    Carl Ribaudo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-2462
                                                                   8 am – 9 am                              October 25                           "IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS          (Reservation required)
                                                                   (Reservation required)                   MEMBER LUNCH - FAT CITY              FOR WINTER"
    Patrick Ronan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-2180
    Pam Wheeler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-586-7707
                                                                                                            12 noon – 1 pm                       Donna Hartley, International   December 6
    Patrick Atherton . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-588-4686        October 4                                 (Reservation required)               Motivational Speaker           BAHM! RIVA GRILL
    Molly Blann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-6630     BAHM! CHRISTIANA INN &                                                                                        "HOLIDAY GALA"
    Phil Herback . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-783-6008      RESTAURANT "KEEP IT LOCAL"                November 1                           November 15                    5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
    Deb Howard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-542-2912        5:30 pm – 7:30 pm                         TAX WORKSHOP                         BOARD MEETING
    Nancy Harrison . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-1244                                                  LTSSCC 2nd floor                     Harveys - 8 am                 December 14
    Linda Van Dam . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-588-5187         October 10-11                             169 Highway 50, Stateline                                           BOARD RETREAT
    Carol McClintock . . . . . . . . . . . .775-588-6211          TAHOE ART LEAGUE SHOW                     Learn California essential payroll   November 15
    Gary Midkiff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .775-588-1090      Edgewood                                  tax procedures.                      BAHM! GALLERIE BLU’U           December 20
    Doug Rousse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .530-541-8438                                                 Free for members                     (INSIDE MONTBLEU)              BOARD MEETING
        LAKE TAHOE SOUTH SHORE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                                          $15.00 non-members                   "HEALING AND REVEALING"        Inn by the Lake - 8 am
       169 HIGHWAY 50, 3RD FLOOR, STATELINE, NV 89449                                                                                            5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
          TEL: 775-588-1728 • FAX: 775-588-1941

                                            Attend a BAHM and Create
  BAHM!                                    Your Personal Success Story!
   BAHMs (Business After hours Mixer) have become a South        and was surprised at all the new peo-
Shore tradition providing business exposure and networking       ple I met. It was a great experience
opportunities for the hosts, participating businesses and
guests. Thanks to all of the participants and hosts for con-     expressing our views on common
tributing this past quarter and setting the stage for network-   issues and exchanging the extent of
ing: Tahoe Tallac Association, The Ridge Tahoe, LTVA             our business services and new offers
California Visitor Center, Tahoe Art League, Lake Tahoe
                                                                 in our lines of work. I will probably do
Historical Society and Museum, SLT Ice Arena, Hard Rock
Café, Picchetti Winery, Redwood Creek Winery, Tahoe Ridge        business with some of them, but at
Winery, Fat City, Raff's Tropical Beverages, Carson City BBQ     the very least they’ll know I’m in the
Company, Gallerie Blu'u, Grocery Outlet, Celtic Harp Music       market and visa-versa”.
by Anne Roos and Fabrizio Creative Entertainment.                              -Miguel Pina of Avatar Financial commented,
    And what about networking? We asked your typical                "As a local non-profit organization and Chamber member,
"member on the street" to describe their experience:             I stay involved in Chamber functions. It is a way for me to
 ”I met Seth Broche’ from Almost Home                            stay connected with and support our business community
Group Lodging at a BAHM recently and                             and partners," said Karen Houser, Executive Director, Lake
                                                                 Tahoe Boys and Girls Club. "After all, it is the business com-
we discussed our businesses with each                            munity that provides our strength and ability to serve our kids"
other. As a result, we are now working                             “Networking works – my last two
with and for each other in a great busi-                         major orders have come via net-
ness partnership we developed"                                   working with chamber members,
                  -Markus Balcomb, Tahoe Home Staging.
                                                                 including producing 1,700 gourmet
  "It's a great way for me to share stories and experiences
with other business people about our common customers            Carmel Chocolate Apples.”
who are predominately visitors" said Gina Beal of The G                    -Patrick Atherton, Lake Tahoe Chocolate Factory
Team. "I liked having our August BAHM at the Visitors
                                                                 Our next BAHM is at the Christiana Inn on October 4 with
Center and Museum. It very clearly reminded me of what
                                                                 a theme of “Keep it Local”. Featured businesses will be
Tahoe offers, our history and I got to thank the Visitor
                                                                 professional service businesses supporting local resi-
Center Staff for all of their referrals”.
                                                                 dents. Come by, make a networking connection and cre-
     "I went to my first BAHM recently                           ate your own personal success story!

    OUR                           “The Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization dedicated to developing,
                                  promoting, and serving your business and community. Our goal is to sustain a high quality of life by achieving
 MISSION                          economic vitality, with sensitivity and respect for the environment.”

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